I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 132


Chapter 132 Someday

“Heaven and Earth have Spiritual Qi, but Mountain And Sea can defend them.”

In the first volume textbook of “The Theory of Martial Arts Basics”, the chapter on the nature of Spiritual Qi has such an important point.

This sentence means that Martial Artists below Mountain And Sea want to use Spiritual Qi between Heaven and Earth, there is only one way, that is to absorb Spiritual Qi into the body through various basic methods, And then converted into vitality.

And Mountain And Sea is different.

Mountain And Sea can directly control Spiritual Qi between Heaven and Earth for its own use, no need to go through the body.

This is also the fundamental reason why the Mountain And Sea powerhouse can be vacated.

Like Liu Changqing, a Martial Artist who can be vacated at the high Martial Artist stage is already an outlier among aliens, and I don’t know how many surprises it has caused.

Today, a senior high school student who is suspected to be a Beginner Martial Artist is walking on air in full view of the public!

This had a huge impact on the inherent concept, not only shocked the people up and down the hillside, but even the four Mountain And Sea in the air was sluggish for a moment, and then showed disbelief. look.

Shen Qian didn’t want to think about the impact at all at this moment.

He only knew that He Yanfeng must die!

Otherwise, how could he afford Song Ben’s dying smile…

Shen Qian closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and exhausted all the surging anger and killing intent Kneaded into the blade light, moved towards He Yanfeng in mid-air and slashed.

The original intention of Mountain And Sea powerhouse taking He Yanfeng into the air was to save his life, but at this time it became He Yanfeng’s life reminder instead.

Even a tall Martial Artist is like a drowning land duck in mid-air, unable to exert his due strength without any help, he can only watch the Senhan blade glow from his neck. swept over.

“You dare!”

The Mountain And Sea powerhouse was standing several thousand meters away, and it was too late to rescue if caught off guard, so they could only shout furiously.

In response to him, there was only a passing blade light, blood splashing three feet, and a human head flying high.


At this moment, many sergeants of Changyou Battalion finally couldn’t control their emotions, clenched their fists and drank lowly.


Mountain And Sea powerhouse looked at Shen Qian who fell from the sky, his face was full of anger, “Shen Qian, disobeying orders, killing people in public, you You know what kind of crime this is!”

“So you know me!”

Shen Qian, who was carrying He Yanfeng’s head to the ground, squinted his eyes, hehe said with a smile: ” I’ll kill you, what do you want?”

The scene became silent again, and Huang Tao and the others didn’t even bother to think about the secrets of Shen Qian, and they all showed worried expressions.

Even though there is a princely powerhouse behind Shen Qian, it is not ignorant of Shen Qian to hear the tone of Mountain And Sea, but at the moment, Jing City Marquis is not here!

Then Mountain And Sea powerhouse was also suffocated, and then gloomily said: “Do you really think that you can ignore the law and order with several points of innate talent!”

“What about you? ?” Shen Qian smiled restrained, “Do you really think that Mountain And Sea can act wilfully, if this is what I guessed, if you came early but stood by, then all the soldiers of the Changyou Battalion who died here today will be , you are also responsible!”

“Why, you think you can kill me?”

The Mountain And Sea powerhouse was extremely angry and laughed.

“One day, why not!”

Shen Qian stared at him and said word by word, “Do you dare to leave your name?”

Huang Tao and the others were stunned by Shen Qian’s “arrogance”.

You disobeyed Mountain And Sea Martial Artist’s orders and forcibly killed He Yanfeng. Now you even threatened to kill Mountain And Sea Martial Artist?

Ouyang Fei and the others who witnessed the whole process on the hillside were also speechless.

Although I was numb today by the strength Shen Qian showed, my heart was still pounding at the moment.

Listen, listen, is this human?

The most important point is that, whether it is the teachers and students on the hillside, or the sergeants of the Changyou Battalion below, or even the four Mountain And Sea powerhouses in the air, they have not gone to this moment. Question whether Shen Qian is bragging.

