I Signed In To Become A Sword Saint in Shu Mountain Chapter 116


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Under the huge impact, the entire Dragon Tiger Mountain top is full of terrifying sword energy, reflecting the world.

“What a terrifying sword energy, this power is so transcendent! How could it be?” Seeing this, many Dragon Tiger Mountain dísciples also exclaimed.

Didn’t expect, even if it is a palm teacher, it is difficult to shake this child.

Pu chi!

When the smoke dissipated, I saw a man standing proudly, Dragon Tiger Mountain in charge, defeated!

“You can force me to use this sword, your strength is pretty good, but unfortunately… it is still difficult to compete with me.”

Afterwards, looking at the head teacher who had fallen to the ground, the man also said arrogantly.

However, he really has such strength, no one can deny it.

“Now…it’s time for you to die!” At this moment, the murderous intention broke out in this man’s eyes and he was about to kill him.

The dazzling cold glow shone out, and the palm teacher is about to fall.

At this moment, in the forbidden area, a terrifying breath poured out, stopping all of this in an instant.

“There is still hidden power? It’s incredible!” In an instant, the man shot directly, with a palm.


In an instant, a huge shock exploded, and the man felt his blood churning and his breath was disordered.

Just stepped back several steps and plowed a ravine on the ground.

“This is not your impudent place, get out!” Then, a voice fell in the man’s ears like thunder.

In an instant, this man suffered a terrifying blow.

I didn’t dare to stay any longer, and then the silhouette moved instantly, leaving the place directly.

“I have seen Old Ancestor! If it weren’t for Old Ancestor to appear this time, my Dragon Tiger Mountain would suffer from extraordinary shame and humiliation.”

Seeing this, the head teacher also said directly and respectfully.

“It’s okay! The strength of this child is very strange. It is normal that you are not an opponent. You still need to inform the rest of the sect about this matter, so that they have a defense, and prepare for this person to counterattack by the way!” >

Then the voice appeared again.

“As you bid!”

After hearing this, the head teacher also said directly.

“The eventful autumn! It seems that this day will change!”

Seeing this, the Dragon Tiger Mountain Old Ancestor also sighed.

“Damn it! It’s really didn’t expect, this world, there is such an existence! It is a pity that my real body can’t come, otherwise, they will definitely pay a heavy price!”

At this time, the man also came out, very angry, and flies into a rage on one side.

However, at this stage, he can’t do more than anything. It’s better to recover from the injury first.

Soon, this incident also reached Shu Mountain!

“Elder, how do you think about this?” Seeing this, the head teacher also said directly.

“Didn’t expect! It is really unimaginable that such an existence actually appeared in this world! I don’t know his purpose yet, it’s better to wait and see how it changes!”

Seeing this, Elder also said.

Shu Mountain was finally proud of it, and didn’t dare to start a war rashly. Everything needs to be cautious.

“That’s right, this matter still needs observation to decide!”

Afterwards, everyone also had an idea, and felt that this was the most correct choice.

“It seems! Blindly hard cultivation, there is no breakthrough! Need to go out for a walk!”

At this moment, Gu Ling of Celestial Grotto suddenly eyes opened!

If you want to take that last step, it is no longer possible to have a breakthrough through painstaking practice, so now what Gu Ling has to do is to go out and look for opportunities for breakthroughs.

After that, Gu Ling directly asked for leave and left Shu Mountain directly.

The place Gu Ling went to was the frontier of the Human Race cultivator, where there were frequent demonic intrusions and powerful demonic beasts.

It is the defense line to guard the territory of Human Race in the rear, and it is also the place where daoist sect dísciple can experience.

What Gu Ling has to do now is to stimulate herself by fighting continuously in order to go further.

On the same day, Gu Ling left Shu Mountain directly!

I got on the Ark to the frontier, and there were many cultivators with me.

In order to deceive others, Gu Ling naturally changed his face, no one would know him.

“This trip! You are all going to the frontier! After you arrive, it is good to have a caregiver. I heard that there are many dangers there, and it is easier to move together.”

At this time, a man took the lead and said directly.

Looks very enthusiastic.

Afterwards, someone directly agrees. After all, it will be safer to act together.

