I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1723


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“Rule Power of Life!”

“This cat, one pig and two Demon Beasts, turned out to be a fleshy body remodeling and coming back to life?!”

“Are they also the beasts of the Master? The Master just used the Life and Death Wheel to turn their Life and Death Wheel and revived again?”

“The Master is so powerful, he even understands the Avenue of Legendary Life Rule!”

Beside Yang Fan, Zhu Zhiyao, Ye Wentian, Sima Xuefeng and other Paragon dísciples were surprised at the same time.

After arriving at the Supreme Realm, their perception of Avenue Rules has become more acute. The first time Yang Fan performed the resurrection technique of the pet beast, they felt it in their hearts and clearly felt the emanation from Yang Fan. Rule Power comes out of life.

So, without anyone reminding them, they can easily perceive the resurrection status of Crimson Eye Demonic Cat and Pig Busaner.

“If the old man’s judgment is correct, this should be the highest and most difficult to comprehend professional secret skill among the trainers lineage-pet beast resurrection technique.”

Ye Wentian stroked his beard lightly, and sighed softly to the same sect sound transmission around him:

“In the legend, only the animal trainer who has the strongest innate talent, the most sincere heart, and the highest perception, and who can obtain 100% of the pet beasts of his subordinates, will have the opportunity to comprehend this highest professional secret skill. !”

“Master, his old family can comprehend and perform this pet beast resurrection technique at a young age. He is called the first beast trainer in the Federation. It really deserves its name!”

“Old Ye is indeed experienced and knowledgeable.”

An Sheng nodded postscript, continue to stick gold to Yang Fan’s body to praise:

“This is indeed the pet beast resurrection technique, and this is no longer the Master’s one time to use the pet beast resurrection technique to revive his pet beast.”

“In fact, as early as when the Master was in the Grandmaster realm, he had completely comprehended the highest mystery of the animal trainer profession, and successfully resurrected the Spirit Devouring Rat that died accidentally on the spot.”

“Ling Tian Junior Brother should have seen this with his own eyes at the time. If you don’t believe it, you can ask Ling Tian Junior Brother for verification.”

Seeing Ling Tian nodded echoed, An Sheng’s Xiaoyuan’s face became more smiling, and she continued to sound transmission to several Teacher’s brothers and sisters:

“In fact, it’s nothing to resurrect the pet beast. Don’t forget, the Master, his Senior, is not only the Federal First Animal Trainer, but also the Federal First Physician. It is his Senior who treats the Human Race martial artist. Old business.”

“Until now, the Master has been secretly studying the secrets of the human race martial artist’s longevity resurrection. I believe that with the innate talent aptitude of his senior, the Master will soon be able to comprehend the human race martial artist’s resurrection technique. “

“When the time comes, we sect members and disciple, as long as we always follow the Master’s side, we don’t have to worry about accidental death!”


Several Paragon bosses were all startled by An Sheng’s words and couldn’t help holding breath cold air at the same time.

In this case, if it is from someone else’s mouth, or An Sheng is talking about someone else, Ye Wentian will definitely think that this is the Great Cow.

Reversing yin and yang, resurrecting the dead, is it so easy, at least they have lived for most of their lives, and they have never seen anyone come back to life.

But now, it was An Sheng who said these words, and what An Sheng said was Yang Fan who was the best at creating miracles, which made them start to become a little irrefutable and even had to believe it.

Master can even comprehend and perform such a heaven-defying secret technique of pet beast resurrection art. In the future, it may not be impossible to comprehend the revival art of Human Race martial artist.

Maybe in the near future, they will really do what An Sheng said, no longer have to worry about life and death.

In their hearts, there is no such thing as a monster like Yang Fan in this world that cannot be done!

“Ding! Your disciple Zhu Zhiyao laments the profound mystery of her teacher. She is very excited and admires you. The sense of belonging to Sect has been greatly enhanced. Sect’s loyalty has been greatly increased, with a worship value of +10, master and disciple intimacy +5000.”

“Ding! Your disciple Ye Wentian lamented the profound mystery of your teacher. He was excited and admired you. The sense of belonging to Sect has been greatly enhanced. Sect’s loyalty has been greatly increased. The worship value is +10, master and disciple intimacy +5000.”


Suddenly, Yang Fan received Sect experience from the four Paragon dísciples of Zhu Zhiyao, Ye Wentian, Sima Xuefeng, Ling Tian and Sang Duoduo.

Yang Fan was happy in his heart, and involuntarily turned his gaze to An Sheng.

Although the sound transmission communication not at all between several people reached Yang Fan’s ears, among the five dísciples, only An Sheng did not contribute Sect experience.

Don’t think about it, Yang Fan can also guess that this must be the ghost of An Sheng. This Little Fatty is starting to fool Junior Brother Junior Sister again, strengthening their cohesion and team spirit with the teacher.

The chief First Senior Brother is still very competent. He must be praised!

At this time.

A cat and a pig all kneel at Yang Fan’s feet in a proper manner, gratifying.

After the resurrection, their cultivation realm were all beaten back to their original form, staying in Rank 1 Monster Beast realm.

