I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1620


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After Ye Wentian, Li Liangcai naturally became the second martial artist among the veteran half-emperors who broke free from the shackles of the eighth rule.

Next are Li Miaocai, Tian Chanzi, Zhuge Xincheng, Ji Sicheng and other half-emperors whose original cultivation realm was extremely profound. They all took advantage of the regular shock caused by the natural phenomenon of eight consecutive emperor deaths and broke the realm in one fell swoop. Become emperor.

After experiencing the rule of Xiaguang baptism, these big bosses who are in the sixth, seventh or even eighth level of Sovereign realm are all like Ye Wentian. They chose to leave Qianwei City instead of those who are in the city. The Half Emperor and the half emperor on the edge of the broken realm compete for the spiritual rain of the a side world of Qianwei City.

City Protecting Great Formation did not stop them from leaving, in fact this is exactly what Yang Fan wants to see.

The powerhouse of True Emperor Realm is not that fragile, and, as long as they are not stupid, they should not be too far away from Qianwei City, staying in the Guardian Palace in the southeast and learning from the endless opportunities of Emperor’s death is their best choice at the moment.

If there is any accident, they can help each other, no matter how bad, teleporting back to Qianwei City is just a matter of thought.

“Maybe you don’t have to wait for the next stop. In this Qianwei City, the remaining dozens of veteran half-emperors should be able to successfully break free of the eighth rule of shackles and step into the realm of the true emperor!”

“With the appearance of so many high-level Sovereigns, even if Alien Sovereign invades, Human Race will no longer be a lamb to be slaughtered, and there is no resistance to it!”

Seeing Li Liangcai, Tian Chanzi, Zhuge Xincheng and others of the seventh or even the eighth half-emperor broke through the realm one by one, and all successfully stepped into the realm of the real emperor, Yang Fan was very pleased and felt that he could finally get a little better Relieved.

Now, the Four Great Holy Lands in the Demon Realm is no longer a concern. Even if the natural phenomenon of Monster Sovereign broke out in the Demon Realm, Yang Fan did not take them seriously.

Because those demon cubs, no matter how fast they break through the realm, it is impossible to have the Human Race realm blessed by heaven, and they can enjoy so many emperor death opportunities one after another.

even more how, the half-emperor monsters of Monster Race are not as lucky as the Human Race half-emperors like Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi. They can meet a super physician like Yang Fan who can help them cleanse the broken The first rule fetters, clear comprehension becomes the emperor’s way.

Even if the power of the rule suppression of the original source is dissipated, the half-emperor powerhouse Divine Soul’s rule yoke in the original source is not strong and it is easier to break free, but those half-emperor big monsters who have not cleared the comprehension to become the emperor can not even see it. How can you break free of those rules?

Therefore, the remaining Four Great Holy Lands in the demon realm is no longer a concern in Yang Fan’s heart. As long as the Human Race Federation is willing, dozens of Sovereign realms will be besieged at the same time, and none of the Four Great Holy Lands can withstand it. .

Yang Fan’s only concern right now is actually those Alien races, who are the real opponents of the next Human Race Federation and even the entire origin Star Domain.

I was thinking about it.

The space fluctuations over Qianwei City re-emerged, and a Space Crack about 100 meters long suddenly appeared.

Immediately afterwards, Yang Fan saw a sword glow shining out of the crack, followed by a Dahei dog. After the Space Crack came out, Yang Fan barked twice in the direction of Yang Fan.

“Come out!”

Yang Fan is long relaxed, and it’s good to come out safely. Then, with a thought, he moved directly to meet him.

“Imperial Brother sword is long!”

It was not until recently that Yang Fan suddenly discovered that a tiny gap had appeared at the tip of the sword king Clone, and the cultivation base breath had dropped by more than 30% compared to before, and the expression could not be changed slightly.

“Is the Imperial Brother sword injured?”

While questioning, Yang Fan directly threw a high-level healing technique.

“You used Advanced Healing on Divine Sword Clone of Peak Martial Sovereign Pan Shaoyang (serious wounds), and the treatment failed. Advanced Healing cannot heal any lifeform other than Human Race, spirit strength +20, spirit willpower +20, skills Proficiency +10.”

As before, the treatment failed.

But Yang Fan himself didn’t hold much hope, he still wanted to detect the current status of Sword Emperor Clone.

“It turned out to be in a state of’serious injury’, which is really troublesome. If the treatment is ineffective, what method should be used to help Lord Sword Emperor recover from his injury?”

Yang Fan frowned slightly. Since the last time he failed to cure the Sword Emperor Clone, Yang Fan has been worried about encountering this situation.

No matter how powerful a clone is, it is also a clone. It does not have the ability to cultivation on its own and is severely injured. Even the sword king deity may not be able to recover autonomously in a short period of time, let alone a clone.

“It’s okay, some small problems that’s all.”

The sword of the sword king Clone trembled slightly, lightly said:

“I originally wanted to capture all the 16 Alien Sovereigns alive and give them to the Yang Fan Brother sacrificial knives. As a result, didn’t expect these Aliens to be so stalwart, but once they found themselves in a desperate situation, they would go directly to Self. -destruction hurt the enemy.”

“Being my brother was also careless. I was besieged Self-destruction by three of the Alien, and injured some minor injuries. Yang Fan brother don’t have to worry about it.”

