I Signed In To Become A Sword Saint in Shu Mountain Chapter 115


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It’s over!

A terrible crisis, because of the participation of Ren Yue and the others, was directly resolved in this way.

“Really very good! We finally won!”

Seeing the situation in front of us, everyone in Wudang was also extremely happy. The feeling of avoided a catastrophe was extremely beautiful.

“All dísciples, kill me! Solve them!”

At this time, there are still some remaining remnants, and Wudang people will naturally not let them go, they will directly take action and completely wipe them out.

In the face of such an impact, some creatures are also defeated, and some directly self-destruct, but the result is very small.

Under the power of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, these remnants were directly flattened and turned into powder.

“Are you here? It seems that Shu Mountain is safe!” Seeing Ren Yue and the four coming, Qing Yun also said.

The fact that they can come here is enough to show that the biggest crisis has been resolved.

“Yes! The leader has been solved by the ancestors. Now we can gather our strength and restore Emei.”

Seeing this, Ren Yue said directly.

“That’s right, now is the time, in a spurt of energy, to restore Emei, no time to delay!”

At this time, Emei Elder also said directly.

At this moment, in the void, the support of Kunlun and Dragon Tiger Mountain also came.

Subsequently, under the leadership of Qingyun and the others, these people were divided into several groups and directly attacked Emei.

The intention is to take them all!

Without the exalted, these people are just a bunch of ants, and most of them will soon be broken!

Because of the rigorous layout, there is no way to escape, and in the end on the mountainside of Emei, I was killed by all.

The battle lasted for a day, and the occupied Emei returned to the hands of Daoist Sect again.

It’s just a pity, the catastrophe at this time has had too much impact on Emei!

Teacher, Elder has lost a lot of halberds, and dísciple has also lost more than half!

It is absolutely impossible to restore to its former glory without hundreds of years.

Now, Emei can only be directly in charge of Qingyun.

Soon after, the entire Emei also announced that the mountain was closed, and it was necessary to conserve strength and store up energy for a while.

After that, everyone left separately and returned to sect.

“Report to the king, the latest news, the foreign domain creatures were killed.”

At this time, at Demon Race, someone directly reported to Demon Race.

Originally, he still wanted to find these creatures to cooperate, didn’t expect…The change came so fast, so he was directly expelled.

“Now, you should be able to see the strength of this daoist sect! If they unite, it will be a huge force, not to be underestimated.”

After hearing this, Moao said indifferently.

“That’s right! But the biggest change still happened in Shu Mountain. If not for their Venerable Lord was obliterated, the final balance of this war should be unknown.”

At this time, this Demon Race also said directly.

They have been paying attention, and knowing this is not difficult.

In their view, this turning point in the war occurred at Shu Mountain, otherwise, it should be a different situation now.

“Shu Mountain again! What a scourge, what is the secret of Shu Mountain? How can it be so tricky?”

Afterwards, these demons also sighed.

“It’s okay! This matter, we will figure it out. After the original Great Accomplishment, this Shu Mountain will be only an ant, nothing more, even if it is against the sky, now, let’s rest a little!”

Seeing this, Moao also said directly.

The Xue Antian book, coupled with the inheritance of the forbidden area, these means are enough to give his strength a huge breakthrough in a short time.

In the blink of an eye, years passed.

A batch of dísciples with the best aptitude appeared in Shu Mountain, and then they became the seven most famous sons of Shu Mountain.

Led by Lu Jun.

The seven sons of Shu Mountain have become Shu Mountain’s new hope.

For several years, Gu Ling has been cultivating hard, and the power of terror has exploded.

Gu Ling can faintly feel that his distance to breakthrough is already not far.

At this moment, the bronze shards of Gu Ling within the body also disappeared, and terrifying power continued to diffuse out.

“This is…” Gu Ling’s eyes widened as he saw this scene.

Didn’t expect, this thing will explode at this time.

At the same time, the Eastern Sea is a forbidden zone where no one can walk.

Today, a horrible silhouette also came out.

“This is another area? When Miao has a powerful cultivator, I cut off this area with a single sword. Fortunately, there are a lot of livelihoods in this area, and I also got information from their mouths.”

“Now, I finally found a way to enter this place. Although it took a lot of effort, but… it is enough.”

After that, the man also said proudly.

Soon, the silhouette of this man also disappeared.

