I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 113


Chapter 113 Onstage

After Liu Simin finished shouting, she realized that she had lost self-control, and her face couldn’t help but twitch. Red, but she still stared at the “thorn head” Shen Qian with resolute eyes.

Shen Qian’s original intention was to ask Uncle Xu if her grandniece’s study was resolved, but when Liu Simin called her, Shen Qian had to give up and hurriedly walked towards the team of Class 109.

The student team is still a long way from the edge of the playground. Shen Qian can be regarded as gathering thousands of eyes in one body at this time.

However, Shen Qian found herself very calm and didn’t feel nervous at all.

I don’t know if this is because of a different mentality or the influence of strong spirit strength.

Or both.

During these two days at Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall, Shen Qian did nothing else, mainly in the cultivation “Hunyuan – Spirit Refinement First Chapter”.

Whether it is the control of the source vitality or the tempering of physical fitness, trifling can’t improve much in two days. Considering that there is still “will” in the martial arts college entrance examination, Shen Qian simply used it to improve spirit strength.

In terms of progress, Shen Qian can now support the demon face of the strange statue for about ten minutes. As for the fairy face…

It will take less than 3 minutes.

Shen Qian felt insulted by this disparity.

I just can’t stand the temptation of women?

But later, when she thought of Liu Changqing’s 800 G “study materials”, Shen Qian was relieved.

Color is the first test for teenagers.

Everyone is the same.

There were some exclamations and discussions in the crowd, not because of other reasons, but because of Shen Qian’s good looks today, that tailored white suit was worn by Shen Qian at this time, and he Free and easy pace, quite has several points of tolerance.

This can be seen from the slightly sluggish expressions of everyone in Class 109.

“Shen Qian, I’m Cao, have you gone to Korea for plastic surgery?”

Boys such as Zhang Liangwei stared wide-eyed, Wang Yangming wanted to see Shen even more Was Qian wearing a wig and was kicked away by Shen Qian.

The attention of the girls was different. Lin Xiaoqian got closer and touched Shen Qian’s suit.

“Hey, Givenchy’s handmade style?” Lin Xiaoqian exclaimed, “Ding Yi actually gave you such expensive clothes?”

Shen Qian didn’t pay attention to what brand it was, hearing this shook his head and said, “I bought it myself.”

Lin Xiaoqian was stunned for a while, and then said earnestly, “Shen Qian, you must learn how to manage money, and you can’t just spend a little money…”

“Shen Qian, do you see who is sitting on the stage?” Pharaoh didn’t bother to care how much Shen Qian’s clothes cost, he pointed at the rostrum and said excitedly.

“I see.”

Shen Qian nodded, he was also surprised that Chai Haotian came to No. 7 Middle School.

But thinking about Wang Shuo, Shen Qian probably guessed something.

If it’s true, it’s too much of a face…

At this time, there was finally a movement on the podium, Chai Haotian saw Shen Qian and rushed at him slightly. Nodding, he sat up straight again and supported the microphone.

“Hey, did the city lord nod to us just now?” Zhou Xu noticed this detail and said excitedly.

“To be precise, it was nodded to me.” Shen Qian corrected her sentence.

“Cut!” Zhou Xu turned his head to Wang Yangming and said, “This is forcing you to start talking crazy again, Old Wang, are you…are you all right?”

Zhou Xu was in a daze Wang Yangming waved his hand in front of his eyes. Wang Yangming came back to his senses. He originally wanted to echo, but in the end he didn’t say anything.

These days, whenever he thinks of Shen Qian, he always thinks of Liu Changqing, Heavenspan Pagoda…

Lao Wang is not a fool, he just breaks his head and can’t think of it How did Shen Qian get in touch with these people?

Even this second, Wang Yangming had a strong intuition that Shen Qian was telling the truth.

It’s just that he felt that no one would believe it, not even himself.

“Don’t say it, Shen Qian’s words really reminded me… Didn’t Teacher Li, who taught history just now, say that this has happened before?”

Zhang Liangwei supported him Spectacles analyzed, “Do you think that the city lord is also here for someone this time, I always feel that our No. 7 middle school is not so good.”

“Could it be… Zhou Xiaoguang?”


Lin Xiaoqian’s heart moved, “I heard from other classes that Zhou Xiaoguang’s strength is already the fourth rank of Beginner Martial Artist…”

“Didn’t Zhou Xiaoguang already go to the magic capital? “

Shen Qian said.

