I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1724


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Yang Fan looked down at the cat and a pig with two eyes, gently nodded, knowing that the pet beast who has worked hard in cultivation is still worthy of praise.

Since they like cultivation so much, let them stay in this Black Wind Valley temporarily. Anyway, with so many chances, it’s not bad for the two elementary Monster Sovereigns to absorb refining.

“Bamboo girl, Ye Lao, Ling Tian…”

“You guys get ready. Our next stop is Ten Thousand Monsters Mountain and Eagle Sorrow. The two monster race saints are dead or alive, but the two Paragon Alien should be captured alive.”

Yang Fan began to give instructions for the next action.

While destroying the two Monster Race Saint lands, Ten Thousand Monster Mountain and Eagle Sorrow, capture the two Paragon Alien who came with Elsa alive.

As long as he thinks that he can create two more places of Paragon’s fall, and two more chances to obtain Avenue Rules, Yang Fan’s heart becomes a little excited.

This is an opportunity that the enemy sent to the door. If you don’t take it back and claim it for yourself, I’m simply sorry.

“Yes, Master!”

Many Paragon dísciples nodded at the same time, and the voice has recovered some confidence.

They have so many Supreme Realms, it may be a bit tough to deal with a Level 6 Paragon Alien, but there should be no problem with a Level 5 Paragon Alien and a Level 3 Paragon Alien.

Dahei, Xiaohua and other Paragon beasts are the same. They all sighed in their hearts, wanting to make up for the losses that they had just suffered from the sixth-level Paragon Alien. come back.

Even if they are bullying more and less, even if they are bullying the soft and afraid of the hard, they must at least vent the bad breath in their chests first.

“There is still me and me!”

At this moment, the little blue dragon suddenly flung his tail and flashed in front of Yang Fan, and said with great interest:

“Take the deity with you. The deity knows that there is a spirit vein Secret Realm in Yingshoujian, and there might be the clansman of the deity in it.”

“With the deity, you can help the young friend Yang Fan persuade the clansman, so that the young friend can have another trading partner!”

Yang Fan looked up at the little blue dragon, and felt that this girl suddenly became so excited and proactive. I am afraid that there is nothing else to do. Is there something hidden in the next spirit vein Secret Realm?

“Also.” Yang Fan gently nodded, then stretched his right hand straight, and said softly to the little blue dragon: “But I have to settle the two Xiaguang baptism accounts first!”

The little blue dragon pursed his mouth in dissatisfaction, and muttered: “It’s really not a touch of affection. Just now, the deity has already sent out 13 drops of spirit vein origin, and now it’s even two Xiaguang baptism. They are all truer to the deity……”

Although he was dissatisfied with his mouth, the little blue dragon obediently cut out two drops of spirit vein origin from his body, and handed it over to Yang Fan.

Keeping Qingshan here, I’m not afraid that there will be no firewood. Anyway, as long as you keep following Yang Fan, you can definitely make up for these losses and even make a lot of money.

“Okay, without further ado, let’s go now while those two Alien Paragons have not left the Wanyao Mountain and Yingshoujian!”

Yang Fan waved his hand, instructed:

“The bamboo girl took Ye Lao and Ling Tian to the Ten Thousand Demon Mountain, surrounding the mountain, exterminating demon, killing the enemy, don’t let a Demon Beast go out!”

“Dahei and Xiaohua will go with me to the Eagle Sorrow Stream. After the Eagle Sorrow Stream is destroyed, I will take them to Wanyao Mountain to meet you!”

Yang Fan took the initiative to take the eagle sorrow where the fifth-level Paragon Alien was located. He has the seventh-level Paragon Spirit Treasure, the half-worn sixth-level Paragon puppet, and Dahei the fifth-level Paragon Heaven Devouring Beast, if you want to destroy that fifth-level Paragon Alien, what difficulty is it shouldn’t be.

“Yes, Master!”

Five Paragon dísciple answered at the same time, not at all worried about Yang Fan’s personal safety.

After all, Yang Fan has used more than one actual combat to prove to them that even the cultivation realm of the Peak Realm can explode with extraordinary strength not weaker than the Level 6 Supreme Realm.

If you really want to fight alone, life and death battle, these Paragon sect members and disciple, I am afraid that they will be an opponent of Yang Fan Master.

So, instead of worrying about Yang Fan’s personal safety, they might as well think more about how to better cooperate when facing the Level 3 Paragon Alien.

“Master! Brother Fan! What about me?”

Seeing that these people were leaving again, An Sheng was immediately anxious, grabbing Yang Fan’s sleeves, or pitying:

“Master, take me too, I also want to go hunting monsters to kill the enemy, I want to participate in actual combat, you can’t always put me here as a nanny!”

“You?” Yang Fan glanced at An Sheng, who is already Second Rank Supreme Realm, nodded, said: “Okay, then you also follow Ye Lao and the others, remember not to be like last time Be so rash, otherwise it’s not as simple as being a babysitter!”

Black Wind Valley has Divine Grade imaginary formation protection by Zhu Zhiyao himself. Yang Fan has left a spore clone to preside over the manipulation of Formation just in case, unless it is a Paragon whose cultivation base far exceeds Zhu Zhiyao. Xeon, otherwise it would be much safer than the Federal Central City.