Appeared in the city of daoist sect. Soon after, there was a small eye-opening Small Sect that directly offended him, and was finally destroyed by him, which caused a sensation of attention.

In Daoist sect, there are such characters, they are naturally very concerned.

“It was you who killed my sect? How dare you to kneel down and beg for mercy? Otherwise, you must die.”

At this moment, some people also appeared in the effort to have a meal, and they yelled at the man.

This person was practicing outside before, so he was not there when sect was destroyed, didn’t expect, when he came back, sect disappeared directly.

It took a lot of effort before he found the person’s location and followed along all the way.

“Is this the new dísciple of the boxing school? I heard that with the strength of Tier 4 Peak, the boxing school was destroyed, and he is still alive.”

“In other words, this person is a member of the Destruction Fist Sect? It can actually destroy extinguishes a Sect in an instant. This strength is really too strong.”

At this time, everyone saw the man in front of them and said directly.

They also clearly know that this person is the mysterious person who destroyed the boxing sect.

“That’s right, I killed the trash sect, do you want revenge?” At this time, the man also spoke directly.

“Since you admit it, then very good, die for me!”

At this moment, this fist dísciple shot directly, and the terrifying fist mark came directly.

“Only ants, impossible to withstand a single blow, I really admire your courage not to be afraid of death!”

Then this man, a light flashed in his eyes, and then, a terrifying force burst out, sweeping everything instantly.

In the blink of an eye, this dísciple just lay down in a pool of blood.

The dead can’t die again!

“Really strong! It’s really too terrifying. It’s too strong.” The rest of the people were also extremely surprised when they saw it, and they didn’t dare to make the slightest sound to avoid being affected.

Seeing this, the man left without saying much.

This matter is also widely spread. People of daoist sect have heard of it.

However, because there is no grudge against them, Daoist Sect opened its eyes and closed its eyes, and did nothing extra.

“I almost forgot important things! I have important things here. It seems that I need to walk the sect here!”

On this day, the man also woke up and remembered what he was going to do. Then he also directly found a dísciple, asked about the power and position of the daoist sect, and then went to Dragon Tiger Mountain.

A long time ago, a mysterious Earth Palace appeared in this world. Where there are key clues for the follow-up path, naturally I pay attention to it.

But just when they were about to enter, the Earth Palace disappeared directly, which made people feel very confused.

After that, this world was cut off, and their plan was directly prevented.

Now that he finally entered here, he naturally looked for the Earth Palace and got the great opportunity inside.

But for a while, he didn’t have any clues.

But he also thought that there must be something he needs in the secret books of these daoist sects, so this trip, he will visit Dragon Tiger Mountain to see if there will be any gains.

“Where did the scoundrel come from, actually set foot on Dragon Tiger Mountain. If you leave now, there is still a possibility of survival!”

Soon, the presence of dísciple is also a direct rebuke.

“I don’t want to take action, you’d better force me to report to your head teacher!” Seeing this, the man also said directly.

“Really impudent! Dare to be wild here, you are in the wrong place!”

When I heard this, the dísciple didn’t say much, just shot it, and Lei Fa reflected the world.

Huge force direct strikes!

Destroy everything.


However, this man stomped his foot directly, and this terrifying thunder method broke directly.

Huge impact, this dísciple was directly lifted out.

“This is…really strong, so powerful?”

The other dísciple, seeing this terrifying scene, was also extremely shocked.

“It’s a pity! You made the wrong choice!” With a wave of your hand, the terrifying sword technique was displayed, and huge sword energy broke through the air, shaking the world.

This sword has no solution!

It was the first time they saw such a terrifying sword energy, and they were directly shocked.

In the midst of the crisis, the head of Dragon Tiger Mountain also appeared, the huge silhouette fell, and the thunderbolt rolled.

Directly blocking this horrible sword energy, and forcibly holding this sword, the headmaster can actually remain unmoved.

“en? Interesting! It’s unexpected to have such strength.”

Seeing the head teacher standing here peacefully, the man was also surprised.

He didn’t expect, the head teacher of Dragon Tiger Mountain, can actually have this strength and can take his own sword.

“Who you are? Come to my Dragon Tiger Mountain, what’s the matter! Move my dísciple, it would be too crazy!”

Immediately, the instructor was also a fierce appearance, looking at the man and said.

I don’t know why, this man gives him a strange feeling, it’s unclear, unclear.

