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“It seems that Brother Wei guessed well. Although the original will cannot prevent the Alien clan from coming, it can still affect the position where the entrance of Martial Dao Secret Realm appears!”

The divine sense of Sword Emperor Clone scanned the spatial door in front of him, and said softly:

“There are not only the destiny son of Yang Fan brother, but also the most Human Race powerhouse. Only by arranging the space channel entrance here, it is possible to prevent the invasion of these Alien races from the very beginning.”

Yang Fan hearing this, couldn’t help turning his head to take a deep look at this divine sword Clone.

If the original will really exists, are you sure it’s not because you, the Sword King Clone, is here, so the channel entrance is specially arranged here?

There is a Sovereign level Clone in the Peak realm, which is enough to be worth a hundred and a half of the Human Race.

What destiny son, are all just excuses?

Yang Fan now seriously suspects that the Sword King Clone is deliberately attaching gold to him, so that Yang Fan can be the son of destiny, and then attract more Human Race martial artists to come to apprentice and promote, thereby continuously growing Human Race.

I was a little careful, but it was exactly what Yang Fan wanted.

Yang Fan is now anxious that more Human Race martial artists will come into his door, all of whom will become his smurf id employees, continuously providing him with all kinds of cultivation experience.

So Yang Fan was so happy to be confused, and even nodded very cooperatively:

“Yeah, the sword Imperial Brother speaks very well!”

“I have the sword Imperial Brother, and my little brother, the son of destiny. No matter what the strength of the Alien who comes across, he can be designated to beat them up!”

Unconsciously, Yang Fan started blowing Great Cow again.

At the same time, with a thought, Dahei in his pocket and the beauty of the crocodile who had just successfully broken through were all called in front of him, transformed into fist sized, standing on his shoulders.

Then the Divine Stone was inspired by the breath, and the beauty of Dahei and the crocodile was enveloped in it.

More than that, in Yang Fan’s left and right hands, two Sovereign level Spirit Treasures are held in succession. If something is wrong, they can be activated immediately.

It can be said unceremoniously that in the absence of the Three Great Emperors, the lineup that Yang Fan and the others have put together is definitely the strongest lineup that can be drawn in the human world. .

If so, if they can’t resist the aliens who cross the border, then the entire Human Race Federation may really be hopeless.

The sword of the sword king Clone trembled slightly, divine sense swept Yang Fan and the two Monster Sovereign pets on him. Seeing that they were clearly in front of them, they couldn’t sense the breath of them at all. Understand the meaning of Yang Fan.

Afterwards, the Sword Emperor Clone rays of light restrained himself, and even disappeared instantly.

Ji Danyun looked dazed.

The Master and Sword Emperor are all invisible, what should she do?

Her invisibility is average, and the half emperor who deceives the same level is still making peace. If you meet the true emperor, you must be exposed immediately.

“Go and manipulate the City Protecting Great Formation below.”

At this time, Yang Fan’s voice slowly sounded in Ji Danyun’s ear.

“Turn all the powers of City Protecting Great Formation and Psionic Protecting Array to the maximum to ensure the safety of the residents in the city to the greatest extent.”

“As for the semi-emperor martial artists in the city, let them continue to understand the cultivation. If they are not an emperor, they will be given food when they come out, which is of no use.”

Ji Danyun bowed, his old face was blushing.

No way, she is also a half-emperor, and Master has no useless half-emperor.

“It seems that we must break through and become an emperor as soon as possible, otherwise, we may not even have the qualifications to be with the Master in the future.”

Ji Danyun sighed in her heart that the unusual opening of Martial Dao Secret Realm once again raised her sense of crisis to the extreme.

The last time Martial Dao Secret Realm was opened, two Sovereign level aliens popped out of it. I am afraid there will only be more this time.

As the Master said, if they can’t become an emperor, they won’t even have the qualifications to fight against the Alien clan, let alone continue to follow the Master.


Ji Danyun flashed into the City Protecting Great Formation of Qianwei City, and saw Ling Tian, ​​Sang Duoduo and other senior brothers and senior sisters all entering the fixed cultivation, the cultivation base aura on his body continued to improve, and his eyes flashed involuntarily. The color of envy.

Ling Tian has successfully broken the boundary and became the true emperor.

And the regular glow on Sang Duoduo’s body sometimes flashes, it seems that it should not be far away.

“Thanks to the Master for not giving up, I have made my cultivation progress to the half-emperor state all the way, and I definitely can’t shame the Master!”

Ji Danyun squeezed his fists vigorously and was about to move to the Formation center to manipulate Formation, covering the entire Qianwei City. The silhouette around him flashed, but Yang Fan’s spores appeared on Ji Danyun’s Before you.

“You should also hurry up to cultivation and realize it. Just leave it to me here. After all, it is an opportunity for Ninth Rank Monster Sovereign level, absolutely not to be missed.”

Yang Fan Clone said: “If there is no accident, there may be a more violent natural phenomenon of emperor death in a while. This is a crisis, and it is also a chance for Supreme. Can you take this opportunity to break through and become an emperor? , It depends on your own good fortune and good fortune.”


Ji Danyun felt warm, couldn’t help but whisper, looking at Yang Fan Clone gratefully.

Didn’t expect it’s this time, and the Master is still thinking about her, so moved.

“Ding! Your disciple Ji Danyun is in agitated mood, is grateful to you, and his sense of belonging to Sect has been greatly enhanced. Sect’s loyalty is extremely increased, with a worship value of +5, and master and disciple intimacy +1000. “

The invisible Yang Fan raised his eyebrows and saw that the City Protecting Great Formation below was fully activated. The entire Qianwei City was hidden and concealed. He couldn’t help but be slightly nodded, but soon his attention was caught in front of him. Dao’s slowly opened spatial door attracted the past.


