I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 131


Chapter 131 The Heavenly King and Lao Tzu Can’t Keep It

In the exclamations of Lin Xiaoqian and the others, Shen Qian welcomed In the wind and snow, he jumped directly from a cliff dozens of meters high.

Ouyang Fei and Gu Zifang were complexion greatly changed, and rushed to the side of the cliff.

“Is Shen Qian crazy!”

“It’s not like being handsome, at least 50 meters tall!”

Even Martial Artist The physique is different from ordinary people, but with their strength, jumping directly from such a high place will cause serious injuries in an instant without buffering.

Only a high Martial Artist can achieve such a high jump with superior physique and control.

And even a middle Martial Artist like Song Ben slid down obediently and honestly with a rope.


Huang Tao, who was fighting among the corpses, also noticed the movement here, and couldn’t help but curse.

Shen Qian ignored the reaction of others. He fell rapidly in the wind and snow, staring at the ground getting closer and closer, only to suddenly clear the comprehension of a fact.

He wasn’t really trying to convince the system.

From start to finish, all he had to convince was himself.

At this moment, all the anxiety, anxiety, guilt, fear, resentment in Shen Qian’s heart… all turned into nothingness in an instant.

Yes, it’s just a kind of calmness.

“The host’s mood swings have reached a critical point, and in order to prevent the host’s mental damage, the AFK request has been accepted.”

“It has been detected that high-quality battles with multiple frequencies are imminent , in order to make the host digest the combat experience to the greatest extent, the system will enable the maximum performance and turn on the real-time AFK mode.”

“Dip! Red warning!”

“When the system energy remaining is less than 20 %, the low power consumption mode will be turned on automatically, please ask the host to find a suitable energy source to replenish energy as soon as possible.”

The system “compromised”.

So Shen Qian closed his eyes.

Under the horrified gazes of the classmates on the cliff, Shen Qian turned around abruptly when she was about to fall to the ground, and then landed on the ground extremely lightly, unscathed.

The origin of “wind” is dexterity.

“I knock, Shen Qian is so handsome!”

Gu Zifang felt something resembling a girl’s heart after a long time, and couldn’t help screaming.

Not hearing Ouyang Fei’s response, Gu Zifang turned to look, only to find that Ouyang Fei had gone to the edge of the cliff long ago without saying a word.

Fortunately, Ouyang Fei still had some sanity, so instead of jumping down like Shen Qian, he slid down with the help of the rope left by Changyouying.

“Damn it, the old lady still has 100 million fortune to inherit!”

Gu Zifang bit her lip and resolutely walked to the edge of the cliff.

Chen Peng and the others looked at each other and followed along without saying a word.

Zhou Xu and Wang Yangming were hesitant, with both the urge to become heroes and the fear of indecision in their eyes.

“Are you crazy?”

Fortunately, Zhao Hanhai came back in time to stop more students who wanted to rush into the battlefield.

“They are all True Martial Artists, what are you guys, are you doing me a disservice? Just stay here for me, don’t make trouble, even if you help!” The young students calmed down the surging blood.

Yeah, those walking corpses can’t even kill a tall Martial Artist, so what can they do?

Zhou Xu saw Wang Yangming still in a daze on the hillside, and quickly pulled him back.

“Are you all right?”

“I… am I being a waste?” Wang Yangming asked in a daze.

“Sorry, don’t compare with Shen Qian, he is different now.” Zhou Xu sighed.

“No, it’s not him.” Wang Yangming came back to his senses, said with a bitter smile, “I really wanted to go down with them when I was going up just now, but… but when I got to the side, I really wanted to go down with them. I just found out that I can’t even fasten the buttons of the sliding rope…”

Zhou Xu was also stunned, and the two were speechless for a while.

“There won’t be another time.” Wang Yangming pinched his knuckles white, and murmured in a voice that no one could hear, “No…”


“Shen Qian, what are you doing down here, go back!”

Song Ben, who was driving ahead, turned around and saw Shen who had landed. Qian, could not help but angrily roared anxiously.

Huang Tao’s face was sullen, and there was an urge to rush back and kick Shen Qian away.

He understands Shen Qian’s status better than anyone present, but if he withdraws at this time, the momentum that he managed to maintain will collapse in an instant.

The Martial Artists fell one by one, the distance they traded for their lives.

Li Ziyan saw hope Ouyang Fei from her own school also went crazy with Shen Qian. She wanted to yell at her, but suddenly she became disinterested.

