I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 123


Chapter 123 Wu Ke Gaokao Grand Slam

When “Shen Qian” came to the 12th-layer, it was already There is someone waiting here.

The man was standing on the edge of the platform with positive and negative hands, looking at the little stars in the distance, and his posture was quite tolerant.


Hearing the movement behind him, the young man pointed to all around the darkness Faintly smiled, “Look, the starlight flashing in this Twelfth Layer at the moment is only two hundred It’s like Marital Arts Path, billowing waves washing the sand, how many people are there at the end?”

After the young man left a sentence full of force, he turned around.

“In the third province of the lower southeast, Taishi No. 2 Middle School, Yue Dakan, dare to ask your Excellency… What the hell?!” The voice of swearing, because what responded to him was not the friendly greeting he imagined, but a huge fist.

The sentence “I can’t afford it” was held in his chest, and Yue Dakan also sneered and threw a punch.

It wasn’t the first time he encountered a sneak attack, and in his impression, only the weak would use this despicable shameless method to try to beat himself a completely unprepared.

And he, Yue Dakan, as a genius that has been rare in Taiwan for ten years, is the favorite to win the championship in the third southeastern province this time, how could it be…


Yue Dakan, whose face was buried on the ground, was stunned.

What happened?

Why can’t I escape when I see it clearly?

Before Yue Dakan could react, he was already twisted by “Shen Qian” like a chicken, and then he felt an arm stuck around his neck.

“Who are you!”

Yue Dakan tried to struggle to no avail, he couldn’t help staring at Shen Qian and yelled at the same time.

“Shen Qian” ignored him, and his arm began to exert force.

“You bastard, at least leave your name… grass, it hurts, kind of let me go again… You fucking…”

Yue Dakan The voice stopped abruptly when Shen Qian twisted his neck, only a pair of upturned eyes stared at Shen Qian.

The rays of light sprinkled down, and Yue Dakan, who “can’t rest his eyes”, disappeared, and Shen Qian, who was familiar with the system style, could only take a small moment of silence for him.

But then again, there is still no socialized system that is cute, at least not embarrassing.

“Shen Qian” was expressionless, and after the stairs leading to the Thirteenth Layer appeared, he stepped up again.


Thirteenth Layer, an extremely talented person from the magic capital, who has no self-destruct name, seems to be waiting for Shen Qian to speak.

After three moves, the other party was twisted and his neck was broken, “dead to rest his eyes”.


14th-layer, a graceful-looking girl from Suzhou and Hangzhou, her surname is Shangguan, and the last two characters Shen Qian can’t be heard clearly because her neck has been broken. .

This girl is weaker than Yue Dakan, but her eyes are quite captivating. Shen Qian remembered her wide eyes before she was “dying”.


15 layers, the sinful system finally encountered a little obstacle, and it took five strokes to break the opponent’s neck.

This northwest boy named Xiao Ye is really fierce. Shen Qian feels that the opponent’s power control is even higher than his own, which shows that his realm is absolutely terrifyingly high.

Unfortunately, the martial skill was a little weaker, and soon died under the combined martial skill of the system “Eight Arms Fist” and another palm technique.


That’s not right, Li Jiaqi has only performed “eight-armed fist” before, so where did this fancy and highly suspected ancient martial arts skill come from? come?

As if responding to Shen Qian’s doubts, two lines of words silently floated across the AFK interface in his mind.

β€œsystem in meditation (15:06)

system Full Mastery and comprehended ancient martial arts ‘Eight Trigram Palm’ (15:07)”

Shen Qian: “…”

Created by yourself?

That’s fine.

Shen Qian looked at the clock on the system interface again. Well, it happened 3 minutes ago…

It’s really reasonable.


16th-layer, a nameless genius who did not announce his name and was as cold as the system. He was impeccable in both martial skill and strength, and was supported by the system. Seven tricks, judging from the accent of questioning before “dying”, they should belong to the Central Plains province.


“Shen Qian” has been waiting for a long time at Seventeenth Layer.

The more you go to the back, the fewer people there are, and the system ends the battle too quickly, and it is a winning streak, unlike other people who have to fight one more game if they lose one game, and wait for a long time. Opponents who are not promoted are normal.

“Shen Qian” just stood there, still standing with his hands behind his back, just staring at nothingness, motionless.

“system, what are you thinking?”

Shen Qian, who felt that she had found a strange way of communicating, raised her own questions in her heart.

After a second, another few lines of text floated across the AFK interface.

