I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 122


Chapter 122 Real-time AFK mode

As Shen Qian steps up the First Layer ladder, there is another beam of light from the darkness The dome is illuminated, gradually revealing a silhouette.

The stone steps at the foot began to extend, and finally became a ring size suitable for the length and width.

Shen Qian saw that the man was still in a daze, and he didn’t take advantage of the danger, he turned his head to look, and in the distant darkness, a star was lit up, gradually turning into a sky full of stars, densely. packed .

If Shen Qian guessed right, each point star glow should represent a candidate.

This is the First Layer ladder, so there are the most people.

“The second province of Northeast China, the third middle school of Qishi City, Feng Kong.”

At this moment, a voice from behind sounded, but it was the faty boy who finally came back to his senses , said to Shen Qian cup one fist in the other hand.

“Southwest, Shen Qian.”

Out of courtesy, Shen Qian also announced her name.

“Come on!”

The boy was obviously a little nervous, his muscles were tense, and there was a slight tremor.

Seeing this, Shen Qian probably judged that the opponent should have little actual combat experience.

But this is normal. Although there are basic martial skill classes in high school, they are only practicing fake grips. Teachers always say that colleges can only be exposed to actual combat, and only a small number of people who are unwilling to be mediocre will pass the simulation. machine or other means to train actual combat.

Feng Kong represents the average level of most ordinary students.

He said with a smile: “Brother Kong, it might hurt a bit.”

“What, and my surname is Feng, not…”

Feng Kong was stunned at first, but before she could finish her sentence, Shen Qian rushed straight in.

Feng Kong raised his hand to parry in a panic, but it was a weak spot. Shen Qian’s punch easily penetrated his arm and hit the opponent’s Adam’s apple.

There are only a few vital points in the human body. To end the battle quickly, the relatively fragile Adam’s apple is a good choice.


Feng Kong fell softly to the ground without humming.

The light beam surrounding Feng Kong dissipated, and Feng Kong also disappeared. The stone steps under his feet changed, and Level 2 extended not far away.

This also means Shen Qian has won a game and can move on.

But Shen Qian didn’t move in a hurry, but stood there looking thoughtful.

He just punched that punch, which has surpassed the power of 149Kg and the instant speed of 10 seconds per 100 meters.

But on second thought, he already understood what was going on.

The explosive power of 149Kg actually represents a higher physical strength.

Calculated based on a normal person’s power control rate of about 75%, the standard physique currently controlled by Shen Qian actually has a body strength of about 200Kg.

At this time, without the influence of vitality, Shen Qian under the influence of the system can achieve more than 87% of the power control.

In other words, Shen Qian’s actual strength is around 170Kg.

No, no, it’s actually higher…

Because Shen Qian’s realm is much higher than the normal Quasi Martial Artist’s line, when he uses the higher realm to control more When weak physique, this will bring a bonus in itself.

At this moment, Shen Qian suddenly clear comprehension. It turns out that people with high realm do not suffer.

Even with the same physique, they still have natural advantages.

It’s just that Ma Gongzuo didn’t say it directly.

Without considering skills, it means that if Shen Qian later encounters a stronger opponent, it means that the realm of that person’s original body is higher.

But so what, I’m still invincible…well, we’re still invincible.

Shen Qian smiled confidently and stepped onto the Second Layer ladder.


When Shen Qian stepped on the Second Layer stone steps, before he could get acquainted with the surrounding environment, a strong wind had already assumed the senses.

A sneak attack?

Shen Qian raised eyebrows, and leaned back to avoid the other’s whip legs.

Shen Qian frowned, who was almost overcast, looked towards the opponent who stopped temporarily and was quickly adjusting his breath. The first thing that caught his eye was a rather large body with smooth lines.


Why is the face still a little familiar…

At this time, the other party also seemed to recognize Shen Qian, astonished: “You are… Shen Qian from Jing City?”


With Shen Qian’s current spirit strength, it is only a basic operation to remember. After a little search in the memory palace, Shen Qian found a picture about the other party.

