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"Oh -san was that such a magic instrument really? Jidou Hambaikeiki "


「おっちゃん本当にそんな魔道具あったの? ジドウハンバイキだっけ」

 A child who looked cheeky told me such a question. The younger sister – sex girl next to me is a gentle child who grabbed the sleeve of the clothes.


 We heard that a dungeon occurred near this village and we were welcomed by the villagers who just stopped by this village not the original destination.


 Since Monster may sometimes spring up, it is requested from the village headowner that the village mayor will investigate the inside, and it is going to head to everyone after this.


 So on our way to the village's only inn that will take care of you from today,


"If you're a hunter you know an interesting story, are not you?"


 Because I became involved with you, this is the reaction if I do the other party.


 I do not believe the story of the vending machine Hakkon I told.


"It's true. It was called vending machines here in, not just food, drinks, a wide variety of commodities and goods, a great Mage gear.


"Er, uh huh. I can not believe that a square iron box where people 's soul lives speaks words. I thought that he was a child, he is a bad lying person. "


Big Brother


 Children who laugh with a nose It is irritating to look at the face of a hated child, but being angry here is an incorrect response as a gentleman. My sister is desperately getting stuck and stopping my brother.


Hey, little man.He is not an uncle but an older brother. You already know.


"Oh, the day!"


 Oh my, what are you scared of? Laughed at my brother not only or not.


 Oh, my younger sister also seems to cry at the tearful eyes. A little 大人genakatta.


"Sorry, sorry, please apologize for this"


 Hand the orange juice grabbing on the right hand and the left hand to the two.


 It seems that for a moment it did not seem to know what it was, and when I receive it all of awhile it keeps staring at the can of the juice without opening the cap.


"It's a container with sweet fruit juice. When you twist the upper part twice, the lid opens, so you will be able to drink it. "


 It seems that curiosity has won more than fear of what is unknown, both of them twisted and opened the cap. The scent of citrus fruits overflowing from the drinking mouth faces the children's face.


 If you do not warn you in your mouth your throat swells and fills with contents.


"Did Oh!, ume eh eh! What is this, what is this! What? "

「ぷはああああっ、うめえええっ! なにこれ、なにこれ!?」

"It's sooo tasty!"


 I am delighted to be delighted. After all it is only sweet orange juice that brings out the smile of the child.


"But, Otachan ……Was not it, older brother until a while ago Did not you have this? "


"Fuufan, you are good at magic tricks"




 My brother and sister is tilting his head. Do not you know the magic trick in a small village in this region? Well, it seems doubtful that the writing of common words is doubtful, even if there are no masters who can do magic tricks in a village whose population is less than a hundred, it is not surprising.


"It's like magic or goddamn"


"Okay, can your brother use magic or protection? - Let me see.

「おっちゃ、お兄さんは魔法か加護使えるのか! 見せて見せて!」

"I want to see it too!"


 It is adult 's duty to respond if you are expecting such pure innocent eyes.


"Okay, then, now your brother is special -"


"Oh, it was here! I will soon dive in the dungeon near this village. "

「あっ、ここにいたんだ! そろそろ、この村の近くにあるダンジョンに潜るよー」

 A bright and lively woman with a side pony who gathered blonde sideways with a shortcut came. The hair grew considerably longer than I first met, and it used to be quite long though I used to be a short pony.


"Hey, everyone is gathered. Well, is that cool? Something is still unfamiliar, well, well, that … …I think it's good "


 A late woman came to her a little later.


 Mill Kuti – Long colored long hair bounces, it seems to be intriguing at first glance, but I really know that she is anxious about her sister skin.


"You are…Alone.If urotsuitara not good… "


"Do you still have rice!"


"Everyone runs in such a hurry, my shoes get dirty."


"The master of that figure is also cool!"


 Have all of our fellows come? It was a pleasant thing that I was hanging around the village alone, so it seemed to have made me worry.


"Well, the older brothers head for the dungeon. Because I will talk about it again when I return. Oh wait! Time limit and then I will show the special magic in the end.


 The body emits a golden light in front of the children looking up at me.


 When the children who had closed their eyes with too much dazzle opened their eyes, the boasted body brushed up white was reflected in the sun 's light and shined – There was a vending machine.


– It was never a black-white thing.


"Hello, fellas. Here I am."


/(int) Huh?/What's up?/


 I am overconfused and am astonished. The identity of the young man's was transformed into vending machines, my man, jackon's!


 (chuckles) Beautiful. Because the time limit remains the same as usual it can only be half a person's body.


 I remembered to walk around the village by myself just being remembered, but it is a big problem if I go to dungeons from now ……I did it.


"Again, jackon. If I use the ability of deformation, I can not become another figure in the dungeon the whole day today? "


"Hey hey, hey. Well, I do not understand. "


 Uh, Ramis and Hurumi have noticed mistakes.


 See, everyone is getting stronger then and I trust, so it's okay.


"I hope that this dungeon will come true for Hakkon's wish."


 The size of the previous dungeon is too small, the wishes that come true are pretty.


 It seems to be due to the ability of the produced dungeon master who did nothing but treasure. Seiki 's Dungeon Master seems to have been quite famous wizard at that time, and it seems that the number of dungeons of that size is small.


 Dungeon each hierarchy is structured like another world. To be told, it is impossible to create without a considerable ability.


 It is unknown who created this time for this time, but expectation also increases only for the dungeon who has not entered anyone yet.


 I hope the day will come back to the human body without time limit.


"If you're ready, let's get down soon. Today we will go around the first floor and check inside to get back. "




 People likewise carry weapons and are ready for rushing. Leave the food and goods to provide anything, me.


"Well, are everyone OK?"


"Pitty is … ….If there is a Hakon ……04376:Good.



「ぽ て い さ ん」

 Dependence has not increased recently recently.


"Oh, no one can search the dungeons that I have not examined yet first, my heart will not bounce! I hope that there is a Monster that I have never seen before. "

「おう、誰もまだ調べていないダンジョンを真っ先に探索できるってのは、心が弾むな! 見たこともない魔物がいるといいんだが」

 It seems that the blood of Hulumi, a magical tool engineer and a scholar, is making noise.


"Go a lot and cut your belly and eat deliciously"


 Xu, as usual, appetite is ensconced in the heart of the thinking.


"When you exercise intensely, tired, proclaimed at any time. Recently I also learned a foot massage so if you let me take off your shoes and pass it anytime "


 Heavui whether the degree of transformation has increased as strange special skills increase.


"Please leave the reinsurers, Master Hakkon!"


 Has dialed way up hands of loyalty today, Michael a.


 And watching of regular folks would be pleased.


 Fellows who have been dating for a long time without abandoning me of vending machines which are lumps of iron. I can not thank you enough.


 My colleagues are doing my best to return me to humans, but I am not particular about that. It was temporary, but it also made me be able to return to people.


 I can spend the same time with them like this. I feel happiness alone.


 The body was fixed to usual backpack, and was carried on the rumis.


 Well, after all this place is settled down. Whether you can not experience it again if you return to people, that is a little regrettable.


"Well then, please signal a departure from Hakkon!"


 Everyone's eyes are pointed at me.


 So, on behalf of the team, it is a word of excitement.


"Hello, fellas. Here I am."