I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 130


Chapter 130 “The Door”

When the training class first went out of the city, Shen Qian once saw the in Strange haze of midair.

It’s just that Shen Qian has never understood what those far or near hazes are.

Seeing this spot of light at this moment, Shen Qian’s heart skipped a beat, but he also remembered those hazy haze.

They all have gorgeous colors.

The only difference is that the light spot in front of me that wriggles with a slight amplitude seems to be “alive”.

Dong dong dong!

Just staring at the spot of light, Shen Qian couldn’t tell whether it was his own heartbeat or the sound of footsteps coming from nowhere.

A strange song rang out from the mouths of the nine cloaked people who ignored the crowd, and began to resonate lowly between Heaven and Earth.

There was a sound of “shua shua” in the woods, and a staggering woman came out of the woods, moving towards the direction of the nine people.

She has the better left side of her face, but the right side of her face is covered with black and purple lines. Her eyes are soft and with some kind of hope, and she is looking down at the crook of her arm.

There, a blood-stained baby was lying in her arms crying loudly.

It’s just that the cry is like Devil May Cry, making people have one’s hair stand on end.

The broken umbilical cord hangs down, and there is blood between the woman’s legs… This baby is clearly just born.

Seeing this strange scene, everyone on the hillside lost their voices for a while.

Shen Qian was keenly aware that since the woman appeared with the baby in her arms, the speed of the spot’s peristalsis suddenly accelerated, and the area was also expanding.

This time, Zisun Fang, Huang Tao and the others also noticed the light spot.

Their reaction was much more intense than Shen Qian’s.

“How could it be!”


“This is around Mingcheng, how is this possible!”

Huang Tao and the others lost their voices in shock, as if they had seen something extremely terrifying, their faces became extremely solemn.

“Commander Sun, this is the area you are in charge of patrolling. Could it be that you didn’t find any signs before?”

Xu He pretty face deathly white, suddenly turned his head and looked towards Sun Fang.

Sun Fang opened his mouth, but in the end he didn’t explain, just said solemnly: “Everyone, this is my fault in Changyouying, but now, I beg you to help me!”

“You all understand that an out-of-control ‘door’ is never allowed to be opened. This matter takes precedence over everything else!”

Shen Qian was a little stunned to hear it, what “door”?

You mean the spot?

“It’s really not the time to be held accountable. Whether it’s a coincidence or fate, since we’ve met it, it’s natural for me to wait!”

Huang Tao took a deep breath and turned to look He looked at the senior high school students behind him who had become pale due to physical exhaustion or emotional fluctuations.

“It’s just that these children have no reason to take risks.”

“It’s natural.” Sun Fang nodded.

“I didn’t expect that I would say it casually, but I really encountered the worst situation.”

Principal Li Ziyan of No. 2 Middle School gave a self-deprecating smile, “Leader Sun, everything will be handed over. I’ll give you the command.”

“I can’t see the strength of the nine sacrificers for the time being, but that woman should be just an ordinary scavenger.”

Sun Fang quickly He entered the state and spoke very fast.

“I’ll try long-range sniping first. If it doesn’t work, all of our high Martial Artists will shoot first. The priority target is the child in the woman’s hands. If I guessed correctly, the tree stump should be a similar sacrifice. The existence of the platform, child is the key to opening the ‘door’.”

“Wait, what are you talking about!”

Principal He Yanfeng came back to his senses, Some panicked and said, “What ‘door’, what are we going to do?”

“He Principal, you are a Martial Artist from the society, and you have only recently broken through as a high Martial Artist. These things should have been handled by Martial. A special person from the Department of the Arts Department will tell you that speaking from our mouths is not in line with the rules.”

β€œBut now the situation is urgent, and the only thing to do is to follow the right!”

Huang Tao took a deep breath and said quickly, “Old He, you just need to know that if we let that ‘door’ open, there will be extremely serious consequences!”

“According to “high level Martial Artist” Law”, even if you are a social Martial Artist, once you have broken through a high Martial Artist, you are also obliged to…”

“Don’t tell Lao Tzu, I won’t go!”

He Yanfeng, who seemed to understand something, interrupted Huang Tao, took a few steps back, and shouted, “Go to you guys, don’t pull me!”

Xu He and the others Looking at He Yanfeng, who was stern, he was a little contemptuous.

