I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 110


Chapter 110 The Origin of Chaos (Subscribe)

When Liu Changqing and Shi Dingyan held their breath, in the air, they had already opened their eyes Shen Qian suddenly closed his eyes again.

“What’s the situation?”

Both are startled.

Those Spiritual Qi, who had been swept up by Shen Qian, were also stagnant in the air, and tended to retreat.

“What’s the problem?”

Shi Dingyan frowned, but he didn’t dare to make a move when he wasn’t sure.

“Look at his body!”

Liu Changqing’s face became even more solemn, and he almost couldn’t help but take a few steps forward.

After being reminded by Liu Changqing, Shi Dingyan discovered that Shen Qian’s body had undergone terrifying changes.

His left foot was freezing inch by inch, but his right foot was bursting with flames, blood was blurred, his abdomen was torn apart, and layers of strange black mist were permeating, the most terrifying was Shen Qian Half of his neck is bizarrely blurring.

Although Shen Qian didn’t scream, her facial features began to twist uncontrollably.

“Original Qi is all out of control…”

Liu Changqing sucked in a breath of cold air, “Third Senior Brother, what should I do?”

Shi Dingyan He pondered very quickly, and finally shook his head with a bleak face, “You should know best… We can’t do anything.” The behavior, not to mention that it is a hundred and twenty different kinds of Origin Qi.

“It’s not out of control, it’s out of balance.”

At this moment, a calm voice sounded behind the two of them.


Both of them were sighed in relief when they heard the voice, and turned around. Sure enough, Gao Wenyuan, who was wearing a long white suit, did not know when he appeared in the two of them. Behind him, he was watching Shen Qian in mid-air.

“teacher, are you… alright?”

Shi Dingyan was a little surprised, because Gao Wenyuan, who has always loved Jie, was stained with a lot of red and gray stains on his windbreaker. , and even the cuffs were damaged.

Liu Changqing also found out, and was inexplicably horrified.

Who in this world can make a teacher so embarrassed?

“It doesn’t matter.”

Gao Wenyuan smiled faintly, “This time I went a little farther, so I wasn’t prepared.”

“teacher is for Little Junior Brother?” Shi Dingyan’s heart moved.

Gao Wenyuan nodded slightly, “The place he finally chose to break through is here, it really surprised me, I can only go personally.”

“The teacher you said is out of balance. What do you mean?” Liu Changqing couldn’t help but ask.

“I’m out of balance, it’s just… one thing is missing.”

Gao Wenyuan said softly, then stretched out his hand and waved, a gloomy and dull stone flew towards Shen Qian.

Liu Changqing and Shi Dingyan were a little stunned when they looked at the palm-size broken stone. They already understood what Gao Wenyuan meant.

But, the teacher went to a certain danger, maybe even experienced a certain danger, and this is what he got back?

As if feeling the contempt of the two, the gray stone suddenly shines brightly, transforming into five-color rays of light, and even the clouds are rendered magnificent.

The five-color rays of light decomposed by the stone are like real substance, and they are respectively submerged in Shen Qian’s five limbs.

Shen Qian’s abnormal state was dispelling at a speed visible to naked eyes, and his eyebrows became peaceful again.

“teacher, what kind of stone is this?” Liu Changqing was a little stunned.

“Five-colored stone.”

“Why haven’t I heard of this thing?” Liu Changqing wondered.

“It also has a name, a name from Myths and Legends…”

Gao Wenyuan stared at the five-color rays of light, and said softly, “Stone of the sky.”

Shi Dingyan was stunned, “It is said that the ancient mother Goddess Wa used Divine Stone to mend the sky, and it was not groundless. .”

“I can feel that the turbulent Origin Qi in Jiu Junior Brother’s body is tending to balance in a delicate state.”

After listening to Shi Dingyan’s analysis, Liu Changqing looked Towards Shen Qian’s eyes also became hot, and he couldn’t help but ask: “teacher, with this Heaven Replenishing Stone, can I also try to absorb some different Origin Qi?”

” Yes.”

“Look at the teacher…”

“Go find it yourself.”

Liu Changqing: “…”

At this moment, Gao Wenyuan waved his hand suddenly, and as the brilliance lit up, Liu Changqing, who had not yet reacted, disappeared into the ground with a dull expression.

Shi Dingyan was taken aback for a moment, “teacher, sixth junior brother doesn’t seem to scold you this time!”

“That’s because I didn’t give him a chance.” Gao Wenyuan indifferently said.

