I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 112


Chapter 112 Farewell

Shen Qian opened her eyes, looked at the vibrating bracelet, and picked it up in surprise on the phone.

The phone is a video projection. On the other end, Ding Yi in sea blue pajamas is lying on the bed sleepily, with half of his face buried in the pillow, looking at Shen Qian with hazy eyes.

“Get up.”

“You called me just to get me up?”

Shen Qian was amused and glanced at the time, “Only six Oh, the test starts at 9, so I can get up at 8.”

“No matter, get up quickly.” Ding Yi didn’t seem to be fully awake yet, and there was a rare bit of murmuring in his tone. Coquettish taste.

“Okay, okay, get up now…” Shen Qian couldn’t take it anymore, a shivered sat up from the bed.

“I watched you go out.” Ding Yi shook his head and propped himself up on his elbows.

…the button is really white.

Shen Qian is more energetic.

But soon, Ding Yi noticed that Shen Qian’s eyes were wrong and warned: “Don’t look around.”

I didn’t see you covering your neckline…

Shen Qian complained inwardly, but as expected, her eyes were much more upright, and she only peeked out of the corner of her eye.

“Admission ticket.”

“Pencil? Pen? Eraser?”

“Two more.”

Always After urging Shen Qian to collect all the things that should be taken, and watching Shen Qian go out of the house, Ding Yi, who was yawning, hung up the phone.

Ding Yi in the recent video seems to be getting more and more tired. Normally, Beginner Martial Artist is full of energy, even if he can’t sleep all night, it is not a major event.

Shen Qian guessed that it might be related to the Northern Martial training she was participating in, saying that it was to prepare for a major event to be held by the Martial Arts department.

After going downstairs, Shen Qian found several aunts and aunts who got up early were pointing their fingers at a stretched red flag luxury car, and Shen Qian approached curiously.

“Uncle Zhang, which luxury car is this?”

Before the uncle could answer, the door was pushed open, and Huo Ling’er with a ponytail was smiling brightly. He waved to Shen Qian, “Shen Qian, get in the car!”

“You…” Shen Qian opened his mouth, but seeing that the expressions of several aunts and aunts around him became wrong, he had no choice but to brace oneself got into the car first.

“What are you making a fuss about?” Shen Qian glared at Huo Linger.

“I’m here to take the test with love!” Huo Linger said confidently, “You are the light of our seventh middle school, of course I want to contribute to your college entrance examination career!”

“Does it take a night without sleep?” Shen Qian glanced at Huo Ling’er’s dark circles under her eyes that couldn’t be covered by powder, and sighed.

Huo Linger blushed, “This…it has nothing to do with you, I just can’t sleep.”

After eating the breakfast that Huo Linger brought, Shen Qian looked at Huo Linger. Linger looked satisfied, and after thinking about it, she was warned repeatedly: “Just once, don’t come later, I still like to take the tram.”

After Huo Linger reluctantly agreed, the red flag car had already started At the door of a middle school.

Fortunately, as the best middle school in the city, there are so many luxury cars at the entrance of the first middle school, and the red flag is not too dazzling.

Shen Qian had a big warning sign in his heart before getting off the car, and he grabbed it with a backhand and caught Huo Linger who was approaching with a small mouth.

Huo Linger’s face was flushed, and it took a long time before she lowered her head and muttered: “Electric… In the movie, it is said that a girl’s kiss can increase her luck.”



Shen Qian let go of Huo Linger and quickly slipped out of the car.

Wait until entering the gate of No. 1 Middle School and join the flow of people taking the exam, looking up at the red silk cloth hanging on the top of the statue in No. 1 Middle School, with slogans such as “Win the college entrance examination” written on it. , Shen Qian’s troubled heart gradually calmed down.

If the system is used, the liberal arts should be extremely easy.

But Shen Qian was reluctant to do so.

That would be a complete negation of the hard work he’d spent on books over the past three months.

There is no difficulty in the key points, but the difficulty is the champion of liberal arts.

But Shen Qian this time, wants to try it with his own ability.


The three-and-a-half-day exam is very slow in speaking, and fast in speaking.

“…Go up to the poor and blue, go down to Yellow Springs, where the Tao is, is the direction of the heart!”

