I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 129


Chapter 129 Frozen

Shen Qianโ€™s armored vehicle was already in the front row, and at this moment, through the front window, it split open The extremely strong scenery entered Shen Qian’s line of sight.

The armored convoy still stayed in the wind and sand, but about ten meters ahead, it was a piece of cold ice and snow.

The snowflakes are falling, the vegetation is withering, it is a completely frozen world.

Sandstorm and Blizzard are so abruptly connected, but they don’t interfere with each other. It’s obviously another kind of Heaven and Earth just by stepping over, but it’s close at hand.

“Captain Sun, these ice and snow…”

Shen Qian vaguely sensed the problem, but still asked a question.

“Not before.”

Sun Fang, the commander of Changyou Battalion, brows tightly frowns, originally didn’t want to pay attention to Shen Qian, but maybe he also knew Shen Qian’s special status in Jing City, So let me say one more thing.

“There are also glaciers in the area from Ming City to Jing City, but not at this location, and only a small piece.”

Sun Fang turned his head and looked towards Song Ben, “How about it? ?”

Song Ben held the detection instrument in his hand, hearing this and shaking his head, “It’s too wide to see the border… The ninth team only patrolled this area yesterday. At that time, everything was normal, a little bit. Weird.”

“Send teams 3 and 5 to explore along the left and right borders, with 10 kilometers as the boundary, and if no boundary is found, return.”

See Sun Fang and Song Ben Being busy, Shen Qian, who couldn’t help much, retreated silently first.

โ€œShen Qian, what happened?โ€

โ€œWhy did the convoy stop?โ€

Ouyang Fei and the others gathered around.

Shen Qian briefly explained the situation, and everyone had different reactions.

“I’ve heard that the weather in the restricted area changes a lot, and today I really saw it!”

“It’s impossible to change so much, it’s frozen for a thousand miles overnight. ?”

“How do you know it’s a thousand miles away, if it’s just this small piece in front…”

“You won’t say that with a little more common sense in physics, look outside The thickness of those ice and snow, how could it be formed by the cooling in a small area?”

Everyone was talking about it, but they were mostly excited and curious.

Only Shen Qian was a little silent.

He still remembered the inexplicable restlessness of the system just now.

Unfortunately, after inquiring one after another in the AFK box, all I get is the answer “system takes data…”.

Shen Qian thought about it for a while. This should mean that the system is still not sure what the situation means.

Looking at the bracelet, there is no signal.

The weather in the restricted area is chaotic, and only short-distance communication can be achieved, which is equivalent to cutting off the channel for transmitting information.

The military has higher-end equipment, but Shen Qian guesses that it is also impossible to contact Jing City directly.

Shen Qian, who had been following Sun Fang’s side, heard the sound of the pathfinder’s report coming from the walkie-talkie, and hurriedly got closer and pricked up his ears.

“Team 3 reported that they have probed 10 kilometers to the north, but no ice and snow boundary has been found.”

“Team 5 reported that they have probed 10 kilometers to the south, but no ice and snow boundary has been found!”

The sound of the two squads reporting back and forth.

Shen Qian frowned, which basically meant that the armored vehicle’s way back to Jing City was blocked by ice and snow, and the detour could not be bypassed.

โ€œSecond brother Song, canโ€™t we just walk through the snow?โ€ Shen Qian asked Song Ben.

“Generally speaking, we will not easily set foot in unknown terrain. Although the multi-purpose armored vehicle can handle most situations, it will also have problems in extreme weather.”

Song Ben Explains, “And… there may be unknown dangers lurking in it.”

Shen Qian knew nodded.

At this time, Sun Fang thought for a while, and then ordered Song Ben, “Put on the protective clothing and check the temperature ahead. If possible, we’ll go straight through.”

Song Ben nodded, after wearing protective measures, he opened the door and jumped into the sand.

Shen Qian leaned in front of the car window to look, but soon Song Ben turned back. After taking off his protective suit at the car door, Shen Qian saw his extremely solemn expression.

“There is something wrong with this piece of ice and snow. The temperature at the edge has exceeded minus one hundred degrees. The core area…I can’t imagine it!”

