I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 109


Chapter 109 The whole city accompanies me to break through (please subscribe)

The owner of beautiful eyes is a person who looks like thirty in temperament, and looks like two in facial features woman of ten.

She has a graceful and graceful facial features full of classical beauty without makeup, and her fair skin has no flaws. Her black hair, which is still soaked with moisture, is tied up with a wooden hairpin, exposing her slender neck.

Looking further down is the loose white robe… oh, so fierce!

Wait, retro daoist robe, pretty woman, 33rd-layer.

A combination of these elements, Shen Qian in a flash has already thought of something, and an embarrassed yet polite smile appeared on his face.

“…The Eight Senior Sisters?”

Shen Qian called out.

The woman’s deep eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of mist. She saw that Shen Qian was obviously startled, and immediately took a step back in shock.

After hesitating for a while, Ji Ruoshui was nodded, lowered his face, and walked into the elevator with a little caution.

…how do you think she’s more afraid than me?

It was me who was thrown out of the window and almost died last time!

Shen Qian found that the character of the “never met” Eight Senior Sister seemed to be different from what she had imagined.

Ji Ruoshui moved to the corner of the elevator, stretched out his green fingers and pressed the sixth layer, the elevator door slowly closed.

Shen Qian twitched his nose. He found that the air was filled with a very special fragrance. The first smell was sandalwood, but upon closer inspection, it seemed that there was something else in it, which was very nice.

Neither of them spoke. Shen Qian leaned against the innermost glass, while Ji Ruoshui, who was standing by the door, hugged his right hand with his left hand. The front is tightened, revealing a slender back that hides infinite beauty.

Seeing that Sister Eight Senior didn’t yell at herself, Shen Qian, whose nervousness gradually dissipated, was a little surprised.

I have to say that this seldom-appearing Eight Senior Sister is really beautiful, just like the heroine of the novel, the kind of beauty that is not very real, no wonder the Third Senior Brother easily understood himself that day. “Uncontrollable”.

In the silence, a strange atmosphere is spreading… Of course, it may just be Shen Qian’s unilateral psychological effect.

Watching the elevator go down one layer at a time, Shen Qian just felt that life was like a year.

Because he was keenly aware of it, the system was very responsive…

Shen Qian really couldn’t figure out what was attracting the system to Ji Ruoshui, but he I could feel the restlessness coming from the back of my mind.

Shen Qian was familiar with this feeling and resisted desperately.

The last time they were thrown out of the building, who knows if Sister Hachi Senior will directly stab the knife again?

Gradually, Shen Qian’s complexion began to turn blue. This was the first time in history that Shen Qian used her willpower to actively resist the “hosting” of the system.

Shen Qian didn’t know if he was successful or not, but he was in extreme pain right now, and his palm tightly grasped the handrail on the glass wall.

Ji Ruoshui noticed Shen Qian’s change, she hesitated for a while, then turned her head and looked towards Shen Qian.

“Little…Little Junior Brother, what’s wrong with you?”

Ji Ruoshui was taken aback when she saw the sweat dripping from Shen Qian’s forehead. He came over in a panic, trying to touch Shen Qian and flinching a little.

This voice is really nice, like a soft and glutinous pastry, with a hint of mature hoarseness…Bah, what are you thinking?

The blurred Shen Qian wanted to keep Ji Ruoshui away from him, because the good smell on her body was continuously digging into Shen Qian’s nose.

Very top.

“Are you all right?”

But before Shen Qian could speak, Ji Ruoshui’s warm palm touched his face.

The “sensitive” Shen Qian was shivered, his eyes darkened, he could no longer resist the power of the system, and completely lost consciousness.


When Shen Qian woke up, looking at the pitch black all around, his first reaction was that he didn’t really hang up, right?

But when the good smell on the nose started to come up again, Shen Qian realized that she was still in the real world.

He groped and sat up…well, he was on a bed, and the smell came from the bedding.

