I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 135


Chapter 135 Strength soars

It was ten o’clock in the middle of the night, and the square in front of the happy community was deserted. Only the faint light from the houses next to it slightly illuminated the sidewalks of some communities.

Shen Qian, carrying a backpack, walked silently in it, and the fine light and shadow made his face a little more dazed.

Suddenly, a mad dog jumped out of the grass beside him, moved towards Shen Qian and bit him, but Shen Qian didn’t respond.


The wild dog was kicked away by a silhouette that rushed out of the slash, and ran with its tail between its tails.

“Shen Qian, why don’t you hide, ah, you… what’s wrong with you?”

The girl was angry at first, then she saw Shen Qian’s gloomy expression, which was very different from before, He couldn’t help being taken aback, and looked at Shen Qian’s eyes cautiously again.

“You…you won’t cry, right?”

“It’s just a little emotional.”

Shen Qian finally came back to his senses and watched Glancing at the girl’s pretty face, Strangely said: “Why are you here?”

“I’m here…I’ll come to play with you when I pass by, didn’t the people in the school say you’re back? , you haven’t replied to my message, I’m just waiting downstairs, I was about to go home, I saw you came back, hehe!”

Huo Linger stupidly laughed , Shen Qian noticed that her cheeks were a little pale because of the night wind, so she raised her hand subconsciously, but quickly held it back.

β€œAre you drinking?”

Shen Qian took out a white beer from her bag and said with a smile.


Huo Ling’er waved her hand boldly.

“…I talked to Captain Song about the whole thing, he was silent for a long time, but he didn’t criticize anything, he just said that he actually thought about it countless times. This kind of scene, man, the horse leather corpse is not a good destination.”

“But I know he must not think so in his heart. When I left the Spirit Hall, I saw him sitting in front of the ice coffin. , with your back to me.”

Shen Qian who was sitting on the edge of the rooftop fiercely took a sip of beer, then put out a long breath and said with certainty.

“He was crying, he just didn’t want me to see it.”

“At that moment, I felt guilty too.”

“Yeah, Although it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with me, I can’t help but think, if Principal Huang and the others didn’t think about helping me open the way, wouldn’t they… Maybe that scumbag wouldn’t even think about running away?”

“Maybe it’s a bit far-fetched, but when the big snow falls, how can there be innocent snowflakes?”

“At that time, we were comrades who should rely on life and death!”

“I still can’t convince myself…I didn’t kill Bo Ren, but Bo Ren died because of me, maybe that’s how it feels?”

“Or if I’m a bit better, no one has to die. I’m done.”

Shen Qian crumpled the can in her hand and took another can of beer from Huo Linger, who was listening quietly beside her.

“Ouyang Fei and Zifang…they are the group of friends I told you about going to the college entrance examination this time. They sang on KTV. I went to sit for a while.”

“I didn’t want to play, I just wanted to chat with them.”

“But I forgot that their memories were blurred.”

“They remember Song Ben, but forgot that he was dead.”

“They are still releasing the pressure after the college entrance examination, I listened to them singing ‘The wind blows and blows’, and I wanted to laugh and laugh. I want to cry.”

“The joys and sorrows of human beings are not connected, I just think they are noisy.”

“I don’t know if I think they are noisy, or they think I am out of place, I couldn’t sit still, and I went with the wine…”

“I suddenly remembered this sentence, especially when they asked me if I was unhappy. The funniest thing is that they I still think I’m worried about not doing well in the first two subjects…”


Huo Linger nervously held Shen Qian’s hand , Shen Qian shook his head to indicate that he was fine.

“I also thought of the mother and son I saw on the street…”

“You know, this world is not peaceful, Captain Sun and I are on the Spirit Hall. It is said that even if their Changyou Battalion is an elite unit, the annual casualty rate is about 20%.”

“That is to say, every year their battalion has to reduce its personnel by about 200 people, which is unstoppable.”

“No one pays attention to these figures, and they are reluctant to publicize them. The saddest thing is that many families of the military will not mention it again. Some people have taken pensions and started a new life. Maybe Also formed a new family…

“I don’t understand, it seems that the so-called human nature is involved here, and I don’t want to explore so much, it’s very tiring. “

Shen Qian’s voice gradually became lower, he picked up a can of wine again, lifted the lid and stood up.

“This glass of wine was originally made with Song Second The brother made an appointment to go back to Jing City to drink together, and now, it can be considered as a drink together…”

Shen Qian poured the wine down.

“Thank you, listen. I said so much nonsense. “

The anger in his chest went away, Shen Qian said with a smile.

