I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 114


Chapter 114 Southwest Army

Beidu, a star hotel not far from Northern Martial.

Ding Anbai looked at her daughter, whose face was much thinner, and asked with a frown, “Is the training so hard?”

“en. ”

Some drowsy Ding Yi hugged his knees and curled up on the sofa. Under the thin blanket was a slender curve that was gradually lithe and graceful. He seemed to feel the coldness. Ding Yi shrank his crystal toes that reflected the shimmering light. shrink.

Ding Anbai, who is familiar with her daughter’s personality, felt a little distressed, and helped Ding Yi pull the blanket, “How about I go and talk to Dean He and let you rest for two days?”

“Being able to see you here is a kind of rest in itself.”

Ding Yi half-closed his eyes and said tiredly, “Everyone else has entered the closed training, only me temporarily I’ve asked for leave.”

“It’s rare that you still think about my father, I’m coming to Beidu in these two days…”

Ding Anbai smiled halfway through, and suddenly felt wrong and suspicious. Said, “No, didn’t you rest two days ago?”

Ding Yi buried his face and didn’t speak.

And once Ding Anbai starts to think, he can’t stop.

If I remember correctly, Xiao Ding left school on June 8 and stayed in a hotel temporarily.

What date is June 8th?

The day of the college entrance examination.

…Who is taking the college entrance exam?

The little bastard of course!

Ding Anbai’s face changed suddenly, he hesitated several times, and finally he couldn’t help but ask: “You are still planning to wait until the end of the martial arts college entrance examination, then you have been invited for ten days. I’m on leave?”

Ding Yi had no choice but to look up and explain: “Although I have asked for leave, my daily training has not fallen off, but I have not participated in closed training.”

“That’s true. Is it because of that shameless brat?” Ding Anbai’s face darkened.

Only then did I realize that Ding Yi’s face was slightly red, and he pursed his lips and did not speak.

Ding Anbai immediately understood when he saw this, coldly snorted, only to feel his chest tight.

“I think it’s better for you to go back to school earlier.”

Ding Anbai said indifferently, “Dean He hasn’t accepted students for ten years, and it’s just for you this year. For example, you can’t waste people’s hard work.”

“Dad.” A smile appeared in Ding Yi’s cold eyes, “Aren’t you jealous?”

“What nonsense, I will eat that kid’s vinegar?!” Ding Anbai raised his voice.

Ding Yi was amused and a little surprised when he saw the father who always had planning strategies face doesn’t change.

I don’t know what happened to the father recently. It seems that whenever she mentions Shen Qian, she will lose self-control, which is not the same as usual.

Ding Yi, who was about to speak again, suddenly started, because her wristband vibrated rapidly.

Ding Anbai’s phone rang at the same time. He frowned and glanced at the caller number, then looked at Ding Yi indifferently, and got up to pick up the phone.

Ding Yi took the bracelet by surprise, because Lin Xiaoqian called.

As for Lin Xiaoqian, she was just sending a message to share the super high specification of No. 7 Middle School’s expedition to ceremony, why did she call in a blink of an eye?

It was odd, but Ding Yi picked up the phone.

The suppressed but noisy voice came from the other end of the phone, and a loud male voice echoed faintly, which made Ding Yi feel quite familiar.

“Xiaoqian, it’s too noisy over there, why don’t you send a message?” Ding Yi took the phone away and frowned.

“Ding Yi, Ahhh, I’m going crazy… You can’t believe what I saw… God, how could it be Shen Qian… No, I must be crazy, but also No, unless everyone is crazy…ahhhh!”

Lin Xiaoqian’s shrill scream came from the other end of the phone, Ding Yi, who didn’t like noise, wanted to hang up subconsciously, but I heard the name “Shen Qian” again.

“What’s wrong with Shen Qian?”

Ding Yi approached the wristband again, his face condensed, “What happened to him?”

“ahhhh, I don’t even know how to explain the situation here to you…Shen Qian is speaking on the podium, God, there’s a TV broadcast, and the whole city is watching Shen Qian…it’s so magical, no way No, let’s make a video, you must not miss this kind of scene!”

Lin Xiaoqian was still in a state of excitement, screaming incoherently.

“What video?”

