I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 121


Chapter 121 Heavenly Ascension Ladder

News of the postponement of the practical exam is generally a hurricane across the country.

At least the groups that Shen Qian added were discussing this matter enthusiastically, and Shen Qian, who was very annoyed, could only mute.

Later, Liu Simin also specially summoned class 109 students to talk about it, but Shen Qian didn’t go because she was not feeling well.

I can’t say why I want to come to Liu Simin.

And Liu Simin and the classmates in class 109 also understand Shen Qian very well. After all, Shen Qian is on the cusp of the storm.

The caring Lin Xiaoqian also brought Shen Qian a bowl of bird’s nest…but the dark color is really hard to swallow.

Finding that she had nothing to do, Shen Qian followed her good habit of searching the map for the nearest Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall, and then went straight out.

Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall, as a national chain, has more than 30 chain stores in Mingcheng, which is far larger than Jing City.

The shop Shen Qian was looking for was at the end of the hotel street, within one kilometer in a straight line.

What surprised Shen Qian was that his recharge card in Jing City was just as common here, not just a 50% discount in other stores as Zhu Deyong said before.

But after thinking about it, the one million was sent to his card in the form of cash recharge, which was equivalent to the money he recharged himself, and it was not surprising that it was universal.

Opened a diamond cultivation room, Shen Qian started AFK with one click, and started daily ironing.

After being promoted to Beginner Martial Artist, the focus of Martial Artist cultivation has shifted from polishing the body to tempering the vitality.

But this does not mean that physical training is no longer important. After all, no matter how large the formidable power of the bullet is, the shell it carries is just as strong.

It’s just that there is a primary and secondary issue, which is also one of the difficulties of cultivation, and that is how to achieve the most perfect balance between the quality of vitality in the body and the tenaciousness of the body.

Of course, even if the system factor is not considered, this problem does not exist for Shen Qian.

Because he cultivated a body refinement method that can be called Bug level…”Immemorial – The first article of body refinement”.

Before Shen Qian’s breakthrough, the magic of the “Immemorial Secret” was not fully revealed. It was not until Shen Qian’s breakthrough that this secret art revealed the real mystery from ancient times.

He can actually polish his body while absorbing vitality!

Alternatively, Shen Qian can choose to compress her vitality while tempering her body.

In normal Martial Artist, these two processes are independent of each other, one is going up and down, one is pulling back and forth.

But Shen Qian is different.

As long as there is the “Immemorial Technique”, Shen Qian’s body and vitality naturally maintain a perfect balance.

“Immemorial – The first part of body refinement” is definitely a cultivation technique that goes against the common sense of textbooks.

As for the spirit strength, Shen Qian doesn’t feel that much cultivation is needed. As long as he visualizes the taboo projection of “Hunyuan” for ten minutes every day, his spirit strength is like a wild horse running away. The road to progress never returns.

Shen Qian doesn’t know if Big Brother Gao believes that he can cultivate these two ancient secret arts, and is not sure if Big Brother Gao let every Disciple try it.

But Shen Qian has gradually felt the great value of these two cultivation maps.

Although it is only the first chapter, it is enough for him to cultivate all the way to the Mountain And Sea Realm world.


When Shen Qian woke up from the third exercise cycle, it was already the dusk of the second day.

Shen Qian was lying on the carpet in the cultivation room, the dim light shining on him through the window. At this moment, everything was quiet. Watching the clock on the wall pointed to eight o’clock, Shen Qian arrived for no reason. There was panic.

It was a strange feeling of being abandoned by the whole world.

shook the head, Shen Qian quickly dispelled the distracting thoughts, and when his hands and feet regained some strength, he took the bracelet and looked at it.

There is no important information, except that Gu Zifang asked him twice at dinner if he wanted to eat together, which vaguely revealed some concern.

Ding Yi was probably fully involved in closed training, and lost contact with Mingcheng that day.

…Huo Linger has a daily life that she can’t finish sharing. Since the day before yesterday, it has been 99+ unread messages. Shen Qian has not clicked on it out of some peculiar concern.

After turning over, Shen Qian asked Martial Arts Hall to deliver steaks and juices for ten people. After eating half full, she came to the simple simulator in the corner.

He needs to test his progress after a full day of training.

Although it is only in terms of induction, the vitality in the body has grown a little with naked eyes.

Putting on the helmet, Shen Qian exhaled, carefully comprehending the process of gathering vitality, and then punched the Six Senior Brothers opposite.

