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Monster domain.

The eagle is sad.

No matter how unwilling to believe Hu Peng and Hu Xiao Shenzi, but the facts are in front of them, in the Holy Land of Tiger Clan, there is a Pig Monster Sovereign unexpectedly.

The entire Holy Land has benefited from the breakthrough of this pig demon. The gain state brought by the Sovereign level rule Xiaguang has caused many Demonic beasts to directly break through two to three realms.

Even Hu Peng and Hu Xiao Shenzi have benefited a lot, and the cultivation base and the origin of Divine Soul have all skyrocketed.

Ten minutes later, the rays of light gathered, and the Monster Sovereign named Zhubusan swallowed it into the belly, and Holy Land returned to normal again.

Pig Busan took a deep breath, looked up with excitement and looked at the white Tiger Clan glare like a tiger watching his prey, thinking in his heart, do you want to take the opportunity to seize power and do all the Old Hus in front of you? Turn over, give this eagle’s sorrow to the Holy Land, which became their pig demon clan?

This kind of thing, just thinking about it will make you feel very hilarious.

There is not even a true emperor in the Eagle Sorrow River now. If it is an old pig, who can stop it?

Just breaking through, the pig is overwhelmed by emotions in an invincible state of mind. Suddenly there is a feeling of wanting to turn over to be the master, wanting to see the noble, aloof and remote white Tiger Clan in front of him. All sat down under the ass.

But soon, I saw Tiger Peng, Tiger Howling, and a series of thirty half-emperor White Tigers following them, and when they approached it at the same time, Zhu Busan was shivered and instantly awake. come.

Not to mention that there are so many half-emperor big monsters in front of him. It may not be able to do it. As long as you think of White Tiger Clan and a Peak Monster Sovereign in retreat, at the same time, the tiger is very likely to have a Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure. At that time, Zhu Busan immediately dispelled all the little fantasies in his heart.

“You can’t waver, must stay, I’m just an undercover, I can’t be too swagger!”

“This is the nest of White Tiger Clan. Above his head is the rule prohibition set by Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign himself. Cannot afford to offend cannot afford to offend!”

Pig Busan warned himself continuously in his heart that it is a pig with only a master. As long as you work as an undercover agent in Yingsongjian, it is enough to wait for the master to come to the door, and you must not take the initiative to kill .

“Congratulations, this…brother pig!”

Hupeng suppressed the awkwardness in his heart, and approached the pig with a smile on his face.

No way, after Tiger Yue’s stupid fork was captured alive by Yang Fan, the pig demon in front of them was already the only true emperor demon in their eagles’ sorrow, Holy Land, so you can’t let it run away. That’s it.

“Brother Pig, if you don’t mind, can you tell this emperor how you broke the realm to achieve the realm of the real emperor?”

This question shouldn’t have been asked, but Hu Peng couldn’t help it.


Now even a pig has successfully broken through to become an emperor, but its Tiger Peng, as well as its many half-emperor monsters of Tiger Clan, are still suffering from the torture of the backlash.

As the Great Elder of White Tiger Clan, Hupeng really wants to know the key.

At this time, it even thought that if the pig demon didn’t go to the way, it would be fighting the loosening of the mountain gate, and it would directly urge the rules to imprison the pig completely, and torture it.

What does this mean, don’t believe what my old pig said?


Why no one believes the truth now?

Aside from the Divine Soul feedback received from the owner, Baba, and the bloodline purification, all what my old pig just said are the most authentic experience of breaking the ground, so I guarantee that there is no water.

As a result, none of these silly forks believed it!

“Then what, Hupeng Elder, what I just said…”

Just half of what Zhu Busan said, the natural phenomenon of in the sky reappeared, one after another on a grand scale, not weaker than the rules that Zhu Busan attracted during the breakthrough just now. Xiaguang descended one after another, instantly The divine sense of all the half-emperor big demon present attracted the past.

“Fuck! Human Race has broken the border and become the emperor! And it is still two of them breaking the border at the same time!”

“Looking at the direction where the rays of light descend, it seems to be the Guardian Palace in the southeast of Human Domain!”

“What’s the matter, what’s going on now, when did it become so easy to become an emperor? First, a pig successfully broke through, and now two people in Human Race have attracted the Sovereign level rules. Is there any reason?”


Feng Xijiao, Crocodile Xin, Xiong Sheng and other demons, and even Hu Peng and Huxiao Shenzi in Yingshoujian, could not help but explode and complain.