Yang Fan’s corner of mouth twitching.

I’m already seriously injured, and I’m still pretending to be okay.

However, Yang Fan also didn’t say anything interestingly, but turned to look at Dahei beside him.

Dahei shrank his neck and turned sideways quickly, revealing his back buttocks, bloody, with bones visible, and it seemed miserable.

“Master Baba, This King has done his best. Look, you see, at that time, in order to help Master Sword Sovereign stop those Alien’s Self-destruction Yuwei, This King’s butt was seriously injured!”

“Also, if it wasn’t for me to immediately swallow the remaining three Aliens in one bite, otherwise the Self-destruction would not be three Aliens, but six Alien Sovereigns at the same time. -destructed!”

The sword king Clone lightly shook the sword body, and also said good things to Dahei in sound transmission, saying: “This time is really thanks to this Tian-swallowing pet beast of Yang Fan brother, otherwise, even if he can come back, I guess I have to be seriously injured, and I don’t have the strength to fight anymore.”

Yang Fan’s mouth twitched again.

Brother, are you already seriously injured now?

Obviously, the serious injury that Sword Emperor Clone thinks is obviously not the same as the serious injury that the doctor Yang Fan thought.

Perhaps in the eyes of these strong martial artists, only when they fall to the ground and are dying can they be regarded as unhealed.

However, what surprised Yang Fan was that the sword king Clone would take the initiative to speak for Dahei. You know, the sword king was the most jealous of Dahei Heaven Devouring Beast’s bloodline before, and he has been persuading him to let him Yang Fan was eating hot pot to kill Dahei.

For this reason, Dahei has glared at Sword Emperor Clone more than once.

Never expected, this was only a Sovereign battle, and this person and dog had already felt a little bit of sympathy.

“Well, since even the Imperial Brother Sword has spoken for you, I won’t punish you this time.”

Yang Fan was of course happy to give the Sword King Clone a face, but he still warned Dahei verbally:

“However, if there is another accident in the future, or if you dare to outward devotion but inner opposition to the owner’s command, you know the consequences!”

Dahei shrank his neck and hurriedly pleased his acceptance, solemnly vowed:

“Many Thanks Master Baba, the master Baba rest assured, This King is absolutely loyal to the master Baba, and he is obedient to his words, when will there be outward devotion but inner opposition!”

Yang Fan was satisfied with nodded, and with a wave of his hand, he threw a few pieces of Sovereign level meat to Dahei as a reward.

Dahei swallowed the flesh in one bite, elated two bites, and his back figure shrank and returned to Yang Fan’s upper left shoulder again. The bloody wound on its back buttocks also recovered in an instant.

At this time, Crocodile Meimei, who had been responsible for guarding the portal of Martial Dao Secret Realm Space, came back to Yang Fan’s right shoulder and reported to Yang Fan softly:

“Master, everything is normal in the spatial door, no Alien will come out of it.”

Yang Fan was slightly nodded and gave the little female crocodile two pieces of Sovereign level meat.

Beside, the Sword Emperor Clone saw that all the Sovereign level pets beside Yang Fan were so obedient, and couldn’t help shaking the hilt slightly, feeling relieved.

Yang Fan brother really does not have boosting. Even if his pet beast reaches the high-level Monster Sovereign state, the cultivation base strength far exceeds him, and none of them rebel against the Lord at all.

The accomplishments in tame beasts, and the abilities and means shown by the Yang Fan brother, are really unacceptable.


Noting that there seemed to be the residual aura fluctuations of Peak Sovereign around, the sword of the sword king Clone suddenly shook, and cut to Yang Fan to ask:

“Yang Fan brother, did an Alien of Peak Sovereign appear in this spatial door just now?”

Yang Fan nodded, said: “It is true. Soon after the Sword Emperor brother dragged the sixteen Alien Sovereigns into the space battlefield, another Alien Sovereign in Martial Dao Secret Realm passed quietly.”

“Fortunately, that guy has a cultivation realm in Peak Sovereign, but his true strength is average, so he was easily taken down by the younger brother.”

“The natural phenomenon of the emperor’s death that caused the entire original Star Domain just now was the one left by the Peak Emperor Alien when he fell!”


Sword Emperor Clone’s sword shook violently, and the sentence “Fuck!” couldn’t help but pop out of his heart.

Yang Fan brother has become such a great cow now?

Even Alien in Peak Imperial Realm can say to kill him?

That’s Peak Sovereign, no matter how inferior in strength, it is far from what a Monster Sovereign with two eighth Ninth Ranks can compare.

even more how, this is a Peak Sovereign of the Alien clan!

If he hadn’t dealt with these Alien Sovereigns before, Sword King Clone might have believed Yang Fan’s words.

However, in the Sovereign battle just now, the powerful strength of the sixteen Alien Sovereigns and the spirit willpower of fierce and unafraid of death all left a very deep impression on the Sword King Clone.

Almost all of these Alien Sovereigns are Dual Cultivation emperors. Whether it is the blood and fleshy body or the Divine Consciousness Sea, there is almost no shortcoming.

Their overall cultivation base strength is at least twice as strong as the single-cultivation Sovereign of the same level!

So, Sword King Clone didn’t believe that the Alien Peak Sovereign that Yang Fan encountered was a weak chicken.

The only explanation is that Yang Fan, the kid, is concealed.