He reached out and probed at the head of the bed, but couldn’t find the light switch, so Shen Qian could only turn on the flashlight with his wristband.

The room brightened, and Shen Qian realized that he was not lying on the bed, but on a couch with a simple shape.

Shen Qian walked out of the room and into the corridor.

Looking at the feeling of the space in front of him, he should still be on a certain floor of Heavenspan Pagoda, but this floor is not the 17th or 99th floor that he has been to, and most likely it is the 33rd floor where the Eight Senior Sisters are located .

Comparing the decoration of this floor with the bells and whistles on the 17th floor of Third Senior Brother Shi Dingyan, Shen Qian can only use the words “abnormal simplicity” to describe it.

If it weren’t for the simple decorations placed in the corridor, this layer would be the same as the blank before the 99th floor.

Most of the rooms are vacant, until the end of the corridor, near the balcony, a slightly special hall appears.

At first glance, it looks like a Buddhist temple.

In the middle of the small hall of fifty square meters, there is an offering table, on which is enshrined a Divine Idol with a blurred face, and a futon is placed under the table, which should be used by people for many years in terms of folds.

There are two copybooks on the left side of the wall of the small hall, one is “Meditation Mantra” and the other is “Clear Heart Art”.

Seeing these two copybooks, Shen Qian remembered the last time with AFK Records. It seems that he was under the control of the system, and it was here that he “had a good chat” with Sister Eight Senior.

The curtain on the side of the Buddhist hall was lifted, and Ji Ruoshui came out with a small bowl in his hand.

She didn’t know when she changed into an azure robe, she froze for a while after seeing Shen Qian, and then her frowning brows relaxed.

“Little Junior Brother, are you awake?”

“Sister Eight, did I do anything out of the ordinary just now?”

It was too late to check if Shen Qian of AFK Records asked cautiously.


Then Shen Qian saw Ji Ruoshui’s oval face stained with a blush, very embarrassed.

It’s over.

Shen Qian, who thought nothing had happened, “ge-deng” in her heart, and her face became heavy, “Is it too much?”

“Well, also… Alright…” Ji Ruoshui said hesitantly.

“Then how did I faint?” Shen Qian sighed in relief, probed.

“I, I knocked you out in a hurry… I’m sorry.” Ji Ruoshui dared not look into Shen Qian’s eyes.

so that’s how it is.

Shen Qian was stunned, sighed in relief, and it seemed that she had not had time to make any excessive moves.

According to Sister Hachi Senior’s character, last time she probably didn’t mean to throw herself out, most of the time it was because she didn’t control her strength under panic…

A rebirth twice cooked.

Everyone didn’t see red, yes, today is a happy ending.

“Little Junior Brother, are you…are you sick?” Ji Ruoshui asked hesitantly at this time.

Shen Qian startled and immediately realized what Ji Ruoshui was referring to. He quickly sighed and pointed to his head, “I have… something in here.”

Ji Ruoshui suddenly understood, and his eyes looked towards Shen Qian with a little more pity.

“So that’s the case, then, then I don’t blame Junior Brother…”

“So Hachi Senior Sister, if I have any abnormal behavior in the future, you will Just knock me out like today.”

Shen Qian felt that she had found a way to kill the “evil thoughts” of the system, and she couldn’t help feeling refreshed.

“en.” Ji Ruoshui nodded.

“This…is it for me?” Shen Qian looked down and saw the small bowl in Ji Ruo’s hand, he had smelled the strong fragrance just now.

“I was going to see Third Senior Brother, but he wasn’t there, so I cooked a little pulp porridge.” Ji Ruoshui whispered, “I can wake up.”

Eight Senior Sister How kind!

No wonder system is so impudent.

It’s just that Shen Qian still doesn’t understand what the system wants from Sister Ba Senior.

This pulp porridge smells good, but it tastes a little sour.

Bracing oneself to dry a large bowl of pulp porridge, Shen Qian chatted with Ji Ruoshui again, feeling that the relationship with Sister Ba Senior had returned to the baseline, and then left.

