I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 119


Chapter 119 Final Chapter of the Will Exam (4D)

Qianxing Club’s invitation is still attractive to Shen Qian He doesn’t value the so-called growing up together, but being able to interact with the geniuses of the cream of the crop across the country makes him more interested.


The same bird chirping sounded just now, and under everyone’s astonished eyes, two more spirit pigeons flew into the Nine Heavens Pavilion.


Everyone in the restaurant is startled.

The two pigeons streaked out bursts of colorful light, and after circling in the restaurant, they landed on a dining table on the first floor.

“It’s the two perverts in Mingcheng.” Many people have guessed something.

The so-called “Mingcheng perverts” are actually a pair of twin siblings from mysterious origins, the big brother is Cao Qian, and the younger sister is Cao Wen.

In Shen Qian’s perception, these two people are stronger than Geng Qianqiu, and even Shen Qian feels threatened.

It’s just that this pair of siblings is obviously much more low-key, and they sit in the farthest corner. If it wasn’t for the movement caused by the pigeon, I’m afraid not many people would pay attention to them.

“Dear Ms. Cao Wen, ‘Qianxing Club’ would like to extend my sincerest greetings to you, and formally invite you to join our club, in order to exchange resources and grow together. If you do not agree to this invitation, Cancellation can be made at any branch of Huaxia Martial Arts Association within seven days.

Sincerely, Huaxia Martial Arts Association, Qianxing Club.”

“Dear Mr. Cao Qian…”

The golden page burned, and the same message appeared in front of the two siblings, which ignited the discussion in the hall again.

“Really there are!”

“Qianxing Club started very fast this year…”

“Don’t say, these years have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain. There are countless clubs, probably the Qianxing Club also feels the urgency?”

“Fart, how strong the Qianxing Club is, how can it care about the competition of those small clubs… Besides, who can refuse the Qianxing Club? ?”

The voices of everyone’s discussion have not subsided, and the birds chirped again.

“It’s here again…”

At this time, everyone’s mentality was much calmer, and they watched the dove circling for a while, and then landed on the bright-eyed and white-toothed man in Xicheng. girl on shoulders.

“Dear Ms. Li Jiaqi…”

“It seems that you are right, Qianxing Club has indeed mastered some candidates’ physical fitness test results in advance through some channel.”

Ouyang Fei touched the chin said.

“Why haven’t the pigeons that reported to Shen Qian come yet?”

“I guess it’s almost time, these pigeons are obviously released one by one.”

Jing City’s candidates laughed and talked, but their minds were quite relaxed.

They have played against Shen Qian, and they all recognize Shen Qian’s strength, so they don’t think there will be any surprises.

Shen Qian thought about it and felt that the problem should not be a big problem. Even if he did not mention the possible perfect score, both tests were around 1000Kg, which is also the peak level.

At this time, the eyes of many people in the restaurant also swept across the table of Jing City candidates, and they were also watching.


Another spirit pigeon flew in from the window and swept straight towards Shen Qian and the others.

“Come on!” Ouyang Fei said with a smile.

But in the stunned eyes of everyone, the dove circled around and landed on Gu Zifang’s shoulder.

This result surprised everyone.

The golden page burned, and a light curtain appeared in mid-air.

“Dear Ms. Gu Zifang…”

Gu Zifang herself was a little stunned, and then she was pleasantly surprised.

“I actually received an invitation too!”

Shen Qian said with a smile after startled: “It’s not surprising, you almost capped it, and it doesn’t matter if you look at the whole country. How many people are stronger than you, don’t you have this confidence?”

“But why hasn’t your invitation come yet?”

Gu Zifang was a little puzzled after she was happy.

At this time, the birdsong sounded for the sixth time, and the dove flew in from the window.


The people in Jing City just smiled, then froze again.

Because the spirit dove passed them straight, and flew to the table where the candidates of Tongcheng were once again.

“Dear Mr. Han Junjie…”

This time, it was another genius in Tongcheng who received the invitation.

Next, four more spirit pigeons entered the Nine Heavens Pavilion one after another, all of which were invitations from Qianxing Club.

After that, it was like the end, and there was no movement.

Until the sky turned dark, the meal was almost eaten, but no spiritual pigeons flew in again. The atmosphere in the Nine Heavens Pavilion became a little weird, and many people looked towards him with strange eyes. The table at Jing City.

Because Jing City’s theoretical most powerhouse did not receive an invitation from Qianxing Club!

