I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 124


Chapter 124 This script is wrong

There are many choices in life.

Shen Qian felt a kind of heart palpitations inexplicably, and there was a faint voice telling him that this would be an extremely important choice.

Become an unprecedented national champion in martial arts, become the most dazzling star, rays of light ten thousand zhang, or temporarily dormant, walking in brocade clothes at night, making a fortune in silence.

If you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight.

It is possible to climb high and look far, but once you fall, you will be shattered, signed to eternal damnation.

Praise and slander are always equal.

Shen Qian looked at the splendid Star River and gradually lost his mind.

Looking back at his past life, before the emergence of the system, Shen Qian was cautious and tried to seize every possible opportunity to seek a bargaining chip, but was always beaten back to the dust of reality.

He was never special, just an insignificant ordinary teenager who was struggling.

Everything he has experienced is doomed to his stable character.

The experience of the past four months has been like a dream, Shen Qian watched himself become stronger step by step, and his mentality also changed little by little.

Respect the past.

So, what about later?

Which way should I go?

Both were silent.

The top of the starry sky seems to have lost the concept of time, and no one knows how long it has passed.

“Minister Ma.” Shen Qian suddenly said, “In history, there were two people who scored 299 points in the test, but you only mentioned one, what about the other one?”


“…Dead.” Ma Gongzuo replied softly, “And he is just one of the countless peerless geniuses who have fallen for hundreds of years.”

“Died from monster beast? “Shen Qian asked.

Ma Gongzuo was silent.

“It always feels like you are hiding something…” Shen Qian muttered.

“You will know when you go to university.” Ma Gongzuo said with a smile.

“That’s what the Third Senior Brother said when I got my first martial arts order.”

Shen Qian sighed, “So, this world is far more dangerous than we thought. , maybe… it’s far wider than we imagined.”

He turned around and looked back, the 20th layer stairs stretched upwards in the mist, no longer able to see the starting point, Shen Qian smiled suddenly.

“What did you think of?” Ma Gongzuo asked with a smile.

“I thought of a letter.”

Shen Qian’s expression returned to calm.

“So, do you have the answer?” Seeing that Shen Qian didn’t say much, Ma Gongzuo didn’t ask what the letter was, he just asked with a smile.

β€œYes.” Shen Qian nodded.


Outside the provincial gymnasium, candidates who have finished the exams walked out of the exam room one after another.

They gathered around, discussing this unprecedented martial arts practical exam.

Some people are excited, some think it’s incredible, some people are annoyed by their performance, or lament that their luck is too bad, and all they encounter are powerhouses.

But in general, for these average candidates, try your best.

The admission of Wu Ke University is mainly based on physical fitness. Will and actual combat are the fields of competition for those geniuses, but they are not what they need to pay too much attention to those who leave the field early.

It was more satisfying to participate in such a big scene.

At this moment, there was a sudden noise at the exit of the examination room.

Many people turned their heads and looked at it in confusion.

“Isn’t that girl Cao Wen?”

“Which Cao Wen?”

Some people didn’t respond for a while.

“One of the two perverts in Mingcheng, this year’s provincial champion!”

“Hi, Cao Qian’s younger sister?”

” How did she come out so soon?”

The crowd became agitated.

The last practical exam, the duration of the exam is obviously directly linked to strength.

The stronger the player, the more games they can play.

At this time, most of the people who gathered in the square were only in the middle and low level, except for a few unlucky ones.

That’s why they were shocked.

Cao Wen… It shouldn’t be!

The other party was a top genius who had received an invitation from Qianxing Club in advance. Even if they lacked vision, Qianxing Club wouldn’t be wrong, right?

Cao Wen felt the pointing fingers all around. She pursed her lips and walked to a prominent place in the square without saying a word, then stood still, staring at the entrance of the examination room, as if waiting. what.

As time went by, candidates continued to walk out of the provincial gymnasium.

These people also saw Cao Wen, and they were also discuss spiritedly after being surprised and inexplicable.

A few people who didn’t like the fun left, but more people who wanted to know what Cao Wen was waiting for stayed.

“Counting the time, Cao Wen came out earlier than us. It’s incredible!”

In the corner of the square, Ouyang Fei, who had just arrived here, asked around. , turned back and said to Gu Zifang and the others.

The rest of Jing City are also on their way.

No matter what the result is, since the martial arts college entrance examination has ended, it is natural for the geniuses in Jing City to gather together as a release after the exam.