Ding Yi was a little dazed, “You said Shen Qian…where did you speak?”

Did not wait for Ding Yi to ask It is clear that Lin Xiaoqian has hung up the phone and made a video again.

Ding Yi picked up the video, and there was a crowd of people on the opposite side. The background of the video should be on the playground of No. 7 Middle School. Then the camera shook and aimed at the front podium.

Lin Xiaoqian’s hands were shaking a little, resulting in an extremely poor viewing experience, but Ding Yi still recognized the young man standing on the stage and talking eloquently.

Ding Yi was stunned.

“Xiaoqian…what is this?” Ding Yi asked slowly.

Lin Xiaoqian did not seem to hear Ding Yi’s voice, or was immersed in the atmosphere of the scene and did not respond to her.

Ding Yi felt a sense of urgency in his heart.

She shouted anxiously twice, but Lin Xiaoqian ignored her, and the camera was shaking, making Ding Yi unable to see clearly.

Soon, Ding Yi calmed down.

She remembered what Lin Xiaoqian said just now.

The TV broadcast…

Ding Yi, who thought of something, lifted the blanket and ran to the TV, and even fell in the process. It was an incredible thing for Beginner Martial Artist, but Ding Yi didn’t realize it.

She stumbled to turn on the TV, and used the remote to tune in to the local TV station in Jing City.

The signal circled and Ding Yi’s fingers were twisting.

After a long wait, there is finally a picture on the TV.

Ding Yi saw Shen Qian.

Even though he is different today, wearing nice clothes and combing nice hair, Ding Yi was still fixed on him at first sight.

Shen Qian stood in front of the rostrum, holding the microphone with one hand, glanced at the crowd below, and spoke again after paused.

The boy Qingyue’s voice like a rock passed through the TV and echoed in the living room.

“…I seem to hear someone asking me if I’m from a martial artist family.”

“Then you think too much.”

“I can answer you honestly, my family…is located in a resettlement community in Nancheng.”

“My innate talent is not good, and even half a year ago, I was still debating whether to give up martial arts or not. I switched to liberal arts.”

Shen Qian’s words made the noise at the scene louder, and countless people exclaimed in disbelief.

Ding Yi’s bracelet rang again, and it was Lin Xiaoqian who called again. Ding Yi didn’t take his eyes off the TV. He turned on the speakerphone and put the bracelet aside.

Lin Xiaoqian finally recovered some thoughts and started chirp chirp twitter twitter to tell Ding Yi what happened today.

Ding Yi sat on the carpet with his legs crossed, listening to Lin Xiaoqian’s speech in a daze, while the teenager’s speech continued.

“Defeat Wang Shuo?”

“…It doesn’t count. In fact, I didn’t even know he was Wang Shuo at the time, so I just slapped him lightly. “

“I actually want to tell you that innate talent is not that important, hard work is the most important thing, after all, the book says so.”

Shen Qian’s eyes There was confusion passing by, and then it slowly turned into frankness and firmness.

The originally cluttered scene gradually became quiet, and even the powerhouses on the podium looked towards Shen Qian in surprise.

“But it’s actually wrong.”

“Innate talent is very important, very important.”

“I have been rejected because of poor innate talent. I was overwhelmed, and this process of depression lasted for more than ten years.”

“So it’s really a lucky thing to have innate talent, it may be able to help you easily. It takes ten times and a hundred times more effort to get what others can get.”

The playground gradually became silent, Zhou Xu and Wang Yangming, who had been watching Shen Qian, clenched their fists quietly, but at this time, they Just a microcosm.

“But hard work is also useful.”

Shen Qian suddenly smiled brightly.

“Because there will always be someone who will see your shining point, see your uncooled heart, and when everyone forgets you, she…will keep watching you.”


Ding Yi, who was sitting cross-legged in front of the TV, saw Shen Qian suddenly blurred on the TV, she suddenly woke up, and quickly wiped the crystals in her eyes.

“There is always luck.”

“And it may sometimes be more than you can imagine.”

“It may not work if you stick with it, but if If you give up, it will definitely be useless.”

Shen Qian was more serious than ever, and finished the last words word by word.

“We all have some potential that we haven’t discovered yet.”

“There must be!”