Candidates in various cities will exchange information, and although Shen Qian was not well-known before, he has recently become famous, and at least more than half of the people present are probably aware of his existence.

Shen Qian was also a little surprised that there was no invitation?

In theory, if Gu Zifang can receive it, he shouldn’t have it, but at this time Shen Qian himself doesn’t know what the problem is.

The sound of footsteps sounded, and the flat-headed boy with sharp eyebrows walked over with the people from Tongcheng at some point.

“What a false name?”

Geng Qianqiu said four words playfully, then turned around and left with a laughed heartily.

The faces of everyone in Jing City turned ugly, especially the faint laughter around them, which made them feel particularly harsh.

At this time, the checkout peak, Cao Qian and Cao Wen didn’t pay too much attention to Shen Qian, they just glanced here indifferently and got up and left.

As for Li Jiaqi from Xicheng, she didn’t look this way from beginning to end, and directly regarded Jing City and the others as air.

“Shen Qian, are you… acting out of order?”

Chen Peng hesitated several times, but finally couldn’t help but ask.

“What are you talking about!” Ouyang Fei frowned and glanced at Chen Peng, then said to Shen Qian, “I guess something went wrong, or the invitation was delayed.”


Gu Zifang also patted Shen Qian’s shoulder comfortably, “You will definitely have an invitation.”

Shen Qian, who was thinking, came back to his senses, glanced at the two, said with a smile: “Don’t console me, I don’t really care about this, I don’t care.”

Shen Qian keenly noticed that except for Gu Zifang and Ouyang Fei, the attitudes of others have become a little subtle .

“I’m going back first.”

Shen Qian, who was too lazy to explain anything, checked the time and left the restaurant first.

“Shen Qian must have been out of order, but he refused to speak out of face…”

“Why should we treat us as outsiders, just say no?”


“Forget it, don’t blame him. He is now equivalent to the facade of Jing City, and it is estimated that the pressure is too great.”

After Shen Qian left, the rest People still couldn’t help but talk a few words.

“Then you shouldn’t put pressure on him. It’s nothing to fail in one subject, and there are two more subjects to come, so there may not be a chance to get it back!”

Ouyang Fei glared for a while. One glance.

“I hope his mentality is really not affected. Tomorrow is about willpower. I’m still a little worried…”

Gu Zifang said with a sigh.


On June 15, it was still sunny all over the country.

After lunch, Shen Qian, who changed into formal clothes, hung up the phone call from Chai Haotian and walked out of the room.

Chai Haotian didn’t ask any more questions on the phone, just a very simple greeting. In addition, he told Shen Qian to calm down and not to have too much pressure.

Although the other party didn’t mention it, Shen Qian guessed that the other party might already know something about yesterday, otherwise why bother to make this call?

Besides, there were some mystifying posts on Jing City’s local forum last night, which were about “Shen Qian was not invited by Qianxing Club”.

Gu Zifang knocked on the door in the middle of the night and wanted to chat with Shen Qian, but she was rejected by Shen Qian as “a male and a female together alone is not suitable”, and Gu Zifang was so angry that she knocked on the door and left.

Shen Qian knew that the other party didn’t mean that, but he really didn’t need comfort.

Excessive gossip made Shen Qian calmer. In the final analysis, it was still because she had confidence.

It’s still the same sentence…

It’s his, he can’t run away.

The Fifth Senior Brother didn’t come back today, so Shen Qian took the bus to the Provincial Gym.

Arriving at the Provincial Gymnasium, there was already a long queue at the entrance. Shen Qian walked to the row where Jing City students gathered and lined up silently.

There were very few people in Jing City’s queue to greet him today, but a lot of people looked at him strangely.

As for people from other schools, they occasionally whispered something to Shen Qian pointing fingers.

This situation was also expected by Shen Qian.

He was so happy that he closed his eyes and rested until Ouyang Fei found him.

“Why did you come here?” Shen Qian strangely said.

“You forgot that I took the exam before you.” Ouyang Fei’s face was slightly pale, he laughed at Shen Qian, “After the exam, I bumped into Zifang and the others, and then they rushed over. “

Shen Qian looked around and asked, “Isn’t Gu Zifang here?”

“I heard you turned her away last night?”

Ouyang Fei yawned tiredly and said with a smile: “She’s still angry with you, but she’s worried that you won’t know what’s going on, so she asked me to come to you.”

“Is this will test difficult?” Shen Qian looked at Ouyang Fei, “You seem to be sluggish.”

