I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 105


Chapter 105 Limits Quasi Martial Artist

Shen Qian fell into a very strange state.

He seemed to be floating in a vast ocean, and he seemed to be wandering in a void, until he saw a bridge.

The long bridge looked familiar, but Shen Qian couldn’t remember where she had seen it.

Until he saw a man standing at the bridge head, dressed in white cloth, standing with his head up, his front was the Star River, but he still couldn’t hide his high-spirited and vigorous imposing manner .

“It’s you.”

Shen Qian remembered that he had a similar dream, but it seemed different from this one.

This time, the white clothed people ignored him.

Shen Qian took a few steps forward, and was about to approach the white clothed man. Just as he was about to see the white clothed man’s appearance, the dream suddenly shattered.

Cool fingers rubbed between Shen Qian’s brows, a pair of concerned eyes were looking down at Shen Qian, only then did Shen Qian realize that it was a peach blossom eye.

The back of his head was hot and soft.

“Are you awake?” Xiaoxuan sighed slightly in relief, curiously asked, “Did you have any nightmare just now?”

“Well, I don’t know if it is. Nightmare…”

Shen Qian adjusted his lying position slightly, somewhat absent-minded.

This dream… wouldn’t be something strange, would it?

Shen Qian was a little unsure for a while.

He remembered reading a scientific magazine before, it seemed that it was possible for people to have continuous dreams, if not, it would be a bit beyond Shen Qian’s understanding.

Maybe you can ask the boss Gao?

Shen Qian pondered.

Or wait, if a similar dream occurs again for the third time, it means that this dream is very problematic, then immediately go to the boss Gao for help.

Shen Qian is not stupid, ready-made thighs are definitely more useful than their own wild thoughts.

…well, of course, he wasn’t talking about the thighs he has now.

“Shen Qian, where will you go to college in the future?” Xiao Xuan’s soft voice interrupted Shen Qian’s thoughts.

“Well, not sure yet, maybe it’s the north, what’s wrong?” Shen Qian replied casually.

“Oh, it’s alright, just ask.” Xiaoxuan shook her head quickly.

After the massage was over, before Xiao Xuan left, she suddenly turned around and asked, “So…are we considered friends?”

“Yes.” Shen Qian startled, ” After all, we’ve known each other for so long.”

“Well, that, that…”

Xiao Xuan hesitated for a while, her face became more and more red, and finally lowered her head, “…Then you have a good rest.”

After she finished speaking, Xiao Xuan hurried out of the room. Shen Qian vaguely saw that she seemed to stumble.

Some confused Shen Qian quickly forgot about this little episode, because an extremely strong hunger suddenly burst out of his body.

This is not the kind of physical hunger, Shen Qian can tell clearly.

Because he just woke up and ate another satiety pill, even if he consumed a lot of energy during the previous AFK body refinement, it would never be so fast.

It was an inexplicable longing for something to fill his body.


Shen Qian will soon clear the comprehension.

And he had already felt the faint particles in the air, which soon turned into multi-colored lines, flying around him.

When Shen Qian calmed down, those gorgeous colors were all disappeared.

“I already have a sense of breath, it seems that the system has succeeded…”

Shen Qian lost consciousness after AFK, and just woke up and was on Xiao Xuan’s lap , but at this moment he can be sure that his physical fitness should have reached the limit.

Shen Qian came to the simple simulator in the corner of the room, quickly called up a “Liu Changqing”, and then punched it neatly.

Don’t ask why “Wang Yangming” has become “Liu Changqing”, this has absolutely nothing to do with Liu Changqing’s recent addiction to knocking on Shen Qian.

As “Liu Changqing” fell, a row of data also jumped out.

“Explosive power: 863Kg

Instantaneous speed: 2.7 s/100 meters


It’s done!

After seeing this line of data, Shen Qian was completely sure.

It’s Shen Qian’s lead now, so it seems that the explosive power is only 863Kg, but if the system takes action, it is absolutely infinitely close to 999Kg.

In other words, his physical ability has reached his theoretical limit.

In a sense, a true…

Extreme Quasi Martial Artist!

And his own power control range has exceeded 85%, compared to less than 80% two months ago, there is also a lot of progress.

“I don’t know how much the strength can increase after breaking through Beginner Martial Artist…”

Shen Qian is looking forward to it.

He resisted the urge to devour Spiritual Qi on the spot. Before he could “into the spirit,” he needed to study the secret recipe given by Liu Changqing.

After fumbling for a while in his pocket, he took out the red USB flash drive that Liu Changqing gave him. Shen Qian sat in front of the computer in the lounge and inserted the USB flash drive.

There are two folders in the USB flash drive. From the date of creation, they are both six or seven years ago.

“In other words, the Six Senior Brothers have gone from breaking through Beginner Martial Artist to now standing shoulder to shoulder with Mountain And Sea Martial Artist. This process is at most seven years, which is really perverted…”

Shen Qian was a little surprised.

According to the theory in the textbook, Beginner Martial Artist 1 to 9 dans, and 2 to 3 breakthroughs in a year is considered a normal speed. On this basis, the faster the innate talent is, the higher the innate talent will be.

It is normal for a Martial Artist to have a one-year breakthrough period, while a high Martial Artist is a two to three-year breakthrough period.

But this also involves the bottleneck problem between each great realm.

The bottleneck this thing is hard to say. Some people cross the bottleneck only in the day and night, and some people may not be able to cross the bottleneck in their whole life. Artist Nine Dan for many years.

Or at the moment Shen Qian, if he can’t find the sense of Qi after reaching the physical limit, then his body can’t continue to maintain the peak state, and eventually it will start to degenerate.

This is probably the case for most ordinary persons in today’s society.

In short, without considering the bottleneck, the speed of a normal person is about twenty to thirty years from a Beginner Martial Artist to a high Martial Artist nine.

From this point of view, Liu Changqing’s statement that his “innate talent is not good” is very hypocritical.

…but it’s hard to say, because Shen Qian is not sure that the other Senior Brother sisters are who, what if Liu Changqing compares different objects?

One of the two folders is “Learning Materials”, and the other is an ordinary “New Folder”. Shen Qian naturally clicked on “Learning Materials”.

“Huh, it’s still all videos, so intuitive?”

Shen Qian startled couldn’t help but sighed and clicked on the first video.

β€œYoung ε°—γͺε₯³Martial Artist は 10 times a day…”

The subtitles at the beginning made Shen Qian vaguely feel that something is not right, wait for the exciting scene at the beginning After appearing, Shen Qian was instantly stunned.

Six Senior Brothers, this…is this what you call study materials? !

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