“Maybe, you’re the one for whom fate has it , it’s just the gift it gives you, it may be late, even more than ten years late…”

“So, just work hard and leave the rest to God’s will.”

” When one day a thousand sails are over, and you look back, you will find that unconsciously has come to an end, and on the way, there are only some clay chickens and pottery dogs, unable to withstand a single blow!”

“For example …Wang Shuo.”

“One day with me, Jing City will not fail!”

The boy’s sudden high tone at the end seemed to penetrate through the clouds, through the signal, through the After all the barriers, it echoed in the deepest part of every named heart in Jing City.


Ding Anbai stood at the door of the bedroom, staring at the high-spirited and vigorous teenager on the TV with complex eyes.

Has this day finally come?

Ding Anbai prides himself on being wise, but Shen Qian was the only one who missed the point. After what happened last time, he has realized that this young man is not simple.

However, he obviously underestimated the other party.

Ding Anbai glanced at Ding Yi who was sitting on the ground, she raised her head, and her delicate side face was full of irresistible smiles.

For many years, Ding Anbai hasn’t seen her so happy.

Ding Yi didn’t even notice Ding Anbai who had left and returned. Her eyes were always fixed on the boy on the TV, but her eyes that were always cold were bright as stars at the moment.

Ding Anbai felt that the day of “death of the society” was getting closer.

He has been dreaming about the embarrassing scene where Shen Qian knocked on the door of his house, carried a gift, shouted “Hello, uncle” and then pointed at him in astonishment, “So you are XX, no wonder XXX before”…

“A crime!”

Ding Anbai shuddered a little at the thought that this kind of scene could happen at any time.

“cough cough!”

Seeing that Shen Qian had stepped down, but Ding Yi was still dazed with his chin, Lao Ding finally couldn’t stand it any longer and coughed a few times.

“Dad, Shen Qian he…”

Ding Yi came back to his senses, stood up a little excitedly, and wanted to share this very unreal thing with Ding Anbai. surprise.

“I know.” Ding Anbai didn’t want to talk about Shen Qian, and subconsciously stopped Ding Yi.

“You know?” Ding Yi startled, “How could you…”

“Cough, I just found out.” Ding Anbai quickly remedied, “Well, I’m also quite surprised…”

“Dad, do you think I’m dreaming?” Ding Yi suddenly panicked again, and his face turned pale, “Actually, this is all my imagination… “

“Little One!” Ding Anbai looked distressed and quickly said solemnly, “This is not a dream, that kid… really turned over.”

Ding Yi confirmed it again Once again this is reassuring.

Ding Anbai couldn’t help humming and said, “Since he can even defeat Wang Shuo, it’s not easy to enter Northern Martial. You can train with peace of mind this time, right?”

“en.” Ding Yi nodded with slightly red face.

Although what she wants to do most now is to fly back to Jing City, the residual sense of reason tells her that there is no need to hurry.

He will come.

He will definitely come.


On the bus, Shen Qian sat alone in the first row, looking out the window at the rapidly retreating street scene, still a little uneasy.

Although he wasn’t too nervous, it was the first time he had experienced such a big scene, and it took a while for his inner turmoil to calm down.

He could feel the staring eyes behind him, which made Shen Qian, who had suddenly become a celebrity, uncomfortable.

Fortunately, because I was in a hurry, after the ceremony ended, there was not much room for students to discuss and let everyone get on the bus, otherwise Shen Qian would not know how to deal with so many people’s “interrogation” .

The people in class 109 had gone completely crazy, so Shen Qian slipped onto another bus while taking advantage of the chaos to avoid being harassed.

This bus was filled with students from No. 7 middle school from other classes. Because they were not familiar with Shen Qian, and Shen Qian’s cold expression was still in place, few people came up to find Shen Qian and ask all sorts of questions ……

Well, except for a bolder girl who came over and asked for Shen Qian’s contact information.

At this moment, the silence was over, and Shen Qian took out the bracelet and began to check the “99+” unread text messages and missed calls.

A lot of people in the address book are people Shen Qian doesn’t know or doesn’t remember. If it wasn’t for their sudden message, Shen Qian wouldn’t even realize that he added these ghosts and monsters.

In contrast, Shen Qian’s parents were the most calm, just complaining to Shen Qian that the threshold of their house was almost broken by the neighbors, and some unknown girls ran to their door. to take pictures.