β€œsystem in continuous contemplation (15:16)

system Full Mastery Basic Fist Technique and comprehended ancient martial arts technique ‘Subduing Tiger Fist’ (15:17)

system Full Mastery Basic Fist Technique and comprehended ancient martial arts technique ‘Liang Yiquan’ (15:18)

system Full Mastery Basic Fist Technique and comprehended ancient martial arts technique ‘Cun Bu’ (15:19) )


Good guy…I’m trash!

Shen Qian couldn’t stand it any longer, and turned off the system’s AFK interface as if nothing had happened.

After another five minutes, someone finally appeared on the platform.

A arrogant and unnamed handsome boy, after nine strokes, “dead with no peace of mind”.


18 Layer, this time is okay, only five minutes of waiting.

As soon as the man came up and saw “Shen Qian”, he was about to start. He quickly stepped back to the edge of the platform, and at the same time yelled, “Wait, I know you, I have something to say!”

“Shen Qian” was not sure what the other party was going to convey, and stopped for the first time.

“Brother, you’re as ruthless as they say, you’re just as ruthless as they say!”

The young man with a somewhat detached face shouted first, and she stopped when she saw Shen Qian , which was said with a smile.

“Introduce myself first, my name is Zhao Keyi, I’m from Guangcheng, the opponents I met at 15 layers and Seventeenth Layer all talked about you, I’m really curious, you are as they say Are you strong?”

“By the way, most of the peak talents in this country I have dealt with in previous national competitions, why haven’t I seen you, you…”

“Shen Qian “After waiting for ten seconds, maybe I finally figured out that what the other party said was all nonsense, so I didn’t wait for Zhao Keyi to finish speaking, his foot moved, and he rushed up again.

“Fuck, let’s talk again?”

Zhao Ke shouted, but he turned around smartly and got rid of Shen Qian’s entanglement.

Shen Qian, who was watching the battle, narrowed his eyes.

This Zhao Keyi has something, and looks lazy, but his speed is not much weaker than system.

This guy is… strong.

Although I can’t feel too much due to the upper limit of my physique at this time, but ten moves have passed in the blink of an eye, and the system has not yet won him, which is evident.

Of course, Zhao Keyi’s mouth never stopped.

“Hey, are you from the Xian Wu Family?”

“No, no, I’ve seen all the evildoers of the Xian Wu Family, and the age is right with you. Can’t get on…”

“Fuck, your ancient martial arts skills aren’t right, where did you learn them?”

“Why don’t you come to Guangcheng to find me, I’ll come out Money to learn from you, one million and one course, how about it?”

“Fuck, are you human, why is your speed still getting faster!”

“… It’s cold, and I can’t beat you?”

“This is unscientific!”

Zhao Keyi was gradually speechless, his mouth was tightly closed, and he started Concentrated attention completely to cope with the continuous offensive of the system.

Zhao Keyi is different from anyone Shen Qian has met before, he has few shortcomings.

The martial arts, strength, speed and consciousness are all first-class, there is a gap compared to “Shen Qian”, but the naked eye is visible.

Because of the difference in realm, Wang Shuo didn’t feel very obvious to Shen Qian.

At this moment, Shen Qian felt how terrifying the real peak genius is!

This Zhao Keyi must not be an unknown person.

Unfortunately, the gap is not big but there is a gap after all.

If you keep it for a long time, you will lose it.

Zhao Keyi didn’t fight back from beginning to end, not because he didn’t want to, but because he couldn’t find a chance at all.

After more than 40 moves, Zhao Keyi was caught by “Shen Qian” in an extremely tiny weak spot, and a set of moves locked his throat.

“…No, why don’t you tell me your name?” Zhao Keyi shouted reluctantly.

“Shen Qian” remained silent, and with the movement of his wrist, he snapped the opponent’s neck.

Shen Qian is used to the cold-blooded system, so he can only shake his head sadly. To be honest, he really wants to get to know each other, at least this person has a very interesting personality.


When the system took Shen Qian to the Nineteenth Layer, Shen Qian was refreshed.

According to his previous calculations, more than 500,000 people, under the condition of continuous victories, would have to go through nineteen to twenty battles.

In other words, for Shen Qian, the battle for climbing the stairs is coming to an end.

On this floor, however, Shen Qian met another acquaintance.

“Cao Qian!”

After seeing the other party’s appearance, Shen Qian shouted in the heart, as for the system, still silent.

Shen Qian was very surprised. He knew that Cao Qian, who came from mysterious, might be very strong, but didn’t expect the other party to be able to board the 19th-layer.

