I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1789


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Vivian was very excited, and the eyes of the two peach monkeys opened wide, staring at Yang Fan as if they had seen a ghost.

This set of spiritual enchantment secrets called confusion and fascination, but based on its own bloodline abilities, it borrows the Supreme charm divine ability created by thousands of subtle and mysterious techniques.

The entire alien Star Domain is known only by one alien. Even if others want to learn, they will not be able to get started because of the conflict between bloodline and Soul Power.

So this in the last ages, even its closest family, clansman, sect members and disciple, no stranger can fully grasp it.

But what does it see now?

Its original Supreme charm divine ability, unexpectedly appeared on a Native Person clan!

And what makes it even more incredible and unbelievable is that the mystery technique displayed by this Native Person family has reached the small Perfection Realm. Otherwise, it is simply impossible to confuse the Levels around it. 1 Level 2 Under Paragon.

“My old mother can never feel wrong!”

“This is indeed my mother’s original distraction!”

“The problem is that he is a Native Person slave of the original Star Domain. He has never been to a foreign Star Domain, and even met his old lady. Where did he get the secret technique training method?”

Vivienne is puzzled.

The secret of its spiritual charm has never been passed on. Even if you know that others are unlikely to learn it, it has always been kept secret. People who are not extremely close and trustworthy have never revealed it.

So, no matter from which aspect, the young man on the opposite side of Human Race is absolutely impossible to know in advance and cultivation its secret magic.

“Is it because he just glanced at the sudden enlightenment, and directly grasped it and realized it to Perfection Realm?”

As soon as this thought came into her mind, Vivian felt that she might be crazy.

It doesn’t believe that in this world there will be such an evil evildoer, as long as it reads its delusion and magic tricks, it immediately masters and understands Perfection.

This kind of ability, even Child of Destiny like Lord God Emperor, may not be able to possess it.

Original Star Domain, a native Star Domain that has only been awakened for less than two hundred years, how could such a powerful Native Person slave be born? !

Vivian couldn’t believe it.

It would rather believe that it feels wrong just now, that everything it sees before it is just a special illusion, and it does not want to believe that someone can learn its exclusive divine ability in such a short time. , And realized it directly to Perfection Realm.

Too nonsense!

In this world, there may be such a genius and evildoer!

“What is your divine ability?”

Yang Fan sneered, and gently curled his lips:

“This is clearly the bloodline mystery of my Human Race, you demon monkey, after you have learned it secretly, you still dare to cry thief, “Stop thief!”, shameless!”


Yang Fan said two words, almost not vomiting blood to Vivian.

Who is thief crying, “Stop thief!”

That is obviously the exclusive divine ability secret technique of my old lady. When did it become the bloodline secret technique of your Human Race?

Is there any law of nature? Is there any law of kings? Is there any reason for piracy?

Vivian’s eyes were filled with murderous aura, and the power of the charm secret technique multiplied, all focused on the Divine Consciousness Sea, who was directly attacking Yang Fan.

It needs to use facts to tell this shameless Human Race kid that its Vivian’s charm secret technique is not that easy to fake!

You must die today!

The opposite.

Sensed the strong negative emotions conveyed by Vivian, as well as the increasingly powerful charm secret technique, Yang Fan’s mouth twitched slightly, and he couldn’t help but close his eyes and enjoy it.

This is the feel, cool!

“You are infested by Level 9 Paragon Vivian’s mysterious technique, and your heart is touched. You have a deeper understanding of the Heaven Grade Spiritual Charm and Secret Technique-Confusion, and your skill proficiency is +800 .”

“You are infested by Level 9 Paragon Vivian’s mysterious technique, and your heart is touched. You have a deeper understanding of the Heaven Grade Spiritual Charm and Secret Technique-Confusion, and your skill proficiency is +800 .”


The system hint in my ear keeps ringing, and the skill experience shua~ shua~ shua~ keeps increasing, Yang Fan smiles triumphantly.

This is the effect he wants. The female monkey on the opposite side doesn’t go crazy or increase her horsepower. He wants to apply this charm secret technique to Perfection Realm. He doesn’t know when to wait.

How good it is now, it’s just a casual tease, and people take the initiative to cooperate and continuously improve his skills and experience. What a good monkey, I can consider letting it die a little later.

