I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 107


Chapter 107 Magical Skills

“For…for me?”

Shen Qian Chapter 1 Once experienced the “flattered” feeling.

“I know you’re quite poor, but it’s not appropriate to give you cash directly, so I’ll just help you decorate it. After accepting you as a disciple, I haven’t given you anything yet, so this is a small gift.”

Gao Wenyuan turned his eyes again, staring at the misty clouds in the distance, lightly said with a smile.

…I think it’s appropriate to give cash.

Shen Qian complained, but he was really grateful. He could probably think that it was the boss Gao who knew that that day Liu Changqing had invited Shen Qian to come to Heavenspan Pagoda to live for a while after the college entrance examination.

The 99th floor is at least 3,000 square meters. If Shen Qian pays for it himself, I don’t know what year and month it will be.

With this “residence”, Shen Qian finally has a sense of belonging to Heavenspan Pagoda, no longer the feeling of being separated by something.

As for gifts, not gifts… In fact, the sense of security is the biggest gift that boss Gao gave to Shen Qian.

The system is ultimately limited in a sense.

β€œmany thanks teacher.”

Shen Qian said sincerely before asking, β€œThe teacher asked me to come to find you before breaking through Martial Artist. , I don’t know what the teacher has to teach?”

“You don’t need me to teach you anything for the time being. What should be told to you, Changqing has already told you.”

Gao Wenyuan shook his head, “I I asked you to come to give you something necessary for your breakthrough, if you buy it yourself, it is not worth the cost.”

Shen Qian startled, was about to ask what it was, and glanced out of the corner of his eye, but found that the table was on the table. I don’t know when there is an extra bottle gourd.

…well, now it’s time to play magic.

Shen Qian picked it up and looked at it. The bottle gourd was just an ordinary bottle gourd, and it was empty inside.

When Shen Qian didn’t know the reason, Gao Wenyuan said, “Take off the cork.”

Shen Qian took off the cork of the bottle gourd.

Gao Wenyuan waved his hand, “Medicine!”

Like a splash of ink, ripples flashed across the space in front of him, and then a medicinal herb appeared out of thin air.

Shen Qian watched this scene in shock. At this moment, there were more than 500 medicinal herbs floating in the air, covering half of the sky, which was spectacular.

With Shen Qian’s half-baked knowledge of refining medicine, he still recognized several medicinal herbs, such as “Black and White Cordyceps” and “Breit Lingshen”.

These medicinal herbs have one thing in common, that is, they are nourished by a large amount of Spiritual Qi, and their medicinal properties are tonic.

Could it be…

Shen Qian, who was familiar with pharmacology, moved in his heart, as if he already knew what the big guy was going to do.

Although some psychological preparations, the next scene is still shocking.

“There should be fire here.”

Gao Wenyuan pointed at the void and said a sentence peacefully.


The raging fire with the height of one person burned up, the blazing temperature assaults the senses, but it disappeared in an instant when it was near.


The flames soared and stopped when they were almost two people tall.

“Cordyceps go into the fire.”

“Spiritual ginseng goes into the fire.”

“The congealing grass goes away.”

“More , and then subtract three points.”

β€œThe fire has dropped by half a meter.”

β€œSpiritual Qi is coming.”

β€œThe calcite goes into the fire.”


Gao Wenyuan stood there and kept talking softly, the medicinal herbs in the air were thrown into the flames in order, the more were thrown out, and the less were thrown out again. Throwing yourself in, the colorful Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi continue to gather, and the fragrance is overflowing.

About five minutes later, with a wave of Gao Wenyuan’s hand, the flames and medicinal herb residues suddenly dissipated.

In the void, only about a hundred milk-white round medicine pills were left.

Immediately, those medicine pills came in line, one after another fell into the bottle gourd in Shen Qian’s hands.

When the last medicine pill also entered the bottle gourd, Shen Qian’s wide mouth finally closed reluctantly, looking towards Gao Wenyuan’s eyes were very complicated.

…Big brother, how many things are you hiding from me?

Shen Qian is no longer a novice, but this method of refining medicine is unheard-of.


Probably, these four words can only describe Shen Qian’s feelings.

I don’t know if the system can learn this technique?

However, Shen Qian estimates that it is not very hopeful. After all, there must be the use of spirit strength.

It’s a pity.

This is a nirvana if it is used to manifest itself in front of people!

“You take these Rongyuan Pills, think it should be enough.”

Gao Wenyuan sat back and explained, “You are the body of Perfection, the spiritual imposing needed for breakthrough. The manner must be far more than that of ordinary people, without the help of Rong Yuan Dan, although it is possible to break through, but the quality of vitality will decline.”

Shen Qian understood Gao Wenyuan’s painstaking efforts, and hurriedly bowed again Thank you again and again.

He originally had two Rongyuan Dan, one was picked up in Wei Sijian’s laboratory, and the other was a reward given by Liu Changqing in the training class at that time.

But he sold one to Zheng Shaoyang, so there is one left.

And Shen Qian thought one was enough…because everyone only used one.

At this moment, after listening to Gao Wenyuan, I understood the difference.

One Rongyuan Dan is calculated at the lowest market price of 100,000, and 100 is 10 million!

Shen Qian, a “poor man” who is trifling with millions of assets, will definitely not be able to spend so much money.

Although Gao Wenyuan did not directly give Shen Qian cash, these gifts were far better than cash.

Shen Qian was moved but also a little emotional, the boss Gao is also very good to himself, as good as his own son… Huh?

Shen Qian secretly looked at Gao Wenyuan, and then felt a little ashamed. In terms of appearance, the two should have no blood relationship.

“If you have nothing else to do, just go and be careful outside the city. I may not be able to see some places.”

Gao Wenyuan’s voice interrupted Shen Qian’s random thoughts .

However, Shen Qian did not rush to leave, but hesitated.

“Do you want to ask me about my choices after the college entrance examination?” Gao Wenyuan said indifferently.

β€œYes.” Shen Qian nodded.

“You make up your own mind.”

Gao Wenyuan was silent, his face was calm, “Going to the military is not easy, and going to the north is the same.”

In Shen Qian When he raised his head in doubt, Gao Wenyuan smiled faintly and said, “Have you forgotten who is in the north?”

Shen Qian was puzzled at first, but she quickly thought of something, and she couldn’t help but shudder.

Yanshan Gong!

The Duke of Yanshan in the north…he almost forgot about it.

Listening to Liu Changqing’s tone, although Duke Yanshan and Gao Wen are far from having a life-and-death struggle, some conflicts are inevitable.

When the time comes Gao Wen is far away in Jing City. He is alone in Beidu, which is probably similar to Wang Shuo’s situation in Jing City before. Without the help of Senior Brother, he can only rely on himself.

“I see.”

Shen Qian gave a salute respectfully, and then left the top floor platform.

Walking into the elevator, Shen Qian pressed the button on the first floor, thinking about going home and getting ready for a little while, then went out of town to break through Beginner Martial Artist.

ding dong!

The elevator stopped suddenly.

Shen Qian didn’t feel right because it was impossible to get to the first floor so quickly.

He looked up and saw that the elevator stopped on the 33rd floor.


This number is a bit familiar.

Before Shen Qian could think about it, the elevator door had already opened, and the first person who entered Shen Qian’s line of sight…

was a pair of eyes that were as deep as deep water but very beautiful.

(end of this chapter)

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