I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 100


Chapter 100 The Only Two

For Wei Sijian, who is several years older than himself, he insists on calling himself “brother” In fact, Shen Qian refused.

But Wei Sijian kept on saying “The best is respected”, and he did not repent, so Shen Qian could only go to him.

“Why are you here?” Shen Qian asked in surprise as he let the three in.

“Brother Shen, have you forgotten?” Wei Sijian explained, “I was originally a student of Northern Martial. I was only a junior this year. I just ran around with the teacher this year, not often at school! “

Shen Qian was stunned, he remembered that he had checked the other party’s information back then.

“This is the teacher of Huang Lizhi, from the admissions office, you have seen it.”

Wei Sijian pointed to the tall and thin young man with a high hairline next to him and said, “This is my Senior Brother Liu Kong, now a lecturer at the Northern Martial Pharmacy Academy.”

“You are Shen Qian, I’ve heard Si Jian say it several times.”

Liu Kong smiled at Shen Qian and shook hands with him, “The teacher is also very curious about you, but unfortunately he has already gone to Shannan Province, otherwise he will probably come to see you.”

“Cheng Shanhe Professor?” Shen Qian said with a smile, “I admire him too…”

“Brother Shen, you are too hypocritical, where is the teacher worthy of your admiration?”

Wei Sijian interrupted Shen Qian, “You obviously haven’t heard of teacher before you met me.”

The smiles of Shen Qian and Liu Kong froze at the same time.

“cough cough, let’s sit down first.” Huang Lizhi eased the awkward atmosphere in time and greeted everyone to sit down.

Because there were two more people, Shen Qian had to make two more cups of tea.

“Brother Shen, why don’t you drink the Maojian I gave you?” Wei Sijian said strangely, seeing that it was just ordinary tea in the hotel.

“Maojian?” Before Shen Qian could speak, Liu Kong’s complexion changed, “Is that the medicinal tea you grew with laboratory soil?”

“Yes, I I gave Brother Shen two taels.” Wei Sijian nodded.

“Two taels?” Liu Kong only felt heartache and could hardly breathe, “Why did you refuse to give me three money when I asked you last time?”

“This is a What is strange, who is Brother Shen, who is Senior Brother Liu, who is Senior Brother Liu, you are too selfless…”

“Ah, Sijian, you haven’t told me about you yet. Why are you here?” Seeing that Liu Kong’s face was ashen, Shen Qian quickly interrupted Wei Sijian, who was unaware, and forcibly changed the subject.

“Of course I’m here to persuade Brother Shen to join Northern Martial, to be precise, to join our pharmacy Academy.”

Wei Sijian said excitedly, “I’ve studied it carefully, As long as Brother Shen condescends to study at the Pharmacy Academy, the research level of our Pharmacy Academy can increase by at least 21 percentage points…”

Next, Wei Sijian, who was eloquent, described the four aspects respectively. What Shen Qian can bring to the Pharmacy Academy.

After Wei Sijian finally said that he was thirsty and took up the teacup, Shen Qian’s numb expression finally recovered a touch of vitality.

“Sijian, sorry, I may not choose the medicine Academy.”


Wei Sijian started, and then couldn’t understand The lifts the head came, and Liu Kong also looked over in surprise.

“How should I put it, pharmacy is my hobby, but I won’t just refine medicine.” Shen Qian said after pondering.

It’s enough to have a system for refining medicine, but Shen Qian doesn’t want to trap herself in it.

“Brother Shen, with your innate talent, if you don’t devote your whole life to the great pharmacy, it will be a waste of your talent, a blasphemy to your soul, and a disservice to the whole world. Human beings are irresponsible…”

Wei Sijian shouted excitedly.

I just want to concentrate on Martial Arts, how can I become irresponsible to human beings?

Shen Qian’s face darkened as he tried to reason with Wei Sijian.

But Wei Sijian had already seized the commanding heights of morality in advance, and Shen Qian found that he couldn’t speak to him at all.