…not aimed at Liu Changqing, but after watching it for a long time, I somehow feel that the Six Senior Brothers are quite friendly.

After waiting for a few seconds, a row of data jumped out.


Burst Power: 1147 Kg

Instantaneous Speed: 2.1 s/100m


Shen Qian stared at these two lines of data and nodded in satisfaction.

There was no cultivation in the exam yesterday, and when he took the physical fitness exam the day before yesterday, his strength was only close to 1100. In just one day of exercise, his strength soared to nearly 50Kg.

It’s absurd to say that at the Beginner Martial Artist stage of progress at such a rate.

Normal Beginner Martial Artist 1st to 9th dan, if it is purely divided by power, the gap between each stanza is about 100Kg.

Progressing 50Kg in one day is equivalent to being promoted from Beginner Martial Artist 1st grade to Beginner Martial Artist 9th dan in less than 20 days.

As long as the average person can complete this process within three years, he will be considered to meet the standard. Within two years, he can be called a “talent”, and one year is a proper “genius”.

This shows how outrageous Shen Qian’s progress is, even faster than before breakthrough.

Of course, the above are just indicators of ordinary Martial Artists. Shen Qian, who has opened ten orifices, naturally cannot follow the usual theory.

Judging by the quality of his vitality, Shen Qian is still in the Early-Stage of Beginner Martial Artist. According to Shen Qian’s own calculations, he will increase his strength by 600 to 700Kg from the first stage to the second stage.

It is not as good as the previous guess, which is ten times the common martial artist. There may be some loss principle, but it is also very exaggerated.

Although the increase in strength will be smaller as you go to the back, but in the case of such a large base…

Beginner Martial Artist 9dan can compete with high Martial Artist. dream.

As for the speed, there is nothing to say, 2 seconds is a threshold, it seems to be limited by some rules between Heaven and Earth, Divine Immortal I have no choice but to have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly to cross this threshold.

After her energy was almost recovered, Shen Qian rang the service bell and habitually called a little elder sister.


In half an hour.

After waiting for the little elder sister in cheongsam who helped him relax, swaying her waist and carrying the box out, Shen Qian was a little dazed.

This massage…he didn’t finish it.

Halfway through, Shen Qian just felt out of breath and ended early.

The little elder sister’s technique is fine, the looks are fine, and the cheongsam is still the same cheongsam…

But it just doesn’t feel right.


It rained lightly on June 16, and on June 17, the sky cleared up again.

The powerhouse that developed the weather system and was named a prince has indeed contributed greatly to improving the quality of human life after the catastrophe.

It is no wonder that the opponent can directly crown the king with peerless talent.

Shen Qian stayed in Martial Arts Hall until morning. Considering the unknown situation today, in order to maintain the best condition, Shen Qian did not continue cultivation last night.

After breakfast, Shen Qian glanced at the bracelet strangely.

This morning, the bracelet did not move.

This is weird.

The weirdness comes from being too quiet for students who should have finished their exams in the morning batch.

Shen Qian’s three-day exams are all in the second session. In the past, there would always be people who would disclose some information about the exams in the group. Even Gu Zifang and Ouyang Fei didn’t contact him, which is not reasonable. .

In order to let Shen Qian “seize the opportunity”, the two have always been very active on the topic.

When Shen Qian took the bus to the examination room of the Provincial Gymnasium, he keenly found that except for the candidates waiting for the examination, all around was unusually deserted.

What about people who finish their exams in the morning?

With such doubts, Shen Qian thought about it and asked a girl from Jing City.

Although Shen Qian is on the cusp recently, and her reputation in Jing City is not very good, but at least Shen Qian talked to her face to face, the girl still seemed a little flattered.

“Ah, Shen Qian, don’t you know?”

The girl said strangely, “Everyone in the morning hasn’t finished the exam yet!”

” Didn’t finish the exam?” Shen Qian said surprisedly.

“Yeah, we don’t know what’s going on. My two best girlfriends have not come out since they entered the exam room at ten o’clock. The teacher doesn’t know why…”

After listening to the girl’s explanation, Shen Qian was secretly surprised.

What are the actual exam questions, and no one has come out yet?

“The vehicles pass, all the students give way!”

At this moment, a horn sounded from behind, Shen Qian turned around and saw a line of military trucks Slowly entered the gym.

“A dozen military trucks, what are they pulling?”

Shen Qian stared at this scene, intuition that the contents of the trucks should be related to this actual combat test.

Forget it, it is useless to think too much. Anyway, after a while, all the doubts can be solved, so Shen Qian simply closed his eyes and rested.