Only when she left the Buddhist hall and passed the balcony, Shen Qian vaguely felt that something was wrong.

He took a few steps back, his eyes wandered, and he settled on a wooden barrel on the balcony.

There is a broken white daoist robe inside, the style is very familiar.

Shen Qian couldn’t help but walked over, picked up the daoist robe and unfolded it, and saw that the daoist robe had been torn to pieces, especially the hem of the back had a huge hole.

This…is this the “okay” that Sister Hachi Senior said?

When Shen Qian was still sluggish, a trembling voice came from beside him, “Little Junior Brother, you, you…”

Shen Qian turned around and hurried away Ji Ruoshui, who came over, was looking at the daoist robe in his hand with flushed cheeks and pale lips, his hands clasped together, as if he didn’t know how to deal with the situation in front of him.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Sister Ba Senior, I didn’t mean to!”

Shen Qian apologized repeatedly, put down her daoist robe and fled.


Shen Qian didn’t rush home to clean up, but first took a taxi and drove straight to the Martial Arts Bureau.

After the Bronze Array broke the record, the Martial Arts Department issued a reward to Shen Qian. After counting the time, it will expire if you don’t claim it.

The department that distributes the awards is the Martial Artist Logistics and Welfare Support Department of the Martial Arts Bureau. Shen Qian has been here once when she went through the procedures for receiving the Martial Artist subsidy last time, but this time she is very familiar.

But the movement was beyond Shen Qian’s expectations.

The little elder sister in uniform at the counter was shocked after Shen Qian explained her purpose and took out her ID, and then hurried to the back.

A few minutes later, the head of the logistics and welfare department greeted him with a smile on his face, and invited Shen Qian to the VIP tea room for tea, followed by a deputy director of the Martial Arts Bureau surnamed Li. Come over and meet Shen Qian in person.

Before Shen Qian could react, several reporters appeared out of nowhere, and they patted Shen Qian with a “click, click, click”.

Although Shen Qian is not quite used to it, she also knows that some things cannot be avoided.

He vaguely felt that there might be some inspiration from the City Lord’s Mansion behind this.

Under the onlookers of countless Martial Arts Bureau staff, Shen Qian finally finished chatting with a group of officials from the Martial Arts Bureau, and then declined Deputy Director Li’s offer to send him a car, holding The package left the Martial Arts bureau in a hurry.

Returning to Xingfu Community, Shen Qian’s heart returned to tranquility amid the greeting from the aunt next door, “Did you skip class again?”

It was eleven o’clock in the morning and there was no one at home, so Shen Qian sat down on the sofa and started unpacking.

The Martial Arts Department issued a total of two rewards for Shen Qian’s clearance of the bronze circle.

The first item is a cash reward provided by the Martial Arts Education and Training Equipment Customs Clearance Special Fund. Just after Shen Qian has been authenticated by the Martial Arts Bureau, the one million yuan bonus has been credited to his bank card. superior.

Yes, a million!

Shen Qian was shocked by this figure. He originally thought that 100,000 yuan should be considered high.

Later, Shen Qian learned from the minister of the Welfare Department that because of its particularity, the highest difficulty of the Bronze Man Array has reached three stars, which is beyond the scope of the basic level, so the clearance bonus is relatively high.

Basic levels like Wooden Pile, Heaven’s Line, and Hulao Pass are as low as 50,000 and as high as 200,000.

The second reward is a special reward for a level rating of “SSS”.

This is the package that Shen Qian is currently unpacking.

The package was not big, but it was unexpectedly heavy, so Shen Qian was more curious about what was inside.

The cumbersome outer packaging was removed, and a wooden box printed with the logo of the Martial Arts Department of Mountains and Rivers was revealed.

Opening the lock of the wooden box, Shen Qian couldn’t help but startled when she saw the thing lying on the red silk cloth inside.

“A martial arts order?”

