I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1618


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It’s not that Xiongyin’s son is reckless, but that he wants to seize an opportunity to fight a turnaround.

No way, Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure was lost, and after the spread of the rumors that it united with the Yinjiao god child to plot against the dragon Jiao ancestor and Xiong Yun ancestor, Xiong Yin’s position in the Black Wind Valley dropped a thousand zhang in one fall, There are demon pointing fingers wherever you go.

Even elders like Xiong Sheng’s ancestors are now starting to look at it with different eyes.

The god child Xiongyin was going crazy in the Black Wind Valley during this time. He knew that if he didn’t find a way to imposing manner as soon as possible, the position of the first god child would be lost.

So, when Feng Xijiao, Lu Xin and Xiong Sheng, the experienced and knowledgeable semi-Elder Huang, inferred that there was no Rule suppression in the Boundary, the god child Xiong Yin was excited.

It impatiently wants to be their Black Wind Valley’s first great demon to break through and become an emperor. It wants all the clansman to prove that it will always be the strongest of all the gods!

It’s done, it can naturally turn over in one fell swoop, and sit firmly as its first son of God.

If you fail, what’s the meaning of years? If you don’t become an emperor, you will become a half emperor. Where can you get worse? Is there anything worse than its current situation?

The ancestors of Xiong Sheng naturally understood the intention of the son of Xiong Yin’s move, so he didn’t stop at all, but watched the changes.

The god child Crocodile Feng next to him is also very interested. A pair of crocodile eyes stared at the god child Xiong Yin in the breakthrough. Once the god child Xiong Yin broke through, it proved that the previous guesses of several and a half Elder Huang were valid. It God child Crocodile Feng can also break through the border immediately.

It’s actually pretty good to let Xiongyin’s son, a fool, wade through the water to explore the way.


Soon, just three two minutes after Divine Child Xiongyin entered the cultivation, the demon power aura on Divine Child Xiongyin became more and more swelling and rising, and the divine sense Clone left in the Void Secret Realm suddenly disappeared.

At the same time, the direction of the Black Wind Valley, the regular vibration, rising winds, scudding clouds, hiding the sky and covering the earth’s Sovereign level. Xiaguang falls vertically from the depths of the void, directly wrapping the entire Black Wind Valley In it.


“The son of Xiongyin really broke through and became the real emperor!”

“So, the old man’s previous guess is not at all wrong, Rule suppression does not exist, Heavenly Dao backlash is absent, and all the great demons whose cultivation base is in the semi-Demon Emperor Realm realm have the hope of directly breaking into the emperor!”

“Human Race probably also discovered this secret, so someone broke through and became an emperor one after another!”

Several half-emperor big demons were all shocked, and their eyes filled with bright colors.

The divine sense clone of the ancestor Xiong Sheng disappeared directly and returned to the Black Wind Valley to protect the road for the god child Xiong Yin who had just broken through.

The Great Elder of Crocodile Xin took a look at the god-child Crocodile Feng, and then the two demons also withdrew from the Secret Realm at the same time. If nothing else, the Great Elder should soon be an emperor in the direction of Zuwa country The regular natural phenomenon appears.

Feng Xijiao and Feng Xiaotian are the same. They walked away almost at the same time and returned to Ten Thousand Demon Mountain. They immediately summoned all the great demons whose cultivation base was in the half Demon Emperor Realm realm, and urged them to increase their cultivation. Strive to catch up with the opportunity and trend of emperorship.

After they all left, in the depths of the Void Secret Realm, Hupeng’s Divine Soul illusory shadow appeared leisurely, foul-mouthed in his mouth:

“What a bunch of bastards. With such a big discovery, no demon wanted to notify the emperor. Fortunately, the emperor was witty enough to stay in this Secret Realm ahead of time after the pig broke. Dark hand, otherwise, will I be lagging behind in my sorrow?”

After spitting out a few words, Hupeng’s Divine Soul Clone didn’t dare to delay any more, and his thoughts returned directly to the body.

No longer in the mood to blindly touch the pig demon in front of him, and directly sound transmission to the tiger god son beside him:

“Howl Tiger, start preparing to break the realm right away! The emperor has received the exact news that the rule suppression of the original Star Domain has been completely dissipated. Now that you break the realm, you can skip the half-emperor realm and enter the true emperor realm!”

“The bear imprint of the Black Wind Valley has just been successfully verified, there will be absolutely no fakes, and we must not be left behind by the eagles of worry!”

Huxiao Shenzi’s body shook, and the divine light in the tiger’s eyes continued to flicker.


No wonder it just sensed that the aura of destruction coming from the direction of Black Wind Valley was so familiar. After a long time of trouble, it turned out that the son of Xiongyin successfully broke through and promoted?

Think about it, it’s really not impossible.

First, the pig demon in front of him successfully broke through, and then there was Human Race and a total of 16 martial artists became emperors collectively. Just now, Xiong Yin that silly bear also succeeded in becoming Monster Sovereign. It seems that this god son has been waiting for it. The opportunity to break the air has appeared!


There was also a regular roar in the direction of Zhuwa Country. The Tiger Howling Godzi looked at each other in the air, and he also saw a broad and regular glow dropping from the sky, wrapping the entire Zhuwa Country in it. When the pig breaks the boundary, it is exactly similar.

