I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1726


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Long time.

Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign looked away from Xiaohua’s body, and then it saw the blood essence Clone of Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign and the bloodline of the bloodline of Monster Sovereign, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

“These two cunning old bastards have a face saying that the emperor secretly split into a blood essence clone, aren’t they not idle?”

Finally, Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign’s attention unconsciously returned to Yang Fan.

“By the way, is this youngster clan the incarnation of the original will? It is indeed extraordinary that one person tamed six Supreme Level pets!”

“If the emperor sees it well, Feng Wei’s blood essence clone of old bastard should be less than a year old. Even if he has been with Yang Fan since the beginning of his formation, he can stay for less than a year. I reached the Supreme Realm in a short period of time. It’s also called the Heaven Defying!”

“Also, the youngest daughter of Crocodile Yuan Monster Sovereign seems to have just stepped into the semi-emperor realm before we retreat, and now she has successfully detached!”

“I have to say that the incarnation of the original will is indeed prolonged, and the good fortune is amazing. Only some pet beasts who follow him can go against nature and make rapid progress. If he is an enemy, I am afraid that it will not What will be the end!”

Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign sighed softly, and at the same time, it was somewhat dreaded about Yang Fan’s original will incarnation.

If possible, it really does not want to be an enemy of such a destiny, because in the end, it is very likely that the bad luck is itself.

However, the two races of humans and monsters are born in a state of opposing and hostility. Many things cannot be avoided by Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign if they do not want to.

Just like now.

Yang Fan suddenly brought a group of Paragon beasts to their eagles and began to let the Heaven Devouring Beast destroy the regular barrier outside the mountain gate without saying a word. It was obviously that he had no good intentions.

Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign has just learned the basic situation of the human and demon realms from the mouth of Tiger Elder and Tiger Howling.

The five major Monster Race Saint lands have now gone to the third. The Demon Sacred Ridge, Black Wind Valley, and Zuowa Country are all destroyed in the hands of this youngster clan before their eyes. Even the Monster Sovereign and White Bear Monster Sovereign have been planted. In his hands.

In this situation, how can Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign not be very afraid of Yang Fan?

After all, Monster Sovereign is that’s all, and eager to get out before breaking through, undoubtedly bring about one’s own destruction.

But the Polar Bear Monster Sovereign is different. When the Polar Bear Monster Sovereign breaks through and detaches itself, all of their other major Monster Sovereigns can feel it.

Now, the breath of White Bear Monster Sovereign is not there, life and death are unknown, and 80% of them have been taken by Yang Fan to prisoners.

Think about it, even the white bear Monster Sovereign, whose cultivation realm has little to do with them, has suffered in the hands of Yang Fan. No matter how arrogant, Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign has to be more cautious.

“Human Race Yang Fan!”

Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign’s open a pair of tiger eyes, looking down at Yang Fan in the air, said sharply:

“The emperor has no intention of being an enemy of you, I hope you don’t be so aggressive.”

“Now take your pet beast and return to the human domain. This emperor can assume that nothing has happened, otherwise even if you are the incarnation of the original will and the son of the destiny of this era, the emperor will not let you It’s better!”

Stubbornly stubborn, after some harsh words, Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign waved his right palm and threw out the corpse of a yellow-haired Alien, continuing to speak in vain:

“This is the Alien Paragon who just tried to enslave my eagles and sorrows. Now it is given to you as a meeting ceremony. You must understand that these Alien are the common enemies of our human and demons!”

“If your Human Race three emperors return, they will definitely choose to cooperate with the emperor to resist the invasion of the Alien clan together, rather than just like you, only caring about the civil war and not caring about foreign enemies!”

Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign showed a sense of peace, not wanting to fight Yang Fan desperately now.

One is that it has not been able to beat the grasp of Yang Fan, the incarnation of the original will.

The second is the sudden arrival of Alien Paragon, which really makes Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign feel a great crisis. It also really wants to join forces with Human Race to resist the invasion of the Alien clan and Alien Star Domain together.

After all, the Alien clan is the natural nemesis of these Monster Races, and the threat to Monster Race is ten times greater than Human Race!

That’s why it took the initiative to throw out the corpse of the fifth-level Paragon Alien just now, one for good, and the other for demonstration, to prove to Yang Fan that Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign is not easy to provoke.

Yang Fan glanced at the corpse of Alien Paragon thrown out of the gate by the Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign. The corners of his mouth curled slightly and his expression was disgusting.

Really when he Yang Fan someone has never seen anything in the world, trifling a fifth-level Paragon Alien’s body can be sent?

Even more how, Alien inner core and Alien Soul Crystal are gone, this kind of trash can be used for feeding dogs?

“Dahei, reward you!”

Yang Fan whispered to Dahei. Dahei was not at all polite. He opened his dog’s mouth and swallowed the whole body of the fifth-level Paragon Alien in his stomach.

“Thank You Master, Baba!”

Dahei didn’t dislike it at all. A fifth-level Paragon Alien corpse lowered his belly and touched his belly to thank Yang Fan with great satisfaction.

