I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 117


Chapter 117 Sending you to you (big chapter please subscribe)

On the floor of the arena, there was a mess of lying on the floor. local people.

“Hey, it’s really fun, it’s been a long time since I played so smoothly.”

Gu Zifang with a bloody nose and swollen face spread out on the ground in a big font, and then rubbed her chest a little depressedly. “I said Shen Qian, no matter how flat I am, at least I’m a little bit sloppy. Can you be a little more measured?”

Shen Qian, who has the same bloody nose and swollen face, coughed awkwardly, “I didn’t pay attention, I will definitely next time.”

“The person who can be pushed out by the city lord to replace Wang Shuo really has two brushes.”

Ouyang Fei’s face is still intact, But his body was covered with footprints, he coughed and got up, and said with admiration, “Your strength should be only one step away from being a Martial Artist, right?”

“Not just, it’s already very close. Now, at most half a step!” Gu Zifang felt the deepest feeling and corrected her sentence.

Shen Qian wanted to pick them all, but they were reluctant at first.

This kind of cliché that often appears in film and television dramas is usually played by a trickster, and they feel that they are not a trickster.

However, when Chen Peng, who rushed up first, was kicked away by Shen Qian, the second person had to join in.

Gu Zifang had no choice but to join when Ouyang Fei finally took the shot and was still at a disadvantage with eight enemies and one.

If Shen Qian is allowed to evaluate it, it is both sides suffer.

He actually has some spare energy, but he doesn’t have to fight for that.

This was originally just a friendly match to test its own strength.

Shen Qian also draws careful conclusions.

…If you use Chaos Energy, it feels like it only takes ten seconds to crush them.

It just doesn’t make sense.

And who knows if others have trump cards?

Ouyang Fei and the others are true geniuses who have fought countless battles and have their own castles.

At least Shen Qian got a lot from this melee.

“Shen Qian, show me your admission ticket.”

Gu Zifang suddenly sat up and stretched out her hand in front of Shen Qian.

Shen Qian didn’t know why, but she still took out the admission ticket and handed it over.

Gu Zifang wrote down the information on Shen Qian’s admission ticket, and then asked Ouyang Fei and the others to take out the admission ticket.

After muttering silently, Gu Zifang looked directly at Shen Qian who was full of doubts, opened the mouth and said: “I just looked at it, I, Ouyang Fei and the other three people’s ‘will’ and The ‘actual’ assessment is ahead of you, as long as there is time, we will try to disclose the content of the examination to you!”

“This…” Shen Qian frowned, “Is this cheating?”

“Strictly speaking doesn’t count.” Ouyang Fei shook his head, “Most other cities do the same thing, providing the most promising people with the information they need. After all, it still relies on real ability in the end. Knowing something in advance is just a matter of Maybe… can take a chance.”

“Shen Qian, don’t underestimate this chance, maybe you can help you lead others at a critical time.” Chen Peng nodded and said.

Shen Qian looked at the crowd and did not directly say no, because he saw desire in their eyes.

Jing City has been weak for too long, and they are under too much pressure.

If only for their own future, geniuses like them don’t have to stand here at all.

Not to mention the consequences if such suspected cheating is detected.

At this moment, Shen Qian felt a tinge of guilt for no reason.

Yes, in the past, even if the city’s main force was favored and everyone looked forward to it, in the deepest part of Shen Qian’s heart, the original intention of taking the college entrance examination was still for his own self-interest.

He’s always thought of himself as a layman.

If you don’t even feel good about yourself, how can you take care of others?

But at this moment, looking at the sincere eyes of Gu Zifang and the others, Shen Qian was inexplicably shaken.

Or maybe when he took the stage in the morning, he was actually shaken, and it was only then that those emotions came up.

“I will try my best.”

Shen Qian glanced at everyone, and finally only uttered these four words.


On June 14, the whole country will be sunny.

On this day throughout China, more than half a million teenagers either hesitated or went out, preparing for the most important “trial” in their lives.

Life is up or down, just open the title page from here.

After lunch, Shen Qian put on a more neat training suit, still white.

He walked out of the hotel lobby, and then his eyes were attracted by a person on the side of the road.

It was a tall young man with long hair in a black trench coat, holding a rough wooden sword in his hand, looking at Shen Qian with a smile on his lips.

Shen Qian felt some kindness for no reason, and at the same time, there was an air of oppression on the young man that Shen Qian was already familiar with.

Mountain And Sea.

“Fifth Senior Brother?” Shen Qian, who had guessed something, said.

“It’s me.” The young man nodded, then said with a smile, “Why didn’t you contact me when you came to the provincial capital, and Xiao Liuzi didn’t tell you?”