Sun Fang complexion changed, without the slightest hesitation Pick up the walkie-talkie.

“Attention to all vehicles, turn around immediately, change formation B, and return to Mingcheng!”

This time, without Shen Qian asking questions, Song Ben took the initiative to explain.

“One hundred degrees below zero is a very, very rare low temperature. Let me tell you so, the freezing point of gasoline for military transport armored vehicles is minus eighty degrees…”

Shen Qian heard it , and immediately knew the reason for the U-turn.

At such a terrifying low temperature, the armored vehicle could not survive this sudden and strange snow and ice. Once the gasoline froze, the team would be trapped in it.

At this time, everyone was not too far from Mingcheng. It was indeed the most rational choice to go back and wait for the situation to be verified before making plans.

The armored vehicles began to turn around one by one. At this time, the vehicle where Shen Qian and the others were in the back row had to wait slowly.

Ouyang Fei and the others have already talked about the origin of the universe from the origin of ice and snow, and the topic is getting more and more outrageous, Shen Qian wanted to laugh.

She just turned her head and glanced inadvertently, Shen Qian’s expression froze.

“Song second brother, is it my illusion? Why do I think that piece of ice and snow seems to be a lot closer?”

Song Ben hearing this also turned his head to look, and then his eyes shrank, “Commander!”

Sun Fang and everyone in the car came to the window.

I saw that the ice and snow that was ten meters away was moving towards the wind and sand at a speed visible to a naked eye.

At this moment, the nearest armored vehicle is less than three meters away.

And the speed of the ice and snow is still accelerating.

“Why hasn’t the car in front left yet?”

“Damn it, it’s 100 degrees below zero, you might not be able to carry it if you have vitality, right?”

Chen Peng and the others were a little flustered.

“Commander Sun?” Gu Zifang saw that Sun Fang was just staring at the wind and snow that spread over, but he kept silent, and couldn’t help shouting anxiously.

“Don’t disturb the commander, he is calculating the wind speed!” Song Ben scolded in a low voice.

Gu Zifang suddenly shut up.

After a short while, a ruthless expression appeared on Sun Fang’s resolute face. He grabbed the walkie-talkie and loudly said: “All vehicles, stop all actions, wear protective clothing, and get off after ten seconds!”

“Yes!” There was a voice of one after another answering from the walkie-talkie, and a lot of turbulent noises could be vaguely heard.

Obviously, those voices came from the teachers and students of Jing City.

โ€œWhy do you want to abandon the car?โ€

โ€œEven if you donโ€™t have time to leave, you wonโ€™t freeze to death if you stay in the car?โ€

Sgt. Silently, he took out the protective suit and prepared to put it on for Shen Qian and the others, but obviously not everyone was so calm when they heard they were about to get out of the car.

Two boys shouted in panic while resisting.

Exposed directly to the chaotic restricted area, not everyone has such courage, especially for a group of students who have not experienced much danger.

Shen Qian and the others have a good vehicle. The noise of other armored vehicles has even been transmitted through the wind and sand.

“Please help the teachers, allow the force, hurry up, after fifteen seconds, everyone must get off the bus!”

Sun Fang didn’t mean to explain, just grabbed the walkie-talkie again and shouted road.

Perhaps it was because the two boys in the car were still unwilling to cooperate, so Gu Zifang rushed up and kicked one of them, scolding.

“Are you two stupid? Stay in the car. Once the door is blocked by ice and snow, this armored car will be your ready-made coffin!”

The two suddenly became honest.

At this time, Shen Qian had already put on the protective suit and stood by the car door for the first time. After all, he is now a serious scholar. The first second that Sun put down the order, he already understood the reason. .

“Get off the bus!”

After everyone was dressed, Sun Fang gave the order directly.

The car door opened, wind and sand swept through, next moment, a biting chill penetrated through the body.

Even a thick protective suit could not stop the extreme cold. Shen Qian, who was the first to jump out of the car, shrank involuntarily with a look of surprise in his eyes.