After the last meeting, most of the members of the training class have already left Jing City.

The reason is also related to Shen Qian.

A dozen top colleges and universities came from afar. Although they did not take Shen Qian away, they also received early admissions in Jing City under the operation of Chai Haotian. Most of the members of the training class were included in the list. Few remained to take the high school entrance examination.

It is said that most of the recruiting teachers are most optimistic about Huo Linger, but for unknown reasons, Huo Linger still did not choose to enter the university in advance.

“How do you know?” Lin Xiaoqian said strangely.

During Shen Qian’s explanation, Liu Simin, who was listening to the students’ discussion, interjected, “That’s right, most of the top students in No. 7 Middle School have already been admitted early.”

“Then Teacher Liu, who do you think it will be?” Zhou Xu asked.

Liu Simin shook his head, “It’s not necessarily because of someone, maybe there is some special reason.”

“Please be quiet.”

At this time , Huang Tao’s voice on the stage rang first.

After the playground became quiet, Huang Tao first introduced the guests one after another, and every time he spoke, there would be extremely warm applause from below.

After Huang Tao made a simple opening remark, he let the microphone out.

Next, Education Director Shao Weiyuan and Martial Arts Director Lu Yingfu both made brief speeches. Although their speeches had little substance, they both praised No. 7 Middle School unintentionally or unintentionally.

Especially words like “talents will come out in large numbers” and “the younger generations will surpass us in time”, even the most insensitive person can hear the inclination in the words of the two.

This time, everyone clear comprehension These great characters really came to No. 7 High School because of a certain talent.

But the question is, who has this qualification?

Except for Huang Tao and Zhao Hanhai who were unperturbed, the teachers and students below were all at a loss.

Especially Liu Simin was the most confused. If she read it right, the Principal seemed to give her a warm smile just now, as if to express some kind of appreciation…

At this time, Chai Haotian picked up the microphone.

Many people noticed that the cameras of the TV station had been turned on, and even the signal transmitter had been set up, which meant that Chai Haotian’s speech at this time was likely to be broadcast live and could be received by the whole city. arrive.

“Jing City has been rebuilt since the disaster, and it has been 212 years.”

Everyone was a little surprised, didn’t expect Chai Haotian to start from the history of Jing City , but his expression became more focused, everyone knew that Chai Haotian said this must have some deep meaning.

“From an F-rated town to the current C-rank city, Jing City has gone through thirty-seven large and small disasters and changes, not only standing still, but also growing stronger and stronger. The result of the joint efforts of countless ancestors of Martial Artists!”

“There are Jing City Marquis, past city owners, and too many people who shine like shooting stars but are forgotten for a while.”


“Chai is not talented. He has been the lord of Jing City for nine years. I dare not say how big achievements have been made in these nine years, but it is considered conscientious. Jing City’s economy and security are growing steadily… “

Everyone subconsciously applauded, but Chai Haotian raised his hand and suppressed it.

“However, you may not realize the hidden worries under the prosperity.”

“In today’s world, Human Race seems to be stable inside, but outside the restricted area, there are hidden dangers. In the face of countless dangers, all the prosperity is supported by the Martial Artists who have grown up from generation to generation.โ€

โ€œAnd the young Martial Artists in Jing City, especially the talented Martial Artists, have the tendency of breaking generations. .”

As soon as these words came out, there was a lot of commotion at the scene.

And in the first middle school, the second middle school…even in the streets and alleys of Jing City, in front of countless projection screens, many people who were originally casual looked up in amazement.

The director of Martial Arts and the director of education next to Chai Haotian could not help frowning, as if it was inappropriate to say such words in front of the whole city.

“Maybe some people think I’m alarmist, so let’s take a look at this chart.”

With a wave of Chai Haotian, a statistical chart from the Education Bureau spread in midair , which is converted into a length and width of 100 meters, and everyone can clearly see the above data.

“Nineteen years ago was the most prosperous time for Jing City’s education. At that time, Jing City’s four major schools ranked the top two in the province in terms of enrollment rate for eleven years. In one year, Jing City has won six champions in literature and eight champions in martial arts!”

“Unfortunately, since ten years ago…after, my Jing City’s educational achievements have been getting worse and worse. Except for a champion in martial arts seven years ago, other honors have nothing to do with us.”

“The education ranking has dropped from the second in the province to the ninth in the province today!”

