I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 11


Chapter 11 College Entrance Exam Guide

When Shen Qian, who was wet, opened his eyes, he looked at the shimmering jade in his palm When I was a green plant, I could only feel that the system father was still awesome.

Schisandra is born with water, and is naturally good at camouflage, so it is extremely difficult to locate. Most of the chilisans currently used for medical use are artificially planted, and the cost of wild picking is not proportional to the harvest.

Maybe the strength potion medicine produced by the system has stronger efficacy, and it also has a credit for wild chilisan.

Shen Qian, who used the system active AFK mode for the first time, recalled that dialog after thinking about it.

β€œI want one million.”

Shen Qian entered a simple wish.

“The target mission conditions are not met, AFK failed.”

The system prompt popped up quickly.

Then Shen Qian entered 500,000, 200,000, 100,000 again…and the result was the same.

Sadly smacking her lips, Shen Qian continued typing.

“I want ten girlfriends…”

After thinking about it, Shen Qian deleted the sentence and changed it to “I want ten rich girls. friend”.

The system didn’t respond for a long time. Just when Shen Qian wondered if the system was stuck, the system prompt finally popped up.

“Please take a look at the host in the mirror.”

Shen Qian was furious on the spot, cursing the system as a mechanical blind, how could he possibly understand human aesthetics?

After a long time, Shen Qian calmed down and continued to input: “Increase spirit strength.”

“The target task conditions are not met, AFK failed.

( Note: The host can try again after being promoted to Beginner Martial Artist)”

Shen Qian was a little surprised.

AFK failed as he expected, but what does that note mean?

Shen Qian heard Teacher Liu mentioned before that although the Internet is developed, Martial Artists with High Rank rarely appear on the Internet, and many Martial Arts knowledge sites are blank.

Maybe, there may be legal restrictions.

But according to the sporadic information that Shen Qian checked, spirit strength is a level exclusive to Mountain And Sea Realm, and Hei Yao Spirit Stone can only passively breed spirit strength, but according to the system , it seems that the Beginner Martial Artist can be actively promoted?

Immediately, Shen Qian put aside his wild thoughts. In any case, the top priority in front of him was to be promoted to Beginner Martial Artist as soon as possible.


The alarm clock didn’t wake up Shen Qian, or Wang Xiaojuan saw Shen Qian’s bedroom closed before she went out to buy groceries. son in bed.

However, Wang Xiaojuan was obviously taken aback by Shen Qian’s heavy dark circles, and then the complexion changed, and she began to rummage under the bed and in the trash can.

Shen Qian regained some sobriety and asked strangely, “Mom, what are you doing?”

Wang Xiaojuan, who did not find any “criminal evidence”, looked a little better and was not angry. “You’re going to class today, why don’t you get up yet?”

“It’s fine, I’ll take a taxi, it’s fast.” Shen Qian slowly dressed and said with a yawn.

Last night he exploded the liver and made medicine, and the liver didn’t go to sleep until 4am. If it wasn’t for the group’s notification that everyone was not allowed to be absent today, Shen Qian would have planned to take another day off.

“Take a taxi?” Wang Xiaojuan asked suspiciously, “You get fifty or sixty from here to school, where do you get the money?”

Shen Qian was completely awake at this time, but Soon face doesn’t change and said, “My dad gave it to me.”

“Your dad?”

Wang Xiaojuan, who has been in charge of the family’s financial power, suddenly changed color and turned then. went to the master bedroom.

Shen Liang, who fell asleep after working the night shift last night, was pulled from the bed with a bewildered face. Hearing the questioning voice of Wang Xiaojuan in the master bedroom, Shen Qian hurriedly put on his clothes. , sneaked out of the house before being witnessed by summon witnesses.


Jing City No. 7 Middle School, Shen Qian stepped into the classroom of Class 109 perfectly, and was thinking about another thing at the same time.

If you are afraid that you will not be able to get up in the future, can you use the AFK system to set an alarm for yourself?

