I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1619


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Southeast Guardian Palace.

Qianwei City.

The blood rain continued, like a river pouring down.

Fortunately, these spiritual rains will directly turn into spiritual fluids and plunge into the soil, continuously moisturizing and nourishing World’s All Living Things.

Even if everything is not enough to absorb and refining, the spiritual liquid will vaporize in a short time and become the purest spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth, circling around, increasing the concentration of spirit strength in the current area to the extreme.

Otherwise, heavy downpours of this magnitude would have caused floods and floods in the Guardian Palace in the southeast for so long, flooding the city within tens of thousands of kilometers.

“Six Alien Sovereigns were killed at once. It seems that the battle is fierce!”

Yang Fan looked up at the sky, something restless in his heart.

Sword King Clone and Dahei have not come out of the space battlefield until now, and I don’t know what the battle conditions are.

Alien Sovereign is almost always a Dual Cultivation emperor, and the strength is much stronger than the ordinary Martial Sovereign or Spirit Emperor. The sword king Clone and Dahei are two to sixteen, so there will be no problem. ?

It doesn’t matter if Dahei is dead, anyway, as long as the source is still there, Yang Fan can resurrect it anytime.

But the Sword King Clone is the Guardian God and spiritual support in the hearts of all the residents of the Human Race Federation martial artist, and it is also the only Peak Sovereign that the Origin Star can handle right now. There must be no accidents.


“I think I can do it, give me a little more!”

At this time, Ling Tian woke up from entering concentration, appeared in front of Yang Fan, looked up at Yang Fan eagerly, and pleaded loudly.

At this time, Ling Tian’s spirit strength cultivation base has been promoted to the sixth Spirit Emperor, and the Martial Dao cultivation base has also reached Level 3 Martial Sovereign Realm. He feels that he is almost ready and can try to break free from the last rule yoke. Up.

Although as long as he keeps on cultivating, relying on his cultivation base strength, he should also be able to successfully break free of the last rule.

But how long will it take to wait? Ling Tian himself can’t budget, maybe three to five months, maybe three years, he really can’t wait.

Relying on such a Master who can help him break through at any time, instead of relying on him, he is going to work hard. Is he a fool?

Isn’t he fragrant with ready-made meals?

Yang Fan withdrew his gaze from the void, lowered his head and glanced at Ling Tian in front of him, seeing that his cultivation realm had been greatly improved compared to before, so he was gently nodded.

The successive occurrences of the emperor’s death have caused Avenue Rules to tremble endlessly, and it seems that these half-emperors within the body’s rule yoke has been affected a lot, and it has become looser than before.

Therefore, in the city of Qianwei, the regular glow is constantly flickering, and there are natural phenomena everywhere where half-emperor martial artists change positions and strengthen their strength.

When I want to come to Ling Tian, ​​I feel a little bit too. This is how impatient wants to take the opportunity to break through the limits of the last layer of rules.

“This can be considered the special chance benefits caused by the superimposed natural phenomenon of eight consecutive emperor deaths!”

Yang Fan sighed in his heart.

Originally, he felt that so many Sovereign level aliens were concentrated in the Guardian Palace in the southeast. There was a surplus of resources. The martial artists of the Guardian Palace in the southeast simply absorbed the refining and could not afford so many spiritual rain opportunities.

In fact, the chance for the emperor’s death caused by the first Ninth Rank Monster Sovereign Jiao Luo killed by Yang Fan is enough to be enjoyed by the residents of the entire Southeast Guardian Palace. Many martial artists under the Emperor Rank Even in the first half an hour, the spirit strength within the body has been accumulated to reach saturation.

So, the chance of emperor death brought by the Peak Sovereign level Alien behind and the six Sovereign level Alien who died in the Sovereign level space battlefield seems to be a bit redundant.

But now.

Seeing the regular glow in the City Protecting Great Formation in the city, Yang Fan suddenly felt that everything seemed pretty good.

“Perhaps, after this natural phenomenon of emperor death, these half emperors in Qianwei City have already taken the opportunity to break free from the shackles and officially enter the real Sovereign state!”

The surplus of spiritual rain opportunities may be too much for the martial artists under the emperor, and they simply have no time to absorb too much.

But for those Half Emperors, half emperors, and the most powerful martial artists who have successfully broken through the realm of the true emperor, the more such spirit strength is the better.

There is also an active Avenue Rules, which can also make it easier for these Xeon martial artists to comprehend and capture the power of the corresponding Avenue Rules, making powerhouse strong!

“Ready, let’s start now!”

Yang Fan waved his hand lightly at Ling Tian, ​​then spirit strength surged, and a high-level healing technique directly shrouded Ling Tian’s body.

“You used advanced healing techniques on the seventh-level Spirit Emperor (yoke) Ling Tian, ​​and the treatment was successful. Ling Tian’s injuries were partially recovered, and life force was greatly supplemented. Spirit strength +50, spirit willpower +50, skills Proficiency +20.”

“Ding! You used advanced healing on the seventh-level Spirit Emperor (yoke) Ling Tian, ​​and discovered that the source of Ling Tian Divine Soul was imprisoned by special energy interference, and successfully triggered the companion skill of advanced healing—purification!”

