I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 125


Chapter 125 Hall of Hundred Kings

“The one who loses is me.”

Cao Qian’s voice neither too big nor too small , but enough for those nearby to hear.

Deathly silence.

Because the people in the outer circle couldn’t hear clearly, they anxiously went inside to ask what Cao Qian said.

Cao Wen’s mouth opened wide. After a moment of stunned silence, he lost his voice: “Brother… You said you lost to Shen Qian? How is this possible!”

Cao was shocked. Wen’s voice was uncontrollable. This time, most people heard it, and even the people in the inner circle were confirmed. It turned out that he had heard it right just now.

“Cao Qian lost to Shen Qian, so what?”

Another candidate from Hongcheng didn’t respond and asked the person next to him.

“Brother, you can’t think logically!”

A candidate from Mingcheng next to him analyzed, “Look, Geng Qianqiu is the strongest in the previous rumors. Isn’t that right?”

The man was stunned.

“As a result, now Geng Qianqiu can’t beat Li Jiaqi, nor can he beat Cao Wen. Then, judging from the reactions of Cao Wen and Li Jiaqi, Cao Qian is better than them, but Cao Qian actually said that he I lost to Shen Qian…”

“So it turns out that Shen Qian from Jing City is the strongest?”

The man reacted for a while and finally understood, Said in shock.

When he saw that the other “Old Knowing Brothers” looked at him with disgust, he could only bow his head in shame, ashamed because he didn’t fit in with the group.

“Even you lost?”

Li Jiaqi, who raised her eyebrows, did not bother with the issue of authenticity, because Cao Qian impossible made this kind of joke in public, just surprised asked.

“It seems that you have met him too. No wonder you are here too.” Cao Qian laughed.

“Well, he’s… very outrageous. If some questions are not clear, I won’t be able to sleep well.” Li Jiaqi admitted his defeat generously.

Cao Wen just thought it was incredible, “But when he played against me, he was only a little bit stronger than me, if it wasn’t for him having a temporary breakthrough…”

Li Jiaqi Hearing a move in his heart, he couldn’t help but interrupt, “speaking of which the process of my fight against him was not right. He was obviously at a disadvantage, but suddenly he became stronger.”

If only Cao Wen said so. , Cao Qian still won’t care, but when Li Jiaqi said the same, Cao Qian couldn’t help but start.

“If that’s the case, then there are only two possibilities.” After a little thought, Cao Qian said indifferently.

“Which two?”

“The first is that he was not that strong at first, but he continued to improve in a very short period of time, getting stronger and stronger. Xiaowen was equal until she defeated me.”

“This is impossible!” Both Cao Wen and Li Jiaqi shook their heads, unwilling to accept this fact.

This is too appalling.

“Then it’s second. He hid his strength and deliberately played tricks on you.” Cao Qian said firmly, obviously this is what he really wanted to say.

Cao Qian took a deep look at the provincial gymnasium behind him, and left first with an angry and frustrated Cao Wen.

Now is not the time to compete with Shen Qian.

But Cao Qian found that a long-lost anticipation had arisen in his heart.

Because, he saw another piece of “Heaven”.

Li Jiaqi, who was still obsessed in her heart, didn’t leave, but her expression was a little dazed.

Although Cao Qian said first may be a joke, Li Jiaqi couldn’t help but recall the ancient martial arts skills Shen Qian displayed.

She is sure that, except for Li Family, there is no other place with “hit landslide” inheritance.

What if… just if, he really learned it in the process of fighting?

And she clearly remembered that Shen Qian at first didn’t even know what the martial skill was, and even asked her.

If it’s just to tease her, then… this person is too hateful!

Another person was stunned.

Geng Qianqiu’s brain is buzzing, Cao Qian is not Shen Qian’s opponent?

And he finally knew the reason why Cao Wen and Li Jiaqi were angry with him.

Geng Qianqiu just felt absurd.

In just ten minutes, he became the bottom one, and the strongest person was actually Shen Qian, who should be the weakest.

The disgraced Geng Qianqiu left without saying a word, and some careful people noticed that his clenched knuckles lost their blood because of too much force.

Ouyang Fei and the others, who noticed that Geng Qianqiu was passing by, finally figured out what happened and looked at each other, but they were speechless for a long time.

“Is Shen Qian so strong in actual combat? If so, he must have kept his hand that day…”

Gu Zifang murmured.

Chen Peng and the others smiled wryly.

“No wonder he stayed inside for so long and hasn’t come out yet.”

Ouyang Fei was the quickest to relax, said with a smile: “I’m just curious about where he has come. What level of stairs?”

“It’s a pity.” Gu Zifang also laughed at first, and then couldn’t help but say, “If he didn’t make mistakes in the first two subjects, maybe… Maybe this time we Jing City really hopes to win a champion!”

Everyone was silent for a while.

Ouyang Fei opened his mouth, but didn’t say anything.

He just suddenly remembered that Shen Qian had never admitted that he failed the exam, what if… what if what he said was real?

But he couldn’t explain if that was the case, How could the well-informed Qianxing Society not send an invitation to Shen Qian.