When the last word was dropped, Shen Qian checked the front again. After answering the question, he put out a breath slightly, closed the examination paper, and raised his hand to the invigilator.

โ€œMartial Arts Theoryโ€ is the last subject. The question types and ideas are similar to Chinese, but the content of the investigation is the basic knowledge of Martial Arts, and there are more memory points. This subject is very important to todayโ€™s Shen Qian. It is also the easiest.

Similar to the previous subjects, the invigilator glanced at the wall clock in surprise, and then frowned came over.

There is still nearly an hour before the end of the exam, which is no different from the previous invigilator, who fiercely criticized Shen Qian for a meal, thinking that Shen Qian should not give up the college entrance examination so easily.

After confirming that Shen Qian really wanted to hand in the exam paper, the invigilator could only take Shen Qian’s exam paper and let Shen Qian out of the exam room.

Having become accustomed to the surprised and disapproving glances of others in the examination room, Shen Qian walked out of the classroom and summed up again.

There is no major problem with the language, but the words are a little ugly, and the composition may be deducted a few more points.

There is nothing to say about mathematics, all the questions have been solved, and Shen Qian will re-verify it with another solution, which can be said to be the most stable subject.

English is also relatively easy. At most, one or two points will be deducted from the essay, but Shen Qian can guarantee that he has no grammatical errors.

Not to mention Japanese, the simple batch is that the little elder sister whose voice is dubbed by listening is not very pleasant, which affects the efficiency a little.

Then “Comprehensive liberal arts”, there should be no mistakes in multiple-choice questions and true and false questions, but the subjective questions are not easy to say, but Shen Qian is full.

The full score of “Science Comprehensive” should not run.

As for “art appreciation”, it is also a big subject with a subjective nature.

All in all, Shen Qian is quite satisfied with her performance in the liberal arts college entrance examination.

That night, there was a storm of neither too big nor too small, making Shen Qian a “celebrity” again.

The cause of the incident came from an interview that Shen Qian gave when he walked out of a middle school.

At that time, Shen Qian was thinking about his own business, and he simply responded to the reporter of the TV station. He thought it was just a routine interview of the TV station for the students who took the college entrance examination. It was not until the local TV station broadcast the news at night that Shen Qian did not know the news. realized it was wrong.

โ€œThe first high school senior in Jing City to walk out of the exam room.โ€

This is the headline of the news.

First, the netizens of the local forum had a heated discussion on this matter, what “moral loss”, “educational distortion” and “eighteen years of hard study in the cold window only exchanged for having no desire to improve the papers submitted in advance” “Thinking that Shen Qian didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Then Shen Qian’s bracelet exploded.

First, the classmates started to go crazy @Shen Qian, then Huang Tao, Zhao Hanhai, Liu Simin and the others called one after another to inquire about the situation.

Huang Tao and Zhao Hanhai are more rational. They don’t really care about Shen Qian’s scores in the liberal arts test. Anyway, Shen Qian has chosen the four major schools, so they are more from the perspective of comfort and concern.

Liu Simin is different.

“…No, Teacher Liu, why am I kidding you? I really want to take the top spot…Hello?”

After an education, Liu Simin didn’t Ignore Shen Qian’s “nonsense” and hung up the phone.

Then Ding Yi’s phone came in right after.

“Shen Qian…”

Ding Yi’s voice was a little light, and it has several points of hoarseness on closer inspection.

“Fake, I have finished all the questions, and I did a great job.” Shen Qian explained immediately.

“Tell me the truth, will you still come to Beidu?” Ding Yi asked directly.

Well, I still don’t believe it…

Shen Qian has nodded pain.

He thought about it carefully and said solemnly: “Well, I confessed, I really didn’t take the liberal arts exam very well, that’s because my martial arts has made great progress, and I took a better exam. Wu Ke University is no problem…”

“…Really?” Ding Yi said dubiously after being silent.

“Let’s put it this way, I’ve got my strength now, um… 140Kg or more… Yes, you heard it right, I swear by our childhood sweethearts love!”

“Bah, whoever has… that with you, that’s fine, you can do your best in the martial arts exam.”

Ding Yi finally believed it, and Shen Qian also sighed in relief.