“You don’t have to thank me. If you want to, thank you Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign.” Yang Fan looked up and glanced at Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign, lightly said: “Thank you Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign for being so generous and giving me some dog food. You.”

Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign hearing this, the tiger’s eyes widened, an unknown anger suddenly rose from the bottom of my heart.

This Human Race Little Brat is really shameless. If you are the incarnation of the original will, you can be so supercilious?

The emperor Laihao is also a transcendent Paragon Xeon. All 81 rules and avenues are consummated. If you fight to the death, you may not be as good as you trifling a will incarnation!

“Master Baba, leave this Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign to Benmiao to deal with it. I think it should not be the opponent of This Meow’er!”

Just when Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign was about to turn his face in madness, Xiaohua secretly asked Yang Fan sound transmission to fight again.

After following Yang Fan for so long, how can it not know Yang Fan’s mind?

Cooperation is impossible. If these Monster Sovereign Monster Emperors are not finished, Yang Fan will not give up easily.

So, when it saw that the body of Paragon Alien sent by Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign by Yang Fan to feed the dog, Xiaohua knew that the owner had made the determination to kill and would not give Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign and All the Demonic beasts in the entire eagle sorrow, any chance.

That’s why Xiaohua wanted to be a pioneer and to play the leading role.

It is worried that once a battle arises and the two sides play True Fire, they will no longer have the opportunity to stand alone with Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign.

That’s why Xiaohua will speak again before Yang Fan and Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign have completely put aside all considerations of face.

“Well, since you are so persistent, then go!”

Yang Fan’s gaze fell on Xiaohua again. Seeing that Xiaohua’s expression was firm and did not flinch, he slightly nodded and agreed.

He has the origin of Xiaohua’s Divine Soul, so he is not afraid of some monster moths.

Furthermore, even if Xiaohua loses to the Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign in front of him, it will be fine if it hangs up. It’s great to spend some energy to resurrect it.

“Thank You Master, Baba!”

With Yang Fan’s answer, Xiaohua moved towards Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign’s real body in a flash.

Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign, because Yang Fan actually fed the gift it sent directly to Heaven Devouring Beast, he was furious, thinking that Yang Fan had already decided to turn his face with it, and was thinking about whether to act first. When it’s strong.

In the next second, I saw Yang Fan’s side, the Amur Tiger of the same race and the same vein flying over.

Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign’s mind moved slightly, thinking that this was Yang Fan, who deliberately sent a member of its clan to act as a lobbyist in order to show favor, and the anger in his chest was slightly suppressed.

Seeing that Xiaohua intends to enter the Eagle Sorrow Stream, Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign not at all blocked it, and even deliberately opened a small barrier for Xiaohua so that Xiaohua could smoothly enter the Eagle Sorrow Stream Holy Land.


Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign itself is also extremely curious about the origin of this Amur Tiger, and wants to get in touch with it one step closer to clearly determine its origin.

As for the cultivation base strength of Xiaohua Second Rank Supreme Realm, it is completely ignored by Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign.

In the eyes of Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign, although Xiaohua is also Supreme Realm, the Avenue Rules aura on it is so pitiful that it doesn’t even have 49 items.

Such Supreme Realm, let alone Second Rank Paragon, even if it is Level 4 or 5, it will not be taken seriously by Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign.

So, by putting Xiaohua alone in the Holy Land, Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign also has the meaning of beating a dog. I am not afraid that it will cause some moths.


The white shadow flashed.

Xiaohua smoothly passed through the regular barrier outside the gate of Yingshoujian Holy Land Mountain and entered the inside of the Holy Land, and appeared directly in front of Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign in the next second.

I raised my head and glanced at Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign. When Xiaohua moved his mind, his figure directly changed and twisted, instantly transforming into the figure of a human tiger’s head. The appearance, dress, and breath are exactly similar to Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign.

“Tell the emperor, who are you?!”

Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign stared directly at the Amur Tiger that had become exactly like it, and asked sharply.

By its side.

Hupeng Great Elder and Huxiao Shenzi are all dumbfounded.

Monster Sovereign, what does this mean?

Isn’t this the blood essence clone of Lord Monster Sovereign? Why do you still ask who it is?

“Why, haven’t you felt it until now?”

Xiaohua looked at Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign with a smile on his face, lightly said:

“I am you, you are me, and we are each other as one!”

“Enough! Up to now, do you still want to fool the emperor?” Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign shook his head slightly: “The emperor has never made a blood essence clone separately, and you are also impossible to be the emperor. Heirs of direct blood.”

“So, let’s make it clear, what exactly is your identity, pretending to be the emperor’s blood essence clone, what is your purpose?”

Hearing the conversation between Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign and Xiaohua, Hu Peng Elder and Hu Xiao Shenzi became even more confused.

It turned out to be a fake?

Did they have auditory hallucinations or something?

Master Monster Sovereign even said that it has never been split to create a blood essence clone. How is this possible?

The Amur Tiger in front of me, regardless of its appearance, bloodline, and even the behavior of speaking and doing things, is basically exactly similar to the Lord Monster Sovereign. How could it not be Lord Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign What about blood essence Clone? !