While scouring the experience of confusion skills, Yang Fan was not idle either. Spirit strength quietly explored outside, and he also used his most proficient charm skills on the opposite female monkey.

“You cast a charm skill on Level 9 Paragon Vivienne (the foreign person), the charm fails, Vivienne (the foreign person) is aware and vigilant, spirit strength +50, spirit willpower +50, Skill proficiency +20.”

“You used the charm skill on Level 9 Paragon Vivian (the foreigner), the charm failed, Vivian (the foreigner) was aware of it, and vigilant, spirit strength +50, spirit willpower +50, Skill proficiency +20.”


Because the two sides are in a hostile state, Vivian has always been vigilant and guarded, so Yang Fan’s charm skill not at all easily succeeded, and one side ended in failure several times.

However, Yang Fan is not discouraged. Anyway, this is not the first time. As long as he doesn’t give up and brushes a few times, there will always be a success.

“Thirteen! Immediately open the spirit strength shield and defend with all your strength!”

Vivian was coldly snorted. While she was trying her best to charm Yang Fan, she did not forget to wake up the sixteen around her subordinates who had been killed by the mystery technique and were about to abolish the cultivation base.

At the same time, Vivian also secretly sends sound transmissions to his confidant subordinates, so that it immediately stimulates the spirit strength array he carries with him, in case Yang Fan repeats his tricks again, and continues to use similar charm secrets to influence and control himself Subordinates around.

“Yes, Master Vivienne!”

The Paragon foreigner, known as Thirteen, bowed his head and mobilized the spirit strength without saying a word to inspire the spirit strength array he carried with him.


The shield came up again, directly enclosing all the strangers present in it, completely isolating all the spirit strength and the power of qi and blood from outside.

“Master Vivian, be careful. There is a Fifth Level Dao Integration Realm Xeon hidden among these Native Person slaves. The Fifth Level Dao Integration Realm spirit strength array that we brought before Its destruction and steal!”

Seeing that Vivian has activated a set of spirit strength guards again, Harlan and Jessica who have survived havetily reminded them.

Just now, they suffered a huge loss from the theft of the pan, so they were in a desperate situation and had to kill their companions.

Now, seeing that Master Vivian has also activated a set of spirit strength guards, they are worried that the Hedao Xeon hidden in the dark will repeat the same tricks, so that so many Paragon family members brought by Master Vivian will also Repeat their mistakes.

“Fifth Level Dao Integration Realm?”

Vivienne is hearing this, with a curl of her mouth, she turned her head coldly and glanced at the two Level 7 Paragons, Harlan and Jessica.

“Stop talking nonsense, the original Star Domain is just a new Star Domain that has just awakened for more than 150 years. How could Dao Integration Realm be born?”

Vivian didn’t believe it at all.

When Dao Integration Realm is a Chinese cabbage on the side of the road, can it be achieved by just who cultivation?

even more how, if the original Star Domain really has the strongest existence of Fifth Level Dao Integration Realm, will people follow you here?

Slapped over with a slap long ago and killed all their strangers. Is there anything?

I raised my head and looked at Yang Fan, who hadn’t been charmed by it, Vivian was looking thoughtful.

Compared with the Fifth Level Dao Integration Realm mentioned by Harlan, it is still more inclined to these two Level 7 Paragon aliens. They also caught the mental interference of these Human Races on the opposite side and produced hallucinations.

Perhaps, the previous Dao Integration Realm’s formation was not secretly stolen, but Harlan and Paragon were involved in Illusion Technique without realizing it. They closed the formation defense and killed each other.

“It may not be impossible!”

“The charm of the Human Race kid on the other side is not inferior to that of the old lady. Harvard, Jessica, and others will catch his way if they are careless!”

The more Vivian thought about it, the more it felt like it was possible, but it didn’t worry at all that they would repeat the mistakes of the previous Paragon squad.

This time, not only has Vivian, you can easily see through the mental illusion of the opposite Human Race kid, and the array they brought over this time is higher and more powerful, even if it has Fifth Level Dao Integration Realm made a shot, and he didn’t even think that he was half a point.

Vivian waved to Harlan and Jessica, indicating that they should stop talking nonsense, so as not to confuse the military.

With the spirit strength shield, Yang Fan’s spirit strength and divine sense are completely isolated, and the system hint about charm skills in his ears also comes to an abrupt end.

