I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1727


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Because of the existence of Dahei, the Heaven Devouring Beast, the rule barrier can be broken at any time, so you can’t guard against it.

At the same time, in order to show my sincerity in seeking peace, I did not mean to hurt Xiaohua and be an enemy of Yang Fan. After Xiaohua entered the Holy Land alone, Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign simply no longer blocked the outside divine sense. Exploration of the Holy Land.

So, at this moment, Yang Fan, Dahei, Crocodile Meili can all perceive everything that is happening in the Holy Land of Eagle Sorrow.

When they heard that Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign didn’t even know who Xiaohua was, and threatened that it had never split to create the so-called blood essence clone, the beasts present, except for Dahei, who knew Xiaohua. In addition, the other four Paragon pet beasts are all like Hu Peng and Hu Xiao, and they are confused.

“What’s the situation?”

“How could Lord Cat not be the blood essence Clone of Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign? The aura on them is almost exactly the same, OK?”

“Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign, what kind of madness is this? Is it because you have lost your memory, even the blood essence Clone you created?”

“Which one is Demon Tiger singing, do you really think other people and demons are stupid? They are still acting here at this time?”

Lu Congrong, Crocodile Meili, Ying Siyuan, and Xiaofengying all watched the confrontation between the two tigers in the Eagle’s Sorrow River, unexpectedly and speechlessly.

Two identical Demon Tiger Monster Sovereigns stood opposite each other. As a result, Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign said that Xiaohua was not its blood essence Clone and bloodline heir. Isn’t this insulting the IQ of their audience?

Take a look, even Hu Peng and the God Tiger Howling are dumbfounded, looking incredulous, let alone other monsters.

“Master Baba, Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign, what do you want to do, play us as fools?”

The crocodile’s beautiful little explosive temper burst out immediately, and urged Yang Fan aloud:

“It is obviously despising the IQ of its owner, Baba, whether it is tolerable or unbearable. Let’s be polite to it and just attack it!”

Yang Fan turned his head and took a deep look at the little female crocodile. This Little Brat, the provocative meaning is obvious, because he saw that the Zhuwa country was destroyed, but the Eagle Sorrow River had no damage, and his heart was not balanced. ?

Thinking of this, Yang Fan couldn’t help but shook the head, lightly said:

“Where does Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign despise this owner? It is all facts, Xiaohua is not its blood essence clone, why does it recognize it?”


Crocodile Meili, Lu Congrong, Ying Siyuan and Xiao Fengxin all turned to Yang Fan.

Master, what does this mean?

Are you confused by the Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign? Why did you start talking?

How could the cat master not be the blood essence clone of Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign? The bloodline fluctuations on them are almost exactly the same.

This moment.

The expressions of several Paragon pet beasts are almost exactly the same as the expressions of Hupeng Elder and Huxiao Shenzi in the Holy Land of Eagle Sorrow.

Unexpected, surprised, unbelievable.

They are not to blame.

Because no one would have imagined that except Yang Fan, Xiaohua turned out to be his real Demon Tiger who summoned from the “Salvation” game.

Including Dahei and Xiaohua themselves, they are actually not very clear about their origins. In their memory, everything in “Salvation” is real, and they are real selves.

Just now, when Xiaohua saw Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign, there seemed to be a clear comprehension, so he took the initiative to ask Ying to confront Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign alone.

“It’s really ruthless!”

In the Holy Land, Xiaohua smiled, squinted a pair of tiger eyes and stared at Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign indifferently:

“Is there any relationship between me and you, don’t you have any numbers in your heart?”

“The Bloodline Strength of my within the body, the strength of Divine Soul, and even the demon-powered aura are exactly similar to yours and are of the same origin. You even ask who I am? Don’t you think it is funny?”


Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign remain unmoved, in the eyes, the eyes gradually become fierce and gloomy, it also stares at Xiaohua firmly, and asks in a deep voice again:

“Don’t talk about those useless, tell the emperor, who are you?!”

The closer you are to Xiaohua, the clearer your perception, and the more dignified the doubts in Demon Tiger’s heart.

Because it surprisingly discovered that what Xiaohua said turned out to be true.

The Bloodline Strength, the strength of Divine Soul, the aura of monster power between the two monsters, even the hair on the body, and the tiger whip that they crossed, are all exactly similar.

It’s more terrifying.

Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign also discovered that the bloodline attempt of this Amur Tiger within the body was actually above it!

How can such an Amur Tiger whose bloodline concentration is stronger than it be its blood essence clone?

Is there any blood essence clone in this world whose bloodline concentration is stronger than its true body?

This Amur Tiger has a problem!

Demon Tiger stared at Xiaohua, eager to get the answer it wanted to know from Xiaohua.

White Tiger Race has always respected it. No one’s bloodline concentration has ever surpassed it. Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign has suddenly appeared a special case. The anxiety and curiosity in its heart is simply unprecedented.

