I Signed In To Become A Sword Saint in Shu Mountain Chapter 180

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This is …

Everyone behind, is also the doubts of a face, Didn’t Expect suddenly, there will be such a thing.

They have never reacted.

If this killer’s goal is them, everyone is not cold and chestnut.

Ask, they can do without the strength of Peng River, can be perceived in advance, then avoid it.

“Interesting. I thought it was a antite, Didn’t Expect, actually so extraordinary, you can avoid my attack, it seems that I came is place.”

At this moment, a man, laughing, looking at Pengjiang.

After his body, there are still many people.

is a killer!

is all one-class EXPERT.

“Kill the God! You are people who kill the temple.”

At this moment, Fengling is also exciting.

This is an Assassin Organization, just give money. Anyone dares to kill and is IrRreconcilable.

If you are eyeing by them, it is a very headache thing, if there is no absolute strength, it is definitely a dead road.

is just Didn’t Expect, actually people will let the temple to deal with Pengjiang.

“who let you come? It’s really a big courage.” Peng Rong gazed, and it was also a light opening.

“asked it is also white. We are there, you don’t talk about the employer’s information, you don’t have to think about it.”

The killer headed is directly said.

This is the creed of the killer, naturally will not violate it.

Kill the god hall, can be in East, because they follow the rules, never violate it.

“Even if you don’t say, I am also very clear who is working behind, but it doesn’t matter. One day in the morning and evening, I will clear them.”

Peng Rong is also a light opening.

Don’t want to know, it is definitely a means of refining, in addition to them, he can’t think of the rest.

inevitably eat in Xuanmen, and then don’t dare to open the war, can only use such a means in secret, it is very funny.

“Not Good Meaning! You haven’t used it, today, you are dead, we are here, do you think you have a possibility of live?”

When you hear Gu Ling, this man shook his head corrected.

Because they are coming, this child will die, and I still want to think about it.

“Is it?”

Subsequently, Peng Rong’s figure is moving.

then appears in his eyes, Single Fist Smashed Out.

The power of horror, planning shatter void, huge air explosion, destroying everything.

“You act …” Seeing the huge fist appeared, this man has not responded, and the rush is directly resistant.


Bone, break!



Huge pain swept, this man, painless.

Body Refinement Cultivator’s blow, heavy, this child is nature is not an opponent.

Under the reckless, you will meet directly. This is the end.


Take the hand!

At this time, Peng Jiang is also moving, figure Mysterious, launched, men’s figure, flying directly.

within the body is also a crisp sound, and there is a lot of bones.

“Boss! What happened? Actually dare to hurt my boss, crime deserving ten thinkand deaths, kill.” The rest of the killer, see this, Turn Pale with FRIGHT, then shoot directly, it is killing.


Their figure disappears directly, as a killer, this is their basic skill. very nice.

The average person may really be realistic.

However, Peng Jiang Tempering is six senses, it is too difficult to pass his perception.

Body movement, simple punch.


Under a punch, Blood Mist is filled, flesh and blood.

blink, all killers, was exhausted by Peng Jiang.

What kills the temple, Unable to withstand a single problem.

sucked in a breath of color.

Fengling is also a sigh. It is not a conceivement of Pengjiang. It doesn’t believe it anyway, there will be some people, so powerful.

is a humanoid Tyrant Dragon, such strength, CRUSHING DRY Weeds and Smashing Rotten Wood, sweep everything.


people who kill the temple are dead.

“Okay! Let’s go! We still have more important things.”

Peng Rong ignores the surprises in their hearts, very light.

arrogantly passed through Peak, and it has also been too low. Now, he has been confused. Simply didn’t think what he did did.

into the night! The environment here has become more harfous, and Entire Group finds a hidden cave.

Peng Rong starts Cultivation.

will get the spiritual media, swallow directly, then refining, constantly impact Meridian.

After a time, Peng Jiang is full of breath, and blood has also enhanced a bit.

This is the horror of Xuanmen Body Refinement Art, which is able to directly refine Spirit Transformation drugs, and then supplement yourself.

For a time, Peng Rong seems to touch Bottleneck, his own distance to breakthrough, and it takes a step.

“It’s damn! Our three people still encounter such a blow, this hatred does not report,”

At this moment, the corner, three people defeated by Pengjiang, are also invincible.

As a famous genius Dísciple, no matter where it is, it is the focus of people.

is an object of everyone.

But now, it is actually a hush, which is really evil.

“said it, this is Extraordinary Shame and Humiliation, you must wash Shua! However, the strength of the person, you all have seen it, very strong, we don’t have his opponent, how to revenge Ah. “

is not their undervalue foreseelf, and the reality is in front of you, you can’t help but don’t commit.


At this time, the place not far away, a picture of the game, the three people are reflected.

“want to revenge? I can help you, lend your powerful power, be a transaction!”

is very fast, the sound of the sputum is directly passed.

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