As for the students in Class 109, they all blamed Shen Qian who suddenly “disappeared”, and more importantly complained that Shen Qian had kept the secret from them for so long.

But speaking of which Shen Qian really didn’t hide it, the problem is that no one believed him when he told the truth before!

Liu Changqing sent a slightly sour text message to the effect of reminding Little Junior Brother to “keep arrogance and rashness” and “stay awake”.

I have skipped the jealous nonsense Shen Qian, but in the end Liu Changqing still said that Fifth Senior Brother may be in the provincial capital, and pushed the contact information to Shen Qian, if there is You can find him if you can’t figure it out.

In addition, Liu Changqing also mentioned not to trust Chai Haotian too much, he is the lord of Jing City, but he also has his own selfishness.

Shen Qian also had a vague feeling about this. No one in this world would be nice to someone for no reason. Chai Haotian’s series of actions must have his own purpose behind it.

Although it seems that the other party has always been courting Shen Qian.

It’s just that Shen Qian was pushed out unexpectedly today, and I still have some resentment towards Chai Haotian…

Later, Shen Qian learned that Chai Haotian actually helped him prepare the speech. This morning It has been delivered to Shen Qian’s house, probably the courier that Wang Xiaojuan said on the phone.

Then again, sometimes people don’t know their potential unless they push themselves.

At least Shen Qian was surprised that there was nothing wrong with her improvisation.

The moment he held the microphone, he suddenly had the desire to express, and fluently said what he wanted to say, and what Chai Haotian might want him to say.

Finally, Shen Qian saw the message from Ding Yi.

“I’m going to the training camp, I’ll be out of touch for a while…I’ll be waiting for you in Beidu.”

There are three sentences in total.

I didn’t ask Shen Qian what was going on, but Shen Qian knew that it didn’t mean Ding Yi wasn’t curious, and the last six words had already expressed everything the other party wanted to say.

While Shen Qian’s thoughts were flying, the bus suddenly stopped.

Shen Qian glanced out the window in surprise.

Jing City is in the northwest of Ming City. At this time, the bus has just left the south gate of Jing City.

“We are going to meet up with vehicles from other schools here, and then we will be escorted by Martial Artist of the Southwest Army to Mingcheng.”

Huang Tao is sitting opposite Shen Qian. Seeing Shen Qian’s doubts, he took the initiative to explain.

Shen Qian suddenly realized that the straight-line distance between Ming City and Jing City on the map was more than 200 kilometers, neither too far nor too close, but they needed to cross the restricted area. With his own power, the probability of accidents is extremely high.

The sound of the roar of the accelerator rang from far to near. Shen Qian, like other curious students, approached the window, and immediately saw hundreds of military armored vehicles drilled out of the wind and sand. Come out and stop at the city gate.

Huang Tao and Zhao Hanhai got out of the car and joined the principals of other schools to meet them.

At least 1,000 troops from the Southwest Army came, all dressed in military uniforms. After getting out of the car, they lined up neatly in the wind and sand. There was an imposing manner assaults the senses in the silence.

The girls were exclaiming how handsome they were, while the boys were pointing their fingers at the various types of psionic guns they were carrying, and scolding Fang Qiu with the knowledge that appeared in military magazines.

“Judging from the way they dress, they are very different from the ordinary army. They are definitely the elite troops of the Southwest Army, but I don’t know which battalion they come from among the three elite battalions of the Southwest Army. “

“No matter which battalion it is, it is very difficult to deal with, as long as the word ‘elite’ is listed, even the top soldiers must have the strength of Beginner Martial Artist or above!”

Shen Qian, who didn’t know much about these, listened to the boys in the car bragging, but also listened with keen interest pleasure.

Putting it that way, if I promised Yu Shousi at that time, would I have a hundred Beginner Martial Artist horses immediately?

It’s a little bit cautious to think about it.

“So strong?” Some ignorant girls exclaimed.

“Hey, the elite troops are more powerful than you think. I heard from my grandfather that such a thousand-man army, under the combined attack, even the Mountain And Sea powerhouse can only have a strategic withdrawal. …”


“Impossible, Mountain And Sea powerhouse can’t ignore the number gap?”