Shen Qian is also a bit slandered, seeing that Huang Tao is about to talk about the most crucial part, you should wait for him to finish speaking before cowardly!

And Sun Fang is going to be more direct, he coldly said: “Sorry, He Principal, now is wartime, I have the right to directly requisition your personal martial power, please obey the transfer, otherwise don’t blame The military law is ruthless!”

He Yanfeng’s complexion changed, what he wanted to say was finally defeated by Sun Fang’s icy eyes.

“Sniper rifle!”

Sun Fang ignored He Yanfeng and shouted instead.

The military Martial Artist who was on standby next to him handed the assembled sniper rifle to Sun Fang. After Sun Fang took it, he adjusted the angle instantly, and then pulled the trigger without the slightest hesitation .


The sound of gunfire exploded in the ears of everyone, and an extremely obvious vacuum scratch was drawn in the air.

As the spirit strength dissipated, time seemed to be slowed down countless times. Shen Qian could clearly see that the spinning bullet suddenly split into colorful fragments as it approached the strange altar. , which is then absorbed by the light spot above.

“Sure enough.”

Sun Fang didn’t seem to be surprised by this result. He threw the sniper rifle and took out a metal short stick from behind. Clang”, the metal short stick turned into a black long spear after a stretch of expansion.

“Song Ben, be alert when you are in battle, you are allowed to command cheaply, all Martial Artists, follow me!”

After Sun Fang gave the order, he jumped first and jumped directly off After reaching the valley, moved towards the altar and rushed over.

Behind him, there were Huang Tao, who had drawn out a long sword, and Xu He, who was holding a short sword.

He Yanfeng, who looked pale, subconsciously stepped back, but was pressed against his waist by the cold touch.

“He Principal, let’s go together!”

Behind him, Li Ziyan, who was holding the sharp blade, smiled and said faintly.

He Yanfeng clenched the teeth and could only take out a set of shield knives and jumped down with Li Ziyan.

The top ten Martial Artists jumped down the valley together, and many students didn’t know what happened, even Ouyang Fei and the others were a little dazed and came over to ask Shen Qian.

“Anyway, you have to destroy that altar, otherwise there will be a major event!”

Shen Qian couldn’t understand it either, so she could only tell a few people the conclusion she had come to.

“What is that?” Gu Zifang was about to ask, but suddenly his eyes shrank, pointing to the snow below and shouting.

And Shen Qian turned his eyes away a long time ago, and then took a breath and lit up.

The depression in the valley changed suddenly after Sun Fang and other ten people jumped down.

A fleshy hand suddenly stretched out from the snow and grabbed his feet.

Sun Fang’s complexion changed slightly, swept away the hand with one shot, but three more hands stretched out from different directions and hugged his legs.

Not only Sun Fang, Huang Tao and the others also suffered a sudden attack.

The snow on the depression receded wildly, revealing large areas of corpses.

The floor of this valley is actually full of dead people.

At this time, all the corpses seemed to come to life. They opened their unfocused eyes that seemed to be shrouded in gray fog, and silently climbed up from the ground.

Shen Qian glanced at it, from the bottom of the slope to the altar, densely packed, standing full of “people”, they walked slowly towards Sun Fang and the others.

At first glance, there are at least thousands.

The scene of the resurrection of the dead caused a great shock to the students on the hillside, and Ouyang Fei and the others were a little stunned.

A vigilant Shen Qian had anticipated all kinds of possibilities. Although she was shocked, she quickly calmed down.

“Go away!”

The violent shouting sounded, and Sun Fang, whose expression remained unchanged, released long spear rays of light in his hands, sweeping away dozens of corpses in an instant.

And Huang Tao and the others also performed well. With all their strength, they knocked down hundreds of corpses in an instant.

Shen Qian was slightly relaxed.

Although I have never seen Gao Martial Artist take action, the explosive strength of Gao Martial Artist starts at 5000Kg, and the battle strength is extraordinary, and these dead scavengers cannot see the cultivation base before birth, but the strength is not enough. Strong, poses no threat to Sun Fang and the others.

The students on the hillside also cheered.

But the next second, all the cheers were muted.

Because the corpses that were swept away climbed up as if nothing had happened, and then rushed towards Sun Fang and the others at a faster speed.

“These dead people are weird!” Huang Tao complexion changed.