Shen Qian’s surprise was not because the reward was the martial arts order he got from Wang Shuo not long ago, but because of the rewards in the wooden box. The martial arts order…

There are five!

It’s a bit of an exaggeration.

Because the martial arts order is something that both the Third Senior Brother and the Sixth Senior Brother are scarce, although Shen Qian has not yet understood the purpose of the martial arts order.

But thinking about the big one’s quota for one year is only ten yuan, it can be seen that this thing is precious.

Shen Qian picked them up and looked at them. That’s right, it was the exact same martial arts order as the one in his hand, but the serial number on the back was different.

At this moment, Shen Qian’s eyes suddenly narrowed, because he found that there was a letter under the silk cloth.

“Shen Qian’s classmate personally inspired.”

The six pen characters on the envelope resembles nature itself, an indescribable charm assaults the senses, and Shen Qian vaguely felt that this font Some look familiar.

He opened the envelope, pulled out the letter inside and read it.

For a long time, Shen Qian, who was stunned, put down the letter and put out a breath a little, with thought and surprise in his eyes.

The person who wrote to him was named Wu Wei.

I am…the Minister of Martial Arts of Huaxia!

If Jing City Marquis Gao Wenyuan is a living legend, then Wu Wei and the others belong to the familiar Legendary.

Because he often appears on TV, but you are impossible to come into contact with in daily life.

Shen Qian didn’t expect anything, but the other party actually wrote a letter to him.

The letter has two parts.

The first part is the printed body. From the format, it looks like the standard content of congratulations to Martial Artist who refreshed the record, but this part also mentioned that for the person who refreshed the level record, the normal reward is a piece of martial arts. make.

And because the level evaluation has reached SSS, there is an additional reward.

In other words, normally Shen Qian can only get two performance orders.

The latter part is handwritten. Looking at the stern words on the paper, Shen Qian finally remembered that Wu Wei once mentioned a poem on the title page of the college entrance examination guide, which is the same. font.

No wonder he looked familiar.

Wu Wei’s handwritten content is not too much, just a few sentences:

“I am very relieved to hear that Shen Qian’s classmate broke through the bronze formation, and I have only risen in China one day. , I will send you three pieces of martial arts to congratulate.

The sky is high and the bird is flying, the sea is wide and the fish is leaping, I hope that Shen Qian will continue to work hard, and the wind and waves will continue to hang in the sea!”

In other words, three of the five martial arts orders were gifts from Wu Wei.

Shen Qian was subconsciously excited, but also inexplicably felt some pressure.

In Wu Wei’s capacity, it was definitely not random to send the martial arts orders, and most of them had practical uses for Shen Qian.

Where exactly is the myriad forms tower?

Shen Qian became more and more curious. He vaguely felt that it was not as simple as ordinary Secret Realm.

…Forget it, you’ll know it when you go to college anyway.

After putting away the martial arts order, Shen Qian did not delay. After going to the supermarket and pharmacy, she went home and started packing.

The intense hunger is still eroding Shen Qian’s body, it’s time to break through Beginner Martial Artist!

Satiated pills, concentrated juices, a change of clothes, a medicine pill for emergency internal and external injuries… Shen Qian put them into the package the same way.

In order to get the Origin Qi, according to Shen Qian’s conjecture, it should be out of the city.

After all, Liu Changqing also broke through outside the city.

This time Shen Qian was very well prepared, and it could be regarded as the experience after the last enlightenment.

The system won’t let him die, but it might make him embarrassed.

Leave a note to his parents explaining that after studying in the old Wang Family for the past two days, Shen Qian took a shower in advance, then clicked on the AFK interface of the system and began to input requirements.

“First, find a suitable source energy and break through Beginner Martial Artist.”

“Second, if you can’t break through and return to Jing City before June 6, you won’t. Execute this AFK task.”

This is the AFK task that Shen Qian entered after careful consideration, in order to prevent it from “running out of control” like the last time he was enlightened.

