I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 1


Chapter 1 Host? Here you go!

Southwest First Province, Jing City, Jing City Museum.

On the square in front of the gate, the banner of “Jing City No. 7 High Level Middle School” was pulled up, and a group of senior high school students were gathered here.

“ahhhh, why do we have to get up every day at 8 o’clock, and I’m stuck as a dog!”

“I heard that it was even worse before the cataclysm. Self-study, you can only go home at eleven or twelve every day…”

“Fuck, it’s not all day at school, so it’s not bad that we can leave school at five thirty every day.”

“Have you played the retro series which recently released by ILLUSION, “Perfect Girlfriend”, the picture quality is simply amazing!”

“”Tram War God”, YYDS, it’s a pity The game cabin is too expensive, and the experience of the helmet is always a little bit worse…”

“School is over at 5:30 so that you can spend your time practicing martial arts, not for you to play those shameful VR. Game!”

Amidst the heated discussion among several boys, a cold female voice suddenly interjected.

A few boys who were dancing with excitement suddenly died down, obediently and honestly standing in the queue.

β€œShen Qian, why don’t you wear a school uniform?”

Shen Qian, who was listening with keen interest pleasure, didn’t expect to be able to lie down in a corner even with a gun, see The girl with a high ponytail standing in front of her, Shen Qian lightly sighed, “It’s too expensive to buy.”

“But when you asked me to borrow money last month, you said you wanted It’s used to buy school uniforms.”

“Is there?”

“Yes.” The girl took out a small book from nowhere, opened it and said seriously: “It’s 2 On the 3rd of the month, during the break of the theory class of Chinese History and Martial Arts, you said that you needed money to buy clothes. I lent you all the 208 yuan and 50 cents in my wallet, and you showed me your broken hole. creak nest.”

“cough cough…”

Shen Qian couldn’t keep going, he didn’t expect someone to write these things in a diary.

Looking at Ding Yi’s clear eyes, Shen Qian could only answer honestly: “I forgot there was an event today.”

“But the museum visit was only last week. I was notified, and I deliberately said it again in the class group last night.”

“I’m poor and can’t afford a communication bracelet.”

“Last year’s 9 On the 21st of the month, next to the physical examination machine in the Martial Arts Hall, you said that you need to repay the bracelet in installments, and I borrowed 650 yuan from the lucky money to lend it to you.”

Ding Yi flipped through the book. The book goes on to narrate.

“…hahaha, it’s so embarrassing, well, I blocked the class group, you know there are too many unnutritious news in it, I’m mainly afraid of delaying my studies.”

“Then I’ll send it to you privately next time.”

Watching Ding Yi leave, Shen Qian finally sighed in relief.

He wasn’t under that much fucking pressure.

Ding without a series of halo blessings such as “I want to chat with Nuwa”, “How can humanities and martial arts be so outrageous” and “Her father actually drives Wuling” in Jing City No. 7 Middle School In the presence of Yi, Shen Qian became a little transparent in the crowd, silently listening to the surrounding students and proudly talking about the big news that Ding Yi has decided to recommend the Northern Martial.

O Northern Martial!

Shen Qian’s indifferent face was also moved for a moment.

North has Northern Martial and south has Flower Martial.

In addition to Jiang Zhongjunwu, who is said to never recruit students directly under the army, Northern Martial University and Flower Martial University are already Peak institutions of Huaxia Martial Arts, and Martial Arts institutions in the entire Earth have both entered the top ten.

How difficult is the Northern Martial exam?

In the past three years, only two people from Jing City No. 7 Middle School were admitted to Northern Martial, and Ding Yi was the first person to be recommended since the school was established.


“Students, today we visited the municipal museum, some of them may have already entered with their parents, but recently a new batch of old objects have arrived in the museum, all of which are Before the cataclysm, I believe that the overwhelming majority students have never seen it…”

Liu Simin, the head teacher of Class 109, was standing in front of the team, explaining the process of today’s visit aloud, while the students were drowsy pretending to listen.

“Speaking of Shen Qian, where are you going to apply for the exam?” In the crowd, Shen Qian’s best friend Wang Yangming suddenly touched his arm and asked.

“I haven’t made up my mind yet, how about you?” Shen Qian replied casually.

“Me? Unless my father suddenly shows great divine might get some special effect mixture, or I should study medicine, maybe Southwest Medical University or Southern Medical University.”

Wang Yangming thought for a while, then opened the mouth and said: “You should also think about this issue, it’s only four months before the college entrance examination. In fact, when you said that, who is and what is the situation in your heart. Well, I think it’s time to make a choice.”

Shen Qian raised his head, and he could vaguely see the broken scorched earth in the distance through the cracks on the edge of the city, and he fell silent for a while.

Would you like to study literature or martial arts?

This is the biggest question every high school student must think about.

Or it was never an option, because almost no one would study literature if given a choice.

On December 22, 2022 AD, an extremely huge comet rubbed the atmosphere and passed through Earth, the time and space were chaotic, and the dimensions were broken. That day was called the cataclysm day.

Earthquakes, tsunamis, Extreme Cold, high temperatures… Nature has shown its power, and countless towns have been reduced to ruins.

But these are not the most terrifying.

The most terrifying thing is that since that day, Earth has suddenly added many creatures that should only exist in legends.

It seems that overnight, the mythical demons and ghosts have all become reality.