Xiao Liuzi…

Shen Qian almost laughed out loud, but hurriedly stopped and then explained: “I only arrived yesterday. I originally thought of going to see Senior Brother after the college entrance examination.”

“You are very good, teacher’s vision is getting better and better.”

The young man looked at Shen Qian and said with emotion.

Although she hadn’t met before, Shen Qian had already memorized the names of her senior brother and senior sister.

After all, it’s all thighs.

Fifth Senior Brother’s name is Ling Xiao, which sounds like a really cool name.

When Ling Xiao was looking at Shen Qian, Shen Qian was also looking at Ling Xiao quietly. At first glance, Fifth Senior Brother and Sixth Senior Brother are very similar, they belong to the kind of wuxia novel. The image of a wanderer.

But compared with Liu Changqing, Ling Xiao is a little more free and easy…and a little more tidy.

“Let’s go, send the test with love.” Ling Xiao tilted his head.

Shen Qian glanced at the bus waiting for the candidates in the other direction, and then checked the time.

He doesn’t go out early or late. If he is rich by bus, Fifth Senior Brother wants him to walk.

“Okay.” But Shen Qian didn’t say anything, and the nodded agreed readily.

The two broke away from the crowd and walked towards the provincial gymnasium.

The traffic flowed like a shuttle, the road was empty, and the two walked side by side.

“I heard that you want to be the champion?” Ling Xiao opened the mouth and said.

Shen Qian

“I am a provincial champion for 46 years.”

p> “en?”


Shen Qian startled, reacted for a while before realizing what Ling Xiao was talking about, and was immediately shocked.

This year is 2297 and 2246 is 51 years ago.

So Fifth Senior Brother is at least sixty or seventy years old?

I can’t see it at all.

Hey, no wonder he called Xiao Liuzi so smoothly. Liu Changqing is not many years older than Shen Qian. Considering his age, it really doesn’t violate the harmony at all.

But soon, Shen Qian realized that Ling Xiao was not showing off to him.

“Fifth Senior Brother please advise!”

“Liu Zi said that you are very ambitious, and asked him how to be admitted to the national champion?”

Ling Xiao said with a smile.


In fact, Shen Qian asked mostly out of curiosity, but the reason was not important at this time.

“The nation’s champion…” Ling Xiao looked a little dazed, “In the more than 100 years since the restoration of the college entrance examination system, there has never been such a statement. Do you know why?”

Shen Qian shook her head.

He asked a lot of people about this, and checked a lot of information, but there was no accurate answer.

Big Brother Gao may know, but Big Brother Gao doesn’t say it.

“I also noticed this strange problem back then. I went to Beidu and talked to the old man from the Ministry of Education, and then I probably knew the reason.”

The old man of the Ministry of Education?

Shen Qian thought about it for a while, it seems that the Minister of Education is an older person. I don’t know if Fifth Senior Brother is talking about him.

“Actually, they are all fans of the authorities. The reason for not setting a national champion is very simple. It is limited by the rules.” Ling Xiao continued.


Shen Qian looked thoughtful, and Yu Shousi also said the word “rules” when he mentioned this topic.

“Let me ask you, how are the three items of martial arts scored?” Ling Xiao looked towards Shen Qian.

Regarding this point, it is mentioned in detail in the college entrance examination manual, Shen Qian thought for a while, opened the mouth and said: “Wu Ke, like liberal arts, both use a scoring system, but martial arts The perfect score for each item is 100…”

Shen Qian couldn’t continue, and was stunned.

so that’s how it is!

Ling Xiao is right, sometimes he is really a fan of the authorities.

At this time, Shen Qian recalled it again and realized that the answer was already hidden in the rules.

The three theories of martial arts have a full score of 300. What if there are more than two people who have scored 300?

No matter how difficult it is to get full marks, there will always be one or two evildoers in a province. If there are ten provincial champions with full marks, who is qualified to be called the national champion?

The cap is fixed.

This is the fundamental reason why there is no national champion.

“Think of it?” Ling Xiao smiled.

“But why…”

Shen Qian clear comprehension and then frowned again, and more doubts arose in his heart.

“Why do you want to use a points system instead of directly relying on data to compete? Could it be that the people in the Martial Arts Department of the Ministry of Education are all idiots, or that King Gangneung who established the martial arts college entrance examination system was also an idiot, They couldn’t think of the question you thought of?”

Before Shen Qian could finish speaking, Ling Xiao had already interjected with a faint smile.

Nodded by Shen Qian sorry.

“It’s very simple, if you do this, how to calculate the age difference?”