At this time, the tiger roar god child no longer doubts that he has it, dare not delay any more, he dodges and returns to his cultivation secret room, enters the inner vision, triggers and dispels the Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign, and reserves it within the body The spiritual restraint, began to officially try to break the border and advance!

At the same time, Hupeng Great Elder is not idle, and directly divine sense covers the entire Eagle Sorrowful Holy Land, ordering to gather all the half-Demon Emperor Realm in the holy place, and also wants to emulate the Human Race and concentrate on breaking the realm.


The ideal is full, but the reality is very skinny.

Without the benefit of the emperor’s death opportunity, the cultivation realm of these semi-Demon Emperor Realm in Holy Land are extremely slow and even, let alone trying to concentrate on breaking the realm, even if they want to find a Peak realm in front of their eyes The guys are extremely difficult.

These ordinary White Tiger Clan people do not have the same treatment as the tiger clan. Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign personally imprisoned the cultivation realm for it, delaying the tiger clan’s promotion and becoming a half emperor.

Normal half-Demon Emperor Realm, generally as long as the cultivation base reaches the Peak state, it simply cannot be controlled, just like the previous Zhu Busan said, where water flows, a canal is formed, a breakthrough Up.

So, those who can break through have already become half kings, and those who can’t break through are useless even if they are in a hurry.

There are still a lot of resources in the Holy Land treasury, but Hu Peng dare to take them all out and let the half-Demon Emperor Realm in the clan open for use?

They are now deadlocking the mountain gate. How long will it take for heaven knows to be unblocked? If all the resource stocks are consumed at once, they will not be able to pay back in the future?

The same thing happened in the other three Monster Race Saint places.

In Black Wind Valley, Ten Thousand Demon Mountain, and Zuowa Country, apart from a few gods who have successfully broken through and become emperors, in a short time, it is difficult to find the second or third one that can break through. The half Demon Emperor Realm, you said that you are not worried about people?

“If only my Wanyao Mountain could also come to the Emperor’s Death twice!”

“It would be nice if I could also come to the Emperor’s Death twice if I was so sad!”

“If I were in the Numawa country…”


Almost for a while, Feng Xijiao from Ten Thousand Monster Mountain, Hupeng from the sorrowful eagle, Xin Crocodile from Zuowa Country, and ancestor Xiong Sheng from Black Wind Valley all sighed.

There is a chance, but the chance is not enough.

There is not enough spirit strength and resource supply. The half Demon Emperor Realm in each of the Great Holy Lands can only step by step to cultivation breakthrough. They want to be like Human Race, with five-sixteen half Emperor in succession. It is almost impossible for those who break through the boundary to become an emperor at the same time.

At this time, God seemed to have heard the prayers and expectations in their hearts. The blood clouds in the void began to gather and roll again, and Avenue Rules trembled and trembled.

“Sovereign is dead, the world is in sorrow!”

“Living rain falls, backfeeding World’s All Living Things!”

“Sovereign is dead, the world is in sorrow!”

“Living rain falls, backfeeding World’s All Living Things!”


“Sovereign is dead, the world is in sorrow!”

“Living rain falls, backfeeding World’s All Living Things!”

The radiant sounds caused by Avenue Rules are just like cassette tapes, repeating repeatedly in their Sea of ​​Consciousness.

Once, twice…four times…six times!

It took six full readings before it stopped completely.

Feng Xiaotian, Feng Xijiao, Hu Peng, Crocodile Xin, and Xiong Sheng, the head monsters of Great Holy Land, all had their expressions extremely shocking.

Sound of Great Dao impossible will get stuck, six consecutive emperor death shocks, the only explanation is that just now, six true emperor realm Xeons died at the same time!

The question is, who is such a Great Cow who can kill six true emperors and the strongest at once? !

Who is the dead? The center of the natural phenomenon seems to be the direction of the Guardian Palace in the southeast of the human domain. However, those true emperor powerhouses that died can’t always be the Sovereign realms that Human Race just advanced to?

The great monsters did not dare to probe the divine sense into the human domain to investigate, all of them were terrified, and they didn’t know what happened on the human domain.

However, six consecutive eruptions of the natural phenomenon of the emperor’s death, coupled with the previous two spiritual rains of chance that have not yet completely ended, have caused the blood rain in the entire demon domain to become dense and impressive.

All Monster Race Demonic beasts have begun to unconsciously absorb the rain in the open air to improve their cultivation realm.

“Even the blood rain on our Ten Thousand Demons Mountain has become so dense and compact. It is conceivable that as the center of the natural phenomenon of the emperor’s death, what kind of weight the Southeast Guardian Palace will be at this time The sight of linden.”

Seeing that all the half-Demon Emperor Realm cultivation realms in Holy Land are improving in an orderly manner, Feng Xijiao is not happy and worried.

“If nothing else, within the Human Race realm, there will soon be a large number of Half Emperors breaking through the realm and becoming an emperor. The rise of the Human Race Federation is already somewhat unstoppable!”

Feng Xijiao sighed with worry, just because the little joy and hope brought by the discovery that the original Rule suppression completely dissipated, they disappeared with the natural phenomenon of six consecutive emperor deaths.

“If the five Lords of Monster Sovereign do not return, the entire Origin Star may soon become the world of Human Race!”

Next to it.

Feng Xiaotian and the god son Feng Ming, who had just broken through to become an emperor, were silent at the same time, but the anxiety and gloom in their eyes couldn’t hide.