In fact, most of the candidates think this way, the liberal arts and martial arts are over, and before the results come out, it is a good time to indulge.

Although, the youngsters overwhelming majority excitedly imagined, and in the end, they all turned into mediocre VR hall nights…

And the provincial gymnasium is located in the middle, so many candidates are on each other. Agreed to gather here.

“It’s not surprising. All the candidates in the country are among them. If you are unlucky, you will encounter Peak monsters in succession, and it is normal for them to come out earlier.”

Chen Peng said with a smile, “Don’t worry about Zifang, this Cao Wen is probably just as unlucky as you, anyway, the points that should be given to you will definitely be given to you.”

Gu Zifang looked the head a little depressed. , “I’m not too entangled, I’m just a little discouraged.”

“What’s wrong?” Ouyang Fei startled.

“Although I knew that I was incomparable with extremely talented Wang Shuo, I always thought that the gap was not too big. Until today, I met Yue Dakan from Taiwan.”

Gu Zifang said with a bitter smile, “I couldn’t even hold on to ten moves, and the gap was so big that it was hopeless. Now that I think about it, when I discussed with Wang Shuo before, he probably wasn’t serious…”

“Sorry, my second uncle told me a long time ago that genius and genius are different, why would there be the word enchanting?”

Ouyang Fei patted her shoulders comforted, “Seeing the difference is Good thing, at least there is a goal of catching up, right?”

Infected by Ouyang Fei’s emotions, Gu Zifang felt better, and she suddenly asked: “You said that Shen Qian was discussing with us that day, would it be possible? It’s just a joke, he didn’t use all his strength at all?”

“This…” Ouyang Fei startled, then shook his head and said, “No way, you should also feel that he still tried his best. Yes.”

Gu Zifang thought about it too, sighed and stopped talking about this topic, she looked around and said strangely said, “speaking of which why Shen Qian hasn’t come out yet?”

At this time, everyone else in Jing City had already arrived, and more and more people came out of the gym, but Shen Qian’s silhouette was not seen for a long time.

“Maybe he performed exceptionally well, maybe he was lucky enough to get behind?” Ouyang Fei shrugged speculated.

“I really hope that Shen Qian can get a good grade in the field of actual combat, at least to restore some reputation, right?” Chen Peng said with a sigh.

Although people in Jing City were uncomfortable because of Shen Qian’s failure to perform in the physical fitness test and will test in succession, it was also out of a mentality of defending Jing City’s honor and indifference to Shen Qian. Qian himself doesn’t have much opinion.

After passing that anger, Chen Peng and the others actually figured out that some things shouldn’t be too harsh on Shen Qian.

And those posts on Jing City’s local forum, the scolding is getting worse and worse. Anyone who reads it will find it hard to keep calm. Shen Qian, who has been under tremendous pressure, has lost his will. Exams are also normal.

At this moment, there was another commotion outside the crowd.

Everyone in Jing City also turned their heads subconsciously, and saw a girl with bright eyes and white teeth walked over quickly with a cold face. The place caused chaos, and many people glared at her.

But just glaring.

The reason why everyone dared to speak out is that this girl is Li Jiaqi.

Xianwu Aristocratic Family, Xicheng number one genius!

“Hey, she and I are from the same test center, didn’t expect her to come out so soon.” A boy from Jing City said in surprise, “It’s just that what she does here is also with her. Are your companions meeting up?”

“It doesn’t look like that.” Ouyang Fei wondered, “This woman seems to be easy to get along with, but she is actually a proud group. This kind of angry look is really rare.”

Li Jiaqi looked around, it seemed that only Cao Wen’s place was relatively empty, so she walked to Cao Wen’s side, just like Cao Wen, clasped her arms and stared at the exit of the provincial gymnasium without saying a word .

Cao Wen frowned and turned her head, “What are you doing here?”

“You care about me?” Li Jiaqi sneered when she opened her mouth.

Did this wicked girl take gunpowder?

Although Cao Wen didn’t like it, she didn’t care about these things at this time, and she didn’t bother to care about the other party.

Li Jiaqi and Cao Wen stand side by side, and they both seem to be with the others, which amazes many people.

“Why do I have a strange feeling… these two women, something is wrong.” Ouyang Fei touched the chin and said.

“Nonsense, even a fool can see it!” Gu Zifang rolled the eyes.