Ling Xiao indifferently said, “Suppose a person who is one year older than you will refer to you together. , his stats are better than yours, and the champion is given to him, are you convinced?”

“Conversely, when he and you get full marks at the same time, you are younger than him, and your ranking will be higher. Above him, is it that no one can refute this way?”

Shen Qian was speechless for a while.

“One more, you forgot what the original intention of the college entrance examination was.”

At this moment, the two walked to the central square of Mingcheng, Ling Xiao stopped and looked up at the indifferent. The statue of Kun Hubo in the distance.

“Since ancient times, there has been no first in literature and no second in martial arts. Unless you fight in person, there are several people who can convince each other. The college entrance examination is for the selection of martial arts talents, not for you to compete against each other.”


“One of the original intentions of setting the upper limit is also to tell you implicitly that this is enough for middle school, and your real transformation will come in college.”

“At the same time, it is also for the ordinary person. Keep some confidence.”

“It’s a 100% difference, it won’t make them feel hopeless.”

“…Of course, most of the above are me and The old man’s conjectures after talking about it may not be all correct.”

Shen Qian also stopped and was speechless for a long time.

These truths are really too obscure, but when you think about them carefully, you can’t refute them.

It is no wonder that the admission indicators of Wu Ke University only focus on physical fitness and do not pay much attention to others.

“But, I thought later that King Jiangling didn’t block the road.” Ling Xiao suddenly opened the mouth and said.

“What do you mean?” Shen Qian was taken aback.

“I got a total of 294 points in the three tests that year. If you look at the data of the champions in various provinces over the years, you will find that the highest score is only 299 points, and it has been almost two hundred years, and there are only two people. Got this score.”


Shen Qian was surprised, “You mean no one ever got a perfect score?”

“No.” Ling Xiao said affirmatively, “In order to confirm this problem, I turned over all the files of the Ministry of Education.”

“Fifth Senior Brother means…” Shen Qian had already thought of it. what.

“Combining with the hint of the old man, if I guessed correctly, as long as I can get 300 points, I can become the unprecedented national champion in martial arts. This is the only way left by the King of Gangneung.”

Ling Xiao nodded, and then sighed, “But it’s too difficult. Although the exam questions have changed over the years, you’ll know it’s almost impossible when you experience it.”


Shen Qian was lost in thought.

“Calm your mind and try your best.” Ling Xiao looked at the time and said with a smile, “If you don’t go, you will be late. Finally, as for the first physical fitness, I can Here’s some advice from the ‘losers’.”

Shen Qian raised her head in confusion.

“Just right.”

Ling Xiao said softly.

While Shen Qian didn’t know why, Ling Xiao threw out the wooden sword in his hand and pushed Shen Qian at the same time.

Before Shen Qian could react, she had already stepped on the wooden sword that suddenly flew into the air.

“Mingcheng Zhongmen will send you to the gate, proud of one’s success horseshoe disease!”

“Nine Junior Brothers, when you return from the exam, I will have a drink with you again!”



As Ling Xiao’s sudden wild laughter sounded, the wooden sword that Shen Qian stepped on shot out like an arrow from the string, swept away in the blink of an eye After a kilometer, he disappeared at the end of the road.


Provincial Gymnasium.

Ten long queues lined the door, roughly three or five hundred people, all of them high school seniors who participated in the afternoon batch.

The students gathered in different regions and were talking with each other, sharing some experiences about the physical fitness test that the group of students who had finished the test in the morning said.

A dull thunder suddenly sounded in the air.

The students and the staff of the Department of Education who maintained order at the entrance all raised their heads in puzzlement.

Today is clearly a sunny day. This is a good weather specially designated by the Ministry of Education. How can there be thunder?

“This thunder…why does it sound a bit like laughter?” a student asked suspiciously.

The people around are all startled, and it’s a bit like listening carefully.

Before everyone could react, a first-class of light rushed from the high-rise buildings, stopped abruptly amid the exclamations of the students, and stopped at the provincial gymnasium. door.

A needle drop could be heard in the audience, and most of them stared at the boy who stepped on the Flying Sword in amazement.

Is this… Mountain And Sea Sword Immortal?

“It’s Shen Qian!”

The Jing City students all recognized the person and couldn’t help shouting excitedly.

Shen Qian pursed her lips and looked cold.

Until he jumped off the Flying Sword, Shen Qian complexion changed after walking a few steps. He couldn’t bear it any longer. He flew to the trash can by the roadside, bowing his head and gagging.

… Fifth Senior Brother, you Flying Sword is going too fast!

With Shen Qian’s current physique nauseating, one can imagine how outrageous the Flying Sword’s speed is.



After being stunned, all the students waved their hands in dismay.