“Jing City Wuke University, which should have been established ten years ago, has been delayed until three years ago. If it wasn’t for the support of Jing City Marquis, would Jing City have its own martial arts university? I donโ€™t even know about the second and the university.โ€

Shen Qian listened to these things that she had never paid attention to, and always felt that Chai Haotianโ€™s words were a little incomplete when he talked about ten years ago.

What happened ten years ago?

It seems that all the turning points started ten years ago.

“I seem to hear a lot of people asking why.”

Chai Haotian’s face was calm, “Yeah, why?”

“There are many reasons for this. .”

“But the most important point is that the backbone of Jing City’s education is broken, and the hearts of Jing City are also scattered.”

“In recent years, more and more People in Jing City choose to send their children to Ming City, Tongcheng, or even other provinces.โ€

โ€œTaking senior high school students as an example, the total number of senior high school students in Jing City this year is 9,527, while ten years ago , the number is 23670, five years ago, the number was 13482…”

“This is a vicious circle.”

“Do you still remember Lucheng?”

“The Lucheng that has been turned into a ruin in the restricted area.”

“Everyone knew that, if things go on like this, my Jing City…is the next Lucheng.”

The people watching TV all over the city were in an uproar.

Many people are puzzled, but more people are puzzled. If the person who said this is not the city owner, I am afraid that many people are already yelling alarmist.

The students on the playground below couldn’t help but talk.

Shen Qian noticed that Martial Arts Director Lu Yingfu frowned and said something in Chai Haotian’s ear, and Chai Haotian’s excited face gradually calmed down.

“Fuck, has it become a population crisis?” Zhou Xu said in surprise, “Is what the city owner said true or false?”

“Speaking of which, I am in Beicheng. There is an Uncle, their family seems to have moved to Mingcheng the year before last, and my Uncle also asked us to move earlier if we could, saying that winter is coming…” Lin Xiaoqian said with a frown.

“You have watched too much Uncle dramas from European and American dynasties, you have the prophecy of a crooked wizard…” Zhang Liangwei complained.

โ€œWhat winter is coming?โ€ Shen Qian turned and asked.

“I don’t know either, but my Uncle has always been rambunctious. After making money, he doesn’t come to play with us very much. Who knows what nonsense he’s talking about.” Lin Xiaoqian shook her head. .

Shen Qian touched the chin , he always felt that what Chai Haotian really wanted to say was not this, there seemed to be something more obscure behind it.

Wait for the college entrance examination to come back and ask the teacher.

Jing City Marquis has been around longer than Jing City, and he must know all the secrets.

…and the boss Gao should tell him the most intimate little discipline.

“Actually, I have not been without peerless geniuses in Jing City over the years. For example, the well-known Wang Shuo, even this City Lord, once thought that he would be the one who would rekindle Jing City’s glory. .”

When it comes to Wang Shuo, everyone is quiet again, many people know that Wang Shuo has gone to the northern capital ahead of schedule and will not take the college entrance examination this year.

But it is undeniable that Wang Shuo is indeed the ceiling of martial arts in the hearts of too many Jing City students, and he is also the target of the top martial arts schools in various schools.

A person who broke through Beginner Martial Artist at the age of thirteen is regarded as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns in the whole country.

“Wang Shuo has now gone to the Northern Capital, and will take the martial arts college entrance examination as a senior in the high school attached to Northern Martial.”

Chai Haotian once again shocked everyone on TV with one sentence. Jing City people in front of the plane.

Immediately in the hearts of many people, there is no resentment.

โ€œHow could Wang Shuo do this?โ€

โ€œIsnโ€™t this a thankless wretch, why didnโ€™t he take the exam in Jing City?โ€

โ€œI still have a problem with my phone. There is a photo with him, last year…”

It is difficult for outsiders to understand the special feelings of most Jing City people towards Wang Shuo, who is really a hometown child who “sees growing up”.

Wang Shuo participated in the National Junior Martial Arts tournament and entered the top 100 year, Jing City even took a day off…

It’s such an exaggeration.

Chai Haotian, who was sitting on the chairman’s seat, did not rush to speak again, giving everyone some time to vent, but his eyes wandered involuntarily to the ancient tower standing in the center of the city.

speaking of which, he hasn’t visited Jing City Marquis for a long time.

When exactly?

Probably three years ago, when I asked Jing City Marquis why they wouldn’t accept Wang Shuo?