It seems that they have already decided in their subconscious that Shen Qian can really do it.

Including the Mountain And Sea Martial Artist, who seemed to have some concerns and did not pick up Shen Qian’s words, but looked cold.

“Shen Qian disregarded the law, killed people in public, take it!”

A Mountain And Sea Martial Artist on the left heard this Just as he was about to shoot, there was a sudden light above the sky. Laughter sounded.

“Who are you taking?”

The laughter was light at first, but quickly turned into a rolling thunder, making the snow in the valley tremble.

A stream of rainbow light swept like a comet, and the Mountain And Sea Martial Artist who was about to shoot stopped in shock. When the rays of light dissipated, I saw a wooden sword standing steady It stopped firmly at the neck of the Mountain And Sea Martial Artist.

It seems that if he takes a step forward, he will move his head.

Seeing this wooden sword, the other three in midair also changed their faces.

“Ling Xiao!” Someone couldn’t help but exclaimed, calling out the name of the owner of the wooden sword.

Shen Qian’s expression remained the same, but she turned her head and looked towards the silhouette walking from the clouds.

When the four Mountain And Sea powerhouses appeared just now, some kind of blockade between Heaven and Earth had been broken, and Shen Qian also found that the bracelet had a signal again.

Among them are messages from Shi Dingyan, Liu Changqing and the others.

The loss of contact between Changyouying and Jing City candidates has long been noticed by the military and notified Jing City. Ling Xiao also set out from Mingcheng to find Shen Qian, but he only temporarily Shen Qian’s position could not be locked.

Everything is easy after getting the signal. Shen Qian is naturally confident when he learns that Fifth Senior Brother has joined Heaven and Earth.

This is the real reason why he dared to confront the Mountain And Sea powerhouse in front of him.

“Fifth Senior Brother!”

Watching the young man in mid-air cross a kilometer in one step and land directly beside him, Shen Qian shouted.

“Your Third Senior Brother is here too.” Ling Xiao laughed when she saw that Shen Qian was safe.

Shen Qian startled, the next second, there is a rainbow paving at the end of the sky, one silhouette walks, and in the blink of an eye, it is Shi Dingyan who is walking with his hands behind his back.

โ€œThird Senior Brother!โ€

Although I really want to complain about the bells and whistles of the two Senior Brothers, it does not prevent Shen Qian from being moved.

This kind of security that is cared about is not too comfortable.

On the hillside.

Ouyang Fei and the others stared blankly at Ling Xiao and Shi Dingyan who suddenly appeared.

A fool can also see that the two later are true peerless powerhouses. I didn’t see that the Mountain And Sea Martial Artist, who was coaxing and suppressing the audience before, was actually taken advantage of by the other party. Was the wooden sword too scared to move?

“Zifang, do you know these two people?”

Hearing Ouyang Fei’s question, Gu Zifang came back to his senses and looked the head with a complicated expression.

“You say, how much more is this bastard hiding from us?”

“A lot of it is anyway.”

Ouyang Fei sighed, “But In fact, it can’t be calculated like this, after all, we have only known each other for less than ten days…”

“I just kept thinking, did Shen Qian really fail the first two subjects?”

Gu Zifang muttered, she couldn’t believe that Shen Qian would fail the exam.

What he showed was simply not something they could do at their age.

“When the college entrance examination results come out, don’t you know everything?” Ouyang Fei didn’t bother, just said with a smile.

Compared with the title of a provincial champion, he is more interested in how Shen Qian achieves Yukong.

Although he said he couldn’t understand what kind of cultivation base Shen Qian was, it certainly wouldn’t be Mountain And Sea.

Otherwise, a Mountain And Sea who is less than twenty years old is simply Myths and Legends.

At this time, the humanoid monster, who was stuck in the door but always seemed calm, struggled for the first time after seeing Ling Xiao and Shi Dingyan appear. His eyes narrowed a little, his figure trembled wildly, as if he wanted to retreat behind the “door”.