“Go! Thank you Master!”

An Sheng forcefully nodded, and then quickly stood among the Ye Wentian entire group.

After that, Yang Fan raised his right hand falsely, about to cut through the space, and opened up the space channel to Yingshoujian, but suddenly felt that the avenue of rules in the void above his head suddenly boiled, and the direction of Yingshoujian was bloody. Clouds gathered, gloomy.

“This is…”

The expressions of Yang Fan and the others have all changed. This is not the first time they have encountered such a situation.

Heaven and Earth natural phenomenon is condensing, this is another powerhouse of Supreme Realm has fallen!

Sure enough, only a moment later, the Sound of Great Dao in the void rose up in their Sea of ​​Consciousness:

“Paragon is dead, Heaven and Earth are in the same sorrow!”

“Living rain falls, backfeeding World’s All Living Things!”

“The rules are shaking, and the great opportunities are present!”

With the sound of the Sound of Great Dao, Yang Fan’s ears began to have corresponding system prompts ringing again and again:

“Affected by the appearance of the great opportunity, you have a sense of understanding, successfully comprehending and capturing the power of a new Avenue Rules, Tianyan Rule Power +1, spirit strength +1000, spirit willpower +1000.”

“Ding! Your discipline, Zhu Zhiyao, was affected by the opportunity presented by the avenue. He has a sense of understanding. He successfully comprehended and captured the power of a brand new Avenue Rules. Life Rule Power +1, Sect Contribution Point percentage bonus was Successfully stimulated, you will automatically get 100% of the cultivation experience bonus of the discipline Zhu Zhiyao, life Rule Power +1.”

“Ding! Sang Duo Duo, your discipline is affected by the opportunity presented by the avenue, with a sense of understanding, successfully comprehending and capturing the power of a new Avenue Rules, breaking rule power +1, Sect Contribution Point percentage bonus Was successfully inspired…”

“Ding! Your disciple An Sheng is affected by the appearance of the great opportunity, and my heart has a sense of…”


ding ding ding ding~!

In Yang Fan’s Sea of ​​Consciousness, the power of the new Avenue Rules comprehended by dísciple is constantly pouring in. His own power of Grand Dao is quickly replenished and accumulated. Soon, his body begins to light up again. shine.

Yang Fan moved his mind and forcibly covered the light of the avenue.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to show up in front of dísciple, so he can earn a little more Sect experience by the way.

But if the same limelight is too much, it becomes a stinking show, and every time Paragon falls, he can get more than 1,000 Avenue Rules power, which is really too unreasonable and too shocking. .

Yang Fan doesn’t want to expose what he can learn from these sect members and disciples. In that case, the greatest secrets of his body might be discovered by others, which is a scene Yang Fan never wants to see.

“Master, the Paragon Alien on the side of Yingshoujian seems to have died!”

Zhu Zhiyao’s divine sense approached the eagle sorrow, and immediately caught a trace of soul energy unique to the Alien tribe.

However, when it wanted to go deeper inside the Yingshoujian Holy Land, it discovered that the regular barrier outside the Yingshoujian Mountain Gate directly blocked its divine sense from the outside, unable to see the slightest inside. message.

Then, Zhu Zhiyao quickly distracted and explored another Monster Race Saint land. In the same way, the same situation appeared outside the gate of Wanyao Mountain.

In the eyes of Zhu Zhiyao, the imperial rule barrier that was unable to withstand a single blow has all evolved into Paragon rule barriers, and the defensive ability is beyond Zhu Zhiyao’s cognition.

“Master, there seems to be something abnormal on the Ten Thousand Monster Mountain…”

Before Zhu Zhiyao’s words fell, blood clouds began to converge in the direction of Wanyao Mountain. Then, the same Sound of Great Dao started again:

“Paragon is dead, Heaven and Earth are in the same sorrow!”

“Living rain falls, backfeeding World’s All Living Things!”

“The rules are shaking, and the great opportunities are present!”

Another Supreme Realm died!

As suddenly as it was just now, suddenly Yang Fan and the others were preparing to capture the two Paragon Alien hunters alive, and there was no time for psychological preparation.

The great opportunity reappears. Yang Fan, who has just experienced a wave of Rule Power experience like rain, has experienced the baptism of rule rain again.

“Ding! Your discipline Wang Zhe was affected by the opportunity presented by the avenue, with a sense of understanding, successfully comprehending and capturing the power of a brand new Avenue Rules, raging Rule Power +1, Sect Contribution Point percentage bonus was successful Inspire…”

“Ding! Your disciple Zhuge Xincheng was affected by the opportunity presented by the great avenue, and he has a sense of understanding…”


In the Yang Fan Sea of ​​Consciousness, the Avenue Rules that have been comprehended are rapidly accumulating to completion, but there are fewer and fewer new Avenue Rules.

The opportunity for the road brought by the two successive falls of Paragon has brought him only six brand new Avenue Rules.

So far, the total number of Avenue Rules learned by Yang Fan has reached 78, of which Perfection Realm’s Avenue Rules already have 61!

He is only one step away from comprehending and accumulating all of the 81 Avenue Rules!