At two o’clock, the exam bell rang on time, and Shen Qian was waiting in the queue.

When the staff read Shen Qian’s name, Shen Qian and the nineteen people in front formed a group of twenty people and were taken to a room.

Shen Qian looked at the surrounding environment doubtfully. This room did not look like a formal examination room. The surrounding walls were painted like a warehouse, and there were even a lot of heavy objects on the ground. Drag traces.

At this time, in the center of the room, there was a pile of equipment-like objects covered by black cloth, all of which were quite huge.

When the staff waiting in the room saw that all the students had arrived, they lifted the black cloth outside, and suddenly a machine with a metal casing that was very familiar to the eyes was revealed.

Martial Arts simulator?

Shen Qian was stunned, so were these simulators the military sent in?

There are obviously simulators in the gymnasium…

No, when Shen Qian glanced at the room, he found that there were twenty simulators in the room, which happened to be in the same room as the room. When the number of candidates was even, Shen Qian couldn’t help sucked in a breath of cold air.

Is this the rhythm of a simulator?

You must know that these simulators standing in the room at the moment are standard versions. Although they are not as expensive as the professional simulators for physical fitness exams, their model is the same as the one in the No. 7 Middle School Gymnasium.

The cost of each unit is in the millions!

Only public high schools and some Martial Arts Halls in Jing City are equipped with simulators of this level, that is to say, the number of standard Martial Arts simulators in the entire Jing City, plus a very small number of private ones, will never More than a hundred units.

And in this room, there are twenty sets.

The group of students they referred in the provincial gymnasium in the afternoon exceeded 500 people, and one person was 500 units.

No, there are students from the other nine test centers…

By the way, the people who took the test in the morning haven’t come out yet!

Shen Qian was startled at the thought of this.

Different from the other students in the room who were just amazed, Shen Qian looked at the apparently cleaned up room that seemed to be a warehouse, the brand-new Generator in the corner, and the intricate wires as thick as a bucket. , the more I think about it, the more my scalp feels numb.

If it’s what he guessed, all the 500,000 martial arts candidates in the country are equipped with a standard simulator per head…

Hi, what a great generosity!

There are more than 10,000 candidates in Mingcheng alone, and Mingcheng is obviously equipped with so many Martial Arts simulators, no wonder the exam has to be postponed one day, no wonder there are still some simulators before the exam starts. Just in place.

“What exactly is this actual combat test?”

“Please take your place, and you can log in to the simulator after verifying your fingerprints. Please do not perform any operations after connecting the nerves. Waiting for the next step.”

Shen Qian was still in a daze, when the invigilator began to guide everyone to their seats, which is really the standard for a simulator.

The shells of these simulators are very new, either they have just been built, or they have been stored somewhere for a long time. Shen Qian estimates that the latter has a relatively large probability.

The hatch opened, and Shen Qian walked into the simulator after verifying her fingerprints.


With the hatch closed, Shen Qian ran out of ink, quickly put on his helmet, and connected the nerve probe with his spine.

all around It’s dark, just like the initial interface of logging into the simulator before, but there are no levels to choose from.

While Shen Qian was waiting in a slightly urgent mood, after an unknown amount of time, a light shot directly from the darkness, illuminating Shen Qian.

A thick male voice that seemed to be close but seemed to be far away resounded in the Dark Space.

“2297 Martial Arts candidates, hello everyone!”

“I am the current Minister of Education of China, Ma Gongzuo.”

The strong male voice snorted. Greetings, Shen Qian was surprised when she heard that the other party was the Minister of Education, but then she was relieved.

If the other party is facing 500,000 candidates across the country at this moment, then only the Minister of Education is the most suitable.

Shen Qian listened attentively, knowing that it was finally time to reveal the actual combat rules.

“I think the students must have a lot of doubts…”

“For example, why the actual combat assessment will be delayed by one day.”

“About the reason, I think Maybe some of your classmates have already guessed it.”

“At this moment, all of you, 523,676 candidates, can be in the same trial space, and this is the biggest reason!”

“Students may not have imagined the complex venue layout and equipment allocation behind this. Even in order to prepare for the actual combat exam at this time, most of the military’s simulator reserves have been emptied…”


“More than 300 researchers from the Huaxia Academy of Military Sciences have been debugging data and upgrading servers since the night before yesterday. They have been fighting for nearly 40 hours, and finally finished their preparations this morning.”