Yang Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the Sovereign level Spirit Treasure in his hand was also ready to trigger at any time.




Several silhouettes appeared in the spatial door of Martial Dao Secret Realm in succession, one by one, all dressed in bright armor and fully armed, they are indeed Alien clan.

After coming out, these Aliens quickly changed into an imaginary formation, putting out a unique battle formation like an arrow, both offensive and defensive.


“The emperor’s cultivation base not at all has changed the slightest, and the rule suppression of the original Star Domain has really disappeared!”

“Brothers, a Primitive Star Territory that has not been reclaimed is right in front of us. It’s time for us to make contributions!”

“The Human Race here is so weak. Within 30,000 kilometers, there is not even a half-emperor. The strongest ones are just some Peak Emperors, not equal to the Human Race slaves raised by the family! “

“That’s not right! Didn’t it mean that there are at least eight Peak Sovereigns in the original Star Domain? Why didn’t you see any of them?”


“Okay, shut up all for Lao Tzu!”

In the middle of the battle, the leading Alien suddenly shouted loudly, completely suppressing all the voices of Alien Sovereign.

“Listen to my order, immediately set up camp here, build a more stable space channel, and ensure that the subsequent large forces can be transmitted quickly!”

“In addition, Arthur, Mauribe, and Kebat, you are a group of three, go deep into the human realm to inquire about the reality of the human realm! The strength of Human Race is definitely more than that in front of you!”

A dozen Aliens led the orders at the same time, and the three Aliens named by the Alien leader stood out from the battlefield alone, and were about to move away after cutting through the space.

Just now.

A sword cry suddenly rang 100 meters above their heads, and then the Space Crack opened wide. Without exception, the sixteen Aliens were forcibly pulled into the space battlefield by the Sword Emperor Clone.

“You cast the Divine Grade collection technique on the eighth-level Spirit Emperor Baroque (Alien), the companion skill is passively triggered, and the collection is successful, Level 1 Supreme Spirit Treasure +1, Peak Sovereign level Spirit Treasure +2, spirit strength +50, skill proficiency +100.”

“You used the Divine Grade collection technique on the seventh-level Spirit Emperor (Alien), the companion skill is passively triggered, the collection is successful, the Sovereign level +1, the Sovereign level +99, spirit strength +50, skill proficiency +100.”

“You used the Divine Grade collection technique on the seventh-level Spirit Emperor (Alien), and the companion skill was passively triggered, and the collection was successful…”

Just when Yang Fan was collecting in secret, the dozens of Sovereign level aliens were forcibly drawn into the space battlefield at the same time, and Yang Fan’s Divine Grade collection technique was also stopped abruptly and was forced to interrupt. Up.

“It’s really impatient. I just collected a little from them. It would be better if I could delay it for a while!”

Yang Fan smacked his lips in the dark, with some regret in his heart.

I didn’t collect those Alien Sovereigns all at once, some of them were not perfect.

Fortunately, at least most of the weapons and Spirit Treasure carried by Alien Sovereign have already entered Yang Fan’s pockets. If they have broken their hole cards and supplies, it should be a lot easier to kill.

Yang Fan moved slightly, raising his hand to lightly patted Dahei on his left shoulder, and secretly sound transmission:

“Help in the past, if necessary, you can inspire the Sovereign level Spirit Treasure to help, but you are not allowed to eat, if you can catch it alive, try to catch it back alive!”

Dahei startled.


“Doesn’t the master go with him? The sixteen Sovereign level aliens have the highest cultivation base but only the eighth level of Sovereign. With This King protecting the master, it will surely keep the master safe and sound!”

Dahei was very puzzled. In the past, the owner was as excited as he was beaten up in a battle like this, and he wanted to carry a big knife and personally go up and slash.

Why is it so abnormal this time, the master didn’t even go to the battlefield?

“My master will wait and see, just in case.”

Yang Fan said: “The Alien clan has always been treacherous, and the ones that just came out may not be all of them. If we are all introduced into the space battlefield and Sovereign level Alien comes out later, the consequences will be unimaginable.”

It’s not that Yang Fan is suspicious, but that those Alien Sovereigns just came out so simply.

Last time in Jinghua City, the two Alien Sovereigns who accidentally broke into the original Star Domain still knew that they would release two Clone projections to explore the reality.

And this time, it seems that the Alien clan’s regular army came, but they jumped out without even a little bit of pre-trial temptation, which is really abnormal.

Even if they are crowded and are in the Sovereign level realm, they shouldn’t be so careless when they first step into a strange Star Domain.

So, it cannot be ruled out that they were deliberately thrown out as bait cannon fodder.


Dahei’s figure stopped and suddenly left with a little reluctance.

“In that case, this King should stay with the owner. This King must protect the owner’s safety. Go through water and tread on fire for the owner at any time!”

If you eat meat next to your host, you will definitely get more benefits. Of course, Dahei still prefers to stay with Yang Fan.

“Fuck off!” Yang Fan glared, and threw Dahei away: “Don’t be inked, hurry up and help!”

“The Imperial Brother sword is Clone after all. The battle can’t be long. One person will fight against 16 Sovereign level Aliens. It is too risky. If you delay the fighter, the Imperial Brother sword Clone will be damaged. Your skin!”

If only to kill more than a dozen Sovereign level aliens who have not even reached the Ninth Rank emperor realm, let a sword king Clone with the strength of Peak Sovereign be destroyed, it is not worthwhile.

“Oh, yes, remember that there are three Sovereign level aliens with the lowest cultivation base. They have become allies. Don’t kill them by mistake!”

Yang Fan finally confessed another sentence, and then watched Dahei completely close the Space Crack, and got into it.

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