Whatever, it’s probably too late anyway…

They’re still fighting until now, there are still several hundred meters away from the altar, which is usually within the blink of an eye, but this is the case at this moment. out of reach.

The endless corpse is like a quagmire, making it impossible to move a single step.

The unknown monster in the “door” has revealed a complete arm, obviously a human-shaped arm, but covered with white fine scales.

The temperature between Heaven and Earth is getting lower and lower, and even the protective clothing can no longer withstand the severe cold.

The initial spirit has been lost.

The double blade in his hand cut off the head of a walking corpse. When Li Ziyan turned around and pierced the shoulder of the other walking corpse, a flame suddenly reflected in his pupils.

Li Ziyan was stunned…

It’s freezing cold, where’s the fire?

In fact, they had exchanged while hacking and killing walking corpses just now. The strength of these walking corpses is not worth mentioning, but the ice armor covered on them is disappointing.

Even a high-level Martial Artist may not be able to break through with one blow, let alone an ordinary army Martial Artist in the Changyou Battalion.

The only restraining art is high temperature.

But in an environment of more than 100 degrees below zero, conventional tools such as flint are useless at all, and even the psionic cannon will fail after a few shots.

Unless, there is a Mountain And Sea powerhouse who has followed the way of flame…

Thinking of this, Li Ziyan’s spirit is lifted, is it really support?

However, when he looked back, his expression was instantly dull.

Not only Li Ziyan, Huang Tao and the others were also stunned.

From the edge of the battlefield, in the direction of the cliff, a silhouette bathed in flames strode forward. His pace was getting faster and faster, and the flames on his body were getting stronger and stronger.

The origin of “fire”, flame.


A low and extremely penetrating voice rang out, and Shen Qian with an indifferent face scooped up the body of a military Martial Artist while running. Pulled out a long knife.


The long knife was also instantly wrapped in flames.

The flame that was originally red continued to condense, and finally turned into a strange blue color.

When he ran to the front, he jumped high, and then like a shooting star, he spanned dozens of meters and smashed into the group of walking corpses.

The blue blade light flashed and passed away, and Shen Qian’s walking corpse was decapitated with a knife, neat and clean.

The blue flames stained on the neck of the walking corpse melted the ice armor in an instant, turning the walking corpse’s body into pitch-black coke, unable to get up again.

Shen Qian did the same, and in the blink of an eye, he wiped out seven or eight walking corpses all around.

The walking corpse, which gave Gao Martial Artist a headache, was unable to withstand a single blow in front of Shen Qian, and Huang Tao and the others were stunned.

Ouyang Fei and the others, who were still carefully sliding on the ropes, also stared wide-eyed, just stared at this scene in a daze, for a while they had forgotten what they were doing.

Shen Qian moved on.

You can really feel the despair of Huang Tao and the others when you are among the corpses. Thousands of walking corpses are densely packed, filling every corner of the field of vision, as if they will never get out.

But Shen Qian’s pace didn’t stop.

The long knife stained with blue flames danced in Shen Qian’s hands. It was obviously not in line with the most basic Blade Technique, but the trajectory seemed to contain some kind of truth, which made people dazzled. fan.

All the walking corpses surrounding them could not last a second in Shen Qian’s hands.

At this moment, it seems that Shen Qian is the Death God from the dark night, mercilessly harvesting the “life” of these walking corpses.

And every time the blade light was retracted, a wisp of gray and black energy sank into Shen Qian’s body where no one could see it.

Shen Qian is only Beginner Martial Artist after all.

With such high-frequency use of Yuan Qi, he will soon be drained.

The choice of the system is to fight for war.

He was constantly absorbing the “dead chill” from these walking corpses.

Original vitality Second Layer function, devour!

The energy of death and cold is incorporated into the vitality, and the vitality is transformed into an extreme fire composed of raging flames, which burns everything.

In less than half a minute, Shen Qian had already killed a transparent, and in front of Huang Tao and the others, there was only an empty black path left on the way.

“Follow behind classmate Shen Qian and kill him!”

Sun Fang was the first to came back to his senses, knowing that he wasn’t going to explore how Shen Qian could be so capable at this time. At times, shouted loudly.

Huang Tao and the others were no longer scattered, and moved towards Shen Qian gathered together.


Ben also rekindled the rays of light in the eyes of the sergeants of the Changyou Battalion who paved the way with their bodies, and guarded Shen Qian at the forefront.

Without worries, Shen Qian moved faster and faster.

When the head of the two walking corpses was cut off with one knife again, the eyes were suddenly empty, and the altar was close at hand.