No wonder Cao Wen said before that the champion of the first province in the southwest must be his brother’s.

The other party really has this strength.

I don’t know if it was a coincidence or what, but this time most of the peak geniuses in the first province in the southwest were met by him.

Cao Qian was more shocked than Shen Qian.

Although he never set his sights on the first province in the southwest of trifling, he naturally had some judgment on these so-called geniuses in the province.

And Shen Qian, in his previous assessment, was at the bottom.

The light of Jing City is just a joke to him. When they first met in the Nine Heavens Pavilion, Cao Qian, who has a special spirit strength, just glanced at it and probably guessed Shen Qian’s realm.

It can only be said that it is still a lot worse than Wang Shuo, who he had dealt with before.

But at this time, Shen Qian appeared here.

Everyone will count the number of people, and being able to reach the 19th-layer already means at least the top ten in the country.

This is by no means a matter of luck.

“I underestimate you.”

Cao Qian narrowed his eyes, no more nonsense, smiled faintly, and took the lead in moving towards Shen Qian to launch an offensive.

Is Cao Qianqiang?

The answer is yes.

He is not as balanced as Zhao Kefan, but his strength is stronger. Judging from the power control of the standard physique at the moment, he is only a little worse than the system.

Another absolute evildoer!

But he was not as strong as Zhao Keyijiu.

No matter how strong the power is, it can’t be stronger than System, but because of the weak defense, System broke his right leg just after 20 moves.

Cao Qian staggered to his feet, and his eyes looking towards Shen Qian turned into self-deprecation after disbelief.

“father always says there is Heaven beyond the Heaven, but I have surpassed countless ‘days’, even Wang Shuo, I am confident to beat him now, but didn’t expect the first province of Southwest China is still hidden I’ll be with you.”

“This college entrance examination is not worth it…”

“I will wait for you there when the autumn comes to kill the flowers!”

After Cao Qian finished speaking, he finally took a deep look at Shen Qian, who had always been silent, and his figure turned into a white light and disappeared.

He clearly had the strength to fight again, but he gave up on his own initiative.

Shen Qian was surprised by the calmness of the other party, and couldn’t help but sigh that true geniuses have their own advantages.

He just didn’t understand what the other party’s last sentence meant, where was it?

Can’t these people speak clearly?

After the battle, “Shen Qian” waited quietly.

According to Shen Qian’s calculation, at most, only the last layer is left.

impossible If there is again, the number of people will not match.

The stone platform changed, and indeed a new layer of stairs extended under Shen Qian’s feet.


β€œShen Qian” has entered the 20th layer.

Theoretically, he has one last opponent.

It took twenty minutes for one silhouette to appear on the platform.

“Northern Capital, Luo Yi.”

“Shen Qian” still didn’t say a word, and shot directly.

When it was discovered that Luo Yi, who came from the northern capital, was probably about the same strength as Cao Qian and Zhao Keyi, Shen Qian, who had been looking forward to it, became a little less interested.

After thirty strokes, Luo Yi, who had an ugly face, was defeated and disappeared as white light.

Is this the last tier opponent?

merely this .

But on second thought, it seems that it can only be so.

The upper limit is so high, and the system is already at the ceiling, who can break it?

No matter how genius, the difference to the system is only a few tricks.

This is the most normal result.

There are so many geniuses that Shen Qian is tired of aesthetics.

The only regret is that I didn’t meet Wang Shuo.

Originally, Shen Qian thought that the probability of encountering Wang Shuo would be greater than those from the same province.

But instead, Shen Qian never met each other from beginning to end.

Maybe the opponent lost a game at a certain level, or it may be other accidents, but in short, he has already met the opponent.

There will be only 20th layer at most, and there will only be two people who can board the 20th layer at most, which is limited by the rules and the number of people.

Shen Qian is so sure because the system has automatically ended the AFK mode just after Luo Yi also “died without resting his eyes”.

This shows that in the judgment of the system, the battle for the summit has ended.

Standing for a while, Shen Qian suddenly smiled.

I’ve fallen into some kind of misunderstanding.

Wang Shuo is very strong, but he was only in the top 100 in the National Junior Martial Arts tournament.

Removing the advantages of realm, just talking about other things, not to mention the system, even someone like Zhao Keyi will definitely crush Wang Shuo.

Shen Qian felt that Wang Shuo’s inherent notion of being tyrannical came from his childhood.

But in fact, Shen Qian has already surpassed him in many places.

Except for the realm who took the first step, Wang Shuo is useless in front of today’s Shen Qian!