After all, in the Eastern Sea, they have never returned but they have never returned, and no one has ever been here!

So, it is normal for the head teacher not to know.

“My identity, I can’t tell, I’m afraid you can’t bear it! I’m here this time, I want to see your secret books, please make it easy!”

Then the man spoke directly.


Extremely rude!


Hearing this man’s words, the Elders were also extremely angry, and immediately roared.

The young man in front of me is too crazy. This secret book can only be read by the head teacher, and an outsider is not qualified!

“en? This is a bit embarrassing! This is very difficult for me to do. Please also ask Young Master to go back, otherwise, you are welcome!”

Seeing this, the head teacher also directly refused.

Naturally cannot agree!

If it hadn’t been for the person in front of him to give him a weird feeling, maybe he would have directly suppressed it.

“Still not working? Ants are always like this. I have given a chance, but you are not good at it! In this case…”

Suddenly, this man’s expression changed, his terrifying silhouette turned into a black shadow and he killed him directly.

“Hugh is impudent! This Dragon Tiger Mountain is not a place where you can go wild!”

When Elder saw this, he pushed out with one hand, a thunderstorm turned into Thunder Beast, and he came directly.

“One sword! Reincarnation!”

In an instant, the man a finger pointed, sword energy was vertical and horizontal, and the void trembled. In an instant, a scene of horror appeared.

The terrifying Thunder Beast is directly swallowed by sword energy and annihilated instantly.

Then this man, a sword intent surged in his eyes, and he was directly suppressed by tremendous pressure.

Pu chi!

Shooting Elder, he was directly shaken out, blood splattered on the spot.

“This is…really strong sword energy… so powerful!”

The head teacher was also focused, and then a Dao Talisman played.

A bunch of golden light hits the world and spreads instantly.

For a while, the man seemed to be in the mud and his movements were restricted.

“What kind of talisman is this? What a damn it can move space!”

Seeing this, the man was also angry, and then, the sword energy surged in his eyes.

The huge sword energy erupted, with one hand up to the sky, the terrifying sword energy filled Heaven and Earth, and began to get out of trouble.

Sky Thunder Method! Kill Demon!

At this moment, the palm teaching seal method was concluded, and a beam of lightning was directly cut.

“Invincible sword intent!”

Looking at Lei Fa slashing, the man turned pale with fright, and then, between his eyebrows, a sword intent rushed out.

The two power branches strike together, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

The building of Dragon Tiger Mountain was hit and suffered heavy losses.

cough cough!

At this time, the man looked pale, coughing up blood.

“Asshole! I am just incarnation coming here now, my strength is greatly reduced. If my real body comes, such ants can be destroyed with a finger.”

At this time, the man’s heart was also extremely angry.

“Lei Fa! The Four Sacred Slaying Gods.”

Later, this master teacher also urged the talisman who was finally refined.

There was a burst of dazzling in the void, four Sacred Beasts appeared together, divine might be awesome.

In the next moment, the Big Four Sacred Beasts will directly culled and fight with the man.


Pu chi!

The blood splashed was scattered, and the man’s body also had scars from time to time.

Sword, break the army!

At the same time as the confrontation, the man took out the terrifying sword energy. Soon, a Sacred Beast was directly hit and killed instantly.


Afterwards, White Tiger also appeared, with a paw directly printed on the man’s back.

Bone broke and blood spattered.

The blood forbidden secret sword, kill!

After that, this blood burst into a terrifying sword energy, and a round of dazzling sword rings appeared, and the White Tiger was also killed.

In a short period of time, the Four Saints were killed two of them!

Such strength is really unheard of.

“What a tenacious strength! Even if you encounter an attack, you can fight back instantly and achieve good results. It is incredible! When is there such a talent in this world? But… this person’s sword energy ……Never seen before, very special, who is it?”

Seeing this, the head teacher is also continuously guessing, I really want to know the origin of this person!


At this moment, a horrible round of sword edge was directly reflected.

The Spiritual Qi of Dragon Tiger Mountain was instantly deprived of this sword. For a time, The earth shook and the mountain quivered.

This sword is extraordinary, with Supreme’s divine might.

As soon as they became sharp, many Elders felt their souls were suppressed.

A round of sword light appeared, and the two Sacred Beasts were directly obliterated.

The sword energy rolls over, the palm teacher is affected, directly submerged, life and death are unpredictable.

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