I Signed In To Become A Sword Saint in Shu Mountain Chapter 179

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The strength of Their Three People is almost the existence, knowing the roots!

Suddenly come out, a man who is not guilty, letting them have no bottom! So first attack, it is incomparable to the right quota!

They are old rivers and lakes, such things, naturally know how to deal with!

“It’s really stupid! It will do such a thing, now I’m giving attack, it is what he is looking for.”

Cultivator around, seeing such a scene, also said directly!

“You are with this child, how can you not persuade it, do it, you can only be Courting Death! It’s a pity!”

At this time, some people look at the wind and the Others, but also said!

believes that Peng River is doing this, it is unbelievable, absolutely no birth!

“Didn’t go to the last step, everything is still unknown, maybe there is a miracle that happens!”

At this time, the wind is also Indifferently Said!

Thinking of Peng Rong’s strength, as well as Gu Ling, she would not have confidence, may witness an unprecedented miracle!

“Stupid! Do you think this person can be the opponent of these three people? It’s ignorant!”

is naturally a ridicule!

“boy! No matter who you are, where you come! You haven’t moved something, so you must die, will you know how stupid thing from our mouth! “

This Sword CultiVator is also open!

The voice falls, the pace is moved, and the surprise body law appears directly!

It is close to the eyes of Pengjiang!

A sword is super! Carry horrible Sword Qi! It’s horrified!

“Good Sprinkle Sword Qi, so CultiVation Base, what is Not Simple! How to stop this child!” Subsequently, some people also shook their heads! ”

Seeing this horrible Sword Qi, no one believes that Peng Rong can catch.

“death!” At this time, this Sword Cultivator is also a roar, sword light directly!


But … is incredible!

Seeing Peng Jiang raised his hand, a punch directly!


Sword Light, just smash it directly!

shocking everyone’s eyes!

“Impossible! You act …” Especially this Sword Cultivator, I saw my Sword Light was smashed, and it was also surprised!

But he does not wait for him to respond, the figure of Pengjiang is approaching, Single Fist Smashed Out!

rush to resist!

Sword Cultivator’s body directly fly out, blood tumble!

“Damn!” It is not a bold, and Peng Jiang did not let him! If the shadow is like, once again!


direct hit!

If it is not a chest, this Sword Cultivator’s end will be even worse! However, it’s just now, it is also a big impact, and the heart is directly collapsed!

When Pen Jiang wants to shoot again, the mountain river DísciPle is also killing!

raise his hand, one palm carries the ultimate power, suppress!

Terror Print, Crushing Dry Weeds and Smashing Rotten Wood West, Rolling everything!

“MotionLess As Mountains!”

At this time, Peng Jiang is based on the square, like Mount Tai, simply is not moving!

When this print appears, see Peng River directly out!

palm mill!

ka-cha! Directization is smashing!

“No! How can this possible … My Mountain and River Seal is actually so simple …”

See this scene, man Turn Pale with FRIGHT! Benefits his imagination!

At this time, the palm is directly killed!

pu chi!

Blood flower splash, this dísciple fly out, the blood flow is not only!

At this time, the last person has arrived directly, it is directly a punch!

However, Peng Jiang’s speed is faster!


Flying out of the several feet, directly into the dust!


is absolutely rolling!

Take the enemy three, and finally still rush! It is not the same, they will not believe this kind of thing!

“enchanting! It is killing enchanting! He is who? Actually so strong!”

Before, the person who ridiculously laughs is silent! Look at Pengjiang, no matter how it looks like this, so strong strength, everyone is awesome!

“This is a lesson for you. Next time Impudent, you will not be so simple!”

then looked at the three, Peng Jiang Casually said!

It is obviously not to be completely put in the eyes!


They feel that there is an unprecedented humiliation, but there is no way, this world, fists are truth, their skill is not as good, even if it is humiliated!

“is really too strong! I don’t know where young master comes from? If you pass the people of Commerce, if you have a chance, Must came to Chamber of Commerce to sit!”

At this time, someone also released goodwill to Peng River!

Patrow CHAMBER OF Commerce, but Eastern Chamber of Commerce, there are their figure in all corners, which can be said to be one of the richest chamber of commeces!

and their handheavenspan, the rare Medicine Ingredients of the mastery!

Some of the markets that are hard to get in the market, if you pass their channels, you will get it quickly!

This existence! It is actually the favor of Pengjiang, it is obviously to see his strength!

is also normal, the next show in Pengjiang, there is this qualification!

“Good to say! I have the opportunity in the future, I will go!”

Subsequently, Peng Rong also Indifancely Said!

The average person has such an opportunity, and it must be the Blessing of Three LifetimeS, but it is nothing to say to Peng Rui.

With the enhancement of him, these simply can’t count!

“Good! In this case, I will be helpful! This is a gold card, after consumption in the beloved of Commerce, everything is six fold!”

Subsequently, this man also said directly!

instantly, many people are also envious! I want this card and a symbol of identity!

but unfortunately, they have no qualifications!

“Good to say! I will not resignated!”

did not refuse, Peng Jiang is naturally in the income of the income, cheaper does not occupy, that is stupid!

Soon, under the leadership of Pengjiang, Fengling and the Others also left!

As for the three, with the help of the rest of Cultivator, it is also difficult to stand! “

“is Didn’t Expect, your strength actually has such a horror! You can do this step! It’s unexpected!”

After “P>, the wind is also exclaimed!

This time, it really sees this Peng River’s strength, saying, if it is not the same, he will not believe it!

because this is too incredible!

“is just simple and warm, nothing!” For this, Peng Rong is also Indifancely Said!

At this time, in The Sky, a smoke!

directly approaching!

“Since it is here, don’t hide! Directly!”

Immediately, Peng Rong also said directly! Because he felt, this all arrone is constantly approaching yourself!

When he is falling in his voice, a bunch of colds appear directly!

Plan with shatter void, wiped his neck!

If it is not a perception in advance, he takes the lead in avoiding! No one knows what the last result is like!

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