“Be quiet first, I’ll deal with you later.”

Shi Dingyan smiled and waved his hand, in midair seemed to have a white light flashed and passed away.

The monster really quieted down immediately, no longer struggling.

Shen Qian was dumbfounded, and at the same time secretly had some guesses.

From the perspective of expressiveness, Shi Dingyan’s bizarre method is very similar to the “speaking out of the law” of big boss Gao, but Shi Dingyan’s method still has some traces of “skill”, at least with simple language It can’t be done.

But probably the same technique.

…I don’t know if I can learn it myself.

After all, this kind of martial skill like “have light”, it’s not too handsome to use it to be used to fight the enemy.

“It turned out to be Shi Zhongcheng and Ling Jianshi!”

The Mountain And Sea powerhouse, headed by him, saw the two appear, the complexion changed, and then greeted them with a smile.

Shen Qian couldn’t help but start thinking again after hearing the other person’s name.

In the middle? Swordsman?

What are these jobs?

Remembering that before, he heard Huang Tao and the others call Liu Changqing “Situ”. At first he thought it was Liu Changqing’s nickname or something, but now he hears Shi Dingyan and Ling Xiao again. It also has some kind of exclusive title, and he realized that there seems to be something in it.

“Who are you?” Ling Xiao asked.

“I am Tang Shengzong from the Criminal Division of the Ministry of Martial Arts, and these three are my colleagues.” The Mountain And Sea powerhouse, headed by him, flashed the token in his hand.

Martial arts!

Shen Qian’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Sure enough, his guess was right, no wonder the clothes of these people have a familiar meaning.

These four Mountain And Sea powerhouses come from the Martial Arts Department, which is the headquarters of the Martial Artist Bureau that had a grudge with Shen Qian, also known as the Martial Artist Special Affairs Management Department.

Even the Jing City Martial Arts Bureau had a big change because of Shen Qian, and Shen Qian heard Song Ye mentioned later that because the new director had not been appointed, the Jing City Martial Arts Bureau was in a certain position. In this sense it is already In name only.

It’s not surprising that the other party recognized his name as soon as he saw him.

To this day, Shen Qian’s mind has turned extremely fast. Judging from this detail, I am afraid that his name has already been filed in the Ministry of Martial Arts.

After Tang Shengzong replied, he suddenly pointed at Shen Qian and asked: “Dare to ask Ling Jianshi and Shi Zhongcheng, you appear at this time, but you want to forcibly cover up criminal Shen Qian?”

“Criminal? Shelter?”

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes and asked with a faint smile, “What a big hat, come on, let’s talk about it!”

“Shen Qian disregarded the law and committed murder for no reason when his own life was not threatened. Even in the restricted area, this is a first-class felony!”

Tang Shengzong said with a sneer, “More Not to mention he even threatened to kill me, even Mountain And Sea powerhouse has been ignored by him, his heart can be punished!โ€

โ€œMurder for no reason?โ€

Shen Qian coldly asked, “Is it because he disobeyed the military order? Is it because he fled in fear of war? Is it because he harmed his comrades? Or is it because he helped the scavengers complete the sacrifice ceremony?”

“Even if he has It’s my fault, but the war has stopped at that time, I will take him back to the Ministry of Martial Arts to judge his crimes, and it’s your turn to lynch him?” Tang Shengzong shouted righteously.

โ€œWhy do I think itโ€™s so funny to say the words โ€˜lynching without permissionโ€™ from your mouth?โ€

Shen Qian tsk tsk said, โ€œSpeaking of this, you guys The Ministry of Martial Arts is an old expert!”

“No matter how eloquent you are, you can’t cover up your crimes, and even if you are a prince Disciple, you have no privilege to go unpunished!”

Tang Shengzong heard what Shen Qian meant, but he didn’t answer Shen Qian’s words at all, just bit him to death.

