I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 120


Chapter 120 Delayed combat

The red and black clowns stared at Shen Qian, and their expressions gradually became gentle , like congratulations and admiration.

This is the real test of consciousness space.

This level can be called “blindness”, “short-sighted”, “being in this mountain”, or “fascinated by authorities”.

When Shen Qian clear comprehension, he passed the examination directly.

Vaguely, Shen Qian felt that the powerhouse that set up this level wanted to express too much, but Shen Qian couldn’t see through it for a while.

He turned to glance at the hourglass.

The tenth hourglass is almost bottoming out.

“It’s time to end the exam.”

Shen Qian stopped delaying and shouted the password to terminate the exam. The next second, the space of consciousness shattered, and Shen Qian returned to reality.


She was taken aback when she took off her helmet.

Around him, there were four staff members who were in charge of patrolling the examination room, staring at him in amazement.

β€œWhy are you all staring at me?” Shen Qian touched his face.

β€œDo you see anyone else in this exam room?” one of them said.

Shen Qian turned to look, and was immediately stunned.

The venue was empty, and he was the only one still sitting.

“If you don’t wake up, you will be overtime!” Another person pointed to the clock on the wall, “I have also invigilated three times, and you are the one who can still write so much in the will exam. The first one.”

“Speaking of classmate, are you all right? I see your face changing…” The third person was concerned at first, and then asked suspiciously, “You are not Are you studying drama?”

You are the singer, your whole family is…

“…I’m fine.”

Shen Qian lost Out of the desire to chat, I packed up my things and hurriedly left the examination room.

After Shen Qian left, the four of them were preparing to seal the exam room according to the procedure, and at the same time back up the exam videos one by one. With the sound of “peng”, the door of the exam room was suddenly pushed open.

The frightened four were about to scold, but immediately closed their mouths.

Because the cold-faced middle-aged man who broke in at the moment is the chief invigilator of the first province in the southwest, the immediate boss of their immediate boss, the Ministry of Education’s Inspection Division. The real power figure Wang Jingtian!

Behind Wang Jingtian, Ou Peiliang and other invigilators from Exam Room 3 hurried over. Ou Peiliang had a look of astonishment on his face, apparently not knowing what had happened that alarmed Wang Jingtian.

“Old Ou, block the No. 3 examination room. From now on, no one can touch anything in it. All the staff of No. 3 examination room, including you, are on standby, waiting for someone to take over. .”

Everyone is complexion changed, and a little nervous.

This kind of process sounds like a special program that someone cheats to start, and it’s the kind that they all suspect.

“Team leader?”

Ou Peiliang looked towards Wang Jingtian suspiciously.

Wang Jingtian took Ou Peiliang to the corner alone.

“Old Ou, you are the old man of the inspection department. I will not hide anything from you. I am afraid that there will be a great genius in the No. 3 examination room!”

Wang Jingtian Leng Su’s face turned into emotion.

“What do you mean?” Ou Peiliang startled.

“You should know that the data of the ‘will exam’ is directly uploaded to the Ministry of Education. Just five minutes ago, I received an instruction from Vice-section Head Lin, who was in charge of the college entrance examination, to put the Provincial Gymnasium No. 3 The local video of the test room is sealed and waiting for someone to pick it up.”

“You also understand the rules, there are only two possibilities for this situation, one is fraud, and the other is an assessment with a very high level of confidentiality. Data!”

“But the probability of fraud in the ‘will exam’ is basically zero, so the answer is about to come out…”

“Leader, I can ask Is it because of which candidate’s data?”

Before Wang Jingtian finished speaking, Ou Peiliang interrupted the other party with a strange look.

“Is there a problem?” Wang Jingtian raised his eyebrows, keenly aware of Ou Peiliang’s The words mean more than they say.

“Because during the first round physical fitness test, I also reported data with a very high level of confidentiality.”

Ou Peiliang’s face became more and more strange.

“And that student was in the No. 3 exam room just now…”

Wang Jingtian’s face showed a look of surprise, and then he subconsciously shook his head, “You mean… no, This is impossible!”

“If I remember correctly, that student’s admission ticket has a tail number of 00001…” Ou Peiliang said slowly, observing Wang Jingtian’s face.

When he saw Wang Jingtian’s expression suddenly freeze, Ou Peiliang himself was dumbfounded.

Except for Shen Qian in the third examination room, there is no genius above the standard.

He just raised a possibility.

But he couldn’t believe it himself.

But facts often prove that after eliminating all possibilities, the remaining truth is the truth, even if it is unbelievable.

“His physical fitness…full score?”

Wang Jingtian came back to his senses and asked softly.