Only by experiencing it personally can you know what the concept of zero-one Baidu is.

His physique is not weak among the teachers and students of Jing City.

And the chill was only the beginning, when almost everyone got out of the car, biting cold wind assaults the senses even more, the wind and sand surrounding all around disappeared instantly and turned into fluttering snowflakes.

Shen Qian glanced back and saw that the armored vehicle’s body was covered with ice crystals in the blink of an eye, and the wheels were instantly covered with thick snow.

The snow and ice in the sky is like a brush in the hand of Spiritual God, passing over the armored convoy extending several hundred meters in an instant, turning Heaven and Earth into a vast white.

Heavy snow, hail, glaciers…all the weather under Extreme Cold replaced everything in an instant.

The teachers and students who got off the bus were in a mess, but fortunately the sergeants of the Changyou Battalion stabilized the order.

Shen Qian didn’t have time to pay attention to other people. He kept pulling his left and right feet to avoid being welded to death in the snow if he didn’t pay attention.


The sergeants of Changyou Battalion formed a circle under Sun Fangโ€™s order, trying to surround the weaker candidates in the middle.

And the principals of the schools have arrived in a hurry.

“Commander Sun, why don’t you let the students stay in the car first?”

Principal Xu He of No. 1 Middle School couldn’t help but ask, “I know you are I’m worried that the car door will be blocked, but as long as the car door is open, there will be some shelter inside the car!”

“I can’t stay here for long!”

Sun Fang’s face was serious.

“In the past, there have been Extreme Cold weather in the restricted area, but I have never seen such an aggressive snowstorm. The protective clothing is charged with psychic energy. Once the energy is exhausted, 9% Ten people can’t handle this low temperature, we have to go back to Mingcheng before the protective suits run out of energy!”

“Can’t we wait here for rescue?” Interjected the Principal of No. 6 Middle School.

No one answered him, a look of embarrassment appeared on the Principal’s face, apparently realizing that he had asked a stupid question after he said it.

The communication is inconvenient, and they are still waiting for rescue. In theory, the communication tower will definitely find their abnormality, and then send rescue according to the location, but…what if?

“We have only left Mingcheng for less than an hour. According to the speed of the armored vehicle, we have walked less than 50 kilometers per hour. The protective clothing can run for six hours at the maximum power. Go faster, enough to return to Mingcheng. !”

Sun Fang saved him a bit of face and told everyone about his plan.

“Commander Sun, you have a lot of experience, so what do you say?”

Huang Tao resolutely nodded, “Since you have made such a decision, it’s not too late, let’s go quickly!”

“Well, you don’t have to worry too much about the students. They just haven’t experienced it before and will be a little panicked at the beginning. We will do a good job of comforting them!”

Principal Li Ziyan of the Second Middle School also nodded and said , “What you need to pay more attention to is to keep the sergeants on their guard. I always feel that… this wind and snow is not quite right.”

Li Ziyan’s words seemed to wake up something, except for the new Principal of No. 6 Middle School. Still a little dazed, everyone else looked stunned.

“Principal Li, you mean…” Xu He looked serious.

“cough cough, Shen Qian, what are you doing here?”

Huang Tao interrupted Xu He with a cough in time, turning the cat into a snowman behind Shen Qian Take it out.

Shen Qian shook the snowflakes on his body and blinked innocently, “I just happened to be passing by, everyone, keep going!”

“Go away!” Huang Tao rolled the eyes, “You have this spare time, why don’t you help take care of other students, you brat still has several points of prestige.”

Send away the eavesdropping Shen Qian, Huang Tao motioned to Li Ziyan continue.

“Here, except for He Principal from No. 6 Middle School, everyone has some…experience, and they should know what I want to say just now.”

Li Ziyan took a deep breath, then Said, “Of course, the worst kind is very unlikely, after all, it hasn’t happened for more than ten years, but even other situations will be troublesome, because we have so many children who are not even Beginner Martial Artists.”

“Anyway, everyone should be more vigilant!”

Everyone is nodded, and there is no longer any delay. Under the command of Sun Fang, a total of 2,000 people formed A team of 100 people, the sergeant walked on the periphery, and under the leadership of Sun Fang, moved towards the direction of Mingcheng.

