I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 118


Chapter 118 Qianxing Club

“The results are being counted, please wait… Candidates can click “Start” again for the third time Test.”

When Shen Qian finished AFK and opened his eyes, he just heard the prompt sound.

Did it work just once?

Shen Qian sighed.

…As expected of you, system.

He exited the simulation and waited a few seconds before a line of data appeared on the display.


Candidate Name: Shen Qian

Exam Score:

Explosive Strength: 999.99 Kg

Instantaneous speed: 2.1 s/100m


The speed is not important anymore, Shen Qian just stared at the data of 999.99Kg in that row.

There are no remarks for correction, which means that Shen Qian’s explosive power is exactly 999.99Kg, which is extremely accurate.

There is no need for a third time.

Shen Qian clicked “End Exam”, and after the results were uploaded, he got out of the simulator, nodded to the invigilators sitting behind the glass, and then left the exam room.

Behind the glass windows, the two officials of the Education Department were a little strange.

“Is this classmate unexpectedly the third time?”

“I have an impression of him, it was on the news yesterday, it seems that he is extremely talented from Jing City, he is indeed very strong , it’s just… His second time was not as good as the first time, so it’s a bit strange to give up like this.”

“This number is quite interesting, it just happens to be 999.99Kg, and there is no need to correct it. “

The two of them didn’t know the difference, and they were joking.

At this time, the middle man from the Ministry of Education finally returned sobered up from his trance, and he swept over the two with a stern gaze.

“Encrypt the test data of this student Shen Qian at the highest level, and immediately seal the test video, waiting for someone to extract it!”

“In addition, everything you saw just now, As long as there is any rumor, you will be punished with espionage and no appeal!”

The two who were joking were stunned, and when the old man repeated it again, they realized that the other was telling the truth Yes, I couldn’t help looking at each other in blank dismay, but I didn’t dare to ask more, so I quickly said yes.


Shen Qian walked out of the examination room. The setting sun was shining, and he squinted his eyes and stretched out when the day was the warmest.

“Shen Qian!”

Gu Zifang and Ouyang Fei came running from not far away as the shouting sounded.

β€œWhy are you here?” Shen Qian startled.

“We finished the exam in the morning, so I came here specially to wait for you.”

Ouyang Fei said with a smile, “Seeing that your expression is very relaxed, you seem to be doing well? “

“Is it capped?” Gu Zifang asked expectantly.

“You know there is a cap?” Shen Qian said surprisedly.

Although Gu Zifang is the strongest person in Jing City’s candidates except him, his full strength is probably the appearance of Beginner Martial Artist Peak, and 1000Kg is already the threshold of Martial Artist in the middle, Gu Zifang is probably not able to reach it of.

“You don’t know yet, it was spread in the morning. After all, it’s not a secret matter. Some people in Xicheng and Mingcheng have reached the ceiling. There are also previous seniors on the online forum. There are probably not many people who don’t know now.” Gu Zifang said.

“That’s it.” In the expectant gaze of the two, Shen Qian nodded, “I should be counted… how about you?”

“I’m almost 900, I guess. It’s a pity for Zifang, her best score of three times was 996, which is just a little bit short.”

When she heard Shen Qian’s top, they both relaxed, Ouyang Fei said with a smile.

“Let’s talk as we walk, you probably won’t have a seat if you’re late.” Gu Zifang glanced at the time and said to the two of them.

“Where to?” Shen Qian asked in confusion.

“Did you forget that I said I wanted to invite you to the Nine Heavens Pavilion for a big meal?” Gu Zifang rolled the eyes, “Of course, the others are AA, so I’ll take your portion.”


“Ah, today, it’s not appropriate to go to the waves before the exam is over, right?” Shen Qian was very surprised.

“The physical fitness test has been completed, and the remaining two items are not crammed. What’s the difference?”

Gu Zifang cut a voice, “Besides, we can It’s not just for enjoyment, eating this meal will definitely be good for your will test tomorrow, trust me!”

Shen Qian was aroused by curiosity, and immediately nodded, and then saw the two of them standing He didn’t move, just looked at himself and couldn’t help but startled, “Why don’t you leave?”

“Wait for your Flying Sword!”

Ouyang Fei said excitedly, “The video It’s all been posted on the Internet, so handsome…well, if you don’t watch the second half.”

Seeing Gu Zifang looking at him expectantly, Shen Qian said angrily, “What are you thinking about? , I have the ability to vomit all over the place? Flying Sword belongs to my Senior Brother, not mine, take a taxi honestly.”

β€œSenior Brother?”