“It’s normal to have difficulty, but although mentally and physically exhausted, But it played pretty well.”

Ouyang Fei glanced at the time on the bracelet, his face serious.

“I’m not talking nonsense because of the time pressure, Shen Qian, you must remember what I tell you next!”

Shen Qian is a little helpless, he really doesn’t need it What “intelligence”, but Ouyang Fei and Gu Zifang were enthusiastic, he couldn’t refuse, and immediately nodded.

“After the test, I have confirmed through some channels that similar questions have appeared in this year’s will test in previous years.

“In simple terms, you will be pulled into In a completely closed space of consciousness, a random test question is assigned. As long as you can get rid of the influence of the test question with a firm will, you can get a high score. “

“There are ten hourglass timings on the scene. According to our summary, the faster you get rid of the time, the higher the score will be. It is very likely that one hourglass represents ten.” “

“And then there are the exam questions, and that’s what I’m going to tell you about.” “

“The exam questions are recorded on cards like poker, and each exam question is different depending on the suit and rank…”

“I just went to find the Fang and the others, those who have taken the test have summed it up. Relatively speaking, the more the points are in the middle, the easier it is. For the time being, there is nothing to see in terms of suits, but it seems that spades are the most difficult. “

“Gu Zifang was almost trapped in the Ace of Spades and didn’t come out.” “

“But, you have a choice! “

“That is to say, as long as the hourglass is not exhausted, you can change the test questions at any time, but it is best not to switch too many, so as not to waste time, almost the test questions between 5:00 and 9:00 will be used. That’s it. ”

Ouyang Fei disclosed everyone’s experience and guesses to Shen Qian in one breath.

I have to say that Ouyang Fei’s information is still very useful, if the rating is based on time , and if the problem is really difficult and easy, then the simpler the problem is, the better.

But Shen Qian will not believe it.

After all, he is aiming at I got full marks.

From the experience of the first test physical fitness test, other people’s experience may not be completely correct, and may even be misleading.

“Got it. “

On the surface, however, Shen Qian didn’t show anything, just smiled and nodded.

“The candidates are preparing to enter the field. The will test is conducted in groups of 100. Students gather in their respective test rooms according to the guidance of the staff! “

At this time, the bell rang, and there was a voice on the radio.

“Then Shen Qian, I’ll go first, you come on…”

Ouyang Fei hesitated and then said, “You may not have been exposed to the treasure of spiritual strength before. Compared with some wealthy Disciples, it is more difficult in terms of basics, but the tenacious degree of will is not completely dependent on the spiritual strength. Strong or weak, in short…”

“Don’t have any psychological burden, and don’t pay attention to those rumors, we are waiting for you at the entrance of the examination room! “

Ouyang Fei left after finishing speaking. Shen Qian watched his back as he left, and his heart was filled with warmth.

This trip to the college entrance examination, but still handed in A true friend is a bonus.

As for the relationship between will and spirit strength, Shen Qian specially asked Shi Dingyan last night.

As Ouyang Fei said, Strong spirit strength does not necessarily mean strong will. It can only be said that people with strong spirit strength are transparent in consciousness and open-minded, and are more likely to form tenacious wills than ordinary people.

In a metaphor, spirit strength is the cornerstone, while willpower is the foundation stone. It is a tower standing on top of it. It is easier to build a tower with strong spirit strength, but this is not absolute.

For example, some people are more tolerant of pain, and some people are more tolerant. But people can’t bear the pain at all.

And the people who may be able to bear it are women and children, but those who are afraid of pain are brawny men.

Will is the resistance to all negative emotions, and the A strong heart that faces doesn’t change in a desperate situation.

Shen Qian can’t say how strong he is, but he is most confident about this exam…

At least so far, Shen Qian has not seen any predicament or desperate situation that can affect the system.

Absolute calm and rationality, isn’t it an extreme tenacious will?

The real problem Shen Qian is facing is how to find the way to the perfect score.

“…Admission ticket number 22970614019800001, No. 7 high level middle school in Jing City, Shen Qian!”

At this time, the staff in front read Shen Qian’s name.

“Here! ”

“Wait at the orange area ahead.”

Next, the staff read the names of ninety-nine people, and after one hundred people arrived, he led them through After passing through the corridor of the gymnasium, I came to a stadium about the size of a basketball court.

Hundreds of tables and chairs have been placed in the venue, and each table has a black helmet with wires, and the other end of the helmet has a wire connected to the ground.

