I Specialize in Killing The Protagonist Chapter 327

The monk Yelled, nor romney this is already a polite discourse.

as a World Lord, but also is so kind to the borders, which is rarely seen.

More is the common with the brave, and the borders are treated as furniture. Cherish will cherish and collections. If you don’t care, you may change it.

Romney is not the case, such as now.

The monk dare to do his hand, but he is just gently pressing, pressing the monks in the ground, and then no longer shot.

“God, he recovered the three Tibetan Master.”

“No, it’s so easy, he is returning to the scriptures.”

“Too Terrifying! This CultiVation Base, this strength!”

“The monkey is afraid, isn’t it so bad?”

… ..

The guests next to the guests have been waiting for the monks to teach romney, but I don’t want to be handsome. I have been hitting it for a few minutes.

This can be frightened here, and each will go back and returned, and he can’t wait to go immediately.

“This is very expensive, and it is a matter.”

looked at itself to struggle, who did not know who was in front of him. I listen to the words of Everyone Talking at Once, Romney is at the mist, does not understand the brain circuit of these people.

I don’t understand what is the present, Romney has just happened to play, and it is not a moment.

Some people are somewhere, feel that now, the whole thing is not the same as they are familiar.

not to say, he raised his fingers gently waving.

I only see the whole piece of power, I have reduced the size of the square in in an instant, and finally disappeared in the sound.

restaurant is gone, the people in the inner have been sent out, and their own slowly arrived on both sides of the street.

“later, this is not to build this place.”

“If anyone has opinion, look for Long Yue Yin, tell him what I mean,”

a good micro-service private visit, the first stop will make yourself slightly.

romney throws a left, no more, turn around, you will leave.

“Who is this person?”

“does not know at all.”

“What is the head ?!”

“knows the dragon collar, the background is definitely hard?”

“Is it not allowed to be a crap?”

“Hey, Brother, walking Jianghu Ning believes it, untrustworthy is not. In case, it is really dead.”

“You said this, where is it so hard to meet? Have this luck, I can buy an eighty color can be awarded.”

… ..brother, leave! “


The live people heard the words of Romney God’s road, and they did not know what the clouds were not recognized.

Between Discuss Spiritedly, no one has a fixed number.

Although it is uncertain, the big names of the Long Yue sound know that it is the commander of Xianwu, and it can be resolved.

Since this master is so sent, it is not a relationship. It is a hard post. It is a person who is surrounded by the owner. Most of the monks who are still pressing the ground are generally indignant.

is only the run from the respective A Matter of No Concern to Oneseelf, which is afraid to provoke the body.

“It seems that it is unique.”

The hanging is empty, and Romney sees the current Xianwu people, and there is no idea to continue to visit. He also leaving, looking for something else.

Soon, he put the Shangfang City after the brain, flew into a big void forest that was found.

This mountain is generally shaped with Xianwu Secret Technique.

Overall Hundred Thousand Li, the distance from Shangfang City is separated from the distance, not far from NEITHER TOO BIG NOR TOO SMALL, for the people of Xianwu, you can also count the garden behind the city. .


romney landing landslin, has not moved to listen to the sound of the birds, and the ALL AROUND appeared from time to time.

“It is also a wild ecology, but it doesn’t want to be a plaque.”

romney leisurely, wants to visit the Primordial landscape. But he is also worse, since it is a garden who thinks to shape it, is it Primordial? Detailed one, you can also see these stocking pets Immortal Beast, all the contract mounts and contract spirit beast, is not a wild creature.

“Forget it, I think more.”

“I am both patchwork, how wonderful?”

Not a few minutes, with Romney today’s speed, it has already finished reading the whole garden.

There are still some hopes before reading. After reading, Romney does know how much you think.

How beautiful can artificial creation?

Don’t say that it is better than yourself to give the face, today’s fire stars.

is the modern domain of Kulolo’s own technology, which is not as good.

may also be because of the war, there is a roughness, and there is a way to be able to disassemble.

“Hey, Bai Niang, Lao Sun Look at you.”

When Romney is disappointed, it is ready to completely leave this area, and a monkey grandson sounds from the void of the extremely far.

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