I Signed In To Become A Sword Saint in Shu Mountain Chapter 177

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The remains of the eyes, open directly, the power of horror, the heart of the people!

a lot of Cultivator can’t help but go directly!

Suddenly, a pressure is directly coming, some of the power of dísciple simply will to support, suddenly suppressed directly!

“The power of horror, wants to enter it, it is not easy!”

The wind is seen, it also said directly!

is Absolutely Didn’t Expect, which actually has such a thing! On this remains, there will be such a horrific ban!


At this time, more horrible things happen, there is Cultivator, which is directly killed, turns blod Mist, Die Without a Burial Site!

looks at the scene in front of you, many people’s hearts, it is also fear!

Although the creation is good, it is still important.

is not necessary to lose your life because of this thing!

“Let’s go!” Subsequently, Peng Jiang also opened directly, looking at the remains of the eyes, Be Eager to have a try!

Su Wei, Fengling and The Others can only follow the round!

As a one, they can also see how the strength of Pengjiang is the biggest thing for them!

“Trifling 蝼, I dare to enter it directly? Isn’t it afraid of death?”

Seeing Peng Jiang departs, some people disdain, I think Peng Jiang is in Courting Death!

They have no absolute grasp, this person still dares to hit, really laughing!

“Maybe there is Legendary to say it! After all, before, Feng Family Young Lady praised him!”

At this time, DíSCIPLE is also said.

“is just the word of the guest, you also believe, waiting to see it! He will definitely eat, then, this child is prone to the original shape!”

Subsequently, this man also said directly!

I have seen that the scenes of the ocean phase after Peng Jiang!

For his strength, he is 10,000 do not believe.


When I stepped into Pengjiang, the huge power directly suppressed!

However, the things in the imagination have not appeared, and the figure of Peng Jiang has no trembling, and then in the incredible eyes of everyone, go directly to go!

Susu and the Others after you are also the same.

“No, how can it be? Could it, the pressure here has disappeared? It must be like this, I am going to see!”

Before the man, unbelievable, departure directly, to go to see!

pu chi!

, take a step, qi and blood, a blood essence spit out!

The pressure here, there is no change, but it is just different people!

“How can this be this! Laozi, actually even one antite is not as good!”

See this, this man, shame, it’s fainting directly!


At this time, the land began to vibrate, remains, some horrible Power of Slaughter began to start, horrible Killing Formation, with powerful power, instantly swept!

Countless Sword Qi, intertwined into a Sword Net, a killing of everyone in front of you!

Don’t dare to go, the second female figure flashes, the body is also a powerful breath, the defensive sky is seamless, directly resolve Sword Qi!

The man behind him is also pulling out the sword, sword qi, constantly killing, constantly resolving everything!

Peng Rong’s body does not move, but every time, this horrible Sword Qi is all from the front of Pengjiang!

This is not a coincidence!

but Peng Jiang’s keen grasp of the sword road, predict all SWORD QI’s trajectory, so he can do it, only very small distance, you can perfect these Sword Qi!

This is the exquisiteness of Xuanmen Method Of Body Refining!

Now Peng Ru is like a perfect machine, you can Plot Against!

“This … is too powerful! How did he do it? Unbelievable!”

Su Wei and the Others look, it is also very surprised, can’t imagine, this is what manpower can do!


, the strange Sword Qi directly appears, killing!

It is no longer necessary to respond, see Su Qing to be injured, the same time, a punch, horrible boxing, directly swept everything around.


This Sword Qi is directly broken!

Su Wei is also a lucky to escape!

“Many Thanks!” If it is not a Peng River, she is not good!

“Don’t care! Be careful in front of you, there is a stronger wave of killing!”

Subsequently, Peng Rong also said directly!

is doubtful in everyone, how does Peng Jiang know, the heavens and the earth have changed, the unfair, a big array appeared, and the power of the extreme, it will be rolling!

Unparalleled sword rain, such as Howling Wind and Torrential Rain, slot!

It is not too late to prevent, and behind the man, there is a Weak Spot!

Defense, directly, seriously injured!

His body, it is directly like this, on the arm, a blood mark, let people horrible to see!


At this time, there is another Sword QI to kill directly, and the shock is shocked, and it will kill!

At this time, Pengjiang’s figure directly, a punch, four squares shocked!


At this time, cracks have occurred, and finally expanded until all tattoo!


This Sword Array is directly crushed by the strength of the strength of Penjiang!


sword qi, disappear directly! That is only one inch of Sword Qi, the last moment, lost the source of strength, extinguish directly!

is saved by Peng River, not Peng Rong shot in time, this man may have been here!

Sure enough, I didn’t see the wrong person, followed by Peng Rong, they chose to be right!

“How do you know? Is it familiar with this formation?”

Subsequently, Su Wei asked!

Before the

, Peng Rong said directly, there will be stronger attacks, not long after it is real, let people unimaginable!

“This is not important! Intuitive! Now we still continue!”

did not answer!

This is his secret, but also because of the effect of Xuanmen Method Of Body Refining, it is possible to constantly improve his six-sense, Cultivation to Peak, maybe nothing is not as refining Qi Cultivator Divine Consciousness!

There are thousands of avenues, and finally the same, maybe this is the reason!

This secret, he won’t say anyone, Even more How is a few Great Family!

Although they are very close, Peng Rong is not stupid, and it will not be reversed by the woman because of the woman, some things, he still knows how to do it!

After a break, continue to advance!

a lot of Cultivator, all confrontation in front!

It turns out that Spiritual Medicine is mature!

At this time, all Cultivator, you want to get this spiritual Medicine, just wait for this Spiritual Medicine to be completely mature!

Everyone has its own Plot Against, the people around them are opponents, once matured, there will be a war.

On-site, the air is solidified to the extreme, and people suffer!

“There are no short prides, the strength is very strong! It is an enemy, it is ignorant, or leave it!”

The man behind, recognizes several scenes, is genius dísciple, not good guilty, then open!

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