Ouyang Fei and Gu Zifang was a little disappointed hearing this, but after thinking about it, it was too exaggerated that Shen Qian could really control the Flying Sword. How could Mountain And Sea be able to do it?

As for the Senior Brother in Shen Qian’s mouth, seeing that he didn’t mean to say more, the two didn’t ask any more questions.

The three immediately stopped a taxi on the side of the road and went straight to the Nine Heavens Pavilion.


At the entrance of the Nine Heavens Pavilion, they met Chen Peng and the others who came one after another, and everyone walked into the Nine Heavens Pavilion together.

Nine Heavens Pavilion has a quaint name, but it is actually a modern 33rd-layer hotel.

Except for the garden at the entrance and the archway, which are somewhat old-fashioned, nothing else is involved.

Entering the lobby of splendorous and majestic, Shen Qian really saw the suffix logo of Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall on the wall.

The restaurant of Nine Heavens Pavilion is on the top floor. When ten people came up by elevator, a dignified and dignified elder sister in a cheongsam walked over.

“VIPs, good afternoon, do you have an appointment?”

Gu Zifang felt wrong when she heard this. She glanced through the porch, and sure enough, it was crowded inside. Disappointed, he asked, “Is there no room?”

Seeing the waiter’s apologetic expression, Ouyang Fei shook his head and said, “It was originally just try one’s luck, why don’t you change it?”

“I can do it.”

Shen Qian doesn’t care.

Gu Zifang originally wanted to wait for a seat, but seeing that both of them said so, she gave up the idea. Everyone just turned around and wanted to leave, when there was a sudden sound of high heels hitting the ground behind her.

Before they could react, a fragrant wind surged, and before everyone saw a woman wearing a professional dress with a mature face on her face.

“Excuse me, are you Mr. Shen Qian?”

The woman, panting from fast walking, looked towards Shen Qian with a smile.

“It’s me, you are?” Shen Qian wondered.

“Hello Mr. Shen, I’m the manager of the Nine Heavens Pavilion restaurant, just call me Yun Lan. If you want to dine, our Nine Heavens Pavilion has reserved seats for black card members. , please come with me.”

After the woman finished speaking, she bent over and stretched out her hand.

Black card member?

Gu Zifang and the others looked towards Shen Qian’s eyes strangely, and Shen Qian himself was stunned, but then thought of something, nodded calmly.

Never mind, just sit down.

The interior decoration of Nine Heavens Pavilion can only be said to be bells and whistles within the normal range, but it is indeed full of seats. Shen Qian casually glanced at the dishes on other people’s tables, and sure enough, there was not a single dish that he saw. passed.

Yun Lan took the entire group across the small bridge and flowing water, then took another flight of stairs and came to the second floor.

The second floor is a corridor-style structure with only ten tables on all sides.

I think this is the exclusive area mentioned by Manager Yun Lan.

After leading the crowd to sit down in an excellent position by the window and overlooking the hall, Yun Lan went to prepare refreshments. Ouyang Fei and Gu Zifang, who had been holding back for a long time, then caught the opportunity to attack.

“Shen Qian, since you are a black card member of the Nine Heavens Pavilion, why didn’t you tell me earlier, just to see me as a joke?” Gu Zifang complained.

“I’m more curious, how can you, a person who has never been to the provincial capital, have a black card from the Nine Heavens Pavilion?” Ouyang Fei complained.

Chen Peng and the others also looked curious.

“I didn’t know beforehand, maybe it’s because of this?”

Shen Qian thought about it and took out the Black Diamond Membership Card from the Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall.

“It’s definitely not because of this.” Chen Peng shook his head when he saw it, “We basically have this kind of Membership Card that comes with recharge. Besides, the Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall and the Nine Heavens Pavilion are theoretically A group’s industry, but the two businesses do not interact.”

“Then I don’t know.” Shen Qian shook his head.

At this time, Yun Lan went back and forth. After she finished serving the delicate cakes, before ordering, Gu Zifang, who couldn’t figure it out, asked, “How did Shen Qian’s black card come from? Ah?”

“Sorry, this is customer privacy.” Yun Lan smiled and shook her head.

“Then tell me the head office?” Shen Qian couldn’t help but be curious.

“Wait a moment.” Yun Lan was indeed nodded, she took out the Pad to inquire, said with a smile: “Mr. Shen, your Nine Heavens Group black card membership was processed two months ago. , belongs to the ‘special invitation’, I don’t know the more specific reason.”

Two months ago…

Shen Qian thought about it and suddenly understood.

Isn’t that when Jing City Marquis admits itself?

Although this matter is very secret, it is not without trace, at least Zhu Deyong guessed some.