The wind and snow swept wildly, the Extreme Cold was piercing to the bone, and the team struggled to move in the vast snow and wind.

Except for Ouyang Fei and the others who got in here, most of Shen Qian are students of No. 7 Middle School. After experiencing the initial panic, most of them have calmed down at this moment.

Leng is very cold, but after all, they are all students who are determined to take the martial arts exam, and their basic physical fitness is still passable.

“Shen Qian, what did you hear just now!” Gu Zifang noticed Shen Qian who had sneaked over just now, and asked next to him.

The wind and snow would block the sound, so Gu Zifang was almost roaring.

“I’m a Martial Artist, so I don’t need to shout so loudly!”

The shocked Shen Qian patted the helmet also shouted back.

He was using his consciousness to communicate with the golden ball just now, and he was really frightened when he was caught off guard.

“The Principals said there is no major event, just go to Mingcheng!”

Seeing that many people around all pricked up their ears, Shen Qian shouted.

Sure enough, everyone relaxed a bit, and a few girls tried to take pictures with their bracelets, probably never seen such a scene before.

And Shen Qian’s mood is not so relaxed.

Not only because of the few words I overheard just now made Shen Qian feel that something was wrong, but because the golden ball also lost contact.

Although the golden ball is essentially a communication device, the communication device that can communicate with the consciousness space should be of a very high level.

Originally, for the sake of stability, Shen Qian planned to ask Baiwangdian for help.

I heard the rapid progress of the prince. If the prince is willing to make a move, it should take a long time to arrive.

Unfortunately, this channel has also been discontinued.

Fortunately, it is not far from Mingcheng, so I can only hope that nothing will happen.

Although reality… will always teach you to be human.

The concept of time seems to be lost in the World of Ice and Snow, the sky is always dim and the three suns have disappeared.

After walking for a long time, I don’t know if it was Shen Qian’s illusion. I feel that the scenery all around has not changed much, and the edge of the swept snow seems to have spread to the invisible place.

“My bracelet is out of power, how long have I been away!”

Ouyang Fei approached Shen Qian with difficulty, raised his arm to sweep the snow and ice on Shen Qian’s shoulders, and shouted at the same time.

“It’s been almost three hours!” Shen Qian also roared.

“Strange, why haven’t we seen Kunning Mountain yet!” Ouyang Fei roared in confusion.

“I’ve been calculating just now. We walk 110 steps in one minute, with a step distance of 60cm, which is almost four kilometers in an hour, and Kunning Lake is 30 kilometers away from Mingcheng. Something is wrong! “Gu Zifang growled.

“What are you talking about!” Chen Peng and the others looked confused.

“Anyway, we should be able to see Mount Kunning by now!” Gu Zifang rolled his eyes, too lazy to explain.

At this moment, the team suddenly stopped.

Shen Qian saw that Sun Fang had summoned another group of Principals, and hurriedly touched them again.

After a while, Shen Qian turned back with a solemn expression.

“Zifang is right, we…were lost!”

Everyone’s expressions changed.

โ€œItโ€™s clear that I havenโ€™t walked far out of Mingcheng, how could I get lost!โ€

โ€œDonโ€™t they have a locator for Martial Artists!โ€

Facing the crowd Shen Qian didn’t answer the question, but it has to be said that Murphy’s Law has occurred again, and the situation is moving towards an unpredictable direction.

“Commander, there is a situation ahead!” Shen Qian heard the shout of the military Martial Artist who was in charge of the path detection.

So he followed Huang Tao and the others to touch the back again.

Huang Tao didn’t bother to care about Shen Qian anymore, and let him follow.

And actually don’t need to follow, because Shen Qian has already seen what the scout said “situation” without going very far.

In a piece of white snow, many variegated colors suddenly appeared.

Come closer, Shen Qian eyes shrank.

Those mottled… all corpses!

A corpse with no end in sight!

The Principals also changed the complexion. It was too late when they turned around and tried to stop them. Many students had already come to the front.