“Gu Ling! One Loose Cultivator, I only entered Tier 4!” When it was Gu Ling’s turn to introduce, he said directly.

Naturally, he would not tell his true strength, even if he did, no one would believe it.

They were all shocked when they heard Gu Ling’s strength. They didn’t expect that Gu Ling’s strength would dare to go to the frontiers. This surprised them.

“It seems that there are really some overestimate one’s capabilities guys who dare to enter the border before entering Tier 4? What an arrogance!”

Soon, some people also frigid irony and scorching satire.

There is nothing wrong with this. The chain of contempt exists no matter where it is, Gu Ling has no idea.

Along the way, everyone lacked interest in Gu Ling, and there was no need to know about it.

This kind of person, in their opinion, is a hindrance and will not have any effect.

Soon after, a border city appeared in front of everyone, with all the internal organs, as long as there is money, anything can be traded here.

“Flying is forbidden in the city. Go straight on! I wish you all the best!” Then someone stepped forward to remind.

This rule has always existed, there is no embarrassment.

After entering the city, Gu Ling could feel the terrifying Qi of Slaughter.

The cultivators here are mostly experienced from the brink of death. It’s not surprising to have such a breath.

“How? It’s rare to see each other for the first time, how about we all go for a drink?” behind him, the man also suggested.

“Okay! That’s good! It’s rare to know, so I’ll go have a drink!” Soon everyone agreed.

“Why? Do you need to go together?” At this time, the man also looked at Gu Ling and said.

“This is not necessary! I am used to being alone!” Gu Ling directly refused.

This man, don’t have a deep friendship, Gu Ling will naturally not have much contact with him.

Moreover, this person is definitely not sincere in inviting himself, there must be a plot against behind, Gu Ling will naturally not jump in!

“hmph! Good luck!”

The man said in disdain!

But even so, it was a pity.

“It’s shameless for the face, brother, you kindly invited me, but I didn’t buy it, it’s so arrogant!”

The other dísciple also spoke directly.

“That’s all! There are too many people in the world who believe oneself infallible, don’t mess up our mood, let’s go!” Seeing this, the man also spoke.

He originally invited Gu Ling to step on a few feet, and had no other meaning.

Soon, Gu Ling avoided crowded places, chose a quiet place, and began to rest.

Early the next day!

Following the crowd, Gu Ling was also a direct crowd, and went outside the city wall.

There is an open area, where Demonic beast Demon is often invaded.

There are three layers deep. Generally, cultivators often practice in the outermost layer. Demonic beasts here are also the lowest in strength and relatively safe.

On the middle layer, only those who are above the sixth rank can make it, but there is also the risk of falling.

As for the deepest level, no one has ever been able to set foot there, and no one knows what is inside.

“Didn’t expect! You actually dare to come, really brave, I hope you can come back lucky!”

While Gu Ling was observing, the man who was walking along yesterday also said arrogantly.

Behind him, those people are still there.

As soon as he saw Gu Ling here, he was frantically provocative.

“It’s not for you to worry about it! I think your Yintang is dark, this time you may be bloody and light, so be careful!”

Gu Ling is not a good person either. If someone pushes his nose to his face, then fiercely will fight back.

“Asshole thing! Do you know you are talking to who? This is courting death!” In an instant, the man was angry and murderous intention filled.

“This is not a place for your private fights. If you dare to break the rules, kill without mercy!” At this moment, the cultivator responsible for maintaining order directly warned.

“Don’t cause trouble! When you wait outside, no one can protect him! At that time, pinching him to death is as easy as pinching ants!”

The man behind him also said with hatred.

In one day, this person was willing to be a horse, and asked fiercely to hug the thigh in front of him.

“You are right, why don’t I care so much about a dead person! Soon, he will be a dead person!”

Seeing this, the man also said with a sneer.

Shortly after entering, Gu Ling’s silhouette left directly alone, and simply wouldn’t follow the trend.

Because he only believes in his own judgment.

“Going fast! Obviously we know that we have offended you. We will not let him go. As soon as we come in, we will slip away. What a cunning!”

Afterwards, a few people came and said directly without seeing Gu Ling’s shadow.

“Don’t worry! I have gone past the first day of the junior high school and can’t escape the fifteenth day!” Seeing this, the man also said directly.

