I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 111


Chapter 111 Terror Elevation

Shen Qian hurried out of the room and hesitated for a while, but Shen Qian went to a place first. Go to the temple.

Ji Ruoshui was sitting on the futon with his back to Shen Qian, mutter incantations in his mouth, and was reciting Taoist scriptures.

With her long hair tied up on top of her head and her fair neck exposed, she sat there wrapped in a daoist robe, and the early morning sun just came in through the cracks in the window, giving her a pale-gold pacing. .

The years are quiet.

Shen Qian flashed this very tacky word inexplicably.

Standing silently for a while, Shen Qian said softly, “Sister Eight, thank you for your peach porridge.”

Ji Ruoshui didn’t respond, as if he had been immersed in the scriptures. in the world of text.

Shen Qian didn’t bother anymore, turned around and left silently.

Not long after Shen Qian turned and left, Ji Ruoshui’s sitting upright figure collapsed slightly, and there was a faint sound of long exhalation echoing in the Buddhist hall.


Shen Qian originally wanted to go to the school’s physical examination center, but then he thought about the college entrance examination tomorrow. Seventh Middle School, one of the liberal arts test centers, must have been closed, so he had to transfer Tao went to Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall again.

He urgently needs to verify his current strength and… some conjectures about the chaotic vitality.

Entering the diamond cultivation room of Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall, Shen Qian first turned on the “Do Not Disturb” button to prevent Xiaoxuan from knocking on the door again, and then quickly came to the simulator.

The simulator in Martial Arts Hall is just a simple version, and there are no levels to beat, but it is enough to test your strength.

I put on my helmet and waited for the simulator’s detector to connect my spinal nerves. Soon, a “Liu Changqing” appeared in front of me.

Shen Qian didn’t rush to punch, but closed her eyes first and began to feel and try to mobilize the vitality in her body.

The biggest difference between a Martial Artist and an ordinary person comes from the endless vitality in the body.

In the Beginner Martial Artist stage, vitality only flows in the meridian.

From Beginner Martial Artist 1 to Beginner Martial Artist 9, the main cultivation process is to polish the vitality in the meridian, specifically, continuous compression to increase the quality of vitality.

A normal Beginner Martial Artist can compress the ninth dimension at this stage.

Every time, the quality of vitality will get a certain transition, and these nine quantitative changes correspond to the nine stages of Beginner Martial Artist.

When the final element pressure is no longer pressurized and begins to penetrate into the flesh and blood, it will enter the stage of Martial Artist.

At this time, Shen Qian was full of vitality, and even the meridian was not filled up. It was probably just a trickle, which was constantly flowing inside the meridian.

But even a trace of vitality, when attached to the body, will greatly enhance the strength, which is why Martial Artist is far better than the ordinary person.

About ten minutes later, when Shen Qian, who was fully accustomed to it, felt the vital energy in his body flowing and could be mobilized smoothly, he suddenly opened his eyes.

Shen Qian exhaled, jumped high, and smashed it with a simple punch moved towards β€œLiu Changqing”.


β€œLiu Changqing”all split up and in pieces.

A few seconds later, several lines of data popped up on the simulator’s display.


Power: 1039 Kg

Speed: 2.1 s/100m


Although he was a little mentally prepared, Shen Qian was still full of shock and surprise when he saw these two figures.

Power has successfully broken through the thousand mark!

What is this concept?

According to the textbook, the normal nine-segment Beginner Martial Artist capping power is 999Kg.

1000Kg is a line.

The dividing line between Beginner Martial Artist and Middle Martial Artist!

After calming down, Shen Qian was a little confused again.

From the normal Quasi Martial Artist breakthrough to Beginner Martial Artist, the power generally starts from 149Kg, and after the increase of vitality, it increases by more than ten kg to twenty or thirty kg.

And Shen Qian’s growth rate is too exaggerated.

You know, he just broke through…

In other words, if the Beginner Martial Artist section is further divided, Shen Qian is now a Beginner Martial Artist section Early-Stage ‘s new.

And this is definitely not because of the existence of Origin Qi, because “Origin Qi” can only increase Shen Qian’s battle strength, but it will not directly improve his strength.

“Kai Kai, Kai Kai…”

Shen Qian muttered, suddenly thought of something, and hurriedly rang the bell to call Xiao Xuan.

“There is a teaching aid book called “Martial Arts Human Body Structure”, please see if there is one in the book area in your Martial Arts Hall, if not, go out and buy one for me!”


After five minutes, Xiao Xuan, who was sweating and panting quickly, ran back with her small skirt and shoved a dusty book into Shen Qian’s hands.