June 6th is the latest date to print the admission ticket. If you miss Shen Qian, you will miss the college entrance examination.

However, the steady Shen Qian thought about it, and then called Liu Changqing again, probably explaining that he planned to go out of town to break through Beginner Martial Artist. If there is no news on the 6th, let Liu Changqing Changqing pays attention to his whereabouts, which can be regarded as an insurance.

As for Liu Changqing’s proposal to “protect the Dao”, Shen Qian declined. Who kept him secret…

And he also believed that the system would not let him fall into mortal danger .

Afterwards, Shen Qian edited a birthday message on the wristband to send to Ding Yi at 0:00 on June 6th. After careful consideration, Shen Qian clicked “Start AFK”.

“AFK task has been generated, system is parsing…”

“system parsing is complete, and the best path is being calculated…”

Listening to my mind In the middle of the sound, Shen Qian nodded slightly, it seems that according to the calculation of the system, three days is enough, and he will not miss the college entrance examination.

“The mission target has been locked, and the system is automatically finding its way…”

This time the system took a long time to calculate, and it took a full five minutes before the final message came. beep.

I don’t know what kind of Origin Qi the system will choose to devour…

Shen Qian’s eyes darkened and he completely lost consciousness.


Wang Yangming was walking on the street when suddenly a “peng” sounded, and a baby fist-sized hailstone hit his feet, and then shattered.

Wang Yangming was taken aback, and when he was still in shock, there were shouts and shouts from the side: “Classmate, you don’t want to die, don’t hurry up!”

Wang Yangming looked up and saw a team of police Martial Artist, standing under the eaves on the street and waving at him.

Wang Yangming ran over, and the policeman Martial Artist frowned with a beard in the lead said, “Classmate, didn’t you see the group notification on the bracelet, why are you running around outside?”


“My bracelet was taken away by my parents in the past two days. As soon as I got the bracelet, I ran out in a hurry. I didn’t have time to see it.”

Wang Yangming scratched his head and asked, “Is there something wrong, and why is there hail in Jing City?”

He looked up and saw that the Jing City sky, which used to be peaceful in the past, was now covered with dark clouds. Rain mixed with hail is pouring down.


Another piece of hail smashed down the street, a circle bigger than the previous one, making Wang Yangming’s eyelids twitched.

“City Lord’s Mansion issued a notice yesterday, it seems that Jing City’s weather system has malfunctioned. We don’t know exactly what happened.”

Song Ye frowned, He looked up at the tower in the center of the city, which was half-hidden in the rain.

The Jing City weather system has been in operation for more than 50 years and has never failed. This time the situation is really strange.

It was just hail and rain today. A hurricane blew directly in Tian City yesterday. Fortunately, the powerhouse of the Martial Arts Bureau took action in time to extinguish the newly formed eye.

In the middle of the night last night, there was a strange high temperature in the city, but fortunately it only lasted for 20 minutes.

In short, Jing City’s weather system seems to be out of tune. It will change rapidly in spring and summer, autumn and winter.

It stands to reason that Jing City Marquis is impossible to sit back and watch even if there is any malfunction in the weather system!

The strangest thing is that City Lord’s Mansion doesn’t seem to have taken any measures, other than mobilizing a large number of police forces to keep the ordinary residents of Jing City safe.

Song Ye, who is in charge of patrolling the central city, knows best that no maintenance personnel have ever been in or out of Heavenspan Pagoda.

It’s really weird.

Fortunately, the college entrance examination is approaching these two days, and schools all over the city are on holiday, but the temporary suspension of production by the employers will not affect anything.

“You’re a senior in high school? Why don’t you study hard at home and run around?”

Song Ye shook his head. He turned his attention back to the boy in front of him.

“I didn’t want to come out.”

Wang Yangming said with a sullen face, “I have a classmate who hasn’t received the admission ticket, and our head teacher can’t contact him, so we Let me go to his house, today is the last day, and if I don’t pick him up, I will miss the college entrance examination!”