Perhaps it won’t be long before Shen Qian can crush him in all directions.

Having figured this out, Shen Qian only felt that her heart was relaxed and she was no longer tangled.

He walked to the edge of the platform and looked up, all around was boundless darkness, and he could no longer find a point star glow.

Yes, there is no one else in the 20th layer.

But…why isn’t it over yet?

Shen Qian frowned, suddenly having an ominous premonition.

He remembered the hidden levels of the first and second exams… Could it be?

Just when Shen Qian thought so, the stone steps that had not been moved for a long time suddenly extended, and then another layer of stairs changed under Shen Qian’s complicated eyes.

And 21st-layer?

You must be kidding me.

β€œI just want to get a perfect score in the exam quietly, do I have to force obstacles?”

Shen Qian shouted at the void in dissatisfaction.

No one responded.

Although Shen Qian was sure that the guy behind the pretending to be a pig to eat tigers must be watching him somewhere.

curl one’s lip, Shen Qian can only take one step to the Twenty First Layer.


21st-layer is still an empty white jade platform, but the starry sky is vast, the Milky Way is upside down, and the background has taken some thought, and finally it is no longer so rough.

At least at this moment, looking at the sky full of Star River, Shen Qian finally felt a little sense of achievement in reaching the top.

But…what about the opponent?

Shen Qian is really curious, he has already been matched with the same candidates, who is he going to fight?

It’s always impossible to throw a Mountain And Sea powerhouse in, right?

According to the experience of the first two subjects, the difficulty of hiding the level must be extremely high, but it is also absolutely impossible to give unsolvable problems.

Thinking of this, Shen Qian felt a little at ease.

When Shen Qian looked up again, he couldn’t help but startled.

Because there was an extra mirror on the platform.

The mirror on the silver base stands right in the center of the platform, and the others are taller.

Is it coming?

Shen Qian raised eyebrows, it seems that at least he doesn’t have to guess.

So Shen Qian walked over.

On the surface, this is an ordinary mirror, and Shen Qian in the mirror is wearing a tactical tights and staring at him.

Shen Qian suddenly remembered an urban legend he had read before.

It was when Spiritual Qi was just revived, and the demons and monsters had not been completely driven out of the area where humans lived. There were not many black stories in reality.

One of them is that if you stare at yourself in the mirror at twelve o’clock in the middle of the night, you will gradually feel uncomfortable until it finally becomes weird.

It’s not unreasonable for Shen Qian to think of such a slightly scary legend.

Because he is now gradually having a strong sense of discomfort.

“Shen Qian” in the mirror is slowly becoming unfamiliar.

Until a certain moment, “Shen Qian” in the mirror was laughed at him.

The corner of Shen Qian’s mouth twitched, and “Shen Qian”, who was just staring at the mirror, walked out and stood in front of him alive.

The appearance is his appearance, and the qi machine is his qi machine, but he is very sure that this “person” is not him.

“Beat me and give you full marks.”

“Shen Qian” spoke up.

As the voice of “Shen Qian” fell, Shen Qian found that his body had also changed, and the familiar feeling returned.

He regained his truest realm and battle strength.

So Shen Qian understood.

It turns out that this is the ultimate test of actual combat.

Even if you beat all the geniuses in your class, it’s not enough, you need to beat yourself again.

Shen Qian didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, but also wanted to curse.

Is this something normal people can do?

For the last point of the card, the person who sets the level is simply a pervert.

The one who knows yourself best is, of course, yourself.

How to beat yourself?

It is estimated that everyone will be lost on this issue.

But Shen Qian really wanted to laugh too.

That’s all?

Unless this mirror can reproduce the system in one’s mind, it is simply not too easy to beat yourself.

Of course, on the surface, Shen Qian was still very dignified, lest the people behind him see anything unusual.

At the same time, Shen Qian began to think quickly.

Passing the test is not a problem, what matters is how to cover up your secrets to the greatest extent possible.

It’s too fake to beat yourself with one move.

After thinking about it, Shen Qian probably had an idea.

So he hooked at the opposite “Shen Qian” and said, “Come on.”

After the fight, Shen Qian was completely sure that this was really just his normal self, and there was no system. Mark of.

But I have to say that hitting myself is really annoying.

As soon as Shen Qian raised his hand, the mirror Shen Qian knew what he was going to do, and Shen Qian had to overcome the psychological discomfort first, which was the biggest obstacle.

If there is no hanging, this level is really very difficult.