“You are really forgetful!”

“It seems that after so many years of free range, you have forgotten a lot of things.”

Xiaohua spoke leisurely again, so he used Profound Void:

“Of course this deity is not your blood essence clone, but you are a blood essence clone created by this deity, little Demon Tiger!”

One sentence.

earth shattering!

Not only shocked Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign, Hupeng Elder, and Tiger Howl, his eyes widened.

Even outside the mountain gate, the five Paragon pets including Dahei and Lu Congrong were shocked to breathe a little.


“The Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign opposite turned out to be the blood essence Clone of the cat. Is the cat the Great Cow?”

“Master Baba, is it true what the cat said? It turned out to be the real body of Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign, I didn’t see it at all?”

The deer calmly, the crocodile is beautiful, and the demons all turned their heads to Yang Fan, wanting to verify the authenticity of Xiaohua’s words from Yang Fan.

After all, the news is too big.

Furthermore, when they recognized Yang Fan as the master, Xiaohua’s realm was not even a king realm. How could such a guy be the real body of Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign? This is unexplainable. what.

“This master is not very clear about this, maybe it is true.”

Yang Fan responded perfunctorily.

To be honest, he was also stunned by Xiaohua’s words just now.

Never expected, the little cool cat, who is not usually talkative, can be so foolish.

It dares to say that the current Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign is its blood essence clone. It’s really bold and ingenious.

Such a probability, even Yang Fan has never thought of it.


Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign coldly smiled.

“It seems that the emperor really gives you a face, dare to say that the emperor is your blood essence clone?”

“If I don’t teach you some lessons today, don’t let me know what is the immensity of heaven and earth and what is the immensity of heaven and earth, write the emperor’s name upside down!”

The anger in the Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign’s chest went sour, and it was a little overwhelming.

A Second Rank Paragon who didn’t fully comprehend the 49 Avenue Rules, a junior boy whose bone age is not even as old as it, dares to tease it like this, it is simply bored!

Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign’s imposing manner pressure suddenly rises, and his right arm is slightly lifted, directly waving against Xiaohua’s chest.

It doesn’t want to bear it anymore.

Even if the tiger demon in front of me may really have a lot to do with it, it decided to teach Ya an unforgettable lesson.

Paragon is not to be humiliated, and the majesty of its Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign cannot be violated by others!

“hahaha! Good job!”

Xiaohua laughed heartily, seeing the palm of the Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign attack, instead of avoiding it, he opened his chest and took the initiative to meet him.


a light sound, the arm of Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign is like a knife-cut tofu, passing through Xiaohua’s chest with great ease, directly penetrating out of the back.

The demon blood splashed and shot with great strength, making the Hupeng Elder and the Huxiao god child who were close in front of them unconsciously stepped back ten steps before they could stop their bodies.

When they lifted the head and looked towards Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign and Xiaohua, they found that Xiaohua was opening his arms and hugging Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign tightly.

And Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign, his body was stiff, his arms still pierced through Xiaohua’s chest, and Xiaohua’s monster blood was allowed to spread all over its body, soaking its hair.

“Little Demon Tiger, do you feel it now?”

“I am you, and you are me. Today the deity came to find you, just to take back your blood essence, Divine Soul, and fuse together with the deity!”

“So, don’t resist anymore, you are the Divine Soul bloodline that was separated from me, and now it is in the body!”

Xiaohua’s voice sounded leisurely in Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign’s ears. Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign was stiff, pale, and his mouth trembling. It seemed that it took all the strength to squeeze out a sentence. Come:

“Blood…bloodline swallowed…, you turned out to be… turned out to be…”

Just halfway through the conversation, Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign’s body gradually turned into a hot blood essence, and it began to blend into Xiaohua’s within the body little by little.

And the imposing manner coercion on Xiaohua’s body has also expanded and strengthened rapidly with the continuous influx of this mass of blood essence.

Hupeng, Huxiao, and Dahei outside the mountain gate, Crocodile Meili, Lu Congrong, etc. Paragon’s pet beasts, all stared dumbly at what happened in front of them, shocked and shocked.

The extremely powerful Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign was able to slay a fifth-level Paragon Alien’s Daoist alone with a monster force, and now it is so easily swallowed by Xiaohua to refining and integrate into himself.

Now that there is only a single thought left in the mind of a demon, that is:

Is this Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign really a blood essence clone from Xiaohua?

Otherwise, how can we explain what happened before us?

As the monster of Monster Race, there is actually a vague impression in their inherited memories, which is an extremely unpopular and infrequent bloodline occult technique of bloodline swallowing.

If it is not the same bloodline, Divine Soul is the same, and the fit is as high as 90% or more. Simply can’t trigger the bloodline swallowing mystery. If it is swallowed forcibly, it will only end in a bloodline conflict.

So, if it were not for his own blood essence Clone, Xiaohua would definitely not swallow it so easily and smoothly!