Although most of the horrified exclamations were obscured by the wind and snow, the panic of many students could still be felt from their staggering steps.

“From the perspective of characteristics, they are all scavengers!”

Shen Qian heard the call of the scouts, and walked a few steps to find a half-body buried in the The corpse in the snow, turned over and looked, and could vaguely see the ferocious purple lines on the frozen skin.

It really is a scavenger.

Shen Qian stood up and exhaled, there were at least a thousand corpses here.

A scavenger stronghold?

But if it was near Mingcheng, how could such a stronghold exist?

Shen Qian was puzzled, but he was reassured that at least the system had not responded yet, indicating that there was no threat beyond his control nearby.

Actually, after careful calculation, everyone’s battle strength is not weak.

Sun Fang is a high Martial Artist Peak, the nine Principals present are also high Martial Artists, and there are nearly 100 middle Martial Artists such as Song Ben and Zhao Hanhai.

The most important thing is that the Changyou Battalion is the elite of the Southwest Army, and the 1,000-strong force can defeat Mountain And Sea.

Unless there’s more than Mountain And Sea…ahem!

Shen Qian quickly stopped his thoughts so that Murphy’s Law would not continue to take effect.

“Commander, there is a valley one kilometer ahead, which looks like the Valley of Tooth on the map!” A scout crossed the corpse and quickly approached, loudly said.

“Can you see which way the opening is facing?” Sun Fang was obviously refreshed.

“The snow is too heavy to see clearly, and further investigation is needed!”

“Buya Valley is located between Ming City and Jing City, if we know the direction of the opening, we will It can be repositioned.”

Seeing the confusion of the Principals, Song Ben explained.

Everyone is in a bit of spirit, getting lost in the penalty area is a very terrifying thing, and this is the right time for the Valley of Falcons to appear.

“Quickly investigate, we will go to Buya Valley first.”

Sun Fang immediately ordered.

The team went around the snow where the bodies were piled up and continued forward, and soon a slope appeared ahead.

Sun Fang’s face was not very good, because the scouts did not return until they approached the valley.

Just as he was hesitating whether to stop moving forward, he suddenly felt a light on his body.

Those who walked in front felt it, and then showed joy.

Because the roaring snow stopped suddenly.

It’s like stepping into a certain limit, although the foot is still covered with snow and ice, but the temperature is rising rapidly.

Everyone relaxed for a while, and hurriedly greeted the people behind to speed up their pace.

When the physical strength reaches the limit, a place to rest suddenly appears, and everyone will be delighted.

Shen Qian felt it too. He was about to interact with Gu Zifang, who was crying with joy, when he suddenly started.


A special signal emanated from deep in one’s heart, making him shudder.

The system, which had been silent for a long time, suddenly became restless at this moment, as if it was constantly warning him in this way.

“There is someone here!”

Song Ben, who was walking at the front, was already standing at the top of the slope, and he pointed ahead and roared.

The rest of the people quickly followed, and Shen Qian, who didn’t know where the danger came from, also hurried over.

A fault developed in front of the slope, and below it was a collapsed valley with a forest towering over it.

Beside the woods is an extremely flat depression, with densely packed ice crystals like veins distributed on the ground.

Nine people wearing black cloaks who could not see their faces quietly stood all around the ice platform, standing with their hands down, motionless.

Shen Qian’s heart was beating violently, but he had a strong feeling that the danger did not come from these nine cloaked men.

He lifts the head, his eyes lose focus for a moment, constantly searching under the induction of the system.

Finally, Shen Qian’s eyes locked on a void just above the ice table.

He saw a strange spot of light.

The light spot is only palm-size and separated by several hundred meters. If it wasn’t for his extreme eyesight and the guidance of the system, Shen Qian would not have noticed the existence of this small spot.

When Shen Qian stared at the light spot, the light spot was breaking free from the unknown little by little at a nearly stationary speed…

Ahhh, this The section of emotion is really the slowest section I have written since I started the book, because it is equivalent to the prologue of a part of the world view, so be cautious, everyone forgive me!

(end of this chapter)

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