Chai Haotian admitted that he had lost self-control at the time, but he believed that Jing City Marquis could understand his impatience.

Fourteen-year-old Wang Shuo knelt down one day and one night at Heavenspan Pagoda. Even at the end, Jing City Marquis remained silent, not even giving a word of comfort.

This is definitely a big blow for a teenager who is going smoothly on the Marital Arts Path.

Chai Haotian didn’t understand.

Is Jing City Marquis foreseeing today?

But if it wasn’t for the indifference of Jing City Marquis, Wang Shuo probably wouldn’t have left Jing City so decisively and joined the Duke of Yanshan, right?

Fortunately, there is another Shen Qian…

But can Shen Qian compare to Wang Shuo?

Haotian Chai, who has seen Wang Shuo’s too many terrifyings, has no answer.

But he could only trust Jing City Marquis’ vision.

“The so-called extreme will fail. Although Wang Shuo is gone, I have a real peerless genius in Jing City!”

Chai Haotian retracted his thoughts and stood up suddenly.

The Jing City residents who were scolding Wang Shuo were all silent, looking towards Chai Haotian for unknown reasons, as if they did not expect such a reversal.

Immediately, many people reacted and said some names, all of which are well-known geniuses in various schools, but they seem to have a little bit of meaning.

Because no one can convince everyone.

And especially the teachers and students on the playground of No. 7 Middle School are most puzzled at this moment.

They are not stupid. Since Chai Haotian appeared in No. 7 Middle School, it means that person is probably in No. 7 Middle School, but… this is not scientific!

Being the same age as Wang Shuo also means that most of the other party is also a senior in high school, but when did the seventh high school have this level of genius?

And Shen Qian had a premonition of something, and her eyelids couldn’t help but jump.

“Not long ago, he was the same age as Wang Shuo and even defeated Wang Shuo in a head-to-head battle!” Shen Qian’s eardrums were humming in the more complicated sound of “fuck off” in the whole playground.

In the midst of this chaos, Shen Qian heard his name.

โ€œHe is a senior from Jing City No. 7 Middle School, and will take the college entrance examination with you this year…โ€

โ€œShen Qian!โ€

โ€œMany People may not know him yet, but it doesn’t matter, today he will stand here as the representative of Jing City’s students in the martial arts college entrance examination.”

“Now, let’s welcome Shen Qian with applause! “

After Chai Haotian finished speaking, he immediately applauded.

After everyone in Class 109 was stunned, they looked towards Shen Qian, who was also stunned, and made a joke.

“Shen Qian, this person has the same name as you!”

“There is a second Shen Qian in our No. 7 middle school? Why didn’t I know?”

“Being able to defeat Wang Shuo shouldn’t be a nameless name. It can’t be a recent transfer student…”

Zhou Xu and the others were joking with Shen Qian, but Shen Qian doubted that she was Not wrong.

…No, if you want to speak, please tell me in advance, at least I have to prepare a speech, right?

Shen Qian subconsciously resists such a scene.

He is accustomed to making a fortune in silence, and he doesn’t like to make senseless limelight.

What happened today was equally sudden to him.

But when he looked up and saw that everyone on the podium was looking at him, waiting for him to take the stage, he also knew that this was not the time to back down.

Shen Qian looked towards Heavenspan Pagoda, which was covered by white clouds in the distance, but… boss Gao didn’t give Shen Qian an answer.

So Shen Qian took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and subconsciously visualized the forbidden statue in his mind for a second.

The devil is silent, the fairy is laughing.

With the spirit strength drumming and the wind blowing, Shen Qian heard a lot of voices.

Those doubtful, confused, dazed discussions.

They were right in my ear, and they seemed to come from far away, from all over the city.

“Who is Shen Qian?”

Thousands of words were summed up in one sentence.

Who is Shen Qian…

Shen Qian opened his eyes and saw the endless sky, just a big black bird with sharp feathers fluttered and hovered towards the sky. very high.

Dapeng rises with the same wind one day.

Shen Qian’s mind flashed half a poem for no reason.

His face became calm again.

Shen Qian calmly walked out of Class 109 where he was still joking about his name, passed in front of Liu Simin who opened his mouth slightly and stared blankly, walked out more and more people turned their heads and looked at him. The team passed by Huo Linger, who was standing at the edge of the crowd watching him with admiration on his face, and also passed the cameras that were quickly turned around.

Step by step…

Going to the stage.

(end of this chapter)

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