I Signed In To Become A Sword Saint in Shu Mountain Chapter 178

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In front of these genius DísciPle, what is your identity, Simply Can’t Be Considered?

and they fight, that is the impossible thing! So the best choice is to avoid the front!

Although Su Wei and Fengling’s strength is NOT Simple, it is not willing to be enemies with these people, it is very difficult!

So, in their view, the second is the most correct choice!

“Since it is here, how can you miss it! Still wait!” In this, Peng Jiang also said directly!

Have such an opportunity, how can he let go.

The rest of the Cultivator, naturally saw Pengjiang’s move, but didn’t care, this battle, they don’t think this child will have a chance!

“Big Bold! Is it Boldness of Execution STEMS from Superb Skill?” Seeing Peng Rui actually did this, Su Wei and the Others also shocked!

is completely Didn’t Expect, Peng Rui actually makes this decision! Actually insert this thing!

Time has passed by one minute, the closer time from the maturity time, the air is also condensed!


At this time, Spiritual Medicine is mature!

The gunpowder is directly ignited, and the scene is directly chaotic. All Cultivator is shot together, and it is directly out!


Huge Martial Arts, directly, huge impact sweeping, instantly, blood, constantly being suppressed, directly falling!

three people, the strongest strength! Every time you shoot, it is Earth Shattering, everything around you!

The rest of the Cultivator is also seen. The strength of these three people is cream of the crop, and finally do not agree, directly, kill together!

Mountain and River Sepa!

, huge Divine Light directly, huge prints shake the Qiankun!

“is a big printer of Shanhezong! This person is the Dísciple of Shanhezong!” At this time, someone also exclaimed!


, they have not found out that there will be such a strong person appearing here!

“This mountain river is also a second-run SECT. The strength is more refining, and Didn’t Expect, their people come!”

At this time, Peng Jiang, which saw this scene, said!

is true Didn’t Expect, this Time, actually there will be a mountains of mountain river!

a sword broken river.

At the moment, the other side, a Cultivator, raising your hand is a sword.

around, a lot of CultiVator, directly being.

Blood flowers splash, dye red sky.

actually is a horrible Sword Cultivator.

and, you can’t see any teacher, that is, he is not a DíSCIPle known to SECT.

either Loose Cultivator is either hidden in SECT Disciple.

The former is okay, if it is the latter, then a Have One’s Hair Stand on End.

After all, this existence is still very jealous.

Boxing method.

hong long!

The fist is shocked, and the horrible Thunder appears, the Cultivator, which is scanned, siege, instant directization.

powerful strength.

No one can fight with it, anyone wants to cross the Thunder Pool, only a sterium.

Soon, the following CultiVator can only be retired, do not dare to go forward.

because of fear.

They know, if it is up, it will be consigned to eternal damnation.

“Now, there are them, we don’t have any hope, or go.”

At this moment, DíSCIPLE is also advised to say Pengjiang.

However, Peng Rong is still motionless as mountains.

“The annoying flies are no longer, then, I will go to us, this spiritual Medicine, I am willing, two are not as secret.”

Mountain river DísciPle, proudly opening.

“Not Good Meaning. This spiritual Medicine, I will also work, you are best not to grab me, otherwise, my sword does not agree.”

“Haha! Interesting, to take medicine, ask my fist.”

giving tit for tat, there is no leg on the legs.

It is not good to shoot directly.

Soon, the three people directly kill together, Murky Heavens Dark Earth, all kinds of wonderful Martial Arts are also rushing out!

swept the whole of the foreigners!

is very exciting!

Seeing such a battle, the rest of the Cultivator is also bloody, not!

I really want to be one of them, but this is obviously impossible!

At this time, the scene in front of the eyes suddenly appeared, shocking everyone’s eye!

After the body, even the Su Wei and the Others will not be not!

At this time, when the three killed together, the Peng Jiang, one side, finally shot!

An action, the figure is coming to the extreme! Like lightning!

has come soon, it is the place where Spiritual Medicine!

“dam! impudent, you actually dare …” Three people saw Peng Jiang actually the Fisherman Profits, is also a big angry!

How is Didn’t Expect, who hit the Murky Heavens Dark Earth here, and finally, they will be separated by the outsiders, it is really blending!

instant, the power is directly ejected, and it is swept in Penjiang!

General CultiVator, under such a force, only dead road, but … now standing here is Peng River!

Monolithic hand, powerful boxing winds directly!

Take everything!

Subsequently, Peng Jiang turned directly, put this Spiritual Medicine into the sac, everything is so No Difficulty!

Everyone is Didn’t Expect, and finally it will be like this!

It will be an antite that they didn’t care about, becoming the greatest winner, it is a dream!

Tiger mouth wins!

can actually take Spiritual Medicine away from these three people, so the strength is simply a shocking!

, because the three people are general, Simply did not put the Peng River in the eyes, or the three people, Simply Didn’t Expect will have the rest of the people!

two, it is also because of the power of Pengjiang! It is completely exceeding the expectations of the three people, otherwise, even if it is not intended, there is only one dead!

There is no powerful strength, and it is impossible to live from the killing of the three people!

and now, Peng Jiang did everything! It can be seen that his strength is how shocking!

Peng Rong is not just a Body Cultivator, there is a powerful Bao A, natural not to be trifled with, which is directly resistant to half, and simply does not threaten him!

“It’s really small to see you! Didn’t Expect, in addition to us, there is also expert here! I don’t know, what are you coming!”

At this time, the three came, looked at Pengjiang, surprised, curiously his identity!

directly question!

“This is not necessary to know! This spiritual medium is also MasterLess Object, first come first served, your IT SHOULDN’t BE wants to grab it!”

Subsequently, Peng Rong said very arrogant!

“It’s really joke! This world is always a strength! What is the rule, even if there is also a fist! We have shot together, kill this child, then regulate this Spiritual Medicine, you How? “

Subsequently, the headed mountain river Dísciple is also directly open!

“Not bad! It is very good! Still first take Spiritual Medicine and say!”

The Sword Cultivator directly agrees!

Peng Jiang’s strength makes them unpredictable, naturally should attack! This is inevitable!

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