“You still need to say this?” Li Ziyan shouted, “Try to chop off the head!” The head of the corpse, but the corpse’s attack did not stop, still opened its mouth, and bit her arm with yellow and white teeth.

Xu He could only use his feet to kick the corpse out.

However, there are more dead people all around.

“It doesn’t work!”

“Cut off your hands and feet, pass quickly, don’t get entangled!”

Sun Fang loudly roared, slapping the surrounding corpses with a long spear The joints, and finally barely tore a hole.

But soon Sun Fang’s pace stagnated again. The speed at which he knocked down the dead was far slower than the speed at which the dead were surrounded.

“No, the bodies of these dead people are like fucking thousand-year-old ice. The defense is too strong. If it’s too late, the woman is already walking to the altar!” Li Ziyan shouted.

Sun Fang looked back, and sure enough, the woman walking slowly with her child in her arms was less than 100 meters away from the altar.

And the nine cloaked men standing around the tree stumps chanted even louder.

“Teams 2 and 3 continue to be vigilant and protect the students. Nine teams of Thunder Fire cover, and the remaining seven teams enter the battlefield to clear the way for us!”

Sun Fang ordered loudly.

The sergeants of Changyou Battalion, who had been standing silently on the hillside, moved quickly the moment Sun gave the order.

The military artists headed by Song Ben lowered their ropes from the hillside and slid into the valley one by one, then took out the standard long swords around their waists and rushed into the battlefield shouting.


And on the hillside, the ninth army martial artists set up ten small psionic cannons and moved towards the group of corpses in front of Sun Fang and the others We strikes.

The formidable power of the psionic cannon should have been incomparably great, but for some reason it seems to have been weakened countless times in this valley.

Shen Qian intuition that this may be related to the existence of the “door”.

After all, the principle of the psionic cannon and the psionic gun are highly compressed Spiritual Qi, and the light spot looks like it is composed of Spiritual Qi. The bullets of the psionic gun seem to be absorbed by it. Same.

Fortunately, the sergeants of Changyou Battalion who rushed into the valley played a great role. With the imposing manner of press forward, Song Ben and the others smashed into the corpse like a sharp knife. In the blink of an eye, several hundred meters were advanced.

Sun Fang and the others followed suit, but the sergeants fell into a tough fight after the initial momentum as those who had fallen to the ground rose up again.

Shen Qian saw a military Martial Artist being dragged into the corpse disappeared by a roar of pain, and also saw another military Martial Artist bitten on the neck by a corpse, but still died He hugged each other and fell to the ground together with each other…

For these seventeen or eighteen-year-olds, this was the first time they had seen the tragic war.

Most of the students couldn’t bear to watch any more, and turned their heads while gritting their teeth, and girls like Lin Xiaoqian couldn’t help sobbing.

Shen Qian was silent, watching Song Ben, who was in the lead with a solemn expression, almost survived the siege of the corpse several times, only to feel a stagnation in his chest that was constantly condensing.

Can’t I just watch it myself?

Shen Qian, who always cherished his life, couldn’t control the thought of “charge ahead” at this moment.

“AFK request failed!”

“Beep! Yellow warning!”

“It is detected that the energy required for this AFK mission is huge and the battlefield exists Unknown variables, the remaining energy is less than 50%, in order to ensure that the survival probability of the host is not less than 90%, this AFK mission will be automatically canceled.”

Shen Qian looked at the prompt that popped up again in her mind, a little helpless .

The system has no emotions, it only considers Shen Qian from the most objective point of view.

In other words, it doesn’t care if other people live or die.

But the more so, the more severe Shen Qian’s inner suffering.

Observing now, he knows that he has the ability to change the situation to some extent.

Those dead men in cold armor who seem to be impervious to sword and spear, have the means of restraint in their original vitality.


The time he spent on cultivating Primordial Qi was too short.

The chant between Heaven and Earth grew louder and louder, and the nine cloaked men ignored the fighting on the battlefield, raising their heads at some point, staring at the half-human-sized light spot in midair .

Their blue and purple faces were extremely hideous under the rendering of the halo, but they couldn’t stop the frenzied look in their eyes.

And the woman who was staggering, seemed to be urged to run wildly.

She kept falling down, her legs were bloody, but she was firmly protecting the baby in her arms, and kept getting up and running to the altar again.

Is it too late?