For example, “take me to school at eight o’clock”.

In this way, I can go to school as soon as I close my eyes…perfect.

After pressing the call from Shen Liang again, Shen Qian immediately reached out to stop Wang Yangming before he could speak, “Don’t ask, it’s insomnia, I don’t even have a tissue in my bedroom.”

“What did you do last night?” Forcibly, Wang Yangming changed his rhetoric, “Why did you take two days off? Teacher Liu didn’t say why, by the way, you know what, Ding Yi Suspended from school.”

Shen Qian startled, so soon?

I immediately thought of Ding Yi’s abnormal behavior that day, and it seemed that he really came to say goodbye to himself.

Unfortunately, I didn’t come.

“Don’t leave when school is over. I’ll find someone to block you.” Shen Qian didn’t answer and said instead.

“What?” Wang Yangming was stunned.

“Oh, that’s fine…I have something to tell you.” Shen Qian patted Wang Yangming’s shoulders and walked back to his seat.

There are a total of four classes in the morning. In fact, in the second semester of high school, there is nothing new. Whether it is the first math class or the second basic martial skill class, the over and over are all before the review. content.

The basic martial skill class was held in the Major Sect room. There was a small episode when the two were practicing against each other. Shen Qian, who was suddenly unable to hold back his strength, kicked his tablemate Zhou Xu away. Going out, the whole place was silent.

However, Shen Qian quickly explained that the floor was too slippery, and Zhou Xu lost his mind again and fell.

Sure enough, in the next practice session, Shen Qian became mediocre again, and everyone quickly forgot about this little episode, and even Zhou Xu wondered if he stepped on it accidentally. what.

Hide one’s strengths and bide your time, and impact Martial Artist.

This is the strategy Shen Qian set for himself.

The origin of the system is unknown. Once someone discovers its secrets, it may be the material for slicing research.

It’s only been two weeks since he got the system, and Shen Qian’s progress is comparable to the past five years.

“Let’s be a happy saint.” Shen Qian thought.

After two classes, there is a 30-minute break between classes, but no classmates left the classroom, because Liu Simin had sent a notice yesterday, and there are important things to announce today.

After a while, Liu Simin, carrying two cardboard boxes, walked into the classroom.

The two cartons are full of materials, and the weight is not light, but Liu Simin is a Beginner Martial Artist of the fifth stage, and his physical strength is at least 200Kg. It is naturally easy to carry two cartons.

“Are all your classmates here?” Liu Simin put down the cardboard box, looked around the classroom, opened the mouth and said: “I think everyone has heard that Ding Yi has taken an early leave of absence due to Northern Martial’s request. Going to the northern capital, it is said that the Martial Arts department has a very high-level competition this year…”

Class 109 discussed spiritedly, of course, the focus is not the so-called mysterious competition, but the envy of Ding Yi for not taking the college entrance examination. You can directly study one of the highest martial arts universities in China.

“Okay, be quiet!” Liu Simin knocked on the table, “Ding Yi is not here, then Lin Xiaoqian will serve as the monitor temporarily, and then the teacher will distribute this year’s college entrance examination jointly issued by the Ministry of Education and the Department of Martial Arts. Admissions guidelines, students who only take liberal arts exams are fine, but students who apply for martial arts exams should pay special attention, because physical fitness is only one of them…”

“Anything else?” Shen Qian was a little surprised.

A month ago, he didn’t have much thought about martial arts, and he didn’t pay special attention to the details of the martial arts college entrance examination. After all, if he couldn’t even reach the most basic physical fitness, no one would waste it. registery fee.

“According to previous years’ experience, there are generally political review points and actual combat points. Oh, yes, there are also requirements for liberal arts points, but the requirements are usually not high.” Zhou Xu explained next to him. one sentence.

At this time, the new monitor Lin Xiaoqian has started to distribute materials, and soon Shen Qian also got a college entrance examination admission guide.

(end of this chapter)

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