To tell the truth, it is really strange that no one believes in the world!

However, his strength is indeed above 140Kg, which is not a mistake.


June 13.

Shen Qian, who had been staying at Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall for two days, was woken up by mother’s phone call.

Although Shen Liang and Wang Xiaojuan have no idea how powerful their son is now, they know that Shen Qian is already a Beginner Martial Artist, so they seldom ask about Shen Qian’s college entrance examination.

Somewhat strangely, she picked up Wang Xiaojuan’s call. Only then did Shen Qian know that someone sent a package to her house in the morning. Wang Xiaojuan didn’t open it, but it seemed to be a document or something.

But Shen Qian didn’t bother to pay attention. After chatting with mother for a while, Shen Qian hung up the phone.

Today is the day when Jing City students rush to the provincial capital to take the exam. Yesterday, Liu Simin called one by one to give notice. Shen Qian looked at the wall clock on the wall, considering that he had to “dress up” a bit. , time is running out.

After washing up and eating breakfast, Xiaoxuan carefully helped Shen Qian, who was neatly dressed, tidied up his collar, put his ID card and martial arts admission ticket in a file bag and handed it to Shen. Qian.

Before going out, Shen Qian looked at herself in the mirror.

The well-designed trendy hairstyle looks like a boy group debut after waxing. The pure white long suit is placed on the well-proportioned body, revealing a high-spirited and vigorous teenager smell.

Black’s long military leather boots added a few more Avatars to Shen Qian… At least Xiao Xuan had to put her feet to reach Shen Qian’s neck.

The saying “people depend on clothes” is true in a sense.

Yesterday Shen Qian went to a luxury store in the city center and spent a total of 80,000 oceans to buy this outfit.

The inspiration of the white suit was taken from the boss Gao, and after wearing it, his temperament has risen by more than one grade, which is very suitable for people to appear holy.

Today is the day to go to the provincial capital to take the martial arts college entrance examination. Shen Qian attaches more importance to it than the liberal arts.

Part of the reason was the banquet given by Chai Haotian, the lord of Jing City the night before.

On Nuoda’s dining table, it was only him and the other party.

I didn’t talk about any substantive topics, but Chai Haotian, as the Mountain And Sea powerhouse and Lord of the entire City, treated Shen Qian with such courtesy has been very telling.

In addition, Shen Qian heard a piece of news from Liu Changqing last night that was not considered news.

Wang Shuo is taking the college entrance examination again.

It’s just that the other party is a senior in the Northern Martial Affiliated High School and is referencing in the Northern Capital.

Shen Qian guessed that Chai Haotian should also know about this, and I don’t know how the other party reacted, but if this matter had been exposed two days earlier, maybe Chai Haotian’s promise the night before would not have been so subtle. .

Wang Shuo, like Shen Qian, came from an ordinary family, and the family conditions were not very good.

Jing City’s ten years of news resources piled up, plus countless cultural resources tilted, but in the end it was exchanged for such a result, Chai Haotian must not be able to maintain the demeanor of dinner that night.

After saying goodbye to Xiao Xuan, when Shen Qian walked out of Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall, she inadvertently glanced out of the corner of her eye, but saw a very familiar silhouette across the street.

โ€œOld Hu head?โ€

Shen Qian was stunned, the limping appearance was definitely him, but when Shen Qian subconsciously tried to chase after him, he was caught by a car just right The passing bus stopped.

When the bus disappeared, the silhouette of Old Hu also disappeared.

What is Old Hu doing here?

Shen Qian frowned.

The last time I saw “his secret” under the bed of Old Hu, Shen Qian never saw him again, didn’t expect to meet him here today.

If the other party was waiting for him, it shouldn’t be so mysterious, and what Shen Qian saw just now was his back.


Jing City No. 7 Middle School, the playground was crowded with people.

Today is the day when the senior three students who participated in the martial arts college entrance examination in No. 7 Middle School set off together. The school specially organized a “ceremony”. Students and parents who participated in the martial arts test were invited to participate, and many turned up The classmates of No. 7 Middle School without being invited were very lively.

Five buses parked next to the playground.

After the ceremony, Principal Huang Tao will personally lead the team and take the reference students from Jing City to Mingcheng, the provincial capital, to participate in the three-day martial arts college entrance examination.