Liu Kong also felt that Junior Brother’s theory was too exaggerated, but Wei Sijian obviously didn’t listen to his advice.

“This, Sijian, why don’t you and your Senior Brother avoid it first, and let me persuade Shen Qian.”

“You?” Wei Sijian Yi face suspicious.

“Have you forgotten what an old man does?” Huang Lizhi coughed lightly.

“That’s right, you’re a professional to lie to others to go to school.” Wei Sijian suddenly realized, ignoring Huang Lizhi’s darkened face, “That’s fine, I and my senior brother go out first.”


After Liu Kong and Wei Sijian went out, Huang Lizhi adjusted his expression and said with a smile: “Shen Qian seems to be more interested in pure Martial Arts?”

“I wonder if Northern Martial has a suitable Academy for me?” Shen Qian asked.

Huang Lizhi, who heard Shen Qian’s implied meaning, was relieved and said with a smile: “Of course, there are nine academies in Northern Martial, and four of them are famous for Murder Dao, specializing in training True Martial Artist, these four major Academy, each Academy has its own independent five-star Secret Realm!”

β€œApart from this, we Northern Martial and all the universities in the country, the only one with six stars Secret Realm!”

Shen Qian raised her eyebrows in surprise.

Having “interviewed” so many colleges and universities, Shen Qian already understands that the existence of Secret Realm is an important indicator to measure the strength of a college, and almost every college admissions teacher will mention it.

However, from the previous understanding, the Secret Realm in colleges and universities is only divided into one star to five stars, but it is the first time I heard about six stars.

“Where is the other six-star Secret Realm?” Shen Qian curiously asked.

“In Jiang Zhongjunwu, but Shen Qian should also know that Jiang Zhongjunwu has not recruited foreign students for ten years, so Northern Martial’s six-star Secret Realm is equivalent to only one place.” Huang Lizhi said with a smile .

β€œWhat happened to Jiang Zhongjun Wu ten years ago?”

Shen Qian is still very impressed with the legendary military academy that once overwhelmed Northern Martial and Flower Martial interested.

“This…Actually, I don’t know the inside story very well. Even the Northern Martial, probably only the dean-level powerhouse will know something.”

Huang Lizhi shook his head and said, ” But it is said that the influence at that time was very bad, it seems that… some students lost their lives.”

Huang Lizhi hesitated for a while, and lowered his voice before saying the last words.

“Is that so?” Shen Qian nodded and I took my mind back, “I wonder if the school will give me some preferential treatment if I choose Northern Martial?”

Chat When it came to the main topic, Huang Lizhi also became serious. After some explanation, Shen Qian understood it clearly.

In general, the conditions given by Northern Martial and Flower Martial are not much different, and they are also 200,000 in cash and guaranteed third-class scholarships.

In addition, according to Huang Lizhi, the land resources in the northern capital are relatively tight, so there is no such condition as an independent dormitory.

“Shen Qian may think that the awards given by the universities such as China University of Science and Technology and China Youth University are relatively generous, but at least from my point of view, this is already what Northern Martial can give. Of course, if Shen Qian can get the provincial champion, or even the top ten in the country, the reward range can be appropriately increased.”

As if In order to prove what he said, Huang Lizhi added another sentence.

“Although everyone must strive for high-quality students, as a top-five university in the world all the year round, we at Northern Martial also have our own pride. Classmates, you should know them.”

Seeing Shen Qian’s nodding, Huang Lizhi continued, “Ding Yi’s talent is also rare, but the conditions we offer are only half of what we offered to Shen Qian… …”

“What kind of strength is Ding Yi?” Shen Qian couldn’t help but asked curiously.

In the past, he only had a vague understanding of Ding Yi’s innate talent, but he didn’t know the specific realm, probably because he was afraid of hitting Shen Qian, and Ding Yi never mentioned it.

(end of this chapter)

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