“Huang Tao, take the baby from the altar!”

“The others will join hands and kill these nine people!”

Sun Put loudly roared, already the first to rush out.

The nine cloaked scavengers had to stop temporarily to fight Sun Fang and the others.

Once they fought, the expressions of Sun Fang and the others were obviously relaxed, because the realm of these nine people was not high, and it was probably the appearance of Martial Artist Peak in the middle.

Pu chi!

After a few tricks, Sun Fang stabbed the long spear in one person’s chest, successfully beheading one person.

In a few moments, nine people were killed under siege by a group of high-level Martial Artists.

And Huang Tao also successfully came to the altar, ignoring the resentful eyes of the dying woman next to him, and directly took the baby off the stump.

The snowstorm between Heaven and Earth suddenly stopped.

And that weird arm also seemed to have lost its target and froze in mid-air.

The crisis was temporarily lifted, Sun Fang sighed in relief, and quickly commanded the sergeants of the Changyou Battalion to form a circular formation around the altar, temporarily blocking the still surging corpses at the periphery.

Even as a high Martial Artist, both vitality and stamina were nearly exhausted under the continuous fighting. Now that they had a chance to breathe, Huang Tao and the others sat on the ground without any image. .

The flames on Shen Qian’s body have also been extinguished, and she is breathing deeply at a certain natural frequency relying on the stump.

Even if he has the ability to devour and can constantly convert the cold energy of death for his own use, Shen Qian’s physical condition is also very bad at the moment.

Because between the transitions, the system couldn’t completely digest all the dead energy in such a hasty situation, and a lot of dead energy settled into Shen Qian’s body. signs of an attack.

If it wasn’t for her physique comparable to Martial Artist, Shen Qian would not be able to support it any longer.

“Shen Qian, are you alright?”

Huang Tao temporarily put the baby in his hand on the ground, and turned around and was frightened by Shen Qian’s face as gray as withered grass Jump, quickly came over and asked.

Sun Fang and the others also noticed Shen Qian’s abnormality, and their faces became solemn.

They don’t know Shen Qian’s secret, but they can probably think that with Shen Qian’s realm, they can do what they can’t, and must pay some kind of heavy price.

“All my comrades in the right camp, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Shen Qian!”

Sun Fang gave Shen Qian a military salute with a solemn expression on his face.

Shen Qian spit out one mouthful of impure air, his eyes returned to normal when the lifts came, he shook his head and said, “Commander Sun is polite, although I don’t know the reason, but you can all be okay. I’m afraid of life and death, and I can’t be at peace in the back…”

“If I can successfully prevent the opening of the ‘door’ this time, Shen Qian will take the lead!” Sun Fang said solemnly, Huang Tao and the others have also been nodded.

“The door…”

Shen Qian wanted to ask the inside story, but he suppressed his thoughts for a while, because although the sacrifice ceremony was interrupted, they were far away. Haven’t escaped yet.

Thousands of corpses surrounded the altar, and the remaining 800 long right sergeants were struggling to resist. Every few seconds, there were corpses engulfed by the corpses who were weak.

Shen Qian hacked all the way just now, killing at least hundreds of walking corpses, but compared to the overall number of walking corpses, it was still not worth mentioning.

The situation on the hillside is probably even more critical, but fortunately, Ouyang Fei and the others were about halfway up and found that they couldn’t do anything, so they climbed up silently, and didn’t rush down to die.

β€œWhat now?” Shen Qian asked.

“There is no good way, only to stand guard.”

Sun Fang shook his head, and then explained, “Generally speaking, the appearance of the ‘door’ will surely alarm the stationed powerhouses of the Sky Survey Divisions in various places. , we just need to hold on until the support comes, and everything is over.”

Hearing that there will be support, Shen Qian relaxed a little.

He seemed to have shown great divine might just now, and he was arrogant, but in just five minutes, the energy of the system dropped by 10%, and now there is less than 40% left.

Obviously, this kind of battle is also a great burden on the system.

Shen Qian can’t be a real savior, but he can’t do it either by letting him watch so many familiar people die in front of him.

“Don’t worry, although there will be some casualties, we will definitely be able to hold on, unless something changes…”

Li Ziyan was worried about Shen Qian’s emotions and comforted her one sentence.

However, in the next second, the white arm in midair, which had been stagnant, suddenly waved as if it had been stimulated by some kind of stimulation.

The nine cloaked people who had been dead for a while on the ground suddenly opened their eyes, and the blue rays of light bloomed from them, and then they silently climbed up from the ground.