Shen Qian saw that it was “Martial Arts Human Body Structure” published by the Ministry of Education. After calling Xiaoxuan to make him a cup of green tea, he sat down on the sofa and began to look for what he wanted.

“Martial Arts Human Body Structure” is a supplementary book for “High School Martial Arts Physiology”, which is not a hard learning content. Shen Qian didn’t order this textbook in order to save money, so some knowledge is still in the blind spot.

Soon, Shen Qian found what she was looking for in “Beginner Martial Artist”.

After reading all the pages, Shen Qian had probably solved his doubts. He closed the book and his eyes were bright.

so that’s how it is  …

Revelation enhances Shen Qian’s potential, but Shen Qian only knew how to open up the blocked human body before, but did not understand the specific principle .

It turns out that it is not so much “opening”, but “opening meridian”.

The blockage of the human body actually refers to the blockage on the meridian.

To put it simply, for a normal Beginner Martial Artist, because he has not experienced enlightenment, most of the meridians in his body are blocked. When vitality enters his body, it can only circulate in a “small area”. .

In this way, the improvement of the strength of the whole body is naturally limited.

And Shen Qian opened ten orifices!

That is to say, his vitality spreads upwards and downwards, and spreads all over the body. When he gains vitality enhancement, the improvement of physical strength is wide-ranging and omnidirectional without dead ends.

Amplification is natural horror!

According to the number of enlightenment, every time he improves, he will be ten times that of common martial artist.

It’s no wonder that the Spiritual Qi he needs to break through is far more than ordinary people, because his capacity is large, and there are more than 90 Rongyuan Dan consumed in the end.

This is where the “Perfection Body” goes against the sky.

Shen Qian’s heart beat uncontrollably.

He has only broken through the Beginner Martial Artist section, and is qualified to challenge the middle Martial Artist. When he reaches the Beginner Martial Artist ninth section, won’t he be able to blow up all the middle Martial Artists and even the high Martial Artists? Break your wrist?

And among them, the battle strength increase of “Origin Qi” has not been calculated…

Shen Qian dared not think about it any more, he was afraid that he would expand.

Let out a long breath, Shen Qian knows why Martial Artists with innate talent and resources should pursue enlightenment.

The foundation of Martial Arts is so important that it is no exaggeration to say that it almost determines the future achievement ceiling to some extent.

And the normal Martial Arts Realm division doesn’t apply to geniuses at all.

Although only in terms of the quality of vitality, Shen Qian is really only a Beginner Martial Artist now.

From this point of view, Wang Shuo’s real realm must not be a Martial Artist, or he doesn’t know how many tricks the other party has opened up…

Forget it, it doesn’t matter, no matter how perverted it is, there will still be Perverted yourself?

Before Xiaoxuan came back, he hung up the “Do Not Disturb” label and returned to the simulator.

This time, let the system try it out.

After all, the powers of the two are not on the same level.

Shen Qian closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, they had become deep.


Old Liu gets banged up again.


A new line of data pops up.


Power: 1299 Kg

Speed: 2.0 s/100m


Shen Qian opened her eyes again, staring at the data on the display, frowned.

It was expected that the system could exert far more power than him, but Shen Qian discovered a small problem.

His own power control has dropped again.

He has been continuously improving before, and his power control has reached about 86%, but now compared to the performance of the system, he has returned to about 80%.

But on second thought, Shen Qian was relieved.

Because there is more vitality in the power he wants to control.

He is not yet familiar with the application of vitality, and the decline in power control can be said to be an inevitable result.

In Martial Artist, when the strength is the fastest, the standard gap between each stage is about 200 to 300Kg, and the power of the system shot is comparable to the second stage of Martial Artist.

It is not surprising that the speed has not increased much.

As mentioned in textbooks before, speed is a relatively peculiar data, and it becomes more difficult to progress as you go forward, especially 2 seconds, which is a great threshold.

Shen Qian reckons that it will take some time to cross this threshold, or that after cultivating the Movement Martial Skill, the restriction should be easily broken.

Shen Qian re-debugged on the simulator and switched to battle mode.

Although there are no levels, the basic “combat training” function is still available, but the combat objects simulated above are relatively rough, and only basic martial skills are used, but it is used to verify the “Original Qi” The power is enough.


After half an hour.

Xiao Xuan’s verdant fingers jumped on Shen Qian’s forehead, perhaps seeing Shen Qian’s eyes a little dazed, Xiao Xuan couldn’t help but ask: “Are you all right?”

“Oh, it’s fine, just thinking of something interesting.”