Ling Xiao patted Shen Qian’s shoulder, didn’t let him answer the call, and took a step forward and clapped.

“A good move is to advance and retreat, but the more this is the case, the more I wonder what are you covering up?”

Ling Xiao stared at the other party and asked.

“If I remember correctly, monitoring restricted areas and handling special situations should be the responsibility of the Martial Arts Department’s Sky Survey Division. Why are people from your Martial Arts Department appearing here?”

Being suddenly questioned by Ling Xiao, Tang Shengzong’s face became unnatural for a moment, but he quickly recovered.

“We were passing by, and we came over when we noticed the abnormality. I also have the responsibility of guarding the gate. Naturally, it is impossible to stand by.”


Shi Dingyan, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly laughed, “It’s just passing by, but the ‘Four Elephants Trapped Dragon Array’ was specially set up. You guys are really free!”

After finishing speaking, Shi Dingyan waved casually. waved.

The sky all around suddenly trembled, and then four palm-size black flags emerged from nothingness, with mysterious runes carved on them.

With the appearance of the formation flag, illusory light appeared vaguely above the sky, but the criss-crossed space was filled with thousands of square meters of space.

Shen Qian was slightly at a loss.

Formation…Such unpopular knowledge is obviously beyond the outline for high school students.

“This kind of Formation can only be arranged by Mountain And Sea powerhouse. It is probably used to trap the enemy and hide, and it can also be used to shield exploration.”

Shi Dingyan is very considerate sound transmission Explain to Shen Qian.

โ€œtsk tsk, Third Senior Brother, it will take you at least ten minutes to set up this array, or are these Array Grandmasters able to form an array in an instant?โ€

Ling Xiao said with a laugh, then suddenly his expression turned cold.

“Teacher is right, the people in your martial arts department have been kicked by donkeys since 30 years ago.

“I don’t care what you want from this ‘door’ or this White Walker, but not in the Southwest, not under the nose of a teacher!”

Listening to Ling Xiao’s coldly shouted, Shen Qian clenched his fists.

He also doesn’t care about the crafty plots and machinations of these Mountain And Sea Martial Artists. All he cares about is Ling Xiao’s sentence. It means…

The four of them were already there.

But for their so-called purpose, they hide in the dark with cold eyes, sit and watch the soldiers of the Changyou Battalion being slaughtered, and watch Song Ben and more innocent people die.

How could they be so cold-blooded!

Shen Qian is sad and angry.

A tragedy that could have been avoided, why!

At this moment, Shen Qian’s perception of the Ministry of Martial Arts was extremely bad.

“Ling Jianshi misunderstood, these formation flags have nothing to do with us.”

Tang Shengzong faced Ling Xiao’s accusation that he didn’t change, but he did not admit it at all.

“Since it doesn’t matter, then get out!” Ling Xiao coldly snorted.

“…This White Walker was finally suppressed by our martial arts department first, and we will take it away.” He pointed to the monster stuck on the “door” and made a request.

“You can’t take it with you.” Shi Dingyan made a peaceful conclusion.

“Hehe, if that’s the case, can you ask Shi Zhongcheng and Ling Jianshi not to stop us from arresting criminals!”

Tang Shengzong turned his attention to Shen Qian again, and the words The implied meaning in is very obvious.

“Are you threatening me?” Ling Xiao smiled, and the wooden sword that had been hovering in midair trembled slightly.

Tang Shengzong’s face turned pale, but his attitude was unusually tough.

“I don’t understand what Ling Jianshi is saying. It is the main responsibility of my Martial Arts Department to check the lawlessness of Martial Artist. This is the law set by the Nine Kings Conference. Could it be that Ling Jianshi also Do you want to know the law and break the law?”

I am in a very bad state today, and I have to sort out the outlines that follow, so I wrote this after sitting all night, and I will add a chapter to perfunctory readers… More tomorrow. Make up, rest assured, the poor 7000 words will never be forgotten.

(end of this chapter)

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