“You mean, Shen Qian’s black card is not from the Nine Heavens Pavilion, but from your entire Nine Heavens group?” The sensitive Ouyang Fei was surprised.

Nine Heavens Pavilion is just a subsidiary company of Nine Heavens Group, Nine Heavens Group is the real huge monster.

The two have a wider range of knowledge. If Ouyang Fei and Gu Zifang were only surprised before, they are now a little astonished.

“Shen Qian, it seems that there is something to hide from us.” Gu Zifang smiled and said faintly.

Shen Qian responded vaguely to Ouyang Fei and Gu Zifang’s inquiries.

It’s not that he has to hide it, but he heard from the Third Senior Brother before that although the teacher does not shy away from anything, he does not like the disciplines to act in his name. This is from the Third Senior Brother’s. The low-key style can be seen.

Liu Changqing is an alternative, but he was still locked at the bottom of the tower for ten days after making a big noise at the Martial Arts Bureau. It is said that it was even more exaggerated before. After seven years of entry, Six Senior Brothers spent about four years at the bottom of the tower. After…

Gu Zifang and Ouyang Fei didn’t struggle for long, they quickly started ordering with the menu.

With the special dishes of Nine Heavens pavilion coming up one by one, Shen Qian was also an eye-opener.

“Dragon Deshui” uses the meat of deep-sea mutant sharks.

“Qinse and Ming”, there are only two Pipi shrimps, but each has the size of Shen Qian’s eight pack abs.

“Zodiac”, twelve steaks of the Chinese Zodiac Spirit Beast that rival the strength of Beginner Martial Artist.

As for what Gu Zifang said is good for the will test, it is a signature dish of Nine Heavens Pavilion, called “immortal guide”, which is essentially a soup dish with a price of 288888.

Gu Zifang smiled and said that if it weren’t for AA, I’m afraid no one could afford it.

When the “immortal guide” was brought up, Shen Qian couldn’t help stunned when he saw the small cup that everyone just got.

“Just that?”

“What do you think?” Gu Zifang blinked, “You don’t even look at what kind of soup it’s made from, it’s limited. , if it weren’t for your black card, even if you came in today, you might not be able to eat it.”

Shen Qian took a closer look at the menu, and then said in surprise, “Long rhino’s tendons? Mountain And Sea Realm?”

Shen Qian was really shocked, this is the monster beast of the Mountain And Sea Realm world!

It’s no wonder that it’s close to thirty W.

“Longxi is known for its strong spirit, so this soup, after drinking it, has clear eyes and clear eyes, and can strengthen your will. Is it good for tomorrow’s exam?” Ouyang Fei said with a smile .

“No wonder it’s called ‘immortal to guide the way’.” Shen Qian agreed nodded.

“Look carefully at the first and second floors. There are many youngsters. I guess many of them are candidates of this class.” Gu Zifang pouted around.

Shen Qian actually noticed it just now, and it was only now that everyone came here for this “immortal guide”.

“It’s just that the taste is just average, not as good as this chestnut juice.” Shen Qian smacked his lips and commented.

“What kind of chestnut? It’s called ‘cherries’. It is said that it was a rare fruit before the catastrophe!” Gu Zifang corrected.

“That’s the Disciple that Kun Hubo newly harvested this year, Geng Qianqiu!” Ouyang Fei suddenly pointed to the opposite side.

Shen Qian looked sideways. On the opposite side of the corridor on the second floor, there was also a table of youngsters with excellent views. The one sitting in the main seat was a youngster with a shaved head and eyebrows. Sharpened boy.

Seemingly aware of Shen Qian’s gaze, the young man looked up and saw that Shen Qian was also startled, and then raised a glass to Shen Qian with a chuckle.

Shen Qian also raised his glass politely.

β€œHow does he make you feel?” Ouyang Fei asked Shen Qian curiously.

“Well, he’s not as good as Wang Shuo.” Shen Qian speaks frankly.

“How do you know?” Gu Zifang raised an eyebrow.

β€œFeel it.”

Shen Qian laughed and didn’t know how to explain it.

The powerful result of spirit strength is that each person develops a vague feedback in his consciousness.

It’s like the kind of breath that belongs to Mountain And Sea, Shen Qian can easily capture it.

And as he became more familiar with this perception, he had reached the point where he could initially judge the general strength of each person.

Anyway, in his perception, Geng Qianqiu is not as good as Wang Shuo.

“Not only the people from Tongcheng, but the two perverts from Mingcheng and Li Jiaqi from Xicheng are also there. It’s really lively tonight.”

Another boy at the same table went to a party I went to the toilet and came back to report what I saw.