This is also the point where netizens attack Shen Qian the most on the Jing City forum.

“There is one subject that has overwhelmed others, at least it has saved some face.” Chen Peng said laughter.

The test center of the Provincial Gymnasium has not moved since Geng Qianqiu came out, but there are still many people who have not left, and glance over there from time to time.

If what Cao Qian said is true, then obviously…Shen Qian will be the last person to walk out of that door in this examination room.

Time flies by.

In the blink of an eye, another half an hour later, just when many people could not help but want to leave, or wondered if Cao Qian was joking, a young man finally walked out of the door. .

“Shen Qian!”

“It’s really him, I saw him once in the Nine Heavens Pavilion that day…”

“I didn’t expect him to be so strong in actual combat, it’s a pity I heard that I didn’t pass the first two subjects.”

The discussion sounded, and Shen Qian felt a little surprised by the surprised pointing fingers on the faces of the people around her. What happened?

Before he could react, a fragrant wind blew his face, and there was already a girl with long hair and a shawl with bright facial features, staring at him with gnashing teeth and complicated eyes.

“Shen Qian, you are finally willing to come out!”

“…Why are you here?”

Shen Qian looked at Li Jiaqi who suddenly appeared a little Embarrassing, didn’t expect the opponent to fight online but chose to “run now” directly.

However, Shen Qian probably knew what the other party was doing. After all, the system prostituted the family’s unspread secret for free. It was cool at the time, but now he has to face the consequences.

Ouyang Fei and the others saw that the atmosphere was not right, so they stopped silently and looked like they were watching the excitement.

Shen Qian, who also expected a few people to save the scene, had nodded pain. This wave was considered an immoral system, and he really couldn’t think of a good explanation for a while.

I am afraid that the other party will definitely not believe it if I say that I understand it on the spot. No, it should be said that no one will believe it.

Too counter-intuitive.

Just as Shen Qian was thinking about her words, Li Jiaqi, who had watched Shen Qian for a while, suddenly opened the mouth and said: “Give me your hand!”

“Ah ?” Shen Qian was taken aback.

“Why are you a big man wiggling!”

Li Jiaqi muttered, and reached out and grabbed Shen Qian’s wrist, then touched it with her bracelet Shen Qian’s bracelet.

Waiting for Li Jiaqi to let go, Shen Qian looked down and saw that the two had become communication friends.

What is this operation?

Shen Qian is confused.

“The occasion is wrong today, I’ll find you another day to settle the bill!” Li Jiaqi snorted lightly, glared at Shen Qian again, and then kicked her long legs and turned away.

Shen Qian, who was so easily let go, was stunned, and could only sigh with emotion, women are indeed strange.

“Shen Qian, we’ve all heard about it.”

Ouyang Fei and the others gathered around at this time, all looking very happy for Shen Qian.

Waiting for Gu Zifang to tell what happened just now, Shen Qian realized that such a dramatic scene had happened outside while he and Ma Gongzuo were bragging.

“Has Cao Qian gone?” Shen Qian glanced around and couldn’t find Cao Qian’s shadow, so he asked.

“Well, let’s go with Cao Wen.” Ouyang Fei nodded, and said with a smile, “I came here just now to find you for an extremely talented match. It’s all proud and arrogant…”

Shen Qian laughed and didn’t speak, Cao Qian did not admit defeat.

It’s just the battlefield that the two agreed to, but it’s not here.

Remembering some of the information that Ma Gongzuo vaguely revealed just now, Shen Qian also developed some curiosity about that grand event.

When autumn comes on September 8th, I will kill a hundred flowers after the flowers bloom!

Judging from Cao Qian’s few words, he attached great importance to that event.

“Which floor have you reached?” Ouyang Fei asked curiously.

“Probably it’s almost over.”

The secret of a perfect score in the college entrance examination is the gag rule left by King Jiangling, and it is inconvenient to talk about the meeting with Ma Gongzuo, Shen said. Qian could only say vaguely.

“Amazing!” Ouyang Fei and the others did not ask for details, but were amazed.

“Okay, the college entrance examination is over, is it interesting to talk about this here?” Gu Zifang waved his hand boldly, “Let’s go, dry wine, you won’t go home if you don’t get drunk today!”

“Zifang is right, there are still a few days before the results, we should relax.”

Ouyang Fei said with a smile, “You don’t know yet, City Lord Chai has already helped We have reserved a private room in the Nine Heavens Pavilion in advance, we can eat and sing K one-stop, and all the expenses tonight will be paid by the City Lord’s Mansion.”

Shen Qian was a little surprised hearing this, but it was normal after thinking about it. , this is probably the “privilege” of genius.

No matter what the final result is, at least Chai Haotian has not lost the bearing that the city owner should have.

“Then let’s go.”

Shen Qian, who shook his head and smiled, greeted, and he didn’t like being watched as monkeys.

Just as everyone was about to leave, there was a commotion outside, and everyone didn’t want to pay attention, but Shen Qian suddenly stopped.

β€œWhy do I seem to hear someone calling my name?” Shen Qian frowned.