“I want to say sorry to the classmates who referred in the morning. Due to the limited manpower and venue, even if everyone’s actual combat assessment is carried out at the same time, we can only arrange for you to enter the field first. It’s been a long wait!”


“But I believe the wait is worth it!”

“Students, you are about to usher in an unprecedented college entrance examination.”

“That is, More than 500,000 candidates all over the country are in the same venue for reference at the same time!”

The space vibrated slightly, as if it represented the noise of countless people.

“There are some special reasons for this temporary adjustment of the exam questions, but in any case, this is the best way to really test your strength!”

“If you think your actual combat There is no one in the same class, so here, prove yourself in the most indisputable way!”

I don’t know if it’s an illusion or a psychological bias, Shen Qian always feels that this The words were like what Ma Gongzuo said to him on purpose.

“Although the temporary construction space for this assessment is simple, the rules are very complete.”

“Now, if there is no fault, you will see what is in front of you. A staircase has appeared.”

As Ma Gongzuo’s voice fell, the platform under Shen Qian’s feet began to extend into the darkness ahead. In the brightest place, the wide white jade stone steps of Level 1 appeared. .

β€œAfter the exam officially starts, you have five minutes of preparation time. When you step on the stone steps, you will usher in your First Stage battle.”

β€œ And your opponent could be any one of the other 523,675 candidates.”

“If you beat him, a new ladder will appear.”

“each layer ladder , all represent a win!”

“And you will always only be matched against opponents with the same number of wins.”

“Verify in the way of Heavenly Ascension Ladder Your own strength…”

“Of course, it doesn’t matter if you are defeated on a certain ladder, you can continue to fight against opponents that appear on the same ladder. If you lose three times in a row, then your actual combat assessment It will end early.”

“And even if you are so unlucky, it still doesn’t matter, because we will still make decisions based on your power control, martial skill completion, combat skills and other aspects in actual combat. You score, winning or losing is just an insignificant aspect.”


Shen Qian always felt that this sentence was not quite right.

No matter how insignificant it is, it still means that it affects the score. What if you want a full score?

The answer is already obvious.

You can’t lose a game.

For Shen Qian, pushing all the way to the end is the real victory.

“Maybe there are still students who want to ask, how to judge the influence of realm?”

“This is also the second purpose of our preparation for the trial battlefield.”

“Your physical state, no matter what it was before, will be adjusted to a 149Kg explosive power and a physique with an instant speed of 100 meters and 10 seconds, that is, the realm of the standard Quasi Martial Artist.”

” In addition, you will not feel tired, so you don’t have to worry about exhaustion in continuous battles.”

Shen Qian not only raised her head in amazement when she heard this remark.

Will everyone’s physiques be on the same line?

This is really good news for students who are physically weak.

And for powerhouses with higher realm, this rule is not so friendly.

But in other words, the pursuit of absolute fairness is a fallacy, and the rules that can take care of most people are already a relative fairness.

true powerhouse itself should not have realm.

“Then now, classmates, get ready, the countdown to the assessment is about to begin.”

“Don’t think of it as an exam, but as a review of past growth, a rare time experience.”

“After breaking away from the ivory tower of high school, you are about to usher in real cruelty in the competition of martial arts colleges!”

“Maybe… never again. There will be such a fair and unburdened battle.”

“Go to your heart’s content and show your fighting spirit…”

“Martial Artist, fearless! “

Ma Gongzuo’s voice was completely silent, and it has to be said that Shen Qian stared at the stone steps in front of him, and a warm blood gradually developed in his heart, and the inexplicable excitement gave him goosebumps all over his body.

500,000 people compete on the same stage!

How many unique people from all over the country will there be?

Minister Ma is right about one thing, he may not have such an opportunity again in this life.


Shen Qian would also like to see how many steps he can climb on his own, given that he will definitely not intervene in the early stage of the system, who has been nurtured for so long?

A sweet female voice rang out.

“The final number of the admission ticket is 800001 candidates, your physical condition is being adjusted…”

“The physical condition has been adjusted, please warm up as soon as possible, the actual test will be counted down for five minutes Start later.”


The sound of time passing through the Dark Space.

Shen Qian closed her eyes and began to move her limbs, adapting to her familiar and unfamiliar body.

“…5, 4, 3, 2, 1!”

“The actual combat assessment, start!”

Shen Qian suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes Bright and sharp.

And the splendid stone steps had moved to his feet at some point.

Without any hesitation, Shen Qian stepped on it.

I originally wanted to write more 8,000 words, but I came back late, so let’s do it for now.

(end of this chapter)

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