Because of Yang Fan’s warning of blocking the door last time, and the Sword Emperor Clone that has been floating above the Qianwei City, they all dare not spy in the air anymore, and it is not certain who broke the border and became the true emperor. realm.

But this does not prevent them from judging the number of emperors through the number and scale of the in the sky rule.

All the half-emperor monsters were shocked.

But what they absolutely couldn’t think of was that what shocked them and unexpectedly was still behind.

Just after two consecutive Sovereign level rules shined on the southeast Guardian Palace, the southeast Guardian Palace not at all stopped.

It was only less than half a Clone after that, and the sun began to fall again, and the landing place was still in the direction of the Guardian Palace in the southeast.

“One, two, three, four…”

“Seven, eight, nine…twelve…”

As all the half-emperor monsters are watching, the Sovereign level rule glows like no money, one after another, continuously landing in the direction of the Guardian Palace southeast.

Hupeng, Crocodile Xin, Feng Xijiao, these Holy Land leaders silently counted the number of these regular glowing lights in their hearts. When they counted to the sixteenth, the entire Divine Consciousness Sea became numb!

“A total of sixteen Human Race martial artists broke through and became emperors, and they are still true emperors!”

“Human Race is going to guard against the sky?! How could they be so strong?!”

“Even if the emperor’s death happened one after another, it shouldn’t be so evil?!”

All the big demons were so shocked that they began to doubt the demons.

Becoming an emperor through a realm is not a big event, so I have never heard of anyone who will form a team to advance through the realm? !

But now, how should they explain all this happening in front of you?

Rules Xiaguang can’t be faked. Since it has appeared, it is designated that someone has stepped into the realm of the real emperor!

“You said, is it possible that the pig demon just not at all lied?”

Feng Xijiao suddenly spoke at this moment, and said to the half-emperor leaders around him:

“Perhaps it did not do anything when it broke the realm and became an emperor. It was simply because the cultivation base reached the half Demon Emperor Realm Peak, where water flows, a canal is formed, it was promoted to the next level, and it was logical We have reached the realm of Monster Sovereign!”

Feng Xiaotian, Crocodile Xin, Xiong Sheng and other demons were taken aback, but Crocodile Xin was the first to react, and asked softly: “Feng old man means that the rules that restricted us from breaking through to achieve the realm of the real emperor. The backlash disappeared?”

“So the pig demon just jumped over the half-emperor realm and became the true emperor demon in one fell swoop?”

“It’s not that there is no such possibility.” Xiong Sheng also seemed to have a sense of understanding gently nodded, and said: “Otherwise, that pig demon and Human Race will have sixteen true emperors in succession, simply No explanation!”

Xiong Sheng’s ancestor’s voice is Fang Luo, thinking about whether to let several half-Demon Emperor Realm in the clan try to break through and verify it, the bear who hasn’t spoken much on its side. Yin Shenzi’s demon power fluctuated suddenly.

The ancestor Xiong Sheng raised his brows, shook the head lightly, not at all, and stopped.

Feng Xiaotian, Feng Xijiao, Crocodile Xin, and Crocodile Feng, the god sons, also cast their eyes on the son of Xiong Yin at the same time, unexpectedly.

None of them thought that this black and white bear god would be so bold. Before the news was completely confirmed, it was just because of a guess of a few and a half Elder Huang that it dared to cut off one’s means of retreat. Choose to break in place.

As the heirs of the five Monster Sovereigns, whether it is the son of Fengming, the son of Tiger Roar, the son of Primordial Spirit of the crocodile or the son of Xiongyin, etc., they have already possessed the strength of the cultivation base to break into the half-emperor state.

But in order to prevent them from falling into the vicious circle of Dao injury backlash prematurely like other half-emperor monsters, and at the same time, to seek an opportunity to become an emperor in one fell swoop.

Almost all of the five Monster Sovereign chose to place a spiritual restraint on their descendants within the body to prevent these descendants from breaking through the ranks prematurely.

So, most of the cultivation bases of these divine sons are restricted to the Peak and Semi-Demon Emperor Realm realm, and easily they would not choose to actively break through the realm to advance.

And now, the son of Xiong Yin, uncharacteristically, directly breaks through the Monster Sovereign ban within the body, and chooses to independently advance to break the boundary.

It’s not afraid that Feng Xijiao, Crocodile Xin, and Xiong Sheng’s guesses of Elder Huang are wrong, and the painstaking effort that it has suppressed for years of cultivation base will be destroyed once, and it will even lose its position as the first son of God. ?