Shi Dingyan was speechless for a while, always felt that what the teacher said was very reasonable, but there seemed to be something strange…

At this time, the five-color stone completely disappeared in the air , all the five-color rays of light were completely submerged in Shen Qian’s body.


Shen Qian opened her eyes again.

At this time, there was no light in his eyes, but Shi Dingyan seemed to hear the clanging sound of a sharp sword unsheathed.


Spiritual Qi, who had calmed down, tumbled violently again, broke free from the colorful chains, and rushed towards Shen Qian’s body.

These are Spiritual Qi who are the most primordial between Heaven and Earth. Their ferocity is no less than that of Origin Qi, but after entering Shen Qian’s body, they seem to be restrained and gradually become docile.

Shen Qian’s Rong Yuan Dan in his mouth started to work.

But Shen Qian’s body is like a black hole. Under Shi Dingyan’s horrified gaze, countless Spiritual Qi are devoured by Shen Qian, which has long exceeded the need for a common martial artist breakthrough.

“The body of the eight orifices is so terrifying?”

Shi Dingyan sighed with emotion, but he didn’t forget to pick up the bottle gourd on the side, the Rong Yuan Dan in Shen Qian’s mouth was completely After the ablation, another one was thrown into the mouth of Shen Qian, who was not fully awake.

With Shi Dingyan’s constant “feeding”, Shen Qian’s whole body was covered with colored light.

More and more Spiritual Qi poured into Shen Qian’s body. Gradually, even Rong Yuandan’s medicinal power could no longer be bound to the deteriorated Spiritual Qi.


Seeing that Shen Qian’s body was ripped apart again, Shi Dingyan frowned, turned his head and looked towards Gao Wenyuan.

“Just look at it.”

Gao Wenyuan was expressionless.

Under Shi Dingyan’s suspicious gaze, Shen Qian gradually fell into a state of distorted facial features.

He was torn many times, blood spattered, Spiritual Qi overflowed, and his whole body seemed to be completely shattered.

But at this moment, another milk-white brilliance seemed to wake up suddenly, wrapping Shen Qian from the inside out, constantly repairing his broken vitality.

“This is…” Shi Dingyan was stunned.

“He ate Ruoshui’s peach.” Gao Wenyuan said softly.

Shi Dingyan stared wide-eyed, as if the impact of this sentence on him was even greater than when he saw the Heaven Patching Stone just now.

β€œEighth Junior Sister actually let him eat peaches?” Shi Dingyan muttered.

“Probably…because they are all sick.” Gao Wenyuan mouth expose a smile.

“Huh?” Shi Dingyan was a little at a loss.

Gao Wenyuan did not explain much about the matter, he stood with his hands behind his back, and waited for a while before opening the mouth and said: “Ding Yan, you will wait here, and send him to rest after the end. That’s it.”

Shi Dingyan felt a lot more relieved when he heard this, because Gao Wenyuan’s words meant that no more accidents would happen.

After thinking for a while, before Gao Wenyuan left, Shi Dingyan still asked, “Dare to ask the teacher, what is the original Qi that the Nine Junior Brothers merged like this?”


“Is it Five Elements, or is it more powerful Yin and Yang?”

Hearing Shi Dingyan’s question, Gao Wenyuan figure stopped, his eyes penetrated the void, as if he saw something interesting, and then his face lit up. With an indescribable subtle expression.

“I don’t know either.”

“You… don’t know?”

Gao Wenyuan didn’t say any more, his figure had disappeared without a sound in place.

Du Liu Shi Dingyan froze in place, speechless for a long time.


Shen Qian woke up in the familiar sandalwood.

He stared at the plainly decorated ceiling and fell into a long trance.

Because…he doesn’t feel like his body is his.

It is both unfamiliar and familiar.

Shen Qian rolled over and sat up from the bed. He was wearing only one pajamas, so Shen Qian couldn’t wait to tear off the pajamas and began to look at his body with the help of the sunlight coming in from the window.

It’s not as exaggerated as the perfect proportions, but it’s strangely coordinated. It looks good no matter what.

Shen Qian began to try to activate the new energy in her body.

His fingertips jumped out of a ball of vitality, but it was not the usual colorless and invisible, but with a cold gray texture, which was clearly recognizable.

β€œBeginner Martial Artist…”

Shen Qian felt a sense of solidity in her heart.

There is no doubt that he has successfully advanced and passed the initial threshold.

From today onwards, he has only opened the door that was opened in the Spiritual Qi era, and is qualified to be called a True Martial Artist.