After a while, Shen Qian lifted the head, who had calmed his stomach. After identifying it, he came to the column with the majority of Jing City students and was at the end of the line.

“This is the ‘Jing City Light’ that was on TV? Isn’t that small size!”


There were some sneering sounds from the team next to them.

“Shen Qian, do you want to drink water?”

In comparison, although the students in Jing City felt a little ashamed, there were still some kind-hearted students who handed over to Shen Qian. On paper towels and drinking water.

“Thank you.”

Shen Qian was not polite and took a few mouthfuls of water.

“Don’t worry about those idiots, those in the city just don’t have the quality. Just now, there were a few people in the city who wanted to come and jump in the queue. If it wasn’t for the people from the Education Department, I would have been dead!”

Shen Qian patted This rough-faced boy, laughed and didn’t speak.

He was no longer the young man who would get angry at the sarcasm of others.

…and of course those forum posts don’t count.

Because those are not others, it is not a sentence or two.

“Shen Qian, are you alright?” Another long-legged girl came over and handed a tissue with concern, and said at the same time, “The exam is about to start, can you be in this state?”


“It’s okay, it’s just an accident.”

“That’s good!” The girl smiled at Shen Qian and walked away.

Shen Qian waved his hand quickly, and after the girl walked away, he looked down and couldn’t help but startled, hey, why is there a serial number on this tissue…

Shen Qian looked up just in time to see The long-legged sister paper blinked at Shen Qian.

…well, another cutie who draws my body.

Shen Qian could only return a friendly smile.

The episode of Shen Qian’s arrival soon subsided, as the bell that marked the beginning of the exam had already rung.

At this time, students from all 20 test centers in the city began to enter the venue in an orderly manner.

In the morning, some students have shared the test process in the group. The physical fitness test is similar to the usual test mechanism. Everyone will enter the professional version of the Martial Arts simulator with the mode set in advance in batches. Three punches, take the best score and enter.

Shen Qian guessed that he was at the end of the line, most likely the last one to take the test, and began to ponder the phrase “just right” by Fifth Senior Brother.

Unfortunately, Shen Qian thought about it for a while, but couldn’t figure out what it meant.

It’s just a physical test, what’s wrong with it?

Shouldn’t it be to be in “best shape”?

In the blink of an eye, half an hour passed. As the queue shortened, Shen Qian finally heard his name.

“…Admission ticket number 22970614019800001, No. 7 high level middle school in Jing City, Shen Qian!”


Shen Qian lost it The water bottle in his hand, raised his hand.

“Go in, exam room No. 8, don’t go wrong.” The staff reminded Shen Qian by sticking a serial number on her chest.

When Shen Qian came to the No. 8 examination room, the previous examinee just came out with tears in his eyes. It seemed that he had failed the examination.

A bad state of mind will indeed affect physical performance. Shen Qian could only look at the man with sympathy, and then walked into the room.

The exam room is about 50 square meters. There are three invigilators sitting outside the glass door on the other side. Two of them are wearing the clothes of the Ministry of Education. The old man in the middle is wearing the badge of the Ministry of Education.

And Shen Qian’s area is nothing but an oversized Martial Arts simulator.

The five-meter-high simulator in front of me is a professional version. Compared with the simulator of No. 7 Middle School, it lacks a lot of fancy functions, but it is particularly accurate in physical fitness tests, and can be regarded as a special purpose for college entrance examinations.

“Shen Qian, please verify your identity next to you. You have five minutes of preparation time, and then you can start the test.”

A proctor’s voice passed through the top right corner. The sound came out.

After Shen Qian came to the fingerprint machine to verify his identity, he shook his head and said, “Thank you teacher, no need, I can start now.”

After the invigilator teacher agreed, Shen Qian entered the inside of the emulator with monitoring.

As the hatch closed, Shen Qian’s identity information appeared on the adjacent display, and there was an option to “Start Exam”.

Shen Qian walked to the designated position and waited for the five detectors to be bound to his body. Shen Qian clicked “Start Exam”.

There are three chances anyway. Although I haven’t figured out Fifth Senior Brother’s riddle, I can try it first.


The helmet collapses.

Shen Qian appeared on a ring with a huge smiling doll 20 meters away, with the words “Please hit me” on it.

“The exam begins, please adjust your state to prepare for the test, and the ten-second countdown begins…”

“…3, 2, 1!”

When the countdown reached zero, Shen Qian exhaled and lunged towards the doll Shen Qian, clenched his right fist, and hit the doll with a punch.


The dolls all split up and in pieces, and Shen Qian, panting slightly, also stopped.