At this time, Gu Ling’s silhouette was also directly approaching the deep level in secret, and encountered a lot of Demonic beasts along the way!

But, none of his opponents!

The outermost layer, for Gu Ling, an already accomplished cultivator, there is simply no pressure!

A beam of sword light pierced the world, and the Demonic beast in front of me was shattered and obliterated.

In the blink of an eye, Gu Ling came to the middle level!

The Demonic beast here has become much stronger, and there is no difference between it and the information previously obtained.


At this moment, a huge silhouette appeared directly, culled from Gu Ling, and giant claws were directly torn apart.

Seeing this blow will strike on Gu Ling’s body!

Suddenly, a sword light pierced the air directly, the Demonic beast’s attack stopped, and then the Demonic beast separated directly.

Countless blood flowed out and was killed by Gu Ling with a single sword.

This scene, if someone sees it, it will definitely be more shocking!

After all, being able to kill the Demonic beast in the middle level with a single sword is not something ordinary people can possess.

If anyone knew it, it would definitely cause a huge impact and shock countless people.

Soon, Gu Ling collected the valuables and planned to sell them in the city.

Along the way, Gu Ling casually killed a lot of Demonic beasts and gained a lot.

At the same time, in some wild places, a lot of treasure medicines were found. They were hidden deeply, so they were missed by Gu Ling!

Be aware that Gu Ling’s eyes are not simple, so they can naturally find places that others cannot find!

“This is?” At this moment, Gu Ling found the front, several silhouettes were there!

A closer look, it turned out to be Demon!

This is Gu Ling’s first encounter with Demon!

Their strength is very good. They are comparable to the sixth rank cultivator. One of them is only a short distance from 7th grade.

They are hidden here, naturally they have unique strengths, there is no doubt about this!

While Gu Ling was peeping, a Demon actually seemed to have a reaction, and he glanced at it directly and glanced at Gu Ling.

Just when Gu Ling thought he was exposed, the Demon turned his attention away again.

Obviously, he just faintly felt that, and simply didn’t know the location of Gu Ling.

After all, Gu Ling has entered the Tao now, no matter how weird Demon is, it is impossible to find himself!

“What happened?” The other Demon asked directly when they saw this.

“I should have been so worried! Nothing big, let’s talk about it!”

Afterwards, this Demon also said directly.

Soon, several people also took action. Gu Ling didn’t want to intervene in this matter, but didn’t expect. Their goal this time was actually Xuantian!

This greatly exceeded the two’s expectations!

Unexpectedly, they would come here to experience!

But it is also understandable. After all, they are the most outstanding dísciple of this generation Kunlun, and it is normal to come here to sharpen them.

With the blessing of Kunlun Supreme Treasure, here, they also have the ability to protect themselves, but didn’t expect, this time they will be targeted by the powerful Demon.

The same daoist sect person, Gu Ling can’t sit idly by! What’s more, Kunlun has also worked hard in the previous incident. If it is really dangerous, Gu Ling must help him no matter what.

At this moment, Xuantian and the two were fighting with Demonic beast, and they simply didn’t realize that there was a crisis staring at them behind them.

At this moment, the moment the two attacked, a weak spot appeared in the defense, and the Demon behind him also shot!

Instantly, the terrifying force gushes out, and the huge impact gushes out directly!

“What? How come Demon is here? Damn it!”

Seeing these demons appear, Xuantian’s expression also changes!

At this time, it is too late to defend.


There was an explosion, and the two were directly lifted out, blood spilling.

At this moment, Demonic beast also broke free from the shackles, did not dare to stay, and fled directly.

“Damn Demon! Sneak attack secretly, really shameless!” Seeing this, Xuantian was also angry.

“I’m overwhelmed! If you didn’t give this opportunity to win you, it would be really difficult! Since there is such a chance, then it is your end! If you want to blame, blame yourself , Shouldn’t come here! The arena is very dangerous, you don’t dare to break!”

Headed by Demon, said directly with a sneer.

Capturing the two can weaken the strength of daoist sect! Secondly, these two people are both outstanding dísciples of Kunlun. Using their vitality to cultivation technique is bound to be a profit and no harm.

Kill two birds with one stone, why not do it.

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