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Until the last minute, Elton didn’t know why he was suddenly headshot.


It has the Supreme Spirit Treasure on its body, why is it dead already, and the Supreme Spirit Treasure on it has not been activated?

“Too bad!”

“Who can tell me how the emperor died?!”

“The emperor is Peak Sovereign. He can be promoted to Supreme Realm in just one step. How could he die here so easily? The emperor is unwilling!”


In Yang Fan’s Sea of ​​Consciousness, Elton’s scattered Divine Soul origins are all screaming unconsciously. Among them, the most questioned topic is, who killed it? Why didn’t the Supreme Treasure Spirit Treasure automatically inspire the protector?

Yang Fan shook his head slightly. He was dead, so there are so many problems.

“It’s just a pity that Alien Soul Crystal in the Peak Sovereign realm. If it is given to Ling Tian or Sang Duo Duo, it may not be impossible to create a Peak Spirit Emperor.”

Yang Fan was also in the heart. It was a pity that he didn’t care about refining to absorb these scattered sources in the Sea of ​​Consciousness. Yang Fan began to perform the collection technique again, immediately collecting Elton’s corpse.

“You used the Divine Grade collection technique on the corpse of Peak Martial Sovereign Elton (Alien), the companion skill is passively triggered, the collection is successful, Peak Sovereign level Alien inner core +1, Peak Sovereign level Alien blood essence + 99, spirit strength +100, skill proficiency +50.”

“You used the Divine Grade collection technique on the corpse of Peak Martial Sovereign Elton (Alien), the companion skill was passively triggered, and the collection was successful, Peak Sovereign level Alien bone +1, Peak Sovereign level Alien flesh +99… …”

Soon, all the valuable parts of Alien’s corpse were collected by Yang Fan, and only half of the dead body was suspended in the air.

At this time, the natural phenomenon of in the sky reappeared, and the blood-colored clouds were as thick as a mountain, and they continued to converge towards the Guardian Palace in the southeast.

Finally, after a blast of thunder, a rain of blood dripping from the sky was even worse than when Yang Fan killed Jiao Luo.

Along with the rain of blood, there is also the brilliant voice caused by the violent shaking of Avenue Rules:

“Sovereign is dead, the world is in sorrow!”

“Living rain falls, backfeeding World’s All Living Things!”

Here again!

At this moment, the origin star of the whole person is shaking.

No one thought that before the natural phenomenon of the emperor’s death caused by the Guardian Palace in the southeast was completely over, there would be an even stronger chance for the emperor’s death to erupt again in the Guardian Palace in the southeast!

“What happened?!”

“Which Sovereign has fallen this time?!”

“Is the current Sovereign environment so easy to kill? This is the fourth time today, right?!”


The human and demon realms, the creatures of all races are also discussing spiritedly while welcoming the nourishment of the spiritual rain. I feel that the sky of the origin star seems to have changed. Even the Sovereign-level bosses have begun to fall in batches, so scary Yeah.

Human Race is better. After all, the previous occasions of the emperor’s death were all the benefits of Human Race. Moreover, every time Yang Fan’s live broadcast of his physiognomy, the overwhelming majority martial artist has also seen the hope of the rise of Human Race. .

More importantly, the public appearance of the Sword King Clone made the martial artists of the entire Human Race Federation even more confident.

And the Five Great Holy Lands of Monster Race are all silent at this time.

The demon sacred mountain that has been completely annihilated will not be mentioned, but the four places, Wan Yao Mountain, Yingshoujian, Zuowa Country and Black Wind Valley, are all lifeless at this time, even if they perceive the dramatic changes in the world outside. I don’t dare to easily explore the divine sense to explore the human environment.

“One more dead! I don’t know if it is Tiger Leap or Crocodile Jinglun this time. It is too cruel. They want to use the natural phenomenon of Emperor’s Death to forcibly enhance the overall strength of the Human Race martial artist!”

“Fortunately, the emperor is alert enough and did not go out to find Yang Fan’s unluckyness, otherwise the emperor who was killed by them this time may be the emperor!”

Feng Xiaotian demon holed up in the mountains of Monster Sovereign Temple in mind howling.

I feel that there is another natural phenomenon of the emperor’s death in the outside world, and it is naturally associated with the bodies of the Tiger Yue and the crocodile Jinglun. Now on the Origin Star, besides the two Ninth Rank Monster Sovereigns, who else died? Will it cause such a violent natural phenomenon after falling?

“Five Lords of Monster Sovereign, if you don’t come back soon, this Origin Star will completely become the world ruled by their Human Race!”

Feng Xiaotian sighed in her heart that Human Race has broken the real emperor one after another. If the natural phenomenon of emperor death is nourished for a few more times, their cultivation base progress will definitely be abnormal.

If the five Monster Sovereign adults return a little later, these newly promoted Human Race real emperors might fully grow up.

“There is also the Heaven Devouring Beast. The madman Yang Fan kept feeding it the real emperor’s corpse. Once its cultivation base breakthrough reached the Peak Monster Sovereign realm, even if the five Monster Sovereign returned, I was afraid Powerless too!”

Compared with the new Sovereigns of Human Race, the Heaven Devouring Beast next to Yang Fan is the biggest hidden danger of their Five Great Holy Lands.

After all, Heaven Devouring Beast is now an eighth-level Monster Sovereign, and the chance to advance to the Peak Realm is greater and the time will be shorter.