“We are… friends, as we should be.” Huo Ling’er tilted her head and said, “Besides, I’m here to comfort you today, it’s not a go on an errand for nothing!” “

“You knew these things before?” “Shen Qian surprisedly said.

“No, it’s…” Huo Linger hesitated.

“Anything else? “Shen Qian raised his eyebrows and got closer, “Say! “

“You, don’t get so close, people say that…”

Huo Linger, who was leaning against the corner, was a little dizzy, so she pushed Shen Qian a little further away. I regained a little thinking ability.

“Shen Qian, did you fail the martial arts college entrance examination? “Huo Ling’er asked cautiously.

“What did you hear? “Shen Qian probably guessed it.

“Just…Jing City’s newspapers and forums have a lot of articles about you recently, saying that you…have failed the exam, and you are compared with Wang Shuo. , by the way, even the city lord scolded it! “

Huo Ling’er said slowly, looking at Shen Qian’s face, as if she was worried about which words she said would irritate Shen Qian.

“That’s it? “

Shen Qian took a sip of wine without caring.

After so many days, at RT-Mart… ah, I saw so many abuses and attacks on the bracelet , Shen Qian doesn’t say that his heart is like stone, at least he’s calm!

“No, their words are ugly, much worse than what I said! “

Huo Linger was a little anxious, and said seriously: “In short, don’t listen to those people talking nonsense, anyway, no matter what, you are very difficult to deal with in my heart. of! “

Shen Qian watched Huo Linger pretending to be serious to show her solemn face, but she couldn’t hold back and pinched her tender face.

” hahaha, stop talking, drink the bar! “

Shen Qian handed Huo Ling’er a can of wine and gagged her mouth.

“See that clothes pole, it’s not an ordinary one.” It was an alloy clothes drying rod. I bought it with five hundred oceans after I had the money. After all, I broke it at the beginning, hey, at that time…”

Most men can’t get rid of the problem of talking too much after drinking too much. Although Shen Qian is a teenager, he has some natural seizures and starts to talk about the past.

In the changing night sky of Jing City, I don’t know when it will appear. The stars are shining, and there is a full moon hanging in the air.

That night, the teenager talked a lot with the bottle of wine until late at night.

The girl sat next to her with her chin in her hand.

He raised his head, his face full of intoxication, but he didn’t know whether it was because of alcohol or because of the starry sky or something else…

Drinking the white beer, the formidable power is unparalleled, far away Super-ordinary beer.

Not surprisingly, Shen Qian, who didn’t use his vitality to hangover, got drunk again.

Shen Qian opened his eyes, and his head was still tingling, until he After running the “Hunyuan spirit refinement chapter”, it became refreshed again.

There are still hangover medicine left by mother and a bowl of cooled soup beside the bed, although it is no longer needed, But Shen Qian still picked up the bowl and drank it.

I sat on the rooftop with Huo Linger until after three o’clock last night, and Shen Qian didn’t shake until the driver of Huo Linger’s house came to pick her up.

I wandered home.

Although it is not advisable to drink too much, I have to say that it feels good to have such a hangover once in a while.

I went out of the bedroom and looked at it, it was noon At that time, Shen Liang went to work and Wang Xiaojuan went to dance class, but the house was empty.

After taking a bath, Shen Qian, who had already finished her satiety pills, ordered another takeout for 20 people. , then sat on the sofa and took out the bracelet that had been charged for a while.

The top chat box is still gray, and “It’s Xiaoding” is offline.

From the day Shen Qian departed from Jing City, Ding Yi left a message to attend the training camp and never went online again. It seems that the training camp is still not over.

Shen Qian has roughly guessed by now that Ding Yi participated in the training. This training class is likely to be prepared for the grand tournament event in autumn and winter.

To expand our thinking, this year, the early enrollment of domestic colleges and universities is generally more violent than in previous years, and there may be reasons for this.


I’m really curious, what kind of event is that?

Close After Ding Yi’s dialog box, Shen Qian continued to scroll down.

Many people sent him messages, and even Chai Haotian called him. Shen Qian swept it all over, and there was nothing particularly important. Almost most people’s concerns were filled with some inquiries. .

Including Chai Haotian looking for him, Shen Qian guessed it was related to the college entrance examination.

Some annoying Shen Qian didn’t answer Chai Haotian’s phone.

After thinking about it, Shen Qian still opened the Jing City local forum that had been ignored for a long time.

To Shen Qian’s surprise, the most popular post was not related to him as he imagined, but another news.

“A comprehensive prediction of the annual ranking of Jing City (including dry goods and breaking news).”