“You are the younger sister, Cao Wen, right?”

Standing opposite Shen Qian, the petite girl with ponytails and tights is also from the No. 1 Southwest. The province is one of the two perverts in Mingcheng described by Gu Zifang and the others, namely Cao Wen in the pair of twins.

Shen Qian had met each other when she was in the Nine Heavens Pavilion.

Cao Wen didn’t speak, just stared at Shen Qian with a more cautious expression.

Even though Shen Qian didn’t seem to have received an invitation from the Thousand Stars Club, as the “Number One Person” of Jing City’s reputation, she still wouldn’t underestimate him.

Shen Qian didn’t expect more than 500,000 people to compete on the same stage, and it was too coincidental that he met an “acquaintance” from the same province in the second game.

But it’s normal to think about it, his First Stage battle is very short, and the person who can match him to the Second Stage at the same time is definitely not weak.

And Cao Qian and Cao Wen siblings, in Shen Qian’s previous perception, are even vaguely stronger than that Geng Qianqiu.

A formidable rival.


Cao Wen didn’t talk to Shen Qian again, after adjusting her posture, she took a stride, moved towards Shen Qian like a swooping cheetah, rushed over, and launched an offensive again.

The extreme speed even made the air screeching loudly.

Sure enough…

Shen Qian vision freezes.

The strength that each person can actually exert still has a great relationship with realm.

Exhaling, Shen Qian also accelerated in place, moved towards Cao Wen without hesitation and rushed away.

In all the combat experience system has left him so far, “he” has never taken a step back.

Unconsciously, Shen Qian’s fighting style already had a shadow of a system.

Bang! boom!

Shen Qian’s fist was caught by Cao Wen’s arm, and Shen Qian’s shoulder blade was touched.

However, the pain has not returned, and the two have moved out of the 2nd move at a very fast speed.

No ventilation, no animal power, and no bells and whistles.

The two, who only mastered the basic martial skills, used the most simple and unpretentious way to fight from fist to flesh at a very close distance.

After exchanging more than ten moves, the bigger Shen Qian finally suffered a loss in flexibility. Cao Wen unexpectedly drilled into the crotch, and then fiercely kicked it before it was too late. Shen Qian turned around on his waist.


Shen Qian groaned, fell from a distance, and rolled on the ground twice before stopping.

Cao Wen was not in a hurry to chase, she knew that this was not enough to completely suppress Shen Qian, she gasped and began to adjust her state again.

Shen Qian stood up and stared at Cao Wen, his eyes full of surging fighting intent.

Cao Wen is stronger than he thought.

Equal power control, skilled combat skills, calm battle awareness…

Gu Zifang and Ouyang Fei combined are not her opponents.

Shen Qian is absolutely certain of this.

Shen Qian knew very well that there was still some gap between him and the other party.

But the more this happened, the more unwilling he was to back down.

Because that gap is not so big as to despair.

I have been edified by the system, can’t I even make it through this step?

Shen Qian disagrees.

With the palm of his hand, Shen Qian let out a hoarse growl, and his body suddenly rushed out. When he was three meters away from Cao Wen, Shen Qian jumped high, and a momentum is The big, power is deep whip leg moved towards Cao Wen head down.

Cao Wen’s eyes flashed unexpectedly, and then she made a parry without evading.

It is true that the whip leg can exert maximum force, but once the opponent cannot be defeated, it will reveal a deadly weak spot.

That’s why she retreated immediately after the first unsuccessful sneak attack with the whip leg.

As the two have similar strengths, Cao Wen didn’t know where Shen Qian’s confidence came from, so she dared to make this move in front of her.



Cao Wen was smashed to the ground and half kneeled on the ground. She raised her head in disbelief and looked at her broken arms and half of her shoulder bones.

“You, how can your strength suddenly skyrocket…”

“Because I’ve realized.”

Shen Qian kept standing on one leg , with a happy face.