This clan and Five Great Holy Lands have the hatred of extermination. If that Dahei becomes Peak Monster Sovereign, he will definitely swallow all of them Five Great Holy Lands immediately.

Feng Xiaotian is worried. If it weren’t for nowhere to escape now, it wouldn’t even dare to stay in Wan Yao Mountain.

This is one of the Monster Race Five Great Holy Lands. Even if it is closed, it may not be able to stop the devouring of the Peak Heaven Devouring Beast.


Just one minute after the eruption of the second wave of the natural phenomenon of the emperor’s death, the regular rays of light descended in the void again, and a huge beam of light about ten thousand meters in diameter connected to heaven penetrating the earth, directly hitting the Qianwei City in the southeast Guardian Palace .

Feng Xiaotian months shivered, could not help but look up in the sky toward the sidelines.

“Another, someone in Human Race broke through and advanced to the realm of the real emperor!”

“Why is this? When will it be so easy to be promoted to the emperor?”

Beside Feng Xiaotian, Feng Xijiao shouted in surprise, shocked.

Human Race’s promotion to the emperor is thousands of times more difficult than their Monster Race. Not to mention, just Avenue Rules makes 90% of the martial artists in Human Race hopeless for life. .

But what’s the situation now? In just one day today, the Human Race realm has five times of ten thousand meters and the scale of the rules shines. How is this possible?

Shortly after Feng Xijiao exclaimed, in the Eagle Sorrow River Holy Land, there was a glow from the sky. The scale of the Xiaguang was even larger than that in the talented human realm, and the entire eagle sorrow was directly destroyed. Jian, the area within a radius of fifty kilometers is all shrouded in it.

Feng Xiaotian and Feng Xijiao were shocked at the same time, and they came out of the divine sense and entered the void Secret Realm together, spying on the direction of Ying Sorrow.

“White Tiger Clan also has a great demon who has broken through and became an emperor. It is really unexpected for the demon!”

“Look at the scale of this rule of Xiaguang, it is almost exactly similar to that of my clan’s Monster Sovereign when he broke the border. White Tiger Clan is really lucky!”

“Huh? The breakthrough doesn’t seem to be white Tiger Clan’s clansman. It’s the emperor’s dazzling or something. How can I see the center of the Xiaguang, and it is a pig who is bathing the rules of baptism?!”

“Fuck! Can the pig demon also become an emperor, are they notoriously stupid, and the bloodline is also outside the tenth class?”

“It seems to be really a pig demon, isn’t it mutated?”


In the Void Secret Realm, not only Feng Xiaotian and Feng Xiyao are present, but also the gods of Crocodile Xin and Crocodile Feng from the Niaowa Country, and the gods of Xiong Sheng and Xiong Yin of Black Wind Valley have all arrived.

When they went through the Secret Realm channel and saw and determined that the guy who caused the natural phenomenon of the eagle’s melancholy rule was not a white Tiger Clan, but a white pig, all the demon’s brains were confused.

When did even a pig break through the border and become an emperor?

What makes them feel so embarrassed by the five Great Imperial Family who think they are noble bloodline?


Not only are bystanders like Feng Xijiao and Crocodile Xin bewildered, even Hu Peng and Huxiao Shenzi, who are in the midst of Xiaguang baptism, are also unbelievable.

In the Holy Land of their White Tiger Clan, a pig turned into an emperor. Could it be that so many Heavens Pride monsters in their White Tiger Sacred Beast clan are not as good as a pig monster?

Just as the eagle sorrows rule the sky, the moment when the pig demon broke through and became the emperor in one fell swoop, Yang Fan, who was far from ten several tens of thousands of li, followed one after another in Divine Soul Sea of ​​Consciousness Another film rippling and shaking.

In the depths of Sea of ​​Consciousness, in the secret space where Yang Fan stores the source of the pet beast, the drop of golden Divine Soul belonging to Zhu Busan suddenly expanded more than three times in a flash, and the true pursuit has become the realm of the real emperor. The original size of the beautiful Divine Soul of Dahei and crocodile.

“Isn’t it, Zhu Busan has also become an emperor?”

Yang Fan’s browse slightly raise, unexpectedly.

However, after thinking of the last Divine Soul feedback, the undercover pig’s cultivation base was directly promoted to the half-Demon Emperor Realm realm, and Yang Fan felt something in his heart.

Without the suppressing power of the original rules, Zhufusan, who is in the semi-Demon Emperor Realm realm, seems to have a better chance to directly advance to the True Emperor realm.

Unlike Xiaohua, Xiaofengying and Ying Siyuan, they still need to break free of the rules of within the body before they can truly enter the Sovereign state.

“Not bad, plus this pig, I already have three imperial pets in my hand!”

“However, since even Zhu Busan successfully broke through and entered the realm of Monster Sovereign, the Crimson Eye Demonic Cat that has been staying in Ten Thousand Demons Mountain should be about the same?”

Yang Fan glanced at the origin of the Divine Soul belonging to the Crimson Eye Demonic Cat. Judging from the volume of its origin, it seems to have reached the level of the semi-Demon Emperor Realm.

“My Divine Soul has reported baptism many times. Even a pig has successfully advanced to the realm of the real emperor. Crimson Eye Demonic Cat’s talent aptitude is also good. If nothing else, it should be fast too!”

If the Crimson Eye Demonic Cat also succeeded in becoming an emperor, then Yang Fan’s true emperor pet beasts would have reached as many as four at once. I dare not say that they are no one, but they are definitely unprecedented. Up!

Great Cow can’t do it!