The so-called annual ranking seems to be an evaluation conducted by the Chinese Executive Yuan every year. Shen Qian I have seen it in the newspapers before, and it seems that this ranking is not just a paper honor, but a real entanglement of interests.

With some curiosity, Shen Qian also clicked on the post to take a look.

The post is very long, and it lists various detailed data charts. It can be seen that it is indeed well written and the analysis is well-founded.

After reading it, Shen Qian looked a little complicated.

The importance of the city’s annual ranking to a city far surpasses the imagination. For example, the living and production resources that can be allocated to each city each year have a basic value, but this basic value can only be Maintain the basic functioning of a city.

And if you want to get more resources, you need to rely on the city ranking to win.

The higher the rank, the more resources can be allocated.

These resources cover almost all aspects, minerals, fruits and vegetables, manpower, transportation, military and so on.

This will lead to good cities getting better and better, while weak cities can only stay put.

It is the classic 28 principle again.

The decline of Jing City began ten years ago, and it has been declining since seven years ago. In more than 1,000 cities across the country, Jing City has fallen from the pinnacle of more than 100 to today. of more than six hundred.

According to the guess of the post, if it is not for the Jing City Marquis factor, in fact, Jing City can only rank more than 900.

This year, Jing City is likely to drop out of the top 1,000.

According to the calculation, the decline of Jing City coincides with the decline of education. Although education is not the only reason, it is very much like the seed of the butterfly effect.

The reason why Shen Qian’s face is complicated is that, sure enough, at the end of the post, it was inevitable to mention this year’s college entrance examination, and Shen Qian was also mentioned.

“Don’t wash the bottom, Shen Qian is the last one to walk out of the will test room, there are pictures to prove it!”

“Inside information, Wang Shuo was actually forced by Shen Qian’s tricks. Let’s go…”

“Does it mean that Shen Qian has to be the champion, why should he do things that no one has done in the past seven years?”

“hehe,’ The light of Jing City’ is nothing if I can’t get the champion, if it’s that simple, I can call myself ‘the light of Jing City’!”

“The college entrance examination has been over for six days, and the candidates of Jing City I’ve been back a long time ago, have you seen Shen Qian’s appearance, he must have consciously failed the exam and was afraid of being beaten on the street!”


Number of posts Many, refreshed every second, occasionally helped Shen Qian, but most were still critical and skeptical.

Shen Qian glanced at it and didn’t look any further, he was still afraid that his emotions would be affected.

However, Shen Qian figured out a problem at this moment.

That’s where the “bad luck” of the unfathomable mystery about him comes from.

Chai Haotian had told Shen Qian before that he had exposed Shen Qian’s actions before he left for the expedition, which was equivalent to transferring part of Jing City’s luck to Shen Qian.

And these luck, in the final analysis, is the reflection of the public opinion of Jing City.

Perhaps Chai Haotian used his luck to help Shen Qian overcome difficulties in the college entrance examination, but after the reversal of public opinion, these luck turned into bad luck, which is equivalent to turning public opinion into resentment.

Fortunately, it’s really a double-edged sword.

Actually, Shen Qian has been wondering why everyone thinks he failed the exam?

He obviously never admitted it.

He again impossible took a loudspeaker and went to the streets to shout “I got full marks”, and whether it worked or not, it was too low.

Moreover, he couldn’t tell the secret of the perfect score in the college entrance examination.

Waiting for the delivery, Shen Qian, who was full of food and drink, thought for a while and decided to go to Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall for ironing.

There are still three days before the results of the college entrance examination are announced. Since it is not convenient to go out, secluded cultivation is naturally the best choice.

Though the 99th floor of Heavenspan Pagoda has been renovated, it still needs to be put aside and bought some furniture by the way, but it is not suitable for living for the time being.

I called my mother and said she was going out for a few days. Wang Xiaojuan seemed to understand Shen Qian. She didn’t ask any further questions, but she said implicitly that if you go out with a girl, you should pay attention to safety.

Shen Qian pretended not to understand what mother was saying, packed a few changes of clothes, put on a mask and sunglasses like a star, and then went straight to the Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall.

Coming to Martial Arts Hall, Shen Qian met Zhu Deyong whom she hadn’t seen for a long time.

Zhu Deyong was very enthusiastic as always, and personally helped Shen Qian arrange the diamond cultivation room. It seemed that he was not affected by the outside public opinion at all, but Xiaoxuan was unexpectedly absent.

“She took leave when you weren’t around recently. It seems that someone at home has to take care of her.”

Zhu Deyong said with a smile: “You also know that she doesn’t serve other guests, I just passed the college entrance examination and it’s the off-season, and I don’t need anyone at the front desk, so I gave her a long vacation, or should I call her back now?”