“Where is your classmate’s home?” Song Ye felt a little troublesome when he heard this. .

“In Xingfu District, just in Nancheng…”

“Xingfu District?” Song Ye interrupted the other party, and carefully looked at Wang Yangming, who was wet, and suddenly felt in his heart. With a move, “You…are you Shen Qian’s classmate?”

“Ah, you…you are Captain Song?” Wang Yangming saw the other party pulling down his hood and recognized the other party, and immediately exclaimed in surprise.

“…So Shen Qian disappeared again?”

Song Ye had already thought of something when he recognized the other party and asked directly.

“It seems to be.”


After being silent for a while, Song Ye put out a breath and said to the person next to him, “You guys Continue to patrol, watch out for pedestrians, and I’ll find someone.”

After instructing, Song Ye took out a special umbrella and walked forward with Wang Yangming.

“Captain Song, aren’t we going to Shen Qian’s house?” Seeing that the direction was wrong, Wang Yangming couldn’t help asking.

“If you can’t get in touch, I don’t think it’s very likely that he’s at home. Let’s find another person directly. Do you know Liu Changqing?”

“Ah , Heavenspan Pagoda, I know!” Wang Yangming suddenly wondered, “You said that Shen Qian will be in Heavenspan Pagoda? Impossible…”

The last thing Wang Yangming is still confused now Yes, but he wasn’t stupid either. He could vaguely perceive that Shen Qian was different now, but he couldn’t tell exactly what was different.

But to make him think of more things, he really doesn’t have that imagination.

Song Ye was not particularly clear about the relationship, he just had some guesses, naturally he wouldn’t talk nonsense, he didn’t answer Wang Yangming’s question, just took him to Heavenspan Pagoda silently.

Here is not far from Heavenspan Pagoda, and after only five minutes, the two of them came to the square in front of the tower.

Before approaching the tower, the two saw a flash, and there was already a silhouette in front of them wearing a white-washed vintage robe.

“Looking for Shen Qian?” Liu Changqing asked directly after appearing without any unnecessary nonsense.

“Liu Situ!” Song Ye greeted, and then nodded, “Yes.”

“He’s all right, you go back.” Liu Changqing turned and was about to leave.

“That, that, Big Brother Liu…” Wang Yangming was anxious.

“What else?” Liu Changqing turned around and raised his eyebrows.

“Today is the last day to receive the admission ticket. If Shen Qian doesn’t receive it, he will miss the college entrance examination.” Song Ye said for him.

“Admission ticket? Why didn’t this kid say it earlier…”

Liu Changqing muttered and waved his hand, “Got it.”

See When Liu Changqing was about to leave, Song Ye hesitated for a while and then asked, “Dare to ask Liu Situ, this weather regulation system…”

“There is no major event, it will be fine in two days.”


Liu Changqing said calmly, “Let’s go back.”

Song Ye hesitated, but still sighed and didn’t ask any more questions, pulling the ignorant Wang Yangming left the square.

Watching the two disappear, Liu Changqing’s eyes slowly retracted again, and finally turned to the top of Heavenspan Pagoda, which was covered by clouds.

“Fuck, the whole city is with you in the wind and rain, this card… If you don’t know it, you think you’re a breakthrough prince!”

“That’s outrageous!”

He scolded in his heart, thinking of what Song Ye said just now, Liu Changqing still waved to a school Disciple when he passed by the door.

“Go, help your nine Senior Brothers to print out the admission ticket. I remember that this kid seems to have to take the liberal arts and martial arts exams, don’t miss it!”

“Okay. “

The Academy Disciple turned around and wanted to leave. After thinking about it, he turned around and asked, “Sixth Senior Brother, should I print the admission ticket at the school or go to the Education Bureau?”

” How the hell do I know?” Liu Changqing waved his hand without looking back, “Go and find out for yourself!”

Taking the elevator all the way to the 99th floor, he looked at the brand new floor and the busy renovation team in front of him. , Liu Changqing’s heart became sour again.