Under the guidance of the staff, everyone took their seats one after another.

Shen Qian’s position is closest to the door. After he sits down, he looks at the helmet on the table. It’s a bit like a virtual reality helmet for a VR game, but the texture is even colder. Labeled “Exam Only”.

“After verifying your identity, you can put on your helmet and listen to the exam rules. The exam will start in five minutes. Candidates are requested to prepare and report any problems such as helmet malfunctions in time.”

There is an invigilator’s voice on the broadcast in the upper right corner of the venue, but I can’t see where the other party is sitting.

After entering her fingerprints to verify her identity, Shen Qian put on her helmet.


The helmet closed automatically, and after a slight tingling pain in his forehead, Shen Qian closed his eyes subconsciously, and when he opened it again, he was already standing in darkness.

There were rays of light on top of his head, Shen Qian looked up and saw a line of floating characters.

The font is iron-painted with silver hooks, with a hint of scribbles, like handwriting.

“A firm will dispels all fog.”

What is this?

Exam Proverbs?

Shen Qian thought to herself.

Soon, the light words were hidden, and a melodious mechanical female voice rang in the Dark Space.

“Welcome to candidates with the final number of the admission ticket 800001. Next, I will read you the detailed rules of the will test.”

“There is an hourglass countdown on your left, Before all the hourglasses run out, breaking free from the shackles of the will card is regarded as the completion of the assessment…”

“You can switch the front will card at will…”

” You can terminate the exam at any time, and you will be graded based on your actual performance in the assessment…”

Shen Qian listened carefully, and it was roughly the same as what Ouyang Fei said.

He turned his head and looked towards the left, and there were ten golden hourglasses floating, each marked with a “10” number.

“According to Ouyang Fei, if an hourglass is a ten, that means you can only get more than ninety points if you break free of the card before the first hourglass runs out?”

Shen Qian vaguely felt that something was not quite right.

Before Shen Qian could think about it, the sweet female voice sounded again.

“The neuron connection is completed, and it is detected that the examinee is in a normal state, and the examination is allowed.”

“The examination is about to begin, please adjust the state and prepare for the countdown of ten seconds…”


As the countdown reaches zero, the first hourglass begins to flow, and a small light appears in front of Shen Qian point.

The spot of light quickly expanded, turning into a golden card with the height of one and the others, suspended in front of Shen Qian.

The pattern on the card gradually became clear, and it really looked like a poker card, but the pattern in the middle was a black eye.

“King of Spades.”

Shen Qian glanced at the points on the upper right of the playing card. According to the rules of Ouyang Fei’s reasoning, this card should be the most difficult.

Shen Qian also didn’t expect that she was so unlucky that she got the “Wang Zhan” in the test questions.

After the card appeared, it hovered silently for five seconds without moving, as if waiting for Shen Qian to switch.

Shen Qian didn’t move, anyway, no matter what card it was, in theory, there was little difference because of the existence of the system, and he was still thinking about how to get full marks in the assessment of this subject.

Five seconds later, the golden light of the card was released, covering Shen Qian in front of him, and the black eyes also spun quickly, and then turned into two cold characters.


Next moment, Shen Qian’s figure became illusory, and an invisible big hand dragged Shen Qian into the card.


Shen Qian, carrying a schoolbag, ran in the heavy rain, panting heavily.

The school uniform that didn’t fit well stuck to her body after the rain, making Shen Qian even more uncomfortable.

But Shen Qian couldn’t care more about it. He just received a call from Shen Liang, and Wang Xiaojuan’s organ failure suddenly became serious, and she was lying in the ward at this time.

The outline of the hospital building appeared in front. Shen Qian was about to run over in one breath when someone tripped over it and fell heavily to the ground. The contents of her schoolbag were scattered on the ground.

“Shen Qian, we meet again.”

A grinning face appeared in Shen Qian’s sight.

The boy holding an umbrella looked down at Shen Qian condescendingly, and all around, there were men in black uniforms with gold borders around the cuffs, staring at Shen Qian coldly.

“Zhao Xin?”

Shen Qian’s eyes shrank and climbed up with difficulty, “If there is any grievance, can we reconcile it another day, I have an urgent matter now.”

“Are you in a hurry to be reincarnated?”

Zhao Xin laughed, picked up a rain-soaked transcript from the ground, glanced at tsk tsk and said, “It turned out to be a physical fitness You don’t even have 100 yuan, I worked in Martial Arts Hall for three years, that’s all?”