“It seems that everyone knew that there was ‘Dragon Rhinoceros Soup’ today, so we didn’t book a table in advance. Fortunately, Shen Qian was there.” Gu Zifang said angrily.

“What sound?”

The crowd was having a lively meal when Ouyang Fei lifts the head and said in surprise.

Shen Qian heard it too.

It was a sound similar to the chirping of birds, but it was unusually pleasant. When everyone looked up, the sound was still approaching.

Not only Shen Qian’s table heard it, most of the people dining in the Nine Heavens Pavilion raised their heads in surprise.

The wind suddenly picked up, and in the eyes of everyone in amazement, a bird with pure white feathers, but more agile in the shape of a dove, fluttered its wings and swept in from the window of the Nine Heavens Pavilion, bringing it along the way. After reading Dao colored light, I flew straight to the table where the Tongcheng candidates were.

“A letter from a spiritual pigeon?” Gu Zifang asked in surprise, “What happened?”

Shen Qian also looked over curiously. A luxury mail delivery method in the industry. It is expensive, but it is quite rowdy. It is usually used to pretend. Shen Qian has also seen it several times in Jing City.

Geng Qianqiu was also a little surprised, let the pigeon stop on his shoulder, and then took off the golden page tied on the leg of the pigeon.

The golden pages ignite at the touch of a finger, turning into a streak of light in mid-air, which can be clearly seen by everyone in the restaurant.

“Dear Mr. Geng Qianqiu, ‘Qianxing Club’ would like to extend our sincerest greetings to you, and formally invite you to join our club, in order to exchange resources and grow together. If you do not agree to this invitation, Cancellation can be processed at any branch of Huaxia Martial Arts Association within seven days.

Sincerely, Huaxia Martial Arts Association, Qianxing Club.”

After a brief silence, a burst of voices was heard in the restaurant. There was an uproar.

“It’s an invitation from Qianxing Club!”

“Is it so early this year?”

“It’s amazing, it’s accepted before the college entrance examination is over. At the invitation of Qianxing Club, it is indeed the Disciple that Kun Hubo liked…”

Everyone was amazed and discussing, Ouyang Fei and the others were also emotional, only Shen Qian, who was more earthy, didn’t know why.

β€œWhat is Qianxing Club?”

Gu Zifang already completely believed that Shen Qian was a grassroots rise, so it’s not surprising that he didn’t know about it, and quickly explained it.

Shen Qian was taken aback.

The so-called Qianxing Society refers to a loose association under the name of Huaxia Martial Arts Association, but it has little relationship with Huaxia Martial Arts Association.

Qianxing Club has a long history. It was established 90 years ago. It was originally initiated by a group of top geniuses from the four major universities, and invited the famous geniuses from universities across the country to join.

At its peak, Qianxing Club had thousands of peak geniuses, so it became famous and was once known as “the first youth club”, “the cradle of Mountain And Sea powerhouse” and so on.

It’s mainly because Shen Qian didn’t pay attention to these things before, otherwise he wouldn’t even have heard of other people’s names.

After a hundred years of development, the influence of Qianxing Society has grown stronger and stronger, and contemporary young people are proud to join it.

The Qianxing Club has also gradually formed strict rules. Non-geniuses are not accepted. The main target audience is freshmen and some high school graduates who have performed exceptionally well in the college entrance examination.

“In short, although you will automatically leave the club after graduating from college, but the incense love accumulated from generation to generation, you can imagine the power behind this club.”

Finally, Gu Zifang made the above summary.

“Oh, so Geng Qianqiu is one of those ‘some outstanding senior high school graduates’.”

Shen Qian was nodded suddenly.

“It’s strange. In previous years, Qianxing Club would not start sending invitations until after the college entrance examination. This year, it started just after the first subject…”

Ouyang Fei touched the chin, looked thoughtful.

“I guess they should have mastered the physical fitness test results of some people in advance through some channel, but in fact, they can already see a lot of physical fitness, so it is not surprising.”

Gu Zifang stared at the radiant Geng Qianqiu with his chin pressed, and unconsciously has several points of envy.

“No need to guess.”

At this time, a girl named Meng Yun at the same table raised her wristband, “I just checked, Qianxing Club has a former The member is now the director of the Ministry of Education!”

Everyone was stunned, Chen Peng said with a smile: “I think this invitation is definitely not over yet, and some of us will definitely receive an invitation, right?”

Everyone subconsciously looked towards the most promising Shen Qian.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support. I have seen it all, but I can’t repay it.

Today, I will put 5,000 words first. I have to work overtime in the evening. I will rest tomorrow. Updates of more than 10,000 words will be provided to everyone, and I will do what I say.

Thank you all.

(end of this chapter)

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