Other people startled and listened attentively. It was indeed someone calling Shen Qian’s name.

At this time, the crowd separated. A middle-aged man in a suit and carrying a briefcase, under the guidance of others, quickly locked his eyes on Shen Qian and the others, and walked straight over.

“Excuse me, who is Shen Qian?” the middle-aged man asked with a smile.

“I am.” Shen Qian came out and asked in confusion, “Hello, may I ask you who is?”

“Shen Qian, hello!”

The middle-aged man smiled and shook hands with Shen Qian, then took out a business card and handed it to Shen Qian, introduced himself: “My name is Sun Ping, I am currently working in Huaxia Qianxing Club, and I am in the administrative affairs management department. Employees of subordinates.”

A member of Qianxing Club?

Gu Zifang and the others looked at each other in surprise, and then suddenly smiled again.

It seems that because of Shen Qian’s amazing performance in actual combat, the belated invitation from Qianxing Club finally arrived.

“Hello.” Shen Qian guessed something, but still asked: “What are you looking for me for?”

“I’m here today as a messenger to send to Shen Qian sent an invitation letter.” After Sun Ping finished speaking, he took out a beautifully packaged letter from his briefcase and handed it to Shen Qian.

The letter has the unique logo of Qianxing Club, a star shaped like a diamond that is shimmering with light.

Sure enough.

Although it is strange that it is not a spiritual pigeon, Shen Qian does not object to joining the Qianxing Club, and the purpose of “resource exchange” is quite useful to him.

“Thank you, do I need to go through any formalities to join the club?” Shen Qian took the letter and asked casually.

Sun Ping was stunned for a moment, then said with a smile: “Shen Qian misunderstood, this is not an invitation letter to join the club.”

“What?” Shen Qian raised her head in surprise, Gu Zifang and the others also looked in amazement.

“It’s my fault that I didn’t make it clear just now.” Sun Ping kept smiling, “This invitation letter is mainly to invite Shen Qian to the Qianxing Club branch in Mingcheng recently to participate in our assessment.”

“Assessment?” Shen Qian narrowed his eyes, and the smile on his face gradually faded.

“What’s the assessment?” Gu Zifang heard something wrong, and her face turned cold, “You mean, if Shen Qian wants to join Qianxing Club, she still needs to pass your assessment?”

“Dear Qianxing member Ms. Gu, I am honored to answer your questions.”

Facing Gu Zifang, Sun Ping’s smile instantly became more sincere, and he bent down slightly and began to explain.

“Because Shen Qian’s grades in the first two subjects…may not be very outstanding, we had no plan to invite him to join the club for the time being. Today’s invitation is considering that Shen Qian is very likely to be in actual combat. He got a high score in the exam, so it’s a special opportunity for him.”

“Shit chance, since you know that he is very strong in actual combat, you can’t directly invite him to join the club?” Gu Zifang said angrily.

Ouyang Fei and the others didn’t look very good-looking, listening to the vague discussions all around, who would miss such an opportunity?

“Sorry, this is the rule of Qianxing Club.” Sun Ping kept his attitude low, but his tone was calm.

Shen Qian smiled.

If everyone needs to be assessed, that’s fine, but if only he needs it, even if it’s not deliberately targeted, it’s also an insult to him.

“Take this invitation, please.” Shen Qian coldly threw the invitation back.

“Are you sure you want to reject this opportunity?”

Sun Ping raised his head in amazement, and seemed to remind him kindly, “What does Qianxing Society mean? Clearly, I know that Shen Qian may feel a little unfair, but in fact it is just an established process.”

“Believe me, when you join Qianxing Club, Shen Qian will definitely feel that these are all worthwhile. “…”

“And if you give up this opportunity because of a whim, it will be your biggest loss!”

“No, you are wrong.” Shen Qian said with a smile, “This is not my loss, but Qianxing Club’s.”

Sun Ping laughed, there was a faint trace of contempt in his eyes, just as he was about to say something else, there was a sudden explosion of thunder in the air.

Everyone who was gathered at the entrance of the provincial gymnasium to watch the excitement raised their heads in amazement.

Why the thunder again?


This time is different from the last illusion, it is really thunder.

And the thunder came so suddenly and without warning.

After the thunder, just a few seconds later, in the sky, dark clouds gathered, lightning and thunder, slowly forming a vortex with a length of 100 meters, in which something was about to break free.

Everyone looked at the natural phenomenon in the sky in shock, and they didn’t know how such a scene could occur in Mingcheng, which has a weather adjustment system, and it seemed that there was no interference from the guarding powerhouse.

Under the dull gazes of countless people, a colorful Divine Dragon suddenly emerged from the vortex.

It is a kilometer long, with golden light in its mouth, bright lights and vibrant colors all over its body, and after circling in the air for a while, it suddenly moved towards the provincial gymnasium and dived down.

The horrified exclamation sounded, Shen Qian was about to retreat with the others, and a loud voice resounded like a heavenly constitution.

“Hundred Kings Palace, please Shen Qian join the club!”

(end of this chapter)

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