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If you think about it with your toes, you know, how can the guy who can be sent to explore the road and beat him at this time be weak?

The Peak Sovereign level Alien killed by Yang Fan is probably the leader of this wave of Alien clan.

Sword King Clone was shocked by Yang Fan’s inhuman strength, but at the same time he was afraid of it for a while.

Fortunately, Yang Fan stayed outside to act as the 2nd line of defense. Otherwise, if an Alien in the Peak Sovereign realm breaks into the original Star Domain, the consequences will be hard to imagine.

On Dahei’s side, when the master and Sword Emperor Clone mentioned Peak Alien Sovereign, the two dogs’ ears froze.


“The handsome, charming, generous master Baba, you just said that you killed an Alien in Peak Imperial Realm not long ago. Is it true?”

“Master Baba is good with Great Cow, so great. This King’s admiration for you is like a surging river, endless…”

Dahei was drooling and flattery, patted Yang Fan’s flattery.

The Sword Emperor Clone and Crocodile Meimei were all dumbfounded, and they contempted this big dog who had completely to have no shame in their hearts.

The corner of Yang Fan’s mouth also twitched. How could he not understand what the silly dog ​​meant, and with a wave of his hand, he moved the corpse of the Peak Sovereign level Alien out of the Spirit Treasure.

“It’s all right, I’ve kept it for you a long time ago, eat it!”

I just asked Dahei to swallow the corpse of a Ninth Rank Monster Sovereign before. I didn’t see the silly dog’s cultivation base going further. I don’t know if he would walk straight after eating the corpse of the Peak Sovereign level Alien. Enter the realm of Ninth Rank Monster Sovereign.

Yang Fan still has great hopes for Dahei. As the most powerful dogleg among his pet beasts, Yang Fan certainly hopes that Dahei can reach the Ninth Rank and even Peak Monster Sovereign realm as soon as possible.

In that case, more than the five Monster Sovereigns are not to be afraid of after they come out, even if the Peak Sovereign of the Alien clan comes again, it will be easier to deal with.

“Thank You Master, Baba!”

Dahei gave a cheer, opened his dog’s mouth, swallowed the remains of the Peak-level Sovereign level Alien in front of him with a swallow.

Beside, the sword glow on Sword Emperor Clone trembled slightly, but it was not at all sound transmission like before and suggested to Yang Fan to kill the Heaven Devouring Beast.

Seeing this Sovereign level Heaven Devouring Beast being tamed by Yang Fan to be as obedient and obedient as the third grandson, even the Sword Emperor Clone felt that there was no need to talk more.

Yang Fan’s side really needs such a powerful pet beast to protect his way. The stronger Dahei’s strength, the more secure Yang Fan’s safety will be. Even his Divine Sword Clone in the future is really I can’t hold on anymore, and I can walk with peace of mind.


Almost as soon as Dahei swallowed Elton’s corpse, the demon power aura and the Sovereign level coercion on it began to surging continuously, and the endless demon power aura swept from the inside out, sweeping all directions.

When it is promoted to break the boundary with other Sovereign level powerhouses, the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth in the ten thousand li or even larger range will be swept away to replenish the spirit strength loss in the book. The loss is different from the vacancy of the cultivation base. Heaven In the breakthrough of Devouring Beast, the spirit strength of the body within the body is usually overflowing and spurting in reverse.

No way.

The energy that Dahei swallowed into his stomach is really too much. At the moment of promotion to breakthrough, this energy is like a volcanic eruption, some of which are out of control.


“haha, master Baba, This King has a breakthrough again!”

“Now This King is already Ninth Rank Monster Sovereign. Only one step away, This King can aspire to the realm of Peak Monster Sovereign. When the time comes, even the top five Monster Sovereigns of Monster Race will become what This King says Food!”

Dahei laughed heartily and barked up to the sky, proud.

However, its attitude towards Yang Fan remained the same as before, and the master Baba yelled every word, without any backlash master’s thoughts or changes due to the further improvement of the cultivation.

The Sword Emperor Clone, who had been quietly guarding it all the time, couldn’t help the sword tremble, and was completely relieved.

To be honest, with his current cultivation base state, if it were a death match, it might not be an opponent of Heaven Devouring Beast who had already breached the Ninth Rank Monster Sovereign realm.

“This clan is really blessed by heaven. The talent is so scary!”

“I just hope that the Yang Fan brother can always control it, otherwise if it is allowed to grow like this, it will undoubtedly be nurturing a tiger to invite calamity!”

Sword King Clone sighed in his heart, for the growth speed and devouring talent of Heaven Devouring Beast, endlessly afraid.


At this moment, the entrance portal of Martial Dao Secret Realm, which had been still motionless, suddenly trembled. For a moment, like ripples on the water, it slowly dissipated into the void.

“The channel is gone!”

Yang Fan and Sword Emperor Clone looked at the place where Martial Dao Secret Realm disappeared, and they couldn’t help but grow relaxed at the same time.

The disappearance of the portal means that the crisis of Alien’s invasion is temporarily over.

“If you have the first time, there will be a second and third time.”

Sword Emperor Clone spoke softly, with a slight worry hidden in his tone:

“This time was just a test, the Alien clan sent a Peak Sovereign, sixteen true emperor Xeons of level three to eight.”

“Next time, if they come again, there will be more powerhouses. Without Peak Sovereign, the Human Race Federation may simply be unable to resist it!”

Don’t blame Sword King Clone for being pessimistic.

Actually, just dealing with sixteen mid-to-high-level real emperors Alien, this Divine Sword Clone suffered a serious injury, and his strength was greatly reduced. If it were to be repeated, this clone would be 80% scrapped. .