The snow on the woods shook off, and countless shadows came out from the edge of the woods, which was a group of walking corpses that could not be seen at a glance.

Everyone’s complexion greatly changed, and Li Ziyan gave himself a mouth fiercely.

“Prioritize these nine people!”

Although Sun Fang was not panicked, he instantly recognized that they were different from ordinary walking corpses from the blue rays of light in the eyes of the nine people, and immediately shouted loudly.

However, as soon as they fought, Sun Fang’s face became heavy.

He Yanfeng, who was slightly weaker, had his blade broken by a cloaked walking corpse, and spit blood flying upside down.

“High Martial Artist, they all have the power of high Martial Artist!”

He Yanfeng yelled in horror.

Huang Tao and the others were caught in a hard fight and did not answer for a while.

The most troublesome thing is not the power of these nine cloaked walking corpses, but the ice armor covered on them, which is several times harder than ordinary walking corpses.


Sun Fang’s long spear stabbed the cloaked walking corpse in the neck, making a crisp sound of gold and iron symphony, but it couldn’t break the defense at all.

“Commander, I’ll come to help you!”

Song Ben and other dozens of middle Martial Artists in the Changyou Battalion all retreated from the array upon seeing this. , joined the inner battlefield, helped Huang Tao and the others share the pressure, and finally stabilized the situation temporarily.

However, due to the influx of walking corpses in the woods, the perimeter of the circle formed by the sergeants became on the verge of collapse.

“Shen Qian, we’ll find a way to help you open the way, you go first!”

At this moment, Huang Tao suddenly shouted.

Shen Qian hearing this startled , was about to refuse when the voices of Sun Fang and the others also rang.


“Don’t be pretentious, with your potential, your life is better than everything I have!”

“Go back to the hillside, If there is still energy left, help Director Zhao and the others to defend against the corpses, and wait for Mountain And Sea to come to help!”

“You have played your role, and the overall situation is the most important!”

One sentence per person , which firmly blocked Shen Qian’s mouth.

Shen Qian was struggling inside, but he knew that from a rational point of view, he couldn’t help much here, unless he forced the system to take another shot.

But the battle strength of these nine cloaked walking corpses is already higher than that of Martial Artist, which is obviously beyond the scope of system’s ability.

“Song Ben, lead someone to clear the way for Shen Qian, and the rest, give your full assistance!”

Xu Fang didn’t wait for Shen Qian to say more, and already gave the order.


Without any hesitation, Song Ben greeted five more Martial Artists, and resolutely rushed into the group of corpses in the direction of the hillside.

Huang Tao and the others also led away the walking corpses in the inner circle, making way for Shen Qian.

Shen Qian gritted his teeth, stood up with a long knife, and was about to follow Song Ben, who was in the lead, but another silhouette was faster.

“I want to go too!”

“Let me go!”

“Why sacrifice Lao Tzu, a high-school Martial Artist, to serve a third-year high school student Open the way, what is he, what is he… You are crazy, you are all fucking crazy!”

“Let me go first!”

With madness The hoarse roar sounded one after another, but He Yanfeng suddenly retreated, turned and rushed towards the road opened by Song Ben and the others.

Everyone is complexion greatly changed, and there is no time to react. This sudden change has already triggered a series of chain reactions.

Originally, He Yanfeng and two other Martial Artists from Changyou Battalion were entangled in a cloaked walking corpse. The cloaked walking corpse stretched out his arms and strangled his throat.

Pu chi!

The two blood mists sputtered, and the two of them were crushed in the neck before they even struggled, and they died instantly.


Sun Fang, who has always been face doesn’t change since the start of the war, instantly flushed with red eyes and let out a roaring roar.

The fragile balance was broken, and the nearest Xu He was besieged by two cloaked walking corpses.

On the other side, Song Ben and the others, who were driving ahead, were also disrupted by He Yanfeng’s sudden collision, and were instantly divided by the walking corpses, falling into the misery of fighting each other.


After came back to his senses, an unprecedented boundless anger flooded Shen Qian’s heart, he picked up the long blue fireworks that bloomed again. The knife moved towards He Yanfeng and walked over.

He Yanfeng failed to charge ahead, but made the situation worse.

He Yanfeng was a little flustered when he realized that he had made a big mistake, especially when he turned to meet Shen Qian’s murderous-looking eyes, he became even more at a loss.

“No, don’t blame me…We’re all going to die anyway…”

“I’m a high Martial Artist, their lives are not worth my money!”

