I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 12


Chapter 12 The days to receive 10,000 are not long

“2297 Huaxia College Entrance Examination Admissions Guide”.

The guide in my hand is very thick, almost as much as a Chinese textbook.

Turning to the first page, to everyone’s surprise, it is not a table of contents, but a line of verse.

The font is Huaxia running script, just staring at the fourteen characters, a bloody meaning will asserts the senses:

“When I was young in fresh clothes and angry horses, I lived up to my youth. And know.”

“The inscription of poems on the home page is a rule over the years, to exhort everyone to cherish time. The teacher has told you more than once that whether it is liberal arts or martial arts, it is not until you graduate from college. The golden period of your progress…”

Listening to Liu Simin’s Balabala, Shen Qian was thinking about another thing.

He had read this poem before, but he didn’t feel the shock just now, and the expressions of the classmates around him were obviously shaken.

The problem should be with the person who wrote the poem.

In the lower right corner, there is indeed an annotation to this poem. The person who wrote the poem is Wu Wei, Minister of Martial Arts.

Shen Qian, who has grown in knowledge recently, guessed something.

But isn’t this batch printed, and also retain spirit strength?

However, this kind of problem is obviously suspected of aiming too high. Shen Qian didn’t worry too much and continued to look down.

The second page is the serious catalogue. Shen Qian glanced at it. There are roughly four sections. The top ones are all the liberal arts, martial arts, and vocational colleges in China that participated in the college entrance examination. information.

Vocational colleges are skipped directly. Although Shen Qian has not paid special attention to it, he also knows that vocational colleges are characterized by high tuition fees and low thresholds and are easily discriminated against…

Well, To put it more simply, for example, if you have studied in the Academy, a civil and military career, it is easy to become a security guard after you come out.

Old Hu, a security guard in Xingfu Community, was a graduate of a vocational school at first glance.

As for pure liberal arts colleges… Oh, are they worthy of me today?

So Shen Qian turned directly to the page introducing Wu Ke colleges.

The page is a lot cleaner at once, because compared to the densely packed liberal arts colleges, there are only 67 martial arts colleges in China that open enrollment to the outside world.

Last year, there were less than 40,000 students enrolled in the national martial arts college entrance examination, which were distributed among these 67 colleges and universities.

“Teacher Liu, I have a question.” A boy with glasses raised his hand and asked.

Shen Qian glanced at him, and it was Dai Wen, an ordinary classmate in the class… The so-called ordinary classmate, in Shen Qian’s definition, is a classmate who is not very outstanding in all aspects but not bad.

“You said.” Liu Simin nodded.

“There are at least one million people who take the martial arts college entrance examination every year, right?” Dai asked, “This admission rate is too low… But I feel that there are actually many Martial Artists in the society. .”

There is nothing wrong with the low admission rate, because everyone knows that the admission rate is very low, the key lies in the last sentence of Dai Wen.

Many classmates looked thoughtful, yes, it is no exaggeration to say that the minimum standard for recruiting security guards in many decent communities these days is Beginner Martial Artist, but the competition in the martial arts college entrance examination is so cruel.

Not to mention the five hundred registration fee, rich fight while the poor write, since ancient times, even if you are admitted to a martial arts college, the one-year tuition fee is at least ten times as large as that of studying liberal arts.

For a while, many students with good physical fitness but average family background were a little confused.

If you can gradually be promoted to Martial Artist without entering a martial arts college, what is the significance of the college entrance examination? What’s the point of spending hundreds of thousands of tuition fees?

“At first glance, you have not studied social conditions.” Zhang Liangwei, a liberal arts tyrant in the class, couldn’t help standing up, opened the mouth and said before Liu Simin, “Yes, social Martial Artist’s The number is not small, but you have overlooked a problem…”

“A lot of social Martial Artists are Martial Artists who were promoted long after they entered the society, and Martial Arts theory courses and biology courses They have already told us that the golden age of Body Cultivation Martial Arts is before the age of 30!”

“In other words, if there is a certain pursuit of Martial Arts, it is not for us ordinary person families. Said that entering a martial arts college is the only option!”

“I will give you an example, for example, everyone should have heard a rumor that once you are promoted to Beginner Martial Artist, you can receive Martial Arts The subsidy issued by the Ministry of Finance.”

“I know this, it’s 10,000 yuan every month, right!” Shen Qian’s eyes shined.

He still remembers seeing this statement on the Internet before he initially established his great goal of becoming a Martial Artist.

“Yes, but this subsidy is limited. Only those who become Beginner Martial Artists before the age of 22 can receive this subsidy.” Zhang Liangwei laughed.

“After the age of 18, this subsidy will decrease year by year. For example, a Beginner Martial Artist before the age of 18 can receive 10,000 per month, but at the age of 19, it can only receive 8,000, 20 The age is 6000… until the age of 22 in 2000, and once the age of 22 is over, the subsidy is gone.”

Liu Simin also added, “There are many Martial Artists in the society, but the most important ones are Some of them are Martial Artists at the grassroots level. Just like the liberal arts college entrance examination, the martial arts college entrance examination is the only opportunity for the overwhelming majority ordinary person to change their fate.”

Many students in the class showed a sudden look, especially Shen Qian’s expression. firm.

A huge sum of 10,000 a month… mmp, system, why didn’t you show up earlier?

Shen Qian felt a little melancholy when she thought that she had just celebrated her 17th birthday.

The days of receiving 10,000 are not long…

All in all, Liu Simin’s meaning is obvious, most social Martial Artists are spicy chickens who have passed their golden age. to recharge.

As a result, the students who applied for the martial arts college entrance examination rekindled their fighting spirit and began to excitedly discuss a martial arts college. Compared with the admission scores of previous years, they secretly guessed how much hope they had.

Soon everyone gathered in twos and threes, and Wang Yangming also came over with the booklet with a distressed face.

“Shen Qian, the more I look at it, the more I feel that my hopes are slim. My parents hoped that I would better be admitted to Southwest Wuhan University, but Southwest Wuhan University is the second-tier Wu Gao. Last year, my physical fitness The minimum required strength for the admission line is 127Kg, which is too difficult…”

“I think you should apply to the local Jing City Wu Ke University with me when the time comes. Although it was established for a short time, But it is said that the Jing City candidate has an honorary Principal, and the admission line is low, 120kg is stable enough!”

Shen Qian didn’t speak, but Zhou Xu took it.

“But Jing City Wuke University’s tuition is too expensive. I heard that the starting price is 100,000 a year…”

Wang Yangming shook his head.

The two sighed and discussed for a while, and found that Shen Qian ignored them at all, but was frowned on the table while staring at the admissions guide on the table, as if encountering some kind of problem.

Zhou Xu took a curious look, then lightly exclaimed, “Shen Qian, why is your page different from ours?”

Wang Yangming was also stunned, and stretched out his head. At first glance, as expected, Shen Qian’s page is more refreshing, because he only has information on four colleges and universities on that page.

“What the hell is this?”

“Northern Martial? Flower Martial? Su Kewu University? Shen Wu?”

Zhou Xu and Wang Yangming With a hellish expression on his face, no wonder there are only four colleges and universities on this page of Shen Qian. They were all domestic cream of the crop colleges, and they were listed on the quilt!

(end of this chapter)

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