“Hey, look, Geng Qianqiu came out, so he was also in the examination room of the provincial gymnasium?” Chen Peng pointed at the exit of the examination room with sharp eyes.

Geng Qianqiu wears a strong blue outfit, with an extraordinary bearing and the halo of a princely Disciple, which is very eye-catching even in the noisy crowd.

“If Geng Qianqiu comes out, it means that this practical exam should be over soon, right?” Chen Peng said.

“en. ”

This point has been recognized by everyone.

In the years of Jing City’s decline, Tongcheng is full of geniuses and has a tendency to catch up with Ming City. Walking around outside, many people have seen each other’s tyranny.

Among the top candidates in the first province in the southwest, Geng Qianqiu is the most promising one.

Therefore, everyone subconsciously believed that Geng Qianqiu must belong to the last group in the ladder battle.

Geng Qianqiu was surrounded by some candidates from the city, but he also noticed Cao Wen and Li Jiaqi who were very eye-catching.

After he started, he walked over and said with a smile in surprise: “How did you two get together?”

What made Geng Qianqiu embarrassed was that both Cao Wen and Li Jiaqi were ignore him.

“pu!” Seeing that Geng Qianqiu was deflated, a boy in the Jing City crowd couldn’t hold back and laughed out loud.

The two sides were not far away, so Geng Qianqiu heard it naturally, he squinted and turned around, his eyes locked on the boy.

“I’ll listen to you laugh again?”

The boy didn’t dare to say anything.

Geng Qianqiu was sneered, but he didn’t want to give up, and strode over.

Ouyang Fei could only stand up, blocking Geng Qianqiu’s way, frowned: “It’s not a major event, forget it?”

“Forget it?” Geng Qianqiu lightly said with a smile, “Tell me this… do you deserve it?”

Ouyang Fei complexion changed, said solemnly, “If you really want to find something, I will accompany you to the end.”

“To accompany me to the end?” Geng Qianqiu laughed, “What gave you the illusion that you had the strength to accompany me to the end?”

Seeing that the situation was wrong, Gu Zifang and the others both leaned over.

“Why, you want to play more people and bully less people?” Geng Qianqiu tsk tsk said, “It seems to be a little bit… Hey, what about the light of your Jing City, how can you be a coward?”

Geng Qianqiu swept around without seeing Shen Qian, and couldn’t help but smile.

“Shen Qian… It seems that he hasn’t come out yet.”

It was another candidate from Tongcheng who said something to Geng Qianqiu.

“I didn’t come out? How is this possible!”

Geng Qianqiu was startled at first, but after seeing the boy nodded, he thought about it, as if he had understood something, and immediately disdain Said with a smile.

“It’s a bit scheming. I think he deliberately dawdled in it for a while after the exam, so as to create a strong illusion for everyone… He really is a person who seeks fame and fame, and he is experienced!”

Some of the candidates in Tongcheng were laughing when they heard this.

“putting it that way, Brother Geng, you didn’t meet him in the ladder battle?” someone asked.

“I didn’t encounter it in the first few floors, and it’s even more impossible in the back.” Geng Qianqiu said casually with a smile, “But there are too many people who have been blown up by my one move, and they may have encountered them, just It’s over too soon to see clearly?”

“Hahaha…” A group of people in Tongcheng laughed.

Ouyang Fei and the others had a gloomy look on their faces. Naturally, they couldn’t bear the other person insulting Shen Qian so much. They were about to have a seizure, but didn’t expect the other two voices to be faster than them.

“mentally retarded!”

“What kind of thing are you, you dare to say one trick to blow Shen Qian?”

Everyone was stunned.

Because the people who reprimanded turned out to be Cao Wen and Li Jiaqi!

The former voice is Cao Wen, the latter is Li Jiaqi.

Ouyang Fei and the others blinked, looked at each other in blank dismay, not understanding what kind of divine unfolding this was, when did Cao Wen and Li Jiaqi have such a good relationship with Shen Qian ?

As for Geng Qianqiu, who was scolded, he was a little embarrassed.

He couldn’t react for a while.

Cao Wen and Li Jiaqi also looked at each other in surprise.

Cao Wen just can’t stand Geng Qianqiu’s words. Shen Qian is a passerby who was beaten up by your one move, so what am I?

As for Li Jiaqi, who spoke in a cold voice, she seemed to have thought of something. After looking thoughtful, Cao Wen’s eyes became a little closer involuntarily.