At this time, nearly 200 students from Jing City No. 7 Middle School and Senior High School who signed up for the Wu Ke college entrance examination have basically gathered in the open space in the middle of the playground and formed a formation.

A podium was set up in front. Under the cheering banner, the school leaders such as Huang Tao and Zhao Hanhai sat quietly.

Seeing that ceremony has not started, the students below can’t help but talk.

“Teacher Liu, didn’t you say it starts at nine o’clock, it’s almost ten o’clock, how come the Principal and the others haven’t moved?”

In the small group of class 109, the monitor Lin Xiaojuan couldn’t help but ask.

“Maybe she’s still waiting for the leadership of the Education Bureau?”

Liu Simin doesn’t really know the situation, but seeing that there are a few vacancies next to Huang Tao, she also has guess.

Although Liu Simin is a little strange, I haven’t received any news that the leaders of the Education Bureau are coming…

Besides, according to the practice of previous years, the leaders of the Education Bureau are generally considered to participate in the school’s expedition. Ceremony will only go to No. 1 Middle School.

Liu Simin asked the head teachers of other classes about the situation, but no one knew the inside story.

There is a class teacher who is related to the leader of the teaching office. After making a phone call to inquire, he just said that he had received a temporary notice and that there was indeed a leader coming.

“By the way, Shen Qian hasn’t come yet. I remember he didn’t sign up?”

Zhou Xu looked around and saw that 21 students from Class 109 took the martial arts college entrance examination. They are all here, but Shen Qian is missing, “Pharaoh, do you know what’s going on, he gave up?”

“He’s been getting more and more mysterious lately, and I don’t know… “

Wang Yangming remembered the mysterious Liu Changqing and Heavenspan Pagoda, opened his mouth, but in the end he didn’t say anything.

โ€œShen Qian doesnโ€™t really have no desire to improve, does he?โ€

Zhang Liangwei frowned, “We @ him so many times that night, and he doesn’t speak.”

“He worked so hard before, he shouldn’t have… Anyway, Don’t give up easily, even if martial arts is not good, as long as you do well in liberal arts, you may have a chance to be admitted by exception, after all, some majors in martial arts focus more on IQ.”

Lin Xiaoqian sighed, Very regretful look.

As a good friend of Ding Yi, and her feelings about Shen Qian have changed a lot recently, she really hopes that the two of them will have a good ending.

“Okay, don’t talk about it, there are leaders here.”

Liu Simin was also a little upset when she mentioned Shen Qian, but she didn’t reveal anything, see the rostrum When someone came up, he waved his hand to signal everyone to be quiet.

“Isn’t that Director Shao, he actually came in person?”

The students were a little ignorant, but the teachers present recognized the person, and they were all surprised and inexplicable. .

They thought that even if there was a leader in the ceremony of No. 7 Middle School, it would be a deputy at most, and Shao Weiyuan was the head of the Jing City education system!

“Hey, isn’t that Lu Yingfu, the director of the Jing City Martial Arts Bureau, and director Lu is here too?”

Another person took the stage, this time, but it was students and parents They exclaimed earlier.

As the director of Martial Arts, Lu Yingfu has appeared on TV and news quite a few times. For many ordinary residents who have no concept, except for the city owner, he is the director of Martial Arts strongest.

What’s going on?

Not only the students were surprised, but the teachers were also shocked.

Don’t mention the ceremony expedition, since the establishment of No.7 Middle School, the director of Martial Arts has probably never set foot in this place.

If the Jing City Marquis in the transcendent position is not counted, most of the ordinary person’s understanding is correct. From the perspective of power alone, the director of Martial Arts is indeed the second person in Jing City.

And sometimes, even the lord of Jing City can’t order Lu Yingfu, after all, the Martial Arts Bureau is directly under the jurisdiction.

But what really shocked everyone was not the appearance of the director of Martial Arts and the director of education, but that after the two took their seats, there was still an empty seat in the middle.

This time, not only the teachers and students on the playground were agitated, but even Huang Tao, who was sitting on the podium, was a little surprised.

In Jing City, there is only Chai Haotian except Jing City Marquis who can make these two people take the lead.