“You dare to interfere in Lao Tzu and Jiang Xuan’s affairs?”

Zhao Xin leg raised and kicked Shen Qian to the ground.

Shen Qian clenched his fists and got up again trembling. The corners of his mouth were bleeding, and his voice trembled from the internal injury. “This time… I beg you.”

“Please?” Zhao Xin laughed morbidly, “Okay, come on, get under my crotch, I’ll let you go today.”

Ten minutes later.

The boy who was covered in blood and staggered finally walked into the hospital.

“Little Qian, what should I do? The doctor has already issued a critical illness notice, and the operation must be performed immediately. The operation fee is one hundred thousand yuan. I have tried everything I can, but I can’t borrow a penny… …”

Shen Liang with red eyes stood in the corridor, haggard like an old man, behind him was the ward, through the glass window, you could see the unconscious Wang Xiaojuan lying on the bed, face deathly pale like Paper.

“It’s alright, it’s alright, I just contacted Ding Yi, and she’s already here.”

Shen Qian coughed and said intermittently.

“Shen Qian.”

A familiar voice sounded from behind, Shen Qian turned to look, the girl with a high ponytail came over and stared at Shen Qian coldly.

“You’re here, can you lend me… can you lend me one hundred thousand yuan, my mother is going to die…”

Shen Qian hurried up to meet her, but lowered her head again. Dare to look into the girl’s eyes.

“You really think I’m an orphanage. You’ve done a lot of things for me in the past, but you’ve funded you so many times in the past three years, and we’ve already settled it.”


Ding Yi coldly said, “I’m here today to draw a clear line with you. From now on, we will have nothing to do with each other.”

Shen Qian stood there blankly, watching as she turned to leave. When Ding Yi went, I just felt that my brain was blank.

“Xiaoqian, your mom… your mom she…” Shen Liang shouted sadly from behind.

Shen Qian turned around and saw that a cart was pushed out of the ward. On it was a corpse covered with a white cloth. The familiar palms, with some calluses, were weakly drawn from the white cloth. It hung down inside, and there was no temperature anymore.



The thunder roared, and the torrential rain drowned in from the window. Shen Qian, like a lifeless puppet, collapsed to the ground, little by little.



“The host’s emotions are detected to be on the verge of collapse, and the system automatically starts AFK mode.”


Shen Qian woke up and stared at the tarnished “K of Spades” in front of her. Although her conscious body had no physical sensation at this time, Shen Qian still had the illusion of being soaked in cold sweat. .

That “Desperate Illusion” is too real. Surrounded by this, I can hardly find any weak spot, and my thinking seems to be solidified, and I can’t think of anything else at all.

It is indeed one of the hardest questions on the will test.

The system pulled him out before the next cycle started.

Otherwise Shen Qian would have been stuck in that scene until Will Awakening noticed the weak spot, or time ran out.

From a certain point of view, this kind of card fantasy is a bit like the feeling of when he visualizes the forbidden projections in his mind, but the immersion is stronger.

When visualizing the double-sided projection, Shen Qian’s subconscious at least knew that he was in an illusion, but the card illusion directly erased his subconscious.

He turned his head and glanced at the hourglass. It seemed like a long time had passed in the illusion, but in fact, less than 1/4/2022 of sand had flowed through the first hourglass.

Dark Space lost movement, as if waiting for Shen Qian to say “End the exam”.

But…impossible is so “easy”.

At this point, Shen Qian had already figured out what was wrong before. If an hourglass represents ten points, it is impossible for someone to get full marks.

Because once the exam begins, the hourglass begins to flow.

impossible In the first hourglass to break free, it is full score, it seems that this full score is too easy.

What if the hourglass really simply represents time?

Shen Qian’s heart moved, and his eyes re-fixed on the flowing hourglass.

The exam starts at two o’clock. Judging from the time in AFK Records, it seems that he spent less than 3 minutes in the illusion just now, and at this time the hourglass just passed 1/4/2022.

If you think about it this way, it’s right. The “10” in each hourglass actually means ten minutes.

There are ten hourglasses here, which actually refer to the maximum duration of the assessment, 100 minutes.

Is 100 minutes spent against a Will card?

Shen Qian turned and looked towards the tarnished “K of Spades”, gradually thinking of something.

He stared at “K of Spades”, opened the mouth and said: “Switch cards!”