Ou Peiliang nodded. In fact, this is a little unconventional. In theory, they can’t disclose the candidate information they have to each other, but Ou Peiliang can’t hold back the desire to share at this moment.

Wang Jingtian was silent for a long time.

When Ou Peiliang couldn’t help asking, Wang Jingtian finally came back to his senses, and seemed to think of something interesting, Wang Jingtian laughed softly.

“Old Ou, you are believing or not, this college entrance examination is going to have an accident.”

“What accident?”

Ou Peiliang was taken aback.

“Your time in the inspection department is still shorter, just wait and see, there will be changes.”

Wang Jingtian patted Ou Peiliang’s shoulder meaningfully.


When Shen Qian walked out of the Provincial Gymnasium, a small number of candidates gathered at the entrance.

Shen Qian keenly noticed that some people were pointing fingers at him.

But since he came to the provincial capital, there were too many people pointing fingers at him, and Shen Qian didn’t bother to care.

He looked around and found Ouyang Fei and Gu Zifang waiting for him behind the bus stop.

“The position you are standing is really hidden enough.” Shen Qian smiled at first, then noticed that the expressions of the two were wrong, and couldn’t help but startled, “What’s wrong with you?”

” Shen Qian…” Ouyang Fei hesitated.

“Mother-in-law, let me ask!” Gu Zifang pushed Ouyang Fei away, and Liu Mei asked straightly, “Shen Qian, tell us honestly, did you fail the exam again? ?”

“Where did this come from?” Shen Qian was stunned, “and what does the ‘again’ mean?”

“Shen Qian, if you really test It’s smashed, it’s okay if you tell us directly, so we don’t have to have expectations.”

Ouyang Fei sighed, “In the No. 3 exam room you were in just now, many people have spread the news, Saying that you were the last person to walk out of the examination room, it is estimated that there are already posts on the Jing City forum…”

“Those who were talking were gathered at the door just now, and many people were laughing at them. You, your speech is a bit ugly… Gu Zifang almost got into a fight with the people in Tongcheng, so I took her here to avoid it.”

Shen Qian hearing this, after thinking about it, I probably understood that it was what happened.

In the common perception of everyone, maybe the shorter the time to pass the will test, the higher the score?

In other words, this idea may be true in some cases.

For example, when you don’t have to think about getting a perfect score.

There may also be some Heaven’s Chosen who can break the rules that the card test can continue, but at least in the minds of most candidates, it is impossible to think of this situation.

For example, Ouyang Fei and Gu Zifang, didn’t they also fall into such habitual thinking?

Knowing that Gu Zifang almost fought for herself, Shen Qian was moved and thought she could explain it to the two of them.

“I really didn’t fail the test. The will test is not what you think, it is actually…”

Ouyang Fei and Gu Zifang stared at Shen Qian, waiting for each other’s next words .

But Shen Qian was slow to speak.

“Shen Qian, what are you talking about, what happened to the will test?” Gu Zifang urged.


Shen Qian looked as usual, but was horrified.

He found that he couldn’t describe the content of the will test at all.

His memory is fine, but as soon as the thought arises, he will temporarily lose his ability to organize language.

The only thing that crossed my mind was the smile of the red clown.

“Mental imprisonment? Silence Dafa?”

Shen Qian flashed some strange words in his mind.

But there is no better explanation at this point.

Shen Qian suddenly understands why, after two hundred years of college entrance examination, there is so little information on the Internet about will assessment and actual combat assessment…

There are also those in the past in single subjects. Among the geniuses who got full marks in the test, no one has ever disclosed similar information.

Maybe it’s not that I don’t want to, but I can’t.

As strong as Fifth Senior Brother, he couldn’t give him a hint of physical fitness test directly, he could only vaguely say “just right”.

There is an invisible rule force behind this, which imposes strong constraints on all who know the secret.

Is it the rules laid down by the King of Gangneung who created the college entrance examination system?

Shen Qian doesn’t know.

But he knew this man must be unbelievably strong.

After figuring out the joints, Shen Qian could only give up the idea of explaining. He shook his head and said to the waiting two, “In short, things are not what you think, you will know later.”


At this time, Shen Qian was extremely determined. His willpower should be perfect. If he bet on the wrong question, there is no need to mute him.

“Shen Qian, how can we feel at ease when you say that?” Ouyang Fei smiled wryly.

Shen Qian knew that the two of them were obsessed with Jing City’s honor, and to a certain extent pinned their hopes on him, but now they can’t explain it, so they can only make a misunderstanding first. .

Learning that Shen Qian still hasn’t received the invitation from Qianxing Club, Gu Zifang became a little less interested.

The three of them dispersed after returning to the hotel. Before leaving, Ouyang Fei could only dryly say “Come on tomorrow”.