“Don’t…don’t kill me!”

He Yanfeng, who was terrified, faced Shen Qian, whose realm was much lower than him, but he couldn’t produce the courage to resist, so he just turned around. The corpses fled wildly.


He Yanfeng, who was like a headless fly, knocked down a Martial Artist in the Changyou Battalion.

“Old You!”

Witnessing this scene, Song Ben’s eyes were about to split. On the fleeing He Yanfeng.

“Get out!”

He Yanfeng was kicked upside down and flew out and fell back to the altar in the inner circle, but Song Ben was also rushed all around because of his exhaustion. The walking corpse fell.

At the last second, Shen Qian only saw Song Ben with tears in his eyes grinning at himself.

Next moment, the silhouette of the other party is completely obscured by the corpse.

Shen Qian’s nose was sour, but the anger in his heart was even stronger, he turned and moved towards He Yanfeng and ran away.

He Yanfeng, who had returned to the starting point, looked at Huang Tao and the others who looked indifferent all around, and Shen Qian who was rushing in rage, and couldn’t help falling into despair.

Suddenly, He Yanfeng’s expression changed, as if he had heard a sound, then his expression became ruthless, he suddenly got up from the ground, and under the extremely shocked eyes of Huang Tao and the others, he hugged him. He picked up the baby just next to him and put the baby back on the stump.

“He Yanfeng are you fucking crazy?!”


Li Ziyan and the others yelled, but it was too late to stop them.

The temperature between Heaven and Earth plummeted, and the white arm in midair, which had been waving randomly, seemed to have found its direction again after a meal, and moved towards the baby below and grabbed it.

And He Yanfeng didn’t stop after putting the baby on the stump, took out a dagger and cut his wrist, and then sprinkled the gushing blood into the sky, and sprinkled it on the ground. On the white arm.

Heaven and Earth trembled, and the speed of the blood-stained white arm breaking the door suddenly accelerated. In just a few seconds, the light spot expanded again, and the monster behind the “door” had already exposed most of his body.

It was an unknown humanoid creature whose whole body was covered with white scales. He exposed half of his eyes with dim-blue rays of light, like a Death God who came out of hell, indifferent. He glanced at the battlefield below.

The repressed atmosphere permeated the audience, and Shen Qian was also complexion changed.

Mountain And Sea!

And, this breath is by no means a weakling among Mountain And Sea.

After being stunned for a while, Shen Qian ignored it and continued to move towards look pale He Yanfeng.

“What you said, what you said…Save me!”

He Yanfeng was horrified, moved towards and shouted in midair.

Shen Qian thought he was talking to the monster in the “door”, but he didn’t realize that he had misunderstood until another voice sounded.

“Everyone is ready to stop, and leave the rest to us.”

A thunder-like sound exploded in the air, and then from the sky East, South, West, Four silhouettes slowly emerged in the four directions of North.

They wore uniform black battle uniforms with four gold borders on their cuffs. The appearance of the clothes made Shen Qian feel a little familiar, but she couldn’t remember where she had seen them for a while.

Before Shen Qian could think about it, Sun Fang and the others had let out a long sigh of relief.

Because these four people are walking on air, it means that they are… all Mountain And Sea!

The support everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived.


The four stretched out their hands and faced each other in midair. Spiritual Qi between Heaven and Earth came together like a river returning to the sea, and then they pressed down at the same time.


A large invisible net seemed to be thrown in the air, and it lightly avoided all the sergeants of the Changyou Battalion, and instantly crushed all the walking corpses to the ground, unable to move.

This extremely precise control also made Huang Tao and the others dazzled.

Mountain And Sea and High Martial Artist seem to be separated by a thin line, but as long as they cross it, it is another Heaven and Earth.

The monster, who was still half-stuck in the door, finally turned his eyes away from the baby below and turned to the four people standing in the air, but his blue eyes remained calm.

Huang Tao and the others relaxed, panting violently, looking pale as paper.

At this point in the battle, everyone is already close to running out of fuel.

The surviving sergeants of Changyou Battalion also stood by supporting each other, but their young faces did not have the joy of avoiding a catastrophe, they were just silent and heavy.

There are also many sergeants who still remember one thing, so they unconsciously turned their attention to the inner circle.

At this moment of silence, there was still one person who did not stop.

Shen Qian walked over to He Yanfeng without saying a word, dragging the long knife.

He was too lazy to care about the mid-air Mountain And Sea, but He Yanfeng must die.