As if the sound of mechanical rotation sounded, the K of Spades slid to the left, Hidden in the darkness, and in front of Shen Qian, a brand new card reappeared.

“Seven of Clubs.”

The golden sheen flows on the card, and the centered image this time is a flame.

Sure enough!

Shen Qian was shocked, even if he passed the test of one card, he could still choose the second card.


Shen Qian sucked in a breath of cold air suddenly thought of something.

He felt as if he had found a way to get full marks.

Based on the average time taken for a card to take about 3 minutes, how many cards are in 100 minutes?

No, not right!

The implied requirements behind this should be higher, because if Shen Qian guessed right, in order to pass the exam perfectly, you need to pass the test of all the cards here…

In Before ten hourglasses run out.

How many cards are in a deck of poker?

The tingling sensation on the scalp reappeared.

A fantasy is already so terrifying, what kind of perversion is needed to pass all the tests of fantasy in such a short period of time?

Shen Qian inexplicably thought of the two “crazy men” who scored 299 points in history, and I really wondered which subject they were deducted from.

“Come on!”

Shen Qian stopped writing ink and stared directly at the “Plum Blossom Seven” in front of him.

The card shines brightly, covering Shen Qian, and the flame above it turns into two big characters.


Next moment, the invisible force dragged Shen Qian into the card again.


In the silent examination room No. 3, only a few staff members who were patrolling walked in it with the slight sound of footsteps.

Their main responsibility is to monitor the condition of the candidates at any time. Once the candidates are found to have a complete breakdown or a physiological reaction, they must help the candidates to forcibly end the exam.

At this time, the expressions of the other three people were a little strange, and they looked towards the colleague who was standing in front of an examination table at the door from time to time.

From ten minutes ago, that colleague seemed to have become the exclusive customer service of the candidate No. 01, standing there and daring not to leave.

The main reason is that the examinee’s state is too strange. He has been about to collapse more than once, but when the colleague wants to cut off the helmet connection, the examinee will quickly return to normal.

It’s just plain weird.

The staff standing in front of Shen Qian’s desk are also very puzzled, are you okay or not?

If you say that the candidate is good, he always almost falls into a breakdown. If you say that he is not good, he will always survive.

In short, Shen Qian’s repeated state has been going on for a long time, and it made him not dare to be distracted at all, and kept staring at Shen Qian.

And in a small room next to the venue, three invigilators of Exam Room No. 3 sat.

They stared at the monitor on the screen, not only to pay attention to the situation of the candidates, but also to supervise the inspectors inside.

The strange situation of the examinee No. 01 has attracted the attention of the three people, but the chief invigilator from the Ministry of Education has not commented, and the two deputy officials of the Ministry of Education naturally have nothing to say.

And if Shen Qian was here, he would have recognized this white-haired invigilator as the invigilator of his physical fitness test.

Ou Peiliang was originally assigned to invigilate the examination room No. 5, but he applied to his superiors for examination room No. 3.

The reason is indeed because of Shen Qian.

It’s not that he thinks Shen Qian can get full marks in this test, but subconsciously wants to see Shen Qian as a “good seedling”.

It’s been a long time, and no one has seen the ultimate Profound Truth of physical fitness test again.

As members of the Ministry of Education’s Inspection and Examination Department, they are one of the very few people in China who know the “biggest secret” of the college entrance examination.

It’s a pity that I can’t say it if I know it. Even if I say it, it’s useless. It’s like a first test physical fitness test. It doesn’t mean that you can answer the correct answer by telling you.

He also noticed Shen Qian’s strange state.

He felt a little pity.

Shen Qian, a student with unparalleled physical innate talent, seems to be not very good in willpower.

He also thought about whether Shen Qian was quickly clearing different card illusions, but then he felt that it was impossible, no matter how fast it was, it was impossible so fast.

As an old employee of the Examination Division, he has invigorated the college entrance examination countless times, and he has seen countless peerless geniuses such as crossing river carp.

However, the only genius in history who got a perfect score in the will test is a special existence that cannot be replicated.

“Anyway, with such physical strength as the foundation, the will can be gradually replenished, and it is still an unpolished jade.”

Ou Peiliang stared closely at Shen Qian on the monitor screen, secretly Pray that nothing will happen to the other party.

At this time, the first student to wake up on his own has appeared in the examination room.


In the space of consciousness, Shen Qian is enduring various mental tortures over and over again.

This is the twenty-sixth card.

“Ace of Hearts.”

And the question is “tyranny”.

The ever-rising anger and violence

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