“Ding! You used the purification companion technique on the seventh-level Spirit Emperor (yoke) Ling Tian, ​​and the skill was successfully used. The special energy interference on the seventh-level Spirit Emperor (yoke) Ling Tian was partially purified! spirit strength +50 , Spirit willpower +50, skill proficiency +20.”

A strip of system hints flashed by Yang Fan’s ears, when the healing rays of light enveloped Ling Tian’s body disappeared completely into Ling Tian within the body.

The imposing manner coercion on Ling Tian’s body suddenly burst, and the spirit strength and blood strength erupted instantly!


The spirit strength within the radius of ten thousand li continuously flows to Ling Tian’s side. Ling Tian’s body is like a bottomless pit. The whale swallows ten thousand li, and it will shroud the Guardian Palace in the southeast in a flash. The spiritual rain swept across the sky.

The downpour was like a river that stopped flowing. It stopped for about half a minute before it continued to pour down.

After that.

The rules oscillate, and the sun shines again, this time Ling Tian attracted the rules of the sun light no longer like last time, only around ten thousand meters, but just like when Yang Guo and Wang Zhe broke the boundary, directly The entire Qianwei City was shrouded in it!

“Your disciple Ling Tian has a sense of understanding, the spirit strength cultivation base has been promoted independently to the eighth level Spirit Emperor level, the spirit strength +1000000, the percentage bonus of Sect team spirit is successfully stimulated, and you automatically get the discipline Ling Tian 100 % Cultivation experience bonus, spirit strength +1000000.”

“Your disciple Ling Tian has a sense of understanding, Martial Dao cultivation base has been promoted independently to Level 4 Martial Sovereign Realm, blood strength +10000000, the percentage bonus of Sect team spirit is successfully stimulated, and you automatically get the disciple Ling Tian 100% cultivation experience bonus, blood strength +10000000.”

Yang Fan raised his brows, unexpectedly.

Didn’t expect Ling Tian to break free from the last rule yoke, unexpectedly was able to suddenly enlightenment, and raised both his spirit strength cultivation base and Qi and blood Martial Dao cultivation base to the same level.

Such a state-breaking power is even more sensational and exaggerated than when Yang Guo and Wang Zhe became emperors?

The only pity is that Ling Tian did not get involved in the promotion, and missed two chances to acquire master and disciple intimacy. It is a pity.

However, the rule of sunshine attracted by Ling Tian has caused Yang Fan’s many disciplines to dedicate more than a thousand Divine Soul origins and countless spirit strength and blood cultivation base experience. Fan don’t want it, and instantly forgot the regret I had just now.

Yang Fan was satisfied with the nodded, watching Ling Tian bathed in the regular glow, in a short time, he should not be sober, so he moved his mind and mobilized the Strength of Array to isolate Ling Tian alone, so as not to be affected by others later Human interruption.

Then, Yang Fan’s divine sense swept away to other sect members and disciples, and at the same time transmitted to all the discipline sound transmissions whose cultivation base was in the realm of the true emperor:

“When the cultivation base reaches the Sovereign realm, there is no need to shrink in Qianwei City. There are too many opportunities for the emperor’s death outside the city, so don’t waste it.”

For the strongest of the true emperor realm, spirit strength this thing can be said to be the better. Before their cultivation base reaches the Peak emperor realm, they can all digest how much spirit strength they have to supply.

Instead of letting these spiritual rains vaporize naturally in the outside world, it is better to give these newly-promoted true emperors cheaply, so that they can break through to a higher level of true emperor in the shortest time.

“Yes, Master!”

“I see, big brother!”

“Cousin don’t worry, I will leave the city for my brother!”

Including Yang Guo and Wang Zhe’s cousin, eighteen real emperor’s disciplines responded at the same time, broke through the air, and ran towards all directions.

Yang Fan took a special look at the direction of Yang Guo’s departure, secretly confessing to Xiaohua sound transmission, who just broke free from the eighth rule of within the body and officially stepped into the realm of Monster Sovereign, let it follow and guard in secret .

Xiaohua gave a meow, and followed him away without saying a word.

In the city, Ye Wentian, who has also reached the realm of the real emperor, seems to have sensed the opportunity. After all of Yang Fan’s 18 real emperor’s disciples left the city, he also thought about leaving the city.

Although Qianwei City is the center of the natural phenomenon of the emperor’s death, the intensity and rules of the spiritual rain are the strongest, but the martial artists who absorb these spiritual rain opportunities in the city are also the most.

Especially those Half Emperors and the half emperors who have not officially entered the realm of the true emperor, the spirit strength they need to absorb is like the sea, if they are all opened up to absorb refining, this eight consecutive emperor’s death opportunities will be Not necessarily enough.

Therefore, Ye Wentian, who has reached the realm of the real emperor, consciously does not have to stay in Qianwei City and compete with the younger generations in the city for the spiritual opportunity of this city.

He can leave Qianwei City and collect spiritual rain that covers a wider area outside the refining city to consolidate or even improve his own cultivation realm.

The eight consecutive natural phenomena of the emperor’s death have turned the entire southeast Guardian Palace into a world of spirit strength. There is a rain of blood that turns into spiritual fluid everywhere. If all are collected, it will be smaller Qianwei City is much richer!

As for whether there will be danger outside the city, I really like to laugh. After the cultivation base reaches the realm of the real emperor, if you are afraid of the danger outside the city and even dare not go out of the city gate, does cultivation still have a fart?