Fortunately, Vivian’s charm attack not at all stopped because of this, and Yang Fan’s still could continuously acquire relevant skill experience from it.

Just like the psychic shield of the Human Race Federation, the psychic shield that surrounds the entire city-state can isolate and block all external attacks of spirit and blood, but the people inside are not immune to external attacks. influences.

In other words, I can hit you, but you can’t hit me, it’s so cool.

It’s just that now, what was protected by the shield was replaced by a different Human Race, and they became the passive party.

“A monkey is a monkey, it is not a long lesson!”

“I just lost a Dao Integration Realm disk and I don’t know how to repent. It’s so stupid and cute!”

Yang Fan shook his head slightly, and without any hesitation, launched the Divine Grade collection technique at the spirit strength shield not far away.

“You used the Divine Grade collection technique for the Divine Grade Defensive Array ——spirit strength guard, the companion skill is passively triggered to break the gods, and the collection is successful. Dao Integration Realm spiritual liquid +99, blood essence +99, spirit strength +50, skill proficiency +50.”

“You used the Divine Grade collection technique for the Divine Grade Defensive Array ——spirit strength guard, the companion skill is passively triggered, the collection is successful, the sky Star Stone +33, the mysterious sky wood +66, the spirit strength +50, Skill proficiency +50.”

“You used the Divine Grade collection technique for the Divine Grade Defensive Array ——spirit strength guard, the companion skill is passively triggered, the collection is successful, the Undying Grass +1, the millennium spirit wood marrow +10……”

“You used the Divine Grade collection technique for the Divine Grade Defensive Array ——spirit strength guard, the companion skill is passively triggered by breaking the gods, the collection is successful, the eighth level Dao Integration Realm array +1…”

It is different from the previous Yang Fan who successfully destroyed the shield after only collecting three times.

This time, Yang Fan collected nine times in a row before collecting all the Formation materials of this set of micro spirit strength shields, and finally got the core eighth level Dao Integration Realm array.

“It is worthy of being the miniature shield of the eighth level Dao Integration Realm, and the protection ability is really strong!”

Yang Fan sighed in his heart, looking at the eighth-level Dao Integration Realm array that was lying quietly in his collection space at this time, very pleased in one’s mind.

The power of this thing is not inferior to the eighth-level Dao Integration Realm Spirit Treasure. What’s more important is that it can be recycled. As long as the Formation material is sufficient, this kind of array will be used as many times as you want. The problem.

“I’m going! Here again, here again!”

“See, see! The spirit strength shield is gone again, and the hidden Dao Integration Realm Xeon has shot again!”

Seeing the spirit strength shield in front of him suddenly broke and dissipated again, Harlan and Jessica, who had just calmed down, fry the pot again!

Their spirit strength guards fell again, and the tragedy that happened to them just now is very likely to happen again.

“Shut up!”

Vivian screamed, the spirit strength was instant, and Harlan and Jessica were charmed and forced them to quiet down.

Later, Vivian looked around and not at all found any breath of Dao Integration Realm powerhouse’s action, and did not notice any signs of being in a mental illusion.

“What’s the matter? How could the spirit strength shield suddenly collapse. This is the spirit strength shield of the eighth-level Dao Integration Realm. Even if it is breached, it is impossible to be so silent?”

Vivian’s browse tightly knit, and I didn’t find anything suspicious. It feels like something wrong.

“Thirteen, check the formation to see what is going on?”

Vivian confessed to the thirteen who was holding the array.

After a while, the thirteen trembling replied: “Master Weiwei, the formation…the formation is gone!”


Vivian’s body flashed, appeared directly in front of Thirteen, staring at Thirteen sharply:

“How could the array disappear? Haven’t you completely refined it and integrated it into the Divine Soul Sea of ​​Consciousness? How could it have disappeared?!”

Vivienne’s heart felt a little uneasy and uneasy, and she couldn’t help but remember the reminder from Harlan and Jessica.

What happened to them now is exactly the same as what happened to Harlan and the others just now!

Is this an illusion, or is there really a high-end Dao Integration Realm Xeon in the original Star Domain?

You must know that the formation controlled by Thirteen is the formation of the eighth-level Dao Integration Realm. In theory, even if the Xeon of the eighth-level Dao Integration Realm personally shoots, it may not be able to break its defense!