The city lord actually wanted to be there in person?

He just received a notice from City Lord’s Mansion that he was preparing more seats, but he didn’t expect Chai Haotian to be there too.

Sure enough, with the appearance of the middle-aged man in the gray coat, everyone was excited.

No matter how low-key Chai Haotian usually is, people in Jing City still know his appearance.

“What’s the situation, the city lord actually attended our No. 7 middle school’s expedition to ceremony?”

But when the TV team also arrived and set up cameras on the scene, everyone knew it was true, and even, this time, the ceremony might be on the news.

“It’s been ten years since the last time such a scene appeared?”

Everyone is familiar with the old administrator of the physical examination hall. A student from class 110 immediately asked, “Xugong, do you mean that our school has visited the city master before?”

“I came here, that was when the previous city owner was still there… Hey, I’m afraid all of you little hairy children now only know that Wang Shuo. In fact, ten years ago, we also had one in Jing City. He’s a peerless genius, and he’s from No. 7 High School!”

Uncle Xu came to talk a little and recalled.

โ€œIs there?โ€

Many students are at a loss.

Lin Xiaoqian frowned and recalled for a while, and suddenly woke up and said, “Ah, I see, is that the Senior named Jiang Chengye?”

“Yes, I am also somewhat impressed. , this person was mentioned in the school history of No. 7 Middle School, and he seems to be the only genius in the history of our No. 7 Middle School who has won the champion of the martial arts province!”

Zhang Liangwei also remembered something, loudly said .

There are several academic masters in each class, and more people also think of this character who has been recorded in the school history and has become a historical symbol.

“That’s right, it’s Jiang Chengye. I taught him history at that time.”

An old teacher wearing glasses sighed, “Lao Xu said so. I remember it, the scene at that time was also very big, the city owner came to practice it himself, and Jiang Chengye did not disappoint, and he became the champion of Wu.”

“Then what happened after that? , where did this Jiang Senior go, why haven’t I heard his name again?”

Zhou Xu asked a lot of people’s curious questions.

“He should have been accepted by Jiang Zhongjunwu. Later… I don’t know about it later. It seems that he never returned to Jing City.” The old teacher frowned and recalled carefully before shaking his head.

Everyone discussed eagerly, seeing that no one knew Jiang Chengye’s whereabouts later, and Jiang Zhongjunwu had already closed the school, and soon everyone’s attention returned to their eyes.

“The city chief will see us off in person?”

“Hey, Shen Qian missed such a famous scene, I must call him later, and I will not see him again. Regret…”

As an ordinary high school, No. 7 Middle School has always been ranked in the middle of Jing City, and occasionally topped. Today, there are so many great characters of Jing City to practice for them, and they cannot control it. A sense of pride in living.

Not to mention students, few teachers can manage their expressions.

At this time, the leaders on the rostrum finished their greetings. As Chai Haotian took his seat and held up the microphone, everyone present knew that the ceremony was finally about to officially start, so they all quieted down and looked at Chai Haotian.

Chai Haotian lightly coughed was about to speak when suddenly his secretary ran up from the stage and whispered something in Chai Haotian’s ear.

Chai Haotian was clearly startled, his eyes swept across the crowd below, and then he leaned back slightly, but there was no movement again.

The people next to him were puzzled, Huang Tao seemed to ask something in a low voice, and after Chai Haotian’s secretary explained a few words, everyone on the rostrum understood and became quiet. , hold hands and stop talking.

Then the playground fell into an eerie silence again.

“Teacher Liu, what are you waiting for?” Lin Xiaojuan said blankly, “I won’t…Jing City Marquis will come too?”

Liu Simin could not answer Lin Xiaojuan’s question, Because she was equally at a loss.

At this time, a silhouette pushed the crowd away from the periphery and entered the playground.

“I’m sorry, please let me borrow it… Hey, Mr. Xu, you are also watching the fun…”

Liu Simin followed the sound and saw that Shen Qian, who was arriving slowly, actually Still leisurely greeting acquaintances in the crowd, his face darkened.

“Shen Qian!!”

Liu Simin couldn’t control the volume in her impatience, which immediately attracted many people to follow the sound.

(end of this chapter)

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