I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 108


Chapter 108 is about to be released, let me say a few words

Two consecutive updates have been completed, and it has been confirmed that it will be available at 12 noon tomorrow. , let’s have a chat with you.

Let’s talk a little bit about the plot first.

This novel should be relatively slow-burning, and I didn’t consider any rules like the “Golden Three Chapters”.

Not much.

No matter how wonderful the beginning is, it is only the beginning.

And what we’re talking about is a long, long story.

The skills are only auxiliary, I think more about how to tell the story well.

The main line is very clear, this is the process of a seventeen-year-old boy rising from the grassroots to the top step by step.

Therefore, there are many people criticizing the protagonist, saying that the protagonist is not good here and there, and I actually want to refute it. How mature were you when you were seventeen?

This is not the rebirth of a powerhouse, nor the return of War God, nor a soul crossing. He is just an ordinary high school student living in the city.

I want to give him room to grow.

But does the protagonist really have no flash point?

You are only resentful that he doesn’t pay back the money he borrowed, and why have you ever thought about why Ding Yi is willing to keep lending him money? , when there were only 40,000, he gave 40,000 to his parents.

Too fickle, and I don’t like fiddly.

There are good and evil, flesh and blood, small sections and faults, and great virtues are intact. This is a living person.

Let’s talk about the female protagonist and female partner.

Does this book have an outline?

You can say yes or no.

I say yes because I have a rough idea of what stories to tell, no because I don’t have an outline.

The outline has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that it will not be crooked.

All in all, at least for the emotional line, I have no preset ending.

And Ding Yi is so popular, which is beyond my expectations.

(I can say one more thing, there really is such a girl in reality, because of the shaping of this character, I draw from reality…)

But this book wants to say It is unrealistic to become a single heroine, because it is contrary to the existence of the system.

system is an emotionless cultivation machine, but the rule it follows is that everything is beneficial to the host as the highest standard.

What does this sentence mean?

It means that the system has no morality in a sense.

It will ask Huo Linger to accompany Shen Qian to sleep for the purpose of becoming stronger, or “play hooligan” to Sister Ba Senior…

I know many people don’t like male channel In Literature there is Love has a harem, are everyone a monk? Of course not, everyone just hates female protagonists who are like tool people, hate female characters written by authors who have never been in love, and hate female protagonists and supporting actresses who are disgusting people.

I can’t say I’m well written, but I’ll try my best to make every character real.

The world view of this book is very grand, because I don’t know what the future results will be, so I’m not sure if I can fully show it, but I will try my best.

Finally, let’s talk about the update after the launch.

The collection of this book was close to 2W before it was put on the shelves, which is not very good, but compared to the previous book, it is already the best start. The only regret is that it is a little short of being able to go to Sanjiang. Just a little bit more to read.

I’ve been killed all the way from dozens of books on the web, and this book didn’t even have 900 collections a month ago, so I’m content.

Thanks to everyone.

Generally speaking, the subscription ratio of 10 to 1 is normal. I don’t expect too much. I will use 1,500 subscriptions as the line for tomorrow’s shelves. The 4D chapter is updated and guaranteed. Not capped.

Then the addition of the two Branch Lords will also be paid back.

As for the future, because it is not a full-time job and the hand speed is not fast, it is probably about six to eight thousand updates every day, but I will try to write as much as possible.

I still hope that everyone can subscribe to the genuine version. All living beings are suffering, so is the author. I will have the opportunity to chat with you about my story in the future. If you are really poor, you are allowed to watch the video to support me, hahaha.

That’s it, thank you gentlemen!

(end of this chapter)

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