I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 10


Chapter 10 Black Yao Spirit Stone

After thinking about it for a while, Shen Qian continued to read it.

“(In order to improve the host’s will, AFK mode is temporarily suspended)


When she saw this sentence, Shen Qian understood something.

Although there are memory images that can be extracted, memory is memory after all, and it is not the same as what you experience on the spot.

For example, courage in the face of a life-and-death crisis…

For example, how to maintain absolute calm…

Shen Qian admitted that he was indeed panicked at the time. Calm enough, even if he can’t be as perfect as system, he’s not nearly powerless.

What the system father wants to do is to maximize the experience of Shen Qian.

I wanted to understand the key Shen Qian, and extracted the second stage battle experience.

Accurately, at the critical moment, the system took over the memory of his body.

Shen Qian in the memory picture, his body suddenly twisted at an impossible angle, wrapped the dagger stabbed by the opponent into his armpit, and then smashed the opponent’s face with a headbutt.

Shen Qian grabbed the dagger backhand and put it into the opponent’s throat.

One shot kills, cleanly.

Shen Qian looked at the bruises on his armpits, and those memory images slowly melted into his memory, as if he had really experienced such a thrilling battle.

AFK Records also has an assessment of the strength of the two, and they are indeed much stronger than Shen Qian.

Although he has not tested his strength for nearly ten days, Shen Qian estimates that his explosive strength is between 120 and 130kg, and the two scavengers, one is between 130 and 140, The other is already approaching 150.

When the explosive strength is above 150kg, it has reached the strength standard of Beginner Martial Artist.

Although he changed his clothes, his body still stinks and feels uncomfortable. Shen Qian took off his clothes and prepared to take a bath after finishing the aftertaste.

His belongings were confiscated by the police Martial Artist before, all packed in a clear plastic bag.

I didn’t take a close look at Shen Qian at the police station before, but now she took out the plastic bag from her bag, and Shen Qian realized that there were some other things in it.

In addition to his own bracelet, student ID card, and tissue paper, there was an old wallet and an irregular black stone inside.

This is… scavenger stuff?

Shen Qian glanced at AFK Records again, only to realize that there was a small line of words below the combat experience.

“You looted two people and got a wallet and a broken Hei Yao Spirit Stone (Note 1) (21:03)

Note 1: Hei Yao Spirit Stone, A rare gemstone mutated under the combined action of radiation and Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, which has the effect of nurturing spirit strength.”

spirit strength ?

This term is somewhat unfamiliar to Shen Qian, and he doesn’t remember whether it was mentioned in the textbook.

After thinking for a while, Shen Qian clicked on the bracelet’s browser and searched the Internet.

There is not much useful information about Heiyao Spirit Stone, but Shen Qian finally found some useful information in a Martial Arts forum thread.

A netizen named “Diaochan is on her body” posted the picture, and the picture is also a black Yao Spirit Stone, which is much bigger than Shen Qian’s hand, and this netizen also accidentally picked it up in the restricted area.

A netizen named “My girlfriend’s diabetes caused me to have tooth decay” mentioned spirit strength in the reply, saying that Spiritual Qi contained in Hei Yao Spirit Stone is good for spirit strength, and it is recommended to carry it with you.

In the follow-up answer to “My girlfriend’s diabetes caused me to have tooth decay”, it was mentioned that spirit strength is an area that Mountain And Sea Realm Martial Artists can only touch.

Mountain And Sea Realm?

Shen Qian pondered, the high school Martial Arts theory book only introduced the first three realms of Martial Artist, namely Beginner Martial Artist, Middle Martial Artist, High Martial Artist, and each realm is divided into nine sections.

However, Shen Qian heard from a knowledgeable classmate that the top Martial Artist is Mountain And Sea Realm.

The most distinctive feature of Mountain And Sea Realm is that it can walk in the sky. The name of this realm comes from the ancient Chinese book “Mountain And Sea Classic”, which symbolizes extraordinary and refined.

After searching the Internet again, Shen Qian probably has some concepts.

Spirit strength is the strength of the cultivation of Martial Artists above Mountain And Sea Realm, but it does not mean that Martial Artists below Mountain And Sea Realm do not have spirit strength.

In this world, there are many kinds of spiritual things that are good for spirit strength, and the mutated obsidian is probably one of them.

Putting down the obsidian, Shen Qian opened the wallet again and took a look.

“Really poor…”

After counting the coins inside, Shen Qian pouted, a total of 381 yuan and 6 cents.

Although Shen Qian only has more than 20 yuan, it does not prevent Shen Qian, who will have a huge sum of 10,000 yuan, despise these two poor people.

There are four missed calls in the bracelet, three from Ding Yi and one from Wang Yangming.

It was already twelve o’clock, Shen Qian hesitated and called Ding Yi back.

Ding Yi couldn’t hear anything in her voice, but she didn’t seem to blame Shen Qian, who was inferior, she just asked Shen Qian if the matter was resolved, and even stated that if Shen Qian needed, she could The remaining 200 yuan was also lent to Shen Qian.

Shen Qian said on the spot that even if he was having a hard time, it was impossible to borrow money from Ding Yi after today. This was a matter of principle, and his tone was strong.

Ding Yi was a little surprised. After being silent, he said goodbye to Shen Qian and hung up the phone, but this did not prevent Shen Qian from hearing the other’s moving from the “goodbye”.

After hanging up, Shen Qian put away the obsidian and went to take a bath with satisfaction.


Liu Simin rationally gave Shen Qian a two-day vacation, and on the afternoon of the second day, Shen Qian, who was eager to see it, finally heard the SMS alert sound of the bracelet.

“Your account ending in 0404 will be credited with 10,000 yuan in Huaxia currency…”

It’s finally here!

In order to get the money as soon as possible, Shen Qian called Song Ye this morning and asked him implicitly. Captain Song really did a good job.

Today’s physical training even with system assistance, the exercise efficiency began to decline. Shen Qian knew that the medicine efficacy of the “strength potion” in his body had been exhausted.

It is time to craft a new strength potion.

According to the medicine recipe in memory, Shen Qian first went out to the pharmacy to buy Jiuwei Dihuang Pill, Angelica, Salvia, Red Deer Skin and other excipients.

The rest is the main medicine “Qiweizi”.

Schisandra is a new species of plant that emerged only after Spiritual Qi’s recovery. Canglang Pharmaceutical’s Body Refinement also contains the ingredients of schisandra, but the specific formula is definitely different from that of the system.

It’s obviously not enough money to buy Shen Qian directly. Even the artificially planted spiritual medicine starts at tens of thousands. At this time, I have to ask the system father for help.

Arriving by the Nanmen River, Shen Qian found an empty corner and called out the system interface.

Shen Qian noticed before that there was a “Start AFK” button on the interface, but Shen Qian had not tried it yet.

After clicking “Start AFK”, an input field popped up.

“Please enter the mission objective.”

After Shen Qian filled in “Looking for Qiweizi” with his mind, Shen Qian’s consciousness began to be prompted with the sound of “ding” Vague.

“The mission target has been generated, and the system is automatically finding its way…”

(end of this chapter)

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