I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 128


Chapter 128 Bounty Mission No. 97

Regarding the shape of the throne, Shen Qian No concept.

After thinking about it for a while, Shen Qian made a few changes according to the prototype of the throne of the big boss in a game in memory, and quickly pinched it.

“How is it?” Looking at the formed throne, Shen Qian asked Wanning with a smile.

“Very good, with connotation.” Wanning praised.

Although I don’t know if the other party is telling the truth, Shen Qian is quite satisfied.

At first glance, it is a throne with deep blue as the base and inlaid with flowing water-like silver lines. There are countless irregular protrusions on the edge. All kinds of weapons are piled up, and those protrusions are the edges and corners of the weapons, and they are like the ravings of the losers being suppressed.

The throne took shape, Shen Qian turned around and sat down directly.

The cold touch disappeared in a flash, and the great hall in front of me changed again.

The silhouette of Wanning disappeared, and the dots of rays of light lit up from some of the thrones on the stairs, and one after another looked over with a real gaze.

The most bizarre thing is that these people who can’t see their faces have a number above their heads, just like an online game NPC’s sense of sight assaults the senses.

“Huh, newcomer?” The crisp voice rang out, and No. 9 spoke up. Shen Qian couldn’t tell whether the other party was a man or a woman for a while.

“It’s rare, this is the fourth one this year, isn’t it?” Another strong male voice laughed, “66” sitting in the other direction, “The quality of this newcomer is so high. Is it?”

In the great hall, thrones were lit up one after another, and they were all shocked by the news that the newcomers were online.

“Breaking photos of the newcomers!”

“Yes, please introduce yourself, what is your last name, where is your hometown, whether it is a man or a woman, is there anyone…”

“It must be said, this is the rule of joining the club!”

“Call elder sister!”

A messy voice sounded, Shen Qian couldn’t help but twitch. smoke.

Is this a gathering place for peerless geniuses?

Inexplicable…and kind.

“Hello everyone, I’m No. 98, I’m from Southwest…”

Shen Qian suddenly couldn’t continue, and always felt that this sentence was strange.

98 is Shen Qian’s default ordering, just as Wanning calls himself the 98th attendant. As for whether this 98 represents the existing or historical number of the Hundred Kings Hall, it is unknown.

Shen Qian prefers the existing population.

In two hundred years, according to the frequency of one person joining the club a year, there are at least two hundred people.

At this time, there are less than 30 thrones lit up in the great hall, which is the “active online number”.

“It seems that No. 98 is quite smart, and I can’t figure it out!”

“I still prefer a simple No. 97.”

“hahaha …”

There was a burst of laughter in the hall.

“Everyone, big brother elder sister, I was wrong, can we forget about this meme?”

A helpless voice sounded, from Shen Qian not far away A throne with a green glow…

Good guy, Shen Qian couldn’t help but look at it, and there are people who like green.

“Okay, Ke Yi, we’ve forgotten who you are!”

No. 9 said seriously.

“Yes, Zhao Keyi from Guangcheng, I don’t remember where you are at all!”

“I don’t remember your height 175 and weight 71 either. “

“And we had absolutely no idea you were still a virgin.”

Several voices sounded, followed by another burst of laughter.

Shen Qian wanted to laugh. It seems that No. 97 is a newcomer who joined the club not long ago, and he was subjected to a wave of routines as soon as he came in, and his bottoms were taken out. .

But…how does the name Zhao Keyi sound familiar?

Shen Qian quickly remembered that this seemed to be one of his opponents in the actual combat exam!

“I’m really going to be autistic if I go on, today is the welcome party on the 98th, so don’t get the topic wrong.”

No. 97 coughed and said to Shen Qian, “Speaking of which they don’t lie to you. New members must self-destruct something, either a name, a culture base or a city, you choose!”

Shen Qian startled, see everyone Looking towards himself, he thought for a while, and from the perspective of gregariousness, Shen Qian still had to cooperate whether or not this rule really exists.

“Declare in advance, you can’t fake it!” is the No. 9 channel again.

“My realm is Beginner Martial Artist.” Shen Qian opened the mouth and said.

There is a risk of exposure to names and cities, so Shen Qian naturally chose the innocuous cultivation base.

However, after Shen Qian finished speaking, the great hall fell into a strange silence.

“Beginner Martial Artist… can also enter the Hall of Hundred Kings?”

Or No. 97 came back to his senses first, an incredible cry out in surprise.

“No. 98, you won’t be a little child, will you?”

“No, no, meridians are not mature enough before the age of 14 and can’t carry vitality. This is our Human. Race’s Innate restrictions, no one can do anything, so the age of 98 must be between 14 and 20!”