He defeated Cao Wen head-on with his own strength.

With his powerful spirit strength and so much perfect combat experience, his power control should not be the only one.

Just at the moment when she felt strong and unwilling in her heart just now, Shen Qian figured it out, and forcibly raised her power control level almost like a sudden enlightenment.

In this brief moment, Shen Qian experienced a little genius.

Shen Qian didn’t know exactly how much, but he knew that his power control must have broken through 90%.

A millimeter difference, as different as heaven and earth.

Cao Wen didn’t ask any more questions, just stared at Shen Qian’s face, raised her head and said the last sentence with a little pride before her figure dissipated, “You are not my brother’s opponent. , the champion of the first province in the southwest is still his.”

Shen Qian startled, then smiled indifferently, and withdrew his feet.

He doesn’t need to compare himself to anyone.

Because these born geniuses don’t know how low his starting point is.

No one could understand what he was chasing…

The stone steps extended, and the Third Layer ladder appeared in front of Shen Qian.

According to the rules, Cao Wen will stay in the Second Layer after the defeat, and can only go to the Third Layer after the next victory.


Third Layer, Fourth Layer, Fifth Layer ……

Until the Tenth Layer ladder, Shen Qian never encountered any He brings a strong threat to opponents.

Cao Wen’s strength does not belong to Second Layer, but the two met in advance.

Standing on the stone steps of Tenth Layer, Shen Qian is closing his eyes and resting while summarizing some previous experiences.

Five minutes have passed, but his opponent has yet to appear.

There are two possibilities, one is that no one can set foot on the Tenth Layer yet, the other is that people who have set foot on the Tenth Layer are still fighting, and Shen Qian is single that one.

Those who can step on the 10th layer have defeated at least nine opponents, and Shen Qian’s intuition is that from this layer onwards, the opponents will become stronger and stronger.

At least the probability of climbing up by luck is getting lower and lower.

There are a total of 520,000 people. If it is calculated according to the power of 2, the total number of battles will be between 19 and 20, which means that there is no defeat in a game.

But there are also people on the same level who have lost a game and then rely on other wins to come up, and these people will fight a little more times.

Of course, this has nothing to do with Shen Qian.

Judging from the pitfalls in the physical fitness test and the will test, Shen Qian always felt that there would be some pitfalls in the actual combat test, but he hadn’t found it yet.

But in short, in order to get full marks, the most basic condition must be that you can’t lose a game, there is no doubt about it.

About two minutes later, Shen Qian suddenly opened his eyes.

As the rays of light fall, a tall silhouette with exposed curves begins to appear.

Woman again?

This is the second woman he has met after Cao Wen.

When the two sides gradually became clear in each other’s eyes, the girl who made a vigilant gesture first let out a surprised chuckle, “Shen Qian, didn’t expect to meet you.”

Shen Qian also quickly recognized the other party.

This is also a candidate from the first province in the southwest, the extremely talented in Xicheng, that is said to be Li Jiaqi, who was born in the Martial Artist Aristocratic Family.

Shen Qian has a deeper impression of her. After all, she is white, beautiful, and long-legged. She has more memories than Cao Wen, who is in the middle and upper class.

I didn’t expect to be able to run into geniuses from the same province in a row, but it is true that the higher the circle, the smaller the circle, so there is nothing that can’t be understood, even if I meet Cao Qian again, it is not surprising.

“Hello.” Shen Qian greeted.

“Should we talk and get to know each other first, or just start fighting?”

Li Jiaqi he said with a smile.

Shen Qian was not confused by the bright smile of the other party, because he could see clearly, although Li Jiaqi kept smiling, there was always a kind of indifference in his eyes.

She simply ignored Shen Qian.

As in the Nine Heavens Pavilion last time, Li Jiaqi never paid attention to anyone in Jing City from beginning to end.

“Come on.”

Shen Qian gave a brief reminder and took the lead.