Geng Qianqiu came back to his senses. Although he didn’t know why the two women stood up for Shen Qian, the insult in those words made him unbearable.

“Why, do you want to find something unpleasant for me?” Geng Qianqiu said with a sneer, “I said that Shen Qian is a clown who makes a name for himself, is there something wrong?”

” Oh, then I want to see how you are not just in name only, but also in reality!”

Cao Wen’s heart just had an uncontrollable anger rising, and before she had time to show it, The sneering Li Jiaqi has disappeared in place.

The vigorous Li Jiaqi actually shot Geng Qianqiu directly!

This scene stunned everyone, and after subconsciously retreating, they couldn’t help but watch the excitement in their hearts.

The actual combat between top geniuses is not common.

Geng Qianqiu didn’t know what was going on in Li Jiaqi’s madness. They were still sitting together talking and laughing before tomorrow, but he was naturally not afraid. Coldly snorted, he was also full of energy and greeted him.

“This imposing manner…is not right.”

Ouyang Fei’s expression changed slightly.

Not only Ouyang Fei, but some relatively strong people noticed it.

“Geng Qianqiu sees that Qi Ji is about the second rank of Martial Artist in the middle, but Li Jiaqi…at least the fourth rank up!”

In other words, one is the middle Martial Artist Artist Early-Stage, one is the middle Martial Artist.

This is not a little bit gap!

Li Jiaqi is so much stronger than Geng Qianqiu?

Anyone who saw something wrong was startled.

And Geng Qianqiu’s face was also difficult to look at the moment they fought.


In just over ten moves, Geng Qianqiu was slapped by Li Jiaqi and fell into the crowd, causing countless exclamations.

Everyone didn’t expect Geng Qianqiu to lose so fast, and they couldn’t help but look towards Li Jiaqi in shock.

“It turns out that Li Jiaqi is the one who hides the deepest…”

“really strong!”

Geng Qianqiu got up in embarrassment, his face always His playful smile had long since been disappeared, and it was replaced by a cyan color. He couldn’t accept that he was so easily defeated by a girl in front of everyone’s eyes.

all around Those astonished gazes pierced his face like needles, making him angry and mad.

“Since I’m also the clown in your eyes, then I’ll ask you a thing or two!”

However, this is not the end. Under the surprised eyes of everyone, Cao Wenqing shouted, He also shot at Geng Qianqiu who just stood up!

“Hey, Martial Artist is in the third paragraph!”

Although Cao Wen is not as good as Li Jiaqi, realm is actually stronger than Geng Qianqiu.

So under the strange eyes of everyone, Geng Qianqiu was kicked away again…

“Okay, very good!”

Turn over and stand up Geng Qianqiu was very angry, and was about to find Cao Wen desperately, when an indifferent voice came from the air, “You move again, I will abolish your hand today.”

Geng Qianqiu lifts the Come head over, on a flagpole, stands a stern-faced young man, staring at Geng Qianqiu indifferently,

“Cao Qian!”

Geng Qianqiu’s eyes shrank, After regaining his composure a little, a look of dreading appeared on his face.

Among his previous imaginary enemies, the only one he couldn’t see through was Cao Qian.

And Cao Wen is so strong, Cao Qian’s strength can be imagined.

Cao Qian is here too!

The onlookers were a little excited. At the entrance of the provincial gymnasium, most of the extremely talented people from the southwestern province gathered.

Everything that just happened is so bizarre that no one can tell why.

“Brother.” Cao Wen was a little surprised when Cao Qian arrived, “Why are you here, didn’t you say you’ll see me directly at home?”

“I’m not listening to others. I said you’ve been standing here for a long time, so come and have a look.”

Cao Qian, who knew the proud personality of his younger sister, touched her head and sighed, “Let me guess, it’s still the same if you lose. I’m not convinced, I want to find that person to fight again, right?”

“Brother, why are you…”

“I can still guess that that person is Shen Qian, right? Do you?” Cao Qian smiled faintly, then shook his head, “Don’t wait, it’s pointless.”

“Brother, have you seen Shen Qian in the ladder battle?” Cao Wen also thought of something after she started. , could not help the eyes shined, “You mean, you have already avenged me?”

“It was a fight with him, but…” He admitted that he would feel a little uncomfortable, but Cao Qian didn’t bother to cover it up. After being silent for a while, Cao Qian shook his head.

β€œI am the loser.”

(end of this chapter)

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