“Hey, that’s a bit scary…”

Listening to everyone’s comments, Shen Qian quickly reacted and secretly made a mistake.

He suddenly ignored that although the age limit for joining the Hundred Kings Hall is before the age of 20, what and the others can appear in this great hall, and how could there be weak ones? ?

Breakthrough Beginner Martial Artist before the age of 20 is already a first-class genius in the outside world, and can choose from the four major schools, but here obviously has several points of abruptness.

But if she is only 14 years old, Shen Qian can’t do anything like pretending to be young, and if she is too old, she can’t explain how the “mini-cultivation base” of this age is so called.

The Hall of Hundred Kings saw it.

So Shen Qian simply shut up and let everyone think wildly.

“No. 98 refuses to speak, it has a secret!”

No. 9 tsk tsk said, “It seems that the Temple of Heaven will have another Silver Coin.”

“No. 3 is a pretending to be a pig to eat tigers guy, No. 56 is a big Silver Coin, No. 98 is a small Silver Coin, the family is complete!” No. 66 also smiled and continued.

“Number 3?” Shen Qian was a little curious when she heard such a front number.

“Hehe, he’s on top of you, but he’s not online today.” No. 66 laughed.

Shen Qian subconsciously raised her head and was surprised.

The top of his head…is the thirteen thrones of the Star Council.

The number three in their mouths turned out to be a prince? !

While shocked that these people even dared to make fun of princes, Shen Qian felt a burst of relief for no reason.

At least it shows that the Hall of Hundred Kings is not a class-restrictive system. Except for different permissions, everyone is relatively equal in daily communication.

Perhaps this is why everyone wears vests.

Without the constraints of real identity, everyone can relax more here.

“Hey, No. 97, have you posted Bounty Mission?”

At the same time someone said something, Shen Qian also felt something, thoughts move, a screen projection appeared in to his right.

The projection is a piece of Bounty Mission, you can see the brief reward information through the title.

There is a slightly flickering Bounty Mission at the top at the moment, showing that the time is just released, the publisher is the 97th, and the bounty is 100 contribution points.

“That’s what I told you yesterday, this time the college entrance examination had a big somersault. It’s not that I’m afraid of losing. It’s weird that no one can find the problem!”

The depressed voice of No. 97 rang out.

“I have contacted a lot of acquaintances in the province through other channels. It stands to reason that this kind of genius should not be anonymous, but there is no clue. This person seems to have appeared out of nowhere.”

Shen Qian corner of the mouth twitched and clicked on the Bounty Mission.

This is really a quest to find someone, as long as the identity information of the “mysterious opponent” is provided, the 100 contribution points can be taken away.

Ten million!

I’m so excited, what should I do?

“According to your description yesterday, that opponent’s martial skill has almost reached the level of Major Perfection. Is it really that strong?” No. 9 asked suspiciously.

“I seem to be talking a lot, but in fact I haven’t learned the language well. If you insist on me describing it, I can’t say anything but ‘fuck’.”

97 Hao said with emotion, “In short, that person is very good, only stronger than what I described.”

“Well, your college entrance examination practice is a basic martial skill. If you are talented and willing to work hard, you may not be able to. Repaired to Perfection.” No. 73 commented like a pertinent comment.

“If you ask us to use our own resources to help you find someone, 100 contribution points are somewhat tasteless, we can only see who has this idle heart.” Another 29th also said with a smile.

“But it’s you, No. 97. You gave you a total of 100 Contribution Points when you entered the Hundred Kings Palace, so you just spent it?” No. 9 Strangely said.

“It’s okay, I can still afford it if I grit my teeth, but it’s hard to find an opponent. I haven’t been able to sleep well these days, and my mind is full of that person’s shadow…”

Talking and talking, No. 97 changed her voice.

“Hey, that’s right, number 98!”

Shen Qian, who was diving silently, heard Zhao Keyi calling him, and couldn’t help being surprised, subconsciously complied, “en?”

“You just said you were from the southwest, right? I’m really not familiar with the three provinces there. If you have time, help me pay attention.”

“Oh, Okay.”

Shen Qian sighed in relief when she heard that it was just this.

Also, who would have thought such a coincidence would happen?

 …But I don’t seem to have done anything wrong, so why should I feel guilty?

Well, I should mainly think that earning 100 contribution points is too easy, and it feels a little immoral.

I heard that other people are not interested in the 100 contribution points, but Shen Qian is not too anxious.

I wanted to continue to look at the other Bounty Missions on the panel, but Shen Qian deep in one’s heart suddenly became restless.