“It’s been more than a week since the mother’s installation has been completed. What is the teacher doing, building a palace?”

It was only installed on the 19th floor of his own. Half of it, it’s all the money I’ve exchanged for my own life and death…

I can’t think about it anymore, I can’t think about it anymore.

Liu Changqing twitched the wings of his nose, for fear that he would actually shed tears.

Going to the top floor from the spiral staircase that had been peeled off separately, Liu Changqing saw Shi Dingyan sitting cross-legged on the lawn in front of him as soon as he walked out of the door.

Liu Changqing walked over to Shi Dingyan and sat down, swept the circle and saw nothing of the silhouette, and couldn’t help but said, “Where’s Little Junior Sister?”

Obviously Ji Ruoshui was here just now .

“She went back first. You also know that Little Junior Sister has no vitality in her body. The temperature here changes too fast, I’m afraid she can’t bear it.”

Shi Dingyan explained.

Liu Changqing nodded slightly, glanced cautiously to the edge of the platform, and saw that the black hair couch was still empty, so he relaxed a little.

“teacher hasn’t come back yet?”

“Why, didn’t you feel very happy when you scolded teacher for being eccentric yesterday downstairs? Now you feel guilty?”

Shi Dingyan glanced at Liu Changqing with a faint smile.

“Third Senior Brother, don’t talk nonsense, am I, Liu Changqing, someone who is afraid of things?”

Liu Changqing blushed and frowned, “Where did the teacher go? Are you going to leave Heavenspan Pagoda?”

“teacher didn’t say it.”

Shi Dingyan pondered then said, “But I think maybe it has something to do with Little Junior Brother’s breakthrough.”

“Although I know that Little Junior Brother must have something extraordinary, it’s just a breakthrough Beginner Martial Artist, and it’s just a breakthrough Beginner Martial Artist.

Liu Changqing sighed and added four words, and then the two of them raised their heads in unison.

In the sky very close to Heavenspan Pagoda, the thick clouds that used to block the weather regulation system had dissipated at some point, revealing an all-metal huge monster.

At first glance, the legendary Jing City weather regulation system looks like a huge hollow disk with a diameter of over a kilometer.

dim-blue’s one-piece metal case with only a smooth gap at the edge.

On the side facing the ground, there are white lines on the outer shell that divide the disc into ten equal areas, each of which is painted with a symbol representing the weather.

The yin and yang on both sides are darkly combined with the sun and the moon, and the other eight places are wind, thunder, rain, snow, fog, frost, haze and haze.

At this time, the other seven areas are dim, and only the areas marked “Hail”, “Sun” and “Rain” are bright.

On the side of the disc facing the sky, the colorful chains moved towards all directions extending out, clinging to the outermost protective cover of Jing City and spreading to the whole city.

At this time, in the center of the disk, there is a snowstorm about ten meters long and wide circling.

“Every time I look at this weather regulation system, I have a feeling of admiration.”

Shi Dingyan sighed, “The teacher is also often praised, and he is the only person in the world to be a prince by engineering. There is only one Supreme Unity king!”

“I don’t really understand, but what kind of Spirit Stone reactor is really awesome, I feel that the energy contained in it can easily kill me.” Liu Changqing is also rare showed admiration.


While the two were discussing, the weather adjustment system suddenly made a loud noise, and then slowly turned.

“Here again!”

Both of them stood up with facial expression grave, and then their eyes fell to the center of the disc.

The ice and snow storm that was still spinning crazily stopped slowly, revealing a silhouette of one, and it was Shen Qian.

At this time, Shen Qian closed his eyes tightly, and was held in the void by an invisible force. What was more shameful was that he was not wearing clothes, but Shi Dingyan and Liu Changqing both had indifferent expressions, obviously is used to it.

“I almost forgot.”

Liu Changqing raised his eyebrows suddenly, took out the wristband and took two pictures with a “click” and “click” toward Shen Qian in the air.

“You are.

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