After nearly a hundred moves between the two of you, the system went online and caught Shen Qian’s weak spot in the mirror with a slight advantage, ending the battle and Shen Qian “winning hard”.


The mirror shattered into nothingness.

β€œpa pa pa!”

Applause suddenly sounded from behind, Shen Qian turned around alertly, and saw an old man in a Tang suit smiling and applauding.

This old man has a familiar face. After Shen Qian carefully discussed the meeting, he quickly called out respectfully, “Hello, Minister Ma!”

The old man who suddenly appeared on the stone platform was It was Ma Gongzuo, Minister of Education of China, and Shen Qian had met several times on TV.

It’s just that Shen Qian didn’t understand it for a while, and the sudden appearance of the other party meant something.

“Hello, classmate Shen Qian!”

Ma Gongzuo looked at Shen Qian with emotion, “I heard your name for a long time, I can see you this time in the college entrance examination, it really is a long way to go. Famous for being famous, youngster, it’s amazing!”

“Minister Ma is overpraised.” Shen Qian was a little sorry for the old man’s admiring eyes, and then said curiously, “Listen to you, I’ve heard of it before. Have you ever passed me?”

“Well, last time you broke the bronze circle, Minister Wu Wei gave you three extra martial arts orders, and there is also a copy of the old man.”

Ma Gongzuo said with a smile, “You Fifth Senior Brother Ling Xiao, and I once had a section of emotion friendship.”

Shen Qian understood, it seems that Ling Xiao said “the Ministry of Education old fogey ” is Ma Gongzuo.

“Minister Ma, why are you looking for me today?” Shen Qian couldn’t hold back and asked.

“Naturally, it’s mainly about the college entrance examination.”

Ma Gongzuo pointed to Shen Qian said with a smile, “You kid, you created me in the actual test. It’s a big problem!”

Shen Qian couldn’t understand for a while, “Why is this?”

“Because you have done something that no one has done before.” Ma Gongzuo He put his hands behind his back and sighed, “In the past 191 years, only you have achieved full marks in both the physical fitness test and the will test.”

“According to the rules left by King Gangneung, if someone takes the first two exams If a full score is obtained, the final exam question must be in the form of ‘Heavenly Ascension Ladder’.”

“In desperation, I had to postpone the practical exam for a day because I have no similar experience in the past. , the logistics department and the inspection department of the Ministry of Education have been tormented by you enough, and even complained about me, the minister.”

Seeing Ma Gongzuo shaking his head, Shen Qian could only scratch his head in a simple and honest manner. sorry smile.

He really didn’t expect that the change in the actual combat of the college entrance examination was caused by himself.

At the same time, Shen Qian also solved a doubt in his heart.

It turns out that the two monsters who scored 299 points in the past were deducted from the first two subjects.

But on second thought, Shen Qian was horrified again.

In that case, both of them got full marks in the actual combat exam?

“Minister Ma, is this last mirror a unique hidden level of ‘Heavenly Ascension Ladder’, or has someone taken the test before?”

“Not to mention physical fitness, it has always been fixed. , and the will test and the actual combat test, the changes are actually only the first 99 points, the hidden questions with full marks are also fixed, because this is the final assessment left by the King of Jiangling.”

Ma Gongzuo is patient. The answer to Shen Qian’s question.

So Shen Qian couldn’t help but sigh.

That said, those two perverts really beat themselves, and I’m curious how they did it.

But then, Shen Qian turned his attention to his eyes again.

β€œSo, my practical exam is really a perfect score?” Shen Qian asked.

“If you even broke the ‘dress mirror’, it would be a perfect score. If you didn’t break the mirror, it would be 99 points.” Ma Gongzuo smiled nodded.

Shen Qian sighed in relief for a long time, and the belated joy filled Shen Qian’s chest at this time.

He did it, really did it!

Three subjects are full, 300%.

The unprecedented martial arts college entrance examination grand slam!

Ma Gongzuo waited for a few minutes until Shen Qian calmed down before he spoke with a smile.

“Congratulations, Shen Qian, you are really amazing. I never thought that the rules left by King Jiangling would really be broken. This also made me completely understand the original intention of King Jiangling to set up obstacles. .”

Shen Qian heard that Ma Gongzuo seemed to The words mean more than they say, so she waited quietly.

Ma Gongzuo walked to the edge of the platform and stared at the Star River in the distance.

“Ling Xiao may have already told you some things. For example, the main purpose of the college entrance examination system is to select talents, and for you who have not really seen the cruelty in the world, it is not suitable for you to fight for victory. .”