Immediately next to him, someone who was dissatisfied began to argue with that person.

Shen Qian calmly analyzed it, but it is not impossible. After all, he now knows that the Mountain And Sea powerhouse is equally strong and weak, and the weaker Mountain And Sea may not be able to match the current standing. The thousand imposing sergeant on the opposite side.

Leading the thousands of Martial Artists was a middle age person who was about forty years old. He saluted the Principals who were approaching, and then said something. Shen Qian noticed Huang Tao. , Xu He, and the others were a little surprised, but they were soon nodded.

About ten minutes later, Huang Tao returned to the car and said directly to Shen Qian: “We need to re-adjust the allocation of personnel and vehicles, Shen Qian, get off the bus first, and Director Zhao will take you there. .”

Although confused, Shen Qian got out of the car first.

Zhao Hanhai was waiting at the door of the car, and he nodded to Shen Qian, “Come with me.”

During this time, Shen Qian followed Zhao Hanhai through the car. Saw that some people were called off every bus, but not many.

“Teacher Zhao, why reassign the vehicle?” Shen Qian strangely said.

After being silent for a while, Zhao Hanhai opened the mouth and said: “For safety.”

Shen Qian thought Zhao Hanhai would take him to another bus and wait for Zhao Hanhai to be there. When he stopped in front of the military armored vehicle, Shen Qian realized that it was not what he thought.

“Go up.” Zhao Hanhai pointed to the open door.

“Teacher Zhao, this…” Shen Qian frowned.

“This is Captain Sun’s request.” Seeing that Shen Qian was still hesitating, Zhao Hanhai added with a smile, “Don’t worry, everyone has to transfer to armored vehicles, and ordinary buses can’t go through the restricted area. .”

Seeing that it wasn’t the so-called “privilege”, Shen Qian got into the car with peace of mind.

The armored vehicle specially used to transport troops can accommodate about 30 people. Shen Qian was the first to arrive. He picked the innermost seat and looked out through the small window.

Sure enough, Zhao Hanhai didn’t lie to him, and other Jing City students also got off the bus and boarded the armored vehicle under the guidance of the teacher.

Not long after, another boy with long hair also boarded Shen Qian’s armored vehicle.

When the other party saw Shen Qian, she was stunned for a while, and then she nodded to Shen Qian, and Shen Qian also smiled back.

Seeing that Shen Qian was not difficult to get along with, the other party simply walked to the seat next to Shen Qian and sat down.

“Second High School, Ouyang Fei.” The long-haired boy held out his hand.


“Damn, don’t introduce yourself, who doesn’t know you now?” Ouyang Fei waved his hands.

Shen Qian could only return a speechless smile.

“You really defeated Wang Shuo?” Ouyang Fei looked familiar, said curiously.

“Good luck, he was injured at the time.” Shen Qian speak frankly.

“That’s very difficult to deal with.” Ouyang Fei sighed, “I have fought against him five times in the past few years, and I lost all of them. Only one time I survived twenty moves.”

Shen Qian glanced at Ouyang Fei, not surprised that the other party revealed his shortcomings, but realized that the other party was also a genius.

How many times can an idle person play against Wang Shuo so many times?

If the gap is too big, I’m afraid Wang Shuo won’t even be interested in it.

While the two of them were talking, seven or eight people got into the car one after another. Shen Qian was somewhat surprised to see that everyone in Ouyang Fei could say hello.

“You know all these people?” Shen Qian asked in a low voice.

“Most of them are from No. 1 middle school, and none of them are good. Except for you, everyone has basically fought, and all of them are acquaintances.” Ouyang Fei replied.

The 30-seat armored vehicle only had ten students from Shen Qian and the others. When the commander of the 1,000-strong army, Captain Sun, also got into the co-pilot, a Martial in an imposing manner came up. After Artist’s more awe-inspiring squash, Shen Qian probably understood something.

…It’s not that there is no privilege, it’s just that the privilege has become more obscure.

It is foreseeable that there are thousands of troops in command, and their armored vehicle must be the vehicle with the highest safety factor.

If Shen Qian guessed right, the other nine should be the most talented nine of Jing City’s reference students.

Shen Qian’s mood is a bit complicated.

(end of this chapter)

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