Li Jiaqi was still laughing, until Shen Qian’s fist almost touched her chest, she suddenly bent back at an incredible angle, and then her calf moved towards Shen Qian’s abdomen. kick away.

Shen Qian slanted to the side, and just avoided this kick, but Li Jiaqi supported the ground with one hand, completed a 180-degree turn in an instant, and kicked Shen with a sharper kick. Qian’s neck.

Shen Qian, who had no time to dodge, could only raise his hand to block it in a hurry.


Shen Qian staggered back a few meters before she could stabilize her body.

The arm was shaking uncontrollably, and this foot almost made Shen Qian’s bone fracture.

“It’s boring, you are much weaker than I thought.”

Li Jiaqi stood up again with a flip, clapped her palms, and said casually.

Shen Qian didn’t refute, but asked with a grave expression: “What kind of martial skill is this?”

Li Jiaqi’s martial skill is very peculiar and has gone beyond the basic martial skill. The category, but it is not a martial skill that uses vitality, and it uses a simple fist and body shape transformation to play a combo effect, with a graceful and fierce posture.

Shen Qian has never seen such a martial skill.

It is both fancy and practical, and it makes you can’t guard against it. It is definitely not something on the textbook.

The last time Shen Qian saw such a smooth offensive was on “himself”.

It’s just that the system uses a seamless combination of basic martial skills, which is fundamentally different from Li Jiaqi’s coherent moves.

“ancient martial arts, butterfly legs… haven’t you seen it?”

Li Jiaqi didn’t hide it, said with a smile.

Ancient martial arts skills…

Shen Qian guessed that this might be related to the origin of the other party. Shen Qian had already felt it when she started the cultivation technique of her son.

Huo Ling’er came from the Wu Family, and she later learned about it from Huang Tao.

“I’m sorry, I’m still in a hurry to go to the next floor!”

Seeing Shen Qian’s delay in speaking, Li Jiaqi lost her patience and showed her body. , swept over like a geese.

Shen Qian already had a hunch that he was not Li Jiaqi’s opponent.

The opponent is a level stronger than himself in terms of power control and combat skills.

“Huh, I’m really not reconciled…”

Shen Qian let out a sigh of relief, and in the end, she could only reach the Tenth Layer with her own strength.

Perhaps Shen Qian could still win if the opponent on this level was not the Peak Li Jiaqi, but Shen Qian was also satisfied. After all, he still defeated a not weak Cao Wen with his own hands.

Li Jiaqi’s attacking posture is equally beautiful, like an elegant black swan, with a beautiful murderous intention lurking.

Shen Qian’s passive defense from the very beginning to the reluctant resistance behind him fell into the disadvantage at an extremely fast speed.

β€œDefeat all the opponents you meet along the way.”

Shen Qian no longer procrastinates. Since it is not a life-and-death crisis, and there is no visible resource target, Shen Qian can only take the initiative in her mind. AFK command was issued.

“The mission objective has been generated, and the system is parsing…”

“It is predicted that multiple high-quality battles will take place in a row, which will greatly improve the host and save storage. space , the system will switch to performance mode and enable real-time AFK.”

“Ding! yellow warning!”

“After this AFK, the system energy will drop below 50%, Please the host detect suitable resources as soon as possible so that the system can replenish energy, otherwise the system may turn on the self-protection mode and forcibly store energy (Note: the consequences of forcible energy storage are unknown, please try to avoid it).”

A series of sounds resounding in my mind Shen Qian was taken aback by the prompt.

Real-time AFK mode?

Although this is unexpected, it is acceptable. After all, the previous system has shown different modes, such as the perfect AFK Records for clearing Kirito Array, which has proved that it is possible for the system to bring Shen Qian together.

At this moment, Shen Qian was still quite emotional. The system has been around for nearly four months. Are the two “people” finally going to fight side by side for the first time?

Shen Qian also kept in mind the reminder of the lack of energy in the line below.

To this day, Shen Qian can probably think that the electromagnetic storm that swept the whole city at first was caused by the system. At that time, the instantaneous power of the four nuclear power plants in Jing City was fully emptied.