“I said stop, didn’t you hear it?” However, the Mountain And Sea powerhouse who was the first to speak in midair was frowned and spoke again.

“Why, you want to protect this traitor?” Shen Qian step one stopped and lifts the head asked directly.

“Even if he is guilty, but the war is over, there is a law to judge him, and you are breaking the law if you do it now!”

That Mountain And Sea powerhouse indifferently said.

Shen Qian smiled, “putting it that way, do you actually know what happened just now, or did the four of you actually arrive just now?”

As soon as he came out, the expressions of all the people present changed.

The Mountain And Sea powerhouse’s expression was also a little unnatural, but it quickly returned to normal, “Don’t guess.”


Shen Qian had already figured out some things at this time, he pointed to the monster in midair and said with a sneer: “How could He Yanfeng suddenly put the baby on the altar, such an abnormal behavior is not logical at all, unless…”

“This way you can survive!”

“But the problem comes again, he’s not with the monster, so how can he survive like this?”

“I I didn’t understand it at first, but then it was fun, he said ‘you said save me’, and then you all appeared.”

“The first sentence you appeared was to stop us.”

“I just realized now, isn’t this his chance to live?”

“Why…you want to release that monster?”

“Why? , you obviously didn’t arrive just now, but you are willing to take action now?!”

Shen Qian’s face became more and more angry, and it turned into a loud question in the end.

There was silence up and down the hillside, only Shen Qian’s rage echoed between Heaven and Earth.

“Are you… are you questioning me waiting?”

The Mountain And Sea powerhouse’s face also became ugly, “Why, do you think we are deliberately making you Sacrifice?”

“I’m too lazy to care what you guys think.”

Shen Qian laughed, picked up the long knife again, and strode towards He Yanfeng, “Anyway, this scumbag I It’s done today!”

“Save me, save me!”

He Yanfeng trembled and shouted in horror.


The Mountain And Sea powerhouse couldn’t help shouting coldly when Shen Qian didn’t listen to his orders at all.

Shen Qian ignored him, suddenly accelerated, and the long knife slashed directly at He Yanfeng, who was overwhelmed by fear.


The Mountain And Sea powerhouse stood still in the air, but it was coldly snorted, and suddenly extended the hand and took a shot.

Spiritual Qi surging, the wind blew on the flat ground, and He Yanfeng was directly caught in the air and flew up, and in an instant he reached an altitude of more than 20 meters.

Shen Qian couldn’t help but stop.

“I said, you can’t kill him now, you can’t kill him.”

The Mountain And Sea powerhouse hooked the corners of his mouth sarcastically.

The sergeants of Changyou Battalion who have been standing silent all the time have disappointment in their eyes. Sun Fang’s eyes are more like a volcano brewing. It’s just that he can only tighten his body and do everything because of his duty as a soldier. No.

Huang Tao, Xu He and the others are all self-deprecating laughed.

They may have had the opportunity to take action just now, but they don’t know what they are worried about.

Perhaps it’s because you don’t have the willful capital like Shen Qian?

Backed by the princely powerhouse, the leisure Mountain And Sea really does not deserve his respect.

But is that a reason to retreat?

They looked at each other and saw the shame in each other’s eyes.

But it’s too late to say anything.

Under the Mountain And Sea, no one can control the sky.

He Yanfeng has reached an altitude of more than 50 meters, even a tall Martial Artist can’t jump so high.

Amid the gloom up and down the hillside, only Shen Qian had the calmest expression.

After just a very short stun, Shen Qian’s mouth also drew a sarcastic arc.

“You can’t kill if you say you can’t?”

“But I said just now that he must die today.”

“I used to be a person before. There are no advantages, but now, I, Shen Qian, want to add one more thing to myself, that is…walk the talk!”

“Today, I can’t keep him even when I come here!”

“I said it!”

Shen Qian suddenly roared and jumped high, and then, under the horrified gazes of countless people, took the sky as a ladder and took several steps. He moved towards He Yanfeng, who was still in the air, and swept over.


Who said this was for Mountain And Sea?

Fuck you!

Do you think Lao Tzu can’t!

The long knife in Shen Qian’s hand suddenly burst into an incomparable blade glow that Heaven and Earth eclipsed, moved towards He Yanfeng, whose face was distorted due to extreme fear, and beheaded him!

8000 words, the promise is still 7000 short, rest assured that I will make it up, I heard that EDG won the First Stage, I will go to a game first, Ollie will give it!

(end of this chapter)

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