Although Yang Fan is strong, even Peak Sovereign level Alien can kill him, but his own strength is still only in the Half Emperor realm. He can take a trick for a while, but he can’t take a trick for a lifetime. After all, it is still not safe.

“Imperial Brother Sword is so pessimistic.”

Yang Fan slightly smiled, raised his hand and moved towards Qianwei City’s Quartet with a light stroke, saying:

“Did the Imperial Brother of Sword notice that, our Human Race Federation now has no shortage of Sovereign level powerhouse. Look over there, Ye Wentian, Ye Lao, is already an eighth-level Spirit Emperor.”

“Also, Li Liangcai Old Li, Master Tianchan, both broke the realm and reached the cultivation realm of the seventh-level Martial Sovereign and the seventh-level Spirit Emperor!”

“There is also a group of newly promoted Sovereigns who have just broken through the border. Their cultivation base strength is also improving rapidly under the influence of this emperor’s death opportunity!”

Following the direction of Yang Fan’s finger, the divine sense of Sword Emperor Clone came out. Only then did I notice that outside the Qianwei City, within the jurisdiction of the Southeast Guardian Palace, I don’t know when there were dozens. The true emperor martial artist of Human Race is silently taking a seat in the cultivation.

If it weren’t for Yang Fan to point out, the sword king Clone, who had just been seriously injured, hadn’t really noticed their existence.

“This…this…when did it happen? Why did Ye Lao and Old Li break through to the Sovereign realm?!”

The sword king Clone was so excited that he couldn’t help himself, and the sword shuddered.

Although he had also expected Ye Wentian, Li Liangcai and the others that the veteran half-emperor would break the shackles of the rules of within the body, and broke the boundary for a while.

After all, they have cleared the comprehension of the emperor, as long as they are willing to spend time to cultivation to polish, one day they can break all the rules of within the body and break free and enter the realm of the true emperor.

However, Sword Emperor Clone never thought that these veteran half-emperors would come to this step so quickly.

Moreover, what he didn’t expect was that Ye Wentian, Li Liangcai, Li Miaocai, and Zhuge Xincheng, who had entered the realm of the real emperor, had inherited their cultivation realm perfectly even at the half-Sovereign level. .

As soon as you break through, you will be a high-level Sovereign, and you will have the strength of the cultivation base of the seventh and eighth level!

“This is all due to the six Sovereign level Aliens just beheaded by the sword Imperial Brother.”

Yang Fan said with a smile: “In one day, eight consecutive imperial deaths fell on the same place. Avenue Rules oscillated constantly. As a result, they seemed to loosen the chain of rules within the body. Speed ​​has also begun to increase exponentially!”

“As a result, the sword Imperial Brother also saw it. So far, at least twenty older half-emperor Seniors have successfully entered the realm of true emperor.”

“More than that, there are also sixteen Half Emperors who have broken through and advanced to the ranks of my younger brother. Together with Yang Guo, Wang Zhe and Ling Tian their three people, Demon Extinguishing Sect now has 19 true emperor martial artists. Up.”


The Sword Emperor Clone couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath of air, and then his mood was again fluctuating.

So, the Human Race Federation now has nearly 40 true martial artists? !

Would you like this Great Cow?

Previously, the three of them, Human Sovereign, tried their best to make one more true emperor in the realm.

Now, because of the existence of the kid Yang Fan, in a single period of time, there are 40 real emperor martial artists in the Human Race Federation!

Among them, more than half are Fifth Level, high-end Sovereign above level 6!

This…this is no longer a simple Great Cow. This is a giant Great Cow.

While speaking, there is once again the rule of sunshine above ten thousand meters in Qianwei City, and another half-emperor of the seventh-order half-emperor has successfully broken free from the eighth rule and entered the realm of true emperor in one fell swoop.

Clone the sword king this time, it is clear that after successfully entering the realm of the true emperor, the cultivation realm of this seventh and half emperor has only degraded by one level, directly becoming a true true six-level Martial Sovereign!

“This is Bao Yuyun from Jinghua City, I remember him!”

Sword King Clone recognized at a glance the identity of the half-emperor martial artist who had just broken through. This is also a member of the Insects Wake plan. When he entered Insects Wake at the beginning of the year, he was only the first-order half-emperor who had just broken through. , Aptitude can only be regarded as the bottom among many Insects Wake members.

Didn’t expect Now he is also an emperor!


After breaking through the border, Bao Yuyun, who has gone through the rule of Xiaguang baptism, also like Ye Wentian, Li Liangcai and the others before, flew up from Qianwei City, and wanted to find another place to continue his cultivation and consolidate. The current cultivation realm.

After flying out of the city, seeing the sword king Clone and Yang Fan standing in the void, Bao Yuyun was extremely excited and respectfully stopped her figure, bowed towards the two people to carry out the ceremony, and then Escape quickly.

The opportunity is rare. These veteran half-emperors who have experienced endless suffering know how to cherish and use this hard-won Supreme opportunity.

After a while, there were rules in Qianwei City, and another veteran half-emperor successfully broke through and became an emperor. Like Bao Yuyun, he flew out of the city and bowed to Yang Fan and Sword Emperor Clone. Leave.

The sword king Clone watched the birth of the new Human Race emperor one after another, so excited that he couldn’t help himself, and the sword body trembled continuously.

At this moment, Sword Emperor Clone seems to see the hope of the complete rise of Human Race, and the prosperous age of unifying the origin of Star Domain seems to be in sight!