“That’s not necessary, that’s it.”

Shen Qian refused with a smile. After Zhu Deyong left, he first came to the simple simulator in the corner.

After punching Pharaoh, a string of numbers jumped out of the simulator.

“Explosive power: 1209 Kg

Instantaneous speed: 2.1 s/100 meters


This number is basically in Shen Qian’s prediction.

During the college entrance examination, Shen Qian took a test. At that time, the strength was 1147. Although it has been a week, Shen Qian did not have much cultivation during this time, and the natural growth rate was not too great.

Shen Qian returned to the cultivation area and took out a glass bottle from his backpack. The black energy lingered in it, like a thundercloud. It was the death energy that the boss Gaobang had stripped from his body.

Strictly speaking, if so many people hadn’t died in the first battle in the valley, Shen Qian would have gained a lot.

I don’t know how many days and nights of ascetic practice Shen Qian has been able to absorb just by absorbing this dead energy.

After all, he needed too much Spiritual Qi for his breakthrough, and it was difficult for him to satisfy his appetite through normal routes.

In order to prevent waste, Shen Qian first came to the steam room that was barely used. After closing the doors and windows, leaving only a ventilation port, Shen Qian opened the glass bottle, and then called out. system .

After all, he himself has no ability to absorb death energy.

After the energy of the system was consumed again in the valley, it had fallen below 40%, and the search for energy had to be put on the agenda.

But if it’s just for daily cultivation, it’s not too much burden for the system.

After setting up the AFK requirements, Shen Qian quickly lost consciousness and completely lost consciousness.


In the blink of an eye, three days passed by, and finally the day of the college entrance examination was released.

Shen Qian had already greeted Zhu Deyong in advance, so in the past three days, apart from ordering a meal between waking up occasionally, no one bothered Shen Qian at other times.

As for the bracelet, it was directly shut down by Shen Qian.

That’s the best way to not be disturbed by the outside world.

Shen Qian also spent the longest cultivation cycle this year.

Three days, except for sleeping and eating, all in cultivation.

Shen Qian didn’t even have time to sense the changes in her body, and was quickly dragged into the next cultivation cycle.

By the time Shen Qian woke up, it was the morning of the fourth day.

Shen Qian, full of energy and her eyes half-blooming, stood up and glanced at the glass bottle on the table.

After three days of refining, there is still about 1/4/2022 of dead gas left in the glass bottle.

After moving his hands and feet, Shen Qian felt that he was different.

The most obvious thing is that the vitality in the body has condensed a lot.

Judging from the quality, it should have crossed the threshold of Beginner Martial Artist.

β€œThis is probably the most improved time for me, right?”

Shen Qian clenched his fist, feeling that he could easily kill the liger with one punch.

After a brief rinse, Shen Qian couldn’t wait to get to the simulator, and summoned out Lao Wang again. After getting used to the growing power in his body, he stepped out and blasted Wang Yangming.

After a few beeps, a line of data jumped out from the simulator.

“Explosive power: 1703 Kg

Instantaneous speed: 2.0 s/100m


Shen Qian was very surprised .

More than he expected.

Normal Beginner Martial Artist’s strength increases by about 100kg for each stage of progress. Shen Qian is a Perfection body. After excluding the loss of power, the progress of each stage will be between 600 and 700. , and then gradually decrease.

According to this calculation, Shen Qian has not only broken through the second stage of Beginner Martial Artist, but has even passed the Early-Stage of the second stage of Beginner Martial Artist.

If the system takes action, the power is likely to be approaching the 2000 mark.

A normal medium Martial Artist starts at 1000Kg, and each breakthrough stage increases about 200 to 300Kg of power. In this way, the system shot is almost equivalent to a four-stage medium Martial Artist.

In other words, in terms of power alone, in less than a month, Shen Qian had already equaled the original Wang Shuo.

Among them, the improvement rate exceeded 1000Kg.

It’s a pity that death qi, which is essentially a very high-quality vitality, is rare. After that, Shen Qian will still fall into the “turtle speed” progress of 50Kg a day.

But in any case, Shen Qian’s strength has been greatly improved.

After calming down, Shen Qian looked at the time and found that it was only before 8:00 in the morning, while for the Wenwu college entrance examination, the results could only be checked after 10:00 in the morning. This was under the condition that the network did not crash. .

So Shen Qian wasn’t in a hurry, she rang the service bell and called a cheongsam elder sister.

After relaxing the tense muscles and bones due to cultivation, Shen Qian put on the small suit that Tuozhu Deyong bought again and went out.

(end of this chapter)

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