Not to mention the weather protection system, even the city protection system is paralyzed.

In retrospect, Shen Qian has a fresh memory.

If other sources of energy can be found, it is best not to happen again.

When Shen Qian was distracted, Li Jiaqi’s always indifferent eyes showed mood swings for the first time, which was a kind of anger.

You dare to be in a daze at this time?

Is my mother’s fist not strong enough or the soles of my feet not hard enough?

The face of Li Jiaqi, who had taken off her disguise, became cold. After gently pushing away Shen Qian’s block with one palm, she suddenly gathered her palms and grabbed it with her claws moved towards Shen Qian’s lower abdomen.

“The mode switch is successful, and the system is automatically finding its way…”

Shen Qian returned to the feeling of loading the perfect AFK Records. He was conscious but unable to control his body. All around also has no illusory graininess, it is the real moment.

And Li Jiaqi also met Shen Qian’s reopened eyes.

There was a kind of extreme indifference and deepness in those eyes, and there was an inexplicable sense of beauty, which made Li Jiaqi lost for a second.

But the movements in her hands did not slow down.

At this time, Shen Qian saw the other party’s actions of cutting off his son and his grandson. Even in the consciousness space, his back was a little hairy.

Of course, “Shen Qian” was not affected in any way, and his body was slightly sideways, but he easily avoided Li Jiaqi’s palm.


Li Jiaqi exclaimed, because Shen Qian’s speed was suddenly much faster, and he could obviously react.

Not only that, but “Shen Qian” also punched him after one side.

Although Li Jiaqi was confused, her basic reaction was still there, subconsciously catching Shen Qian’s fist.

The severe pain made Li Jiaqi even more terrified. This person not only increased in speed, but also suddenly increased in strength?

What the hell!

Just when Li Jiaqi wanted to withdraw and retreat, the scene that really made Li Jiaqi sluggish appeared.

Shen Qian’s fist suddenly turned into a claw before she could react, pinching her wrist firmly, and then Shen Qian took a step forward, leaning forward and bending her elbows inward at the same time. , fiercely moved towards her head butt.

“This, this…”

Li Jiaqi’s inner shock is indescribable.

Because Shen Qian was using the martial skill she just used, she hit a landslide!

This is one of the basic ancient martial arts skills, and it is also the unspread secret of the Wu Family where she belongs. A few months to get started.

At this moment, Shen Qian’s fluent posture, skillful use, and aggressive offensive… was actually three points stronger than her own.

Where did he learn it?

How could he possibly learn!


Li Jiaqi was crying frantically in her heart, and in a hurry, she could only clenched the teeth and put her palm on her head as a buffer.


Li Jiaqi flew several meters into the air and fell heavily on the floor.

Although she saved her “life”, she paid a heavy price.

The bones of his hands were shattered inch by inch, his temples were blue and purple, and the whole person became groggy, unable to get up at all on the ground.

“Shen Qian” defeated her with just one move.

And “Shen Qian” didn’t give her a chance to breathe at all, and volley rushed over again.

“Shen Qian, you, wait…”

Li Jiaqi shouted, she knew she had lost, she just wanted to find out what was going on.

However, “Shen Qian” didn’t give her a chance at all. After landing, she casually twisted her neck.

Shen Qian silently watched the cold-blooded behavior of the system, and also had some sympathy for Li Jiaqi.

He could see Li Jiaqi’s wide eyes at the last second, full of resentment, shock, doubts and doubts about life.

With the arrogant character of the opponent’s arrogant, this kind of reverse attack is probably doubled.

It belongs to the kind of typical “dead without resting eyes”…

Stealing other people’s martial skills and trampling on other people’s hearts, the system is really a wolf.

And “Shen Qian” obviously didn’t have so many boring emotions, just stood indifferently and waited quietly.

After the stone steps changed out of the stairs of the Eleventh Layer, “Shen Qian” stepped up without a moment’s delay.

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