“The results are being counted, please wait… Candidates can click “Start” again to take the second test.”

Shen Qian was ejected and opened his eyes looking towards display screen.

After a while, data began to pop up on the display.


Candidate’s name: Shen Qian

Exam results:

Explosive strength: 1096.73 Kg (Note: due to excessive strength It is automatically corrected to the test upper limit of 999.99 Kg)

Instantaneous speed: 2.1 s/100m


Shen Qian stared at the display screen in amazement .

Extraordinary power?

What the hell?

At this moment, thinking of what Fifth Senior Brother said, Shen Qian suddenly understood something after some thought.

This is what the original scoring system meant.

This 999Kg should be the upper limit in Ling Xiao’s mouth. As long as the strength exceeds this, the physical fitness test will be a full score when the results are announced.

Shen Qian, who had figured it out, felt dull. Since that was the case, the next two tests were unnecessary, and they would all be corrected anyway.


Shen Qian, who was about to turn around and leave, felt a move in her heart, then frowned and stopped.

In the era when 140Kg was already the baseline for most of the key points, 999Kg is very abnormal, but the question is, can only Shen Qian do it?

Not necessarily.

For example, Wang Shuo can easily explode beyond this power.

There are more extremely talented people in this and previous years. Although the relative number is small, the absolute number is impossible.

Only two people in history have scored 299 points in the three tests of martial arts, and Fifth Senior Brother’s 294 points are enough to take the top spot.

What does this mean?

Let’s boldly assume that there are still very few people who get full marks in physical fitness.

Possibly even Fifth Senior Brother was deducted points, otherwise he wouldn’t be self-deprecating as a “loser”.

Shen Qian vaguely felt that she had grasped something, but for a while she couldn’t figure it out clearly.

“Shen Qian, have you encountered any problems?”

Perhaps it was because Shen Qian didn’t move for a while, the invigilator teacher’s voice came from the broadcast.

Shen Qian heard the voice of the invigilator teacher, subconsciously wanted to say “it’s okay”, but suddenly thought of something, looked up to the monitor and said, “teacher, I have a question.”

“What’s the problem?” Proctor teacher startled.

“I want to know if I can get full marks for my grades?” Shen Qian asked, staring at the monitor.

There was silence on the other end of the radio, as if they didn’t expect Shen Qian to be so direct. After a while, another serious voice sounded different from before, “Please don’t ask any questions that have nothing to do with the exam procedure. Question.”

Shen Qian didn’t ask any more questions, but still got some auxiliary information that could be used for judgment from the tone of the chief invigilator who was probably from the Ministry of Education.

Full score…mostly no show.

Shen Qian turned her head and stared at the line of data on the display again.

How do I get full marks on the test?

Just right, just right…

Shen Qian’s mind kept echoing Ling Xiao’s suggestion, and his eyes gradually fixed on the revised data “999.99Kg”.

Could it be…

Could it be…

Shen Qian had an unbelievable, extremely bold, but extremely likely guess in his mind.

If Shen Qian guessed right, 999.99 is the answer!

Why use the professional version of the Martial Arts machine, because only the professional version can be accurate to the decimal point in the strength test.

And only if the punch hits the power of 999.99Kg, it is possible to get a full score!

For an ordinary person, the test is only for strength, but for a peerless genius whose strength may reach about 1000Kg, the test is not strength at all, but power control!

This is an extremely obscure test.

It’s also…the only way to get full marks in the physical fitness test!

Shen Qian only felt his scalp tingling. If all his guesses were correct, this assessment would be too perverted.

It’s okay to tell you if you don’t know, and even if you guess most of it, you’ll only despair.

What is the concept of power being accurate to two decimal places, let alone the decimal point, people who can be accurate to single digits are as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns, and can only use horror like this describe.

Is it really possible?

Shen Qian remembered the two perverts in history, what shocking and stunning people would have been if they hadn’t been deducted a point in the physical fitness category!

Have a chance in the future, must know a thing or two.

Whether it was Shen Qian’s guess or not, Shen Qian didn’t have time to think about it again under the urging of the invigilator teacher. Anyway, Shen Qian guessed that there would be no other possibility.

There are two more chances.

I don’t know if system can do it.

But in other words, system can’t do it, who else can?

The AFK box of system was called up in the mind interface, and Shen Qian directly input the AFK command.

“Passed the test with 999.99Kg burst power.”


“AFK task has been generated, system is parsing.”

“The task target has been locked, and the system is automatically finding its way…”

After just one second, the system happily turned on the AFK mode.

Shen Qian knew immediately…

It was stable.

Speaking of which, do you still remember who the King of Gangneung is?

(end of this chapter)

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