But bathed in such a rich spiritual rain of opportunity in the Black Wind Valley, the cultivation realm of two beasts is also rapidly changing and upgrading, almost a cultivation realm every second.

Level 1, Second Rank…Level 6, Level 7…

Demonic beast, Monster General, Monster King, Beast King…

In just three two minutes, they both broke the border and became the King Rank Demonic beast.

It’s not over yet. The two demon’s cultivation base entry is as if there is no upper limit at all. The higher the cultivation base, the faster the absorption of spiritual transformation rain, which is completely unlike the ordinary Emperor Rank. Like the martial artist under the demonic beast, there will be excessive accumulation of spirit strength, too late to absorb the refining and even temporary stagnation of the cultivation base.

Seeing this scene, all the Beast Pets present were bright and excited.

The present of the cat and the pig in front of me is likely to be their future.

Following evildoers and perverts like Yang Fan, they are actually very insecure because they don’t know when Yang Fan will provoke a group of more powerful perverted Xeons.

It used to be the Five Great Holy Lands of Monster Race, and now it has become the Paragon powerhouse of the Alien clan. In the future, no one knows if there will be more powerful and greater Great Cow opponents in front of them.

So, as Yang Fan’s pet beasts, they are destined to be shields and cannon fodder.

So, they all want to know what kind of resurrection state Yang Fan’s pet beast resurrection technique is like.

And now.

Seeing the recovery speed of Crimson Eye Demonic Cat and Pig Busaner after their resurrection, Dahei, Xiaohua, Lu Congrong and other Paragon pet beasts are relieved.

Although the body is dead, Divine Soul is there.

Because they used to stand in Peak, when they are resurrected through Divine Soul, they can still quickly advance through the past cultivation experience and return to Peak!

Of course.

The premise is that they must have enough spirit strength resources for them to absorb refining.

Following the local tyrant master Yang Fan, what they lack most is the so-called spirit strength resource.

Ten minutes later.

Crimson Eye Demonic Cat and Zhu Busan both successfully advanced to the Monster Emperor Realm.

Twenty minutes later.

The two demons have successfully entered the semi-Demon Emperor Realm from the Monster Emperor Peak.

Thirty minutes later.

The rules vibrated, the sky fell, and Zhu Busan took the first step and successfully broke through and advanced to Level 1 Monster Sovereign. Crimson Eye Demonic Cat is slightly inferior, and the pig is not three or five minutes late before breaking into the emperor again.

The people in the mountain within the valley once again enjoyed two times of Sovereign level rule Xiaguang baptism, and the progress of the cultivation base increased rapidly.

Even the little blue dragon, who has been hiding under the ground, got out of the ground at this time and wandered happily among the seven colors light of the sky.

I didn’t expect that just after the catastrophe, it would have another chance to enjoy the treatment of this Sovereign level rule Xiaguang baptism, which is really great!

“Your discipline Mu Qianqian receives the baptism transformation of the rule Xiaguang, the strength of Divine Soul is greatly enhanced, the source of Qi and blood is greatly increased, the source of Divine Soul is +100, the strength of Qi and blood is +500,000, the spirit strength is +50,000…”

“Your discipline Tian Feiyao accepts the baptism transformation of the rule Xiaguang, the strength of Divine Soul is greatly enhanced, the source of vitality is greatly increased, the source of Divine Soul is +100, the strength of vitality is +500000, the spirit strength is +50000…”


Yang Fan’s system hints constantly.

As the Master and Boss of these dísciple smurf id, Yang Fan is undoubtedly the one who has gained the most among all. Divine Soul origin, blood and spirit strength experience, shua~ shua~ shua~ Can’t stop it.

Just that, the massive reserves of vitality, blood, spirit, and Divine Soul that Yang Fan had just consumed to revive Crimson Eye Demonic Cat and Pig Fuji were completely filled in an instant.

Almost ten minutes or so later, the glow of the sun gathered, and the rapid breakthrough of Crimson Eye Demonic Cat and Zhu Busan gradually stopped.

In the end, Zhubusan’s cultivation base stayed in Level 4 Monster Sovereign, and Crimson Eye Demonic Cat stayed in Level 3 Monster Sovereign.

These two realms are just the cultivation base peak when the two demons fell. Now, they have fully recovered within an hour after they were resurrected!

The speed of cultivation base entry has returned to the Peak realm before they died, but the two demons didn’t stop their desire to continue cultivation, and were still greedily absorbing the rain of refining from the sky Resources.

No way.

Such a rich spiritual rain opportunity, but they have never dreamed of opportunities and benefits in the two Monster Race Saint places before.

If they have been able to stay in such a blessed place for cultivation and evolution after becoming an emperor, their cultivation realm might have already reached Monster Sovereign Peak!

“It is so happy to be able to cultivation with the master Baba forever!”

Crimson Eye Demonic Cat sighs in the heart at the same time as the pig.

Look at the silly dog, the silly cat, and the deer, eagle, crocodile, and Fire Phoenix who followed the owner later. All of them have successfully broken through and detached. Only these two are still in the beginning Struggling on the Monster Sovereign realm.

If it were from the very beginning, the two of them would have been with their master Baba, maybe they are now beyond the paragon demon!