Shen Qian came back to his senses, adjusted his lying position slightly, and said with a smile.

Xiao Xuan obediently didn’t ask any further questions. Shen Qian stared at the shaking… er, staring at the lamp on the ceiling, thinking of the results of the experiment just now, she still felt like a dream.

Two ways of using Origin Qi, the first “transition” is nothing to say, but Shen Qian found that his proficiency was not enough, and it was difficult to switch freely.

If you want to do as one pleases, there is still a long section of the road to go.

This is no surprise, if he can easily grasp it, he is really not a human being.

Liu Changqing also continued to strengthen with the strength control, and was able to achieve “Royal Air” after the high Martial Artist 9 dan.

The thing that really makes Shen Qian feel awesome is “devouring”.

What is devouring?

When all the vitality that attacked Shen Qian did not exceed his capacity, he could swallow it directly!

Whether it is the original vitality with attributes or the ordinary vitality without attributes, all are possible!

To put it another way, long-range vitality attacks are ineffective against Shen Qian.

And many martial skills, such as “forty meters sword”, “one sword nineteen continents” and the like belong to this category.

This wave…

This wave is all about bells and whistles.

In online games, this also has a special term…

It is called “Magic Immunity”.

Unfortunately, this still requires the accumulation of proficiency in order to eliminate thousands of sword qi into the invisible and immovable realm

Of course, there seems to be no so-called proficiency in the system. In terms of degree, if it is controlled by the system, Shen Qian can now exert the characteristics of the source of chaos.

“Xiao Xuan, please pass me the admission ticket in my pocket.”

After exalting himself in his mind, Shen Qian patted his brain and almost forgot, he But a student who is going to take the college entrance examination tomorrow…

And now he doesn’t even know where his exam room is.

Xiao Xuan found the admission ticket and sat up with Shen Qian. When Shen Qian was checking the admission ticket, she was next to Shen Qian, watching Shen Qian’s profile gently and attentively. , and then peeled the grapes and fed them into Shen Qian’s mouth.

Shen Qian has gotten used to this rotten life. From the very beginning, she is now able to open her mouth naturally and enjoy Xiaoxuan’s service.

The admission ticket is divided into liberal arts and martial arts.

For liberal arts, Shen Qian’s test center was assigned to Jing City No. 1 Middle School, and the test was three and a half days in total.

The contents of the seven subjects are Chinese, Mathematics, Diplomatic Language, Martial Arts Theory, General Arts, General Science and General Arts.

There is not much to talk about in Chinese. Shen Qian is already familiar with all the ancient poems and model essays by heart, and he has no idea how much he has memorized the answering routines.

The really hard part is the composition part, but Shen Qian has also practiced a lot of writing skills recently and is not panicking.

Mathematics is Shen Qian’s most confident subject, and it is also the subject he has improved the most during this time.

Then diplomatic language…

Shen Qian quickly asked Xiaoxuan to bring a laptop over, and then logged on to the official website of the Ministry of Education.

Shen Qian almost forgot that the subjects of “Diplomatic Language” and “Integrated Arts” can choose the test content by themselves. It’s cool.

Diplomatic languages are available in nine languages, English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Bengali, Japanese, German, Hindi, and Arabic.

Shen Qian chose English as the most familiar and Japanese as the best.

It seems that most of the male students in the class mainly focus on Japanese, cough cough…

Then there is “art comprehensive”, the content is probably music appreciation, antique appreciation, food appreciation , the origin of art, etc., Shen Qian reviewed almost all the things on paper, and chose three randomly to submit.

After finishing the liberal arts, Shen Qian took another look at the martial arts admission ticket. Sure enough, the exam location was in the provincial capital as in previous years. .

At this moment, Shen Qian’s wristband vibrated rapidly after turning it on for a while.

He took it over and saw that it was the call from mother. Only then did he realize that he had been wandering outside for four or five days. If he didn’t go back, maybe mother would call the police again.

Under the eyes of Xiaoxuan Rushui, Shen Qian hurriedly put on clothes and left the Martial Arts Hall with a guilty conscience…

Wait, why should I be guilty?

It was already dusk when he walked out of the Martial Arts Hall, and Shen Qian was suddenly alarmed by the sound of the gun salute.

He looked up and saw that in the sky north of Jing City, two lines of large characters composed entirely of fireworks appeared in the sky, illuminating the whole city.

“This is the era of Martial Artist, and it’s also your era.”

“Jing City boy, go ahead!”

“Belong to your Legendary , starting tomorrow.”

(end of this chapter)

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