Shen Qian was woken up by the shattering sound of the door. The hurried footsteps made Shen Qian realize something. He looked at his Chiguo’s body, somehow embarrassed.

But soon, Shen Qian put these distracting thoughts out of his mind.

Because when he picked up the bracelet, he realized that it was already June 7th!

He started AFK on June 3rd, which means that his breakthrough took 4 days.

He desperately needs to take a look at AFK Records to fill in his “crippled” memory.

Shen Qian put on his clothes first, and then cleaned up the food and tiles scattered around the door before sitting back on the bed, sinking his consciousness into the AFK interface.

This time is probably because there is no stop in the middle, so there is only one folder.

Without training memory and combat experience, it is the plain text version that Shen Qian is most familiar with.

Shen Qian was stunned after reading the first few lines.

He…isn’t out of town?

When she saw that she had found Gao Wenyuan and finally boarded Jing City’s weather system, Shen Qian was stunned by the operation of the system.

Gao Wenyuan agreed.

But Shen Qian thought about it and felt suddenly enlightened.

Yes, there are all kinds of violent weather outside the city, but what can be compared to Jing City’s complete weather adjustment system?

And “system” has always been a person who does not take the usual path.

Shen Qian guessed that the system would probably not incorporate only one kind of Origin Qi, but he still far underestimated the ambition of the system.

One hundred and twenty!

It’s fucking outrageous.

Shen Qian continued to read, and the rest was all about the process of integrating 120 kinds of Origin Qi in the system. After clicking “Extract method memory”, Shen Qian digested it for a while and understood it from the perspective of the system. What is “Original Qi”.

To put it bluntly, “Original Qi” is also a kind of Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi.

Spiritual Qi is miscellaneous, from a physical point of view, it is equivalent to containing various trace elements.

Therefore, the Spiritual Qi absorbed into the body by Martial Artist cannot be used directly. Instead, Spiritual Qi must be “purified” and “filtered” by cultivation, and it becomes the vitality that circulates in the human body.

The so-called “Original Qi” refers to a special Spiritual Qi in which the specific gravity of an element exceeds that of other elements.

For example, Liu Changqing’s “wind” is Spiritual Qi whose Wind Element has overwhelmed other elements, so it has an obvious Wind Attribute, allowing him to spatially fly before reaching Mountain And Sea. .

The fusion of vitality and origin can create unique and unmatched “Original vitality”.

But the process is very dangerous, like putting two different chemicals together, and only finding that delicate balance can make them work together harmoniously.

Liu Changqing’s perception between life and death that time, the element of luck is very heavy, but the system still captures the essence from Liu Changqing’s extremely detailed description afterwards.

It is assumed that an accurate quantitative equation is required to achieve equilibrium between one source qi and another.

In theory, at least one hundred and nineteen equations are needed to continuously integrate the one hundred and twenty kinds of essence energy.

The amount of computation involved is extremely huge, and the burden on spirit strength is also extremely heavy.

There is also a precondition, that is, you need to face doesn’t change when you are dying, keep absolutely calm.

In short, it’s not humanly possible.

But…what exactly is the fusion of the 120 kinds of Origin Qi?

Shen Qian couldn’t wait to read on.

Shen Qian was stunned for a long time when he saw that Gao Wenyuan brought back the “Five-color Divine Stone” and that his fleshy body was not overwhelmed by Spiritual Qi. It was because of Eight Senior Sister’s peach porridge.

I was humble in the first half of my life.

How lucky I am now…

Putting out a breath slightly, Shen Qian’s eyes moved down, and finally found the answer.


You successfully gathered a trace of vitality and broke through Beginner Martial Artist (23:32)

You have implanted all the original energy of fusion into Vitality (23:59)

You have created a new source of vitality ‘chaos’ (Note 1) (00:55)

Shi Dingyan sent you to Ji Ruoshui who fell asleep (01:03)



What does this mean?

Shen Qian looked down quickly and found the “Notes” issued by system at the bottom.

“Note 1: According to the system deduction, the ‘chaotic’ Origin Qi has a variety of origin characteristics, can convert existing attributes arbitrarily, and can devour arbitrarily when the external force is less than or equal to the body’s strength.”

The short line made Shen Qian fall into deep thought.

“Conversion” is well understood.

He can become wind, fire, and water, as long as there are attributes in Chaos, he can switch.

In the cartoon, he is Qiwa.

Well, I have all the looks you like…

What about “devouring”?

Shen Qian’s heart beat a little faster, No way No way…

Isn’t it really what I thought?

If so, that’s too dirty!

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