Fortunately, awakened has also appeared in humans.

The sudden recovery of Spiritual Qi and the precarious living environment have led to the emergence of a group of pioneers.

After hundreds of years of exploration, the cultivation system of Martial Arts has been completely formed, and it is everyone’s yearning to become a powerful Martial Artist.

But even if Spiritual Qi is abundant today, and it is already the era of national cultivation, it does not mean that everyone can take this road.

Innate talent and resources.

And neither of these…Shen Qian has none.

The most rational choice is to give up physical training from now on, specialize in liberal arts, and enter a better liberal arts university with a higher cultural score, in order to graduate to find a stable civilian job and support the family.


There is a statue in the lobby of the museum, which belongs to Gao Wenyuan of Jing City Marquis.

“Jing City Marquis” is not a position, but a title, which means that it comes from the ancient China before the cataclysm, but it is recognized by the world Martial Arts Association.

At least with the knowledge of these senior three students, it is impossible to imagine how high it is to get this title.

Among the Martial Artists who have gone out from Jing City for so many years, only Gao Wenyuan has won the title.

Shen Qian entered the city museum for the first time, and the 30-yuan ticket made him ignore this place directly.

“Sure enough, this place is much more pleasing to the eye if you don’t spend any money.” Shen Qian couldn’t help sighing that there really seemed to be a quaint and mysterious aura in it, assaults the senses.

“Who said no money, didn’t everyone pay 15 yuan?” Wang Yangming on the side wondered.

Shen Qian startled, then sighed and said no more.


β€œThe Jing City Museum was established in 2079, covers an area of 6,000 square meters, and has thirteen different exhibition halls…”

“Look here, classmates, this is a biological fossil called dinosaur. Dinosaurs have lived for 200 million years. Its appearance is somewhat similar to the Dragon Transformation beast in the existing monster beast…”

“This is the exhibition hall related to the pioneer Martial Artist. Let’s take a look at this stone. It is said that King Jiangling, one of the leaders of the first Martial Artist, once used it to meditate and create the first set of stone for the public in China. The Martial Arts cultivation technique of cultivation…”

The elder sister, the tour guide of the museum, explained with great effort that the atmosphere has been maintained very well, and soon, everyone came to the seventh exhibition hall.

“Students, this exhibition hall displays the achievements of human civilization before the cataclysm. Don’t underestimate these civilizations, because of the emergence of Martial Arts, in fact, the scientific research speed of our human beings in daily life has been It has slowed down, but the humans of that era devoted themselves to researching technology and invented a lot of practical things…”

“Shen Qian, what do you think this is?” Wang Yangming pointed at said a sticker with black lines on a white background in a picture frame on the wall.

Shen Qian shook his head suspiciously, and together with a few classmates around, studied those tadpole-like mysterious patterns, trying to find something.

“QR code?” A classmate glanced at the description next to it, and touched the chin said, “It won’t be some kind of cultivation secret, it needs to be decrypted in a specific way?”

“Maybe yes, this is said to be used to collect money, so I guess I have to pay to learn the corresponding cheats.” Another boy speculated.

As soon as Shen Qian heard that it might have something to do with money, she lost interest in the mysterious pictures and texts, and each minding their own business came to an area marked “electronic products”.

“After the restoration of some scientific researchers, some electronic products here can be reused. Students can try to operate them, but be careful not to damage them!”

heard Shen Qian suddenly became interested in the words of the tour guide’s elder sister.

Several female classmates headed by Ding Yi were studying something in front of a laptop. Shen Qian took a mobile phone with a charging cable on the display stand next to it.

The model number of this phone is not specified, and the appearance is relatively worn. Shen Qian only saw two small characters.


The phone doesn’t have a password, Shen Qian looked at it after unlocking it, but unfortunately most of the apps are no longer available, and there are only two things that can be opened normally. , One is a game called “Honor of Kings”, but the interface is Immemorial Dong, the operation is too simple, Shen Qian probably tried it and decided to click X.

Another installation package, Shen Qian random point, seems to be some kind of installation package. Before I can respond, a lot of prompts pop up.

“Risk Warning: You are installing an app from an unknown source, and by continuing to install this app, you agree to take full responsibility for any device damage or data loss that may result from using this app.”

“The app has been infected with a virus and will be automatically added to the Mobile Security Control Center. It is recommended to uninstall it immediately…”

“The app failed to be automatically added to the Security Control Center…”

“A suitable host has been detected, the system is starting up…”

“Drip, danger warning, the phone has been infected with an unknown virus!”

A series of dazzling and unfathomable mystery information In the middle of it, there seemed to be something strange passing by in a flash. Shen Qian only felt a sharp pain in his palm, and before he could react, next moment β€”β€”





A strong air wave sent Shen Qian flying out.


Along with the screams of the crowd, the glass of the entire museum shattered under the impact of the air waves.

The invisible waves did not stop, sweeping across the entire Jing City in the blink of an eye.


All electrical equipment in the city was paralyzed in an instant.

The sound of ice and snow melting sounded, and the invisible but real protective shield shrouded in the sky over Jing City disintegrated inch by inch.

The violent sandstorm poured into the edge of Jing City almost instantly from the outside world, the clouds drifted away, three suns appeared in the sky, and the surface temperature of Jing City began to rise rapidly. There are roars coming from far and near…

(end of this chapter)

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