Shen Qian complexion, who was already familiar with this feeling, slightly changed. He stood up from the throne, greeted Wan Ning who had reappeared beside him, and hurriedly went offline.


As consciousness returned to the body, Shen Qian opened her eyes and looked all around.

The feeling of bumps came, and the armored vehicles shuttled normally in the wind and sand.

Most people still closed their eyes and enjoyed a sweet sleep, except Gu Zifang, who woke up at some point, was whispering something to Ouyang Fei.

The sergeants on the other side were gently humming some kind of song under the leadership of Song Ben. Their voices were so light that they were just covered by the rumbling sound of the engine, as if they were afraid of disturbing the students. sleep.

Shen Qian finally looked towards the position of the co-pilot. Captain Sun, who was in command of the Changyou Battalion, sat there calmly, staring sharply at the wind and sand in front of him.

Shen Qian frowned.

It seems that everything is normal, but what happened to the restlessness of the system just now?

Shen Qian was a little unsure for a while.

Generally speaking, the system will only be restless when there is a resource target, but at this time it is going back the same way. If there is anything that can attract the attention of the system, then the system should be There is a response.

It is also possible that system has detected some kind of danger that it cannot handle.

This kind of situation has basically never happened in the past, but that’s because Shen Qian is in Jing City, so there is more protection.

And now in the restricted area, Shen Qian subconsciously thinks about it.

But the restlessness of the system only lasted for a few seconds and then disappeared, so Shen Qian was also a little confused.

“Second brother Song, how long will it take to get to Jing City?” Shen Qian thought about it and asked Song Ben.

“It’s not long before we set off, at least three hours away.” Song Ben said with a smile, “Why, can’t sit still?”

“Well, Song Brother, do you often take this road?” Shen Qian asked sideways.

Song Ben glanced at Shen Qian strangely, then nodded.

“It’s not a secret. The section from Mingcheng to Jing City is our patrol area in Changyou Camp, otherwise why do you think we are responsible for picking up Jing City candidates?”

“Is that so, have you all detected this area?”

“You brat, aren’t you worried that something will happen?”

Song Ben seemed to see something, and couldn’t help saying with a smile, “You can rest assured, all military camps must regularly sweep the inspection area to ensure that no High Rank Monster Beast will appear.”

“If there are really uncontrollable factors, it is usually a small group of scavengers. After all, the weather in the restricted area is chaotic, and we can’t do it 100%.”

Shen Qian hearing this is a little relieved , Song Ben’s unspoken implication is obvious, there may be small accidents, but big threats are unlikely.

“Shen Qian, there is still a week before the results of the college entrance examination will be announced. What are you going to do these days?”

Returning to her seat, Gu Zifang leaned over and asked.

“I haven’t made up my mind yet, maybe it’s just to continue cultivation, how about you?” Shen Qian said with a smile.

“It’s said that this is the last time to relax in life, but you’re going to lift irons, it’s boring!”

Gu Zifang made a “cut”, then put her arms around Shen Qian’s shoulders, “Would you like to go to a major event with us?”

“For example?”

“As for me, I plan to take advantage of these few days to certify the ‘Hunter’ badge and wait for the report. After volunteering, find a slasher-ploughing squad to join in, and have a good view of the restricted area.”

Gu Zifang said excitedly, and then looked towards Ouyang Fei.

“I…may go to take the ‘alchemist’ qualification certificate.” Ouyang Fei pondered then said.

“You still alchemy?” Shen Qian asked in surprise.

After the recovery of Spiritual Qi, in addition to “alchemy”, the most deeply studied by human beings is “alchemy”, such as the psionic gun is a product of alchemy.

However, alchemy is extremely complicated, and the knowledge contained in it is far more than forging, which is a relatively unpopular profession.

“My second uncle is an alchemist. I only learned some theory. It is not a problem to pass a primary level exam. It can be regarded as a formal entry first.” Ouyang Fei said with a smile.

Shen Qian nods, listening to the two people’s remarks and feeling a little moved.

Originally, Shen Qian originally planned to go to Beidu to see Ding Yi after the exam, but Ding Yi is still out of contact for the time being. A little side hustle.

Just as Shen Qian was about to speak, the armored vehicle suddenly braked suddenly, and the unpredictable inertia made everyone stumble.

Fortunately, everyone’s balance is good, but no one fell.

“What happened?”

Chen Peng and the others, who had just woken up, were still a little dazed, while Shen Qian, who had always had a string in his heart, leaned over to the front of the car without saying a word and looked out through the front window.

Apparently, something in the sand was blocking the team’s progress.

(end of this chapter)

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