“Speaking from a certain perspective, that’s right.”

“When I was still working in the inspection division, I knew why there was no national champion in martial arts. Later, I once thought so.”

“But later on, I stepped into a higher position and looked at affairs from a different angle, and I also realized that the king of Jiangling did not want to block the road. .”

“It’s just…it’s too difficult to become the champion of the martial arts.”

“One of the two people who scored 299 points in history is also the highest in history. Young prince, he was only thirty years old when he was Feng Bo, and now he is only one step away from becoming the youngest Martial King, the person with the highest innate talent that an old man has ever seen in his life…”

β€œ Of course, before you appeared.”

“Even he was one step behind, I thought there would never be another.”

“You broke the wall today, old man In my heart, I am really amazed, and the old man is also looking forward to it, that one day you will break more records.”

Standing behind Ma Gongzuo, Shen Qian bowed slightly, expressing his gratitude to the elder…

This is also learned from Shi Dingyan’s book on the Revered Master.

“However, student Shen Qian, this hat of the national champion in martial arts, this unprecedented laurel, are you really ready to wear it?”

Suddenly, Ma Gongzuo’s voice changed and he asked slowly.

Shen Qian raised his eyebrows, and his heart was agitated, but then he realized that Ma Gongzuo would not want to target him for no reason, so he calmed down again.

“Minister Ma please teach me.”

“King Gangneung set up the final three-level examination, not only for the purpose of correcting the college entrance examination, but conversely, it is also to make the national champion When it appears, it can be undisputed!”

Shen Qian nods slightly, which he also thought of just now.

“However, the more this is the case, the more you will become a benchmark. When the college entrance examination is over and you climb to the top of the mountain, there will naturally be countless mountain climbers who will turn around and come towards you.”

“Are you… ready to deal with the countless challengers?”

Shen Qian startled, then frowned. This was something he never thought about, but it was very likely to happen. situation.

Martial Artist, few can easily convince others.

Although he has climbed all the way to the top, he has not fought against 520,000 people. There must be geniuses such as Wang Shuo.

If a martial arts champion can bluff them, then they will not reach the heights they are today.

Even if it’s not for winning, but simply wanting to learn from each other, Shen Qian can guarantee that he won’t be able to resist.

“There is another reason.”

Ma Gongzuo considered his words and continued, “Since Spiritual Qi’s recovery from Human Race, thanks to the efforts of countless ancestors Martial Artists , all the way to this day, I have finally regained a firm foothold in this chaotic world. At least it seems that it is still peaceful.”

“But, Shen Qian, you should also know that external threats have never Less than… At least we still have a long way to go before we regain our dominance before the cataclysm.”

Shen Qian nod, and said that what he knew, like monster beast, never really has calmed down.

For example, his former hometown, the land city that was swallowed by the mysterious snake…

β€œtrees seem beautiful in a forest, but are easily toppled by the wind, not just outside , there are always some hidden dangers inside… People have good and evil, loyal and wicked, this is something that cannot be avoided in any era. “

“It’s okay for you to stay honest inside Human Race, but you always go out, wind and rain are a must, but if the rainstorm comes too early and too violently, then it’s not Good thing. “

“You mean I might be targeted by an outside threat?” “Shen Qian asked.

“It’s not possible, it’s inevitable.” Ma Gongzuo said solemnly, “On this point, I have experienced too many painful lessons in Human Race. You have to understand that before the race survives, there is no right or wrong. My Human Race powerhouse massacre… The monster beast lair is just as numerous. “

Shen Qian was silent for a while.

Ma Gongzuo was also silent for a while before sighing softly, “It is the old man’s responsibility to explain the pros and cons to Shen Qian. , but how you choose is still your right. “

“My advice to you is… take it easy, no one can take away the honor that belongs to you, but maybe now is not the best time to announce it, the title of provincial champion is already dazzling enough . “

“Perhaps wait until the fall, when Shen Qian gets some protection for herself, the time will come.” “

“Autumn? “

Shen Qian looked up, “What’s in the autumn?” “

“There will be another bigger tournament, which will sweep through all your peers, and there will be more and more evildoers emerging… It’s an incomparably vast stage.” “

Ma Gongzuo said meaningfully.

“If Shen Qian agrees with my suggestion, the award that belongs to the national champion of martial arts will be given to you as usual, and I will also give it to others as appropriate. Compensation, or Shen Qian can refuse, think about it carefully, and don’t rush to answer me. “

Ma Gongzuo calmed down after speaking, leaving Shen Qian time to thi

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