Shen Qian smiled wryly, he hadn’t convinced the system yet, and the woman had already rushed to the stump and put the baby on it.

Heaven and Earth trembled.

The originally calm valley began to snow. Shen Qian saw that the light spot in the mid-air seemed to have been stimulated by some kind of stimulation. A dark shadow emerged from it.

The shadow seemed to be blocked in some way, trying to get through the door.

First came a hand, a hand with long nails as pale as a zombie.

Between Heaven and Earth the wind and snow are more intense.

The hand was still in midair and moved towards the baby below, as if expressing some kind of longing.

This is like a sacrifice ceremony, and the baby is the sacrifice of the scavenger, just for the monster behind the door, or the “door”.

This is Shen Qian’s understanding.

Even at this point, Sun Fang and the others still didn’t mean to give up. On the contrary, even Sun Fang was refreshed, and the long spear waving in his hand became a little faster.

“This is a ‘door’ above C-Rank. It will take a long time to fully open it, and we still have a chance!”

Sun Zheng roared, as if to give Huang Tao and the others, who were struggling to move forward, cheered.

But after the corpse group appeared in that hand, it seemed to become even more crazy, and even its strength increased a little.

Sun Fang and the others moved forward slowly.

“Commander Sun, think of a way. The owner of that hand must be someone above Mountain And Sea. If he comes out, everyone will die here!”

Huang Tao glanced at the door above the altar and shouted with a heavy expression.

Sun Fang heard this, a struggling look on his face flashed away, but soon, he gave the order loudly.

“Changyouying obeyed orders, no matter the cost, no matter what life and death… pave the way!”

Shen Qian was shocked when she couldn’t figure out what “paving the way” meant. A scene had already appeared in his sight.


A hoarse violent roar resounded in the valley. Shen Qian followed the sound and saw that a military Martial Artist in the front rushed out and threw the A walking corpse was crushed under him.

He used his body to pave the way forward.

And he was only the first.



More and more Martial Artists roared and rushed out, using their bodies as barriers, forcibly the plow made a way.

Sun Fang had tears in the corners of his eyes, but without the slightest hesitation, his body stepped on the robe and rushed over.

The second fastest was He Yanfeng, who had been terrified long ago, and he followed closely behind Sun Fang.

After sighing, Huang Tao and the others followed suit quickly, waving their swords faster and faster, trying to help Martial Artist reduce sacrifices.

Shen Qian could no longer see the scene in front of him. He took off the protective mask, and the teardrops in his eyes quickly condensed into ice crystals, which were dispersed by his vitality.

“Shen Qian … grass, are we just watching!”

Ouyang Fei, whose eyes were already red, clenched his fists, as if questioning Shen Qian, It’s like you’re questioning yourself.


There was the sound of snow being trampled off from behind, and countless students screamed in horror.

Shen Qian turned his head to look, but saw countless walking corpses coming from behind the hillside.

These are the corpses I saw on the road ahead.

They swarmed over in silence, and were firmly blocked fifty meters away.

The second and third teams who stayed behind and the ninth team that gave up the psionic cannon, a total of 300 military Martial Artists formed the strongest line of defense, which also silently blocked the influx of walking corpses. .

The number of walking corpses was too large, and the defense line of 300 people was so thin that the Martial Artists fell one by one, but they did not retreat half a step.

The one after another Shen Qian, who didn’t know his name, gave his life without the slightest hesitation, just for Sun Fang’s order to protect the students.

Shen Qian just thought it was funny, the stagnation in her chest finally reached the top.

Those people who are standing here worrying, crying and shouting but doing nothing…

It’s really like a fool!

Zhao Hanhai rushed out, and Liu Simin, who was clearly trembling with fear, also rushed out with a scream, and more teachers rushed out…

Shen Qian didn’t look anymore, he He tore off his protective suit, and strode to the top of the slope under the stunned gaze of Ouyang Fei and the others who were still arguing with other students about whether to help.

“Shen Qian, what are you…what are you doing?”

The classmates of Class 109 had already gathered beside Shen Qian unconsciously. Qian’s Wang Yangming guessed something and asked tremblingly.

“I, Lao Tzu…”

biting cold wind assaults the senses, Shen Qian turned around, tossed the protective suit and grinned.

“I’m going to kill these hermaphrodites!”

With the words out, Shen Qian jumped down from the valley.

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