Going back to the room and resting for a while, Shen Qian originally wanted to go downstairs to have a meal, but after thinking about it, she gave up the idea and took out the satiety pill.

It’s really “the wind is too tight” outside, even if Shen Qian doesn’t care, she doesn’t want to be watched like a monkey.

The bracelet vibrated, Shen Qian glanced at it, and then browsed slightly wrinkle.

The call was from Chai Haotian, the owner of Jing City. Shen Qian probably understood why the other party made the call. Even if she didn’t read it, Shen Qian knew that there were many posts attacking him on the Jing City local forum.

Sure enough, after picking up the phone and saying a few words of homework, Chai Haotian squinted and asked about today’s exam.

“City Lord Chai, I can probably understand your doubts, but some things are not what you think, maybe…you will naturally understand when the results of the college entrance examination are announced.”

Shen Qian considered his words for a while, and said so.

“I believe you.”

After a brief silence, Chai Haotian spit out three words, and then said sincerely, “Shen Qian, don’t blame me for typing this for you. Phone, if you are in my position, you will understand the pressure…”

After a little hesitation, Chai Haotian continued.

β€œYou should know that the Mountain And Sea Road of Lord of the entire City is all about public opinion, and now, under my initiative, Jing City has a part of the public opinion condensed on you.”


“If these public opinions are positive, they can bring you a certain amount of luck. If they are negative, they will bring bad luck to you, and even disturb your will in severe cases.”

“Speaking from a certain perspective, you and I are now if one prospers, all prospers, if one suffers, all suffers.”

“I am honest with classmate Shen Qian to show my sincerity… …”

“There is still the last field of actual combat, I hope you spare no effort, Jing City and I are all waiting for good news!”

Listening to Chai Haotian’s remarks, Shen Qian felt in his heart Quite shocking.

Shi Dingyan had previously revealed to Shen Qian that every Mountain And Sea powerhouse that is the city owner will have a special road. It turns out that there is such a secret.

The stronger the public opinion, the stronger it is?

What surprised Shen Qian even more was that he actually won a part of the public opinion.

At this moment, Shen Qian probably understands why he gets restless when he sees those posts on the forum, but he can be calm when people in Tongcheng and Mingcheng mock him.

Perhaps, the public opinion of Jing City on him is also one of the reasons.

And the boss Gao must know the cause and effect, but he didn’t come out to stop it, which means that it shouldn’t be a bad thing for Shen Qian.

Thinking of this, Shen Qian’s heart calmed down again.

Chai Haotian was about to hang up when there was a sudden noise on the other end. When Shen Qian was about to hang up, he didn’t know what the other person was saying, and he spoke very fast. Called Shen Qian.

“Shen Qian, hurry up and confirm, I just got the news that tomorrow’s actual combat assessment has been postponed to the day after tomorrow.”


Shen Qian was more surprised than when he heard Chai Haotian’s frankness just now.

The date of the college entrance examination is postponed?

How is this possible.

The annual liberal arts college entrance examination is on June 8, and the martial arts college entrance examination is on June 14.

It’s a pretty solid day, and it’s rarely changed unless there’s a cataclysm or something.

“Did something happen?” Shen Qian asked immediately.

“The reason is not clear for the time being, but it doesn’t feel like a disaster, because it’s only delayed by a day.”

Chai Haotian is obviously also very confused, “I’ll go find out more. For a while, you should also pay attention, if this is true, you should be notified soon.”

Chai Haotian hung up the phone after he finished speaking, and Shen Qian took out the bracelet just thinking about it. When I asked Principal Huang for information, the bracelet vibrated first.

The message with the Chinese Ministry of Education’s tree logo was so prominent, Shen Qian subconsciously clicked.

“Urgent Notice: Due to changes in the test questions, the actual assessment of the third subject of the Huaxia Wuke College Entrance Examination originally scheduled to be held on June 16 will be postponed to June 17. The specific time and The location remains the same, please tell the Master students and related personnel to each other, and apologize for the inconvenience (Huaxia Ministry of Education).”

Shen Qian was stunned when she saw this obviously mass message. for a while.

The actual combat assessment was really delayed by a day.

Exam questions changed?

Shen Qian has never heard that the subjects of the college entrance examination can be temporarily changed.

Is it a leak?

But it shouldn’t be.

The martial arts college entrance examination is different from the liberal arts, and ultimately depends on the ability. Knowing the questions in advance will not have a great impact on the results.

So, why is this…

It’s a sincerity to take it slow, it’s a lesson that I didn’t write in the first two books, so the overall rhythm will be slower, Because I really want to tell the story well.

A little less today, a little more tomorrow, thank you.

(end of this chapter)

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