I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 137


Chapter 137 Congratulations to the princes, martial arts stars move!

“After ten years of cold window no one has asked him, he has become famous all over the world.”

The Mountain And Sea Martial Artist headed by him smiled at Shen Qian and sounded the gong in his hand.

The sound of the gong is clear and clear, and it spreads all over the city in the blink of an eye.

With a flicker of his figure, he came to Shen Qian, then flipped his wrist, took out a thirty centimeter high silver box from nowhere, and handed it to Shen Qian.

“Congratulations, this is a congratulatory gift prepared by the Provincial Department of Education for you. There will be rewards from the Ministry of Education in the future. Shen Qian can pay attention to check it.”

Shen Qian quickly thanked, Take the box.

“Gold List’s surname is true, it’s definitely a spring!”

At this time, Mountain And Sea, the second standing in the air, sighed, and immediately put his hand in his hand. Tossing the stone tablet to use a pointer pen, in the blink of an eye, he wrote three large characters with iron and silver hooks on it.

The champion monument!

On the back of the stone tablet, Shen Qian’s hometown, name, past resume and other information have been written.


The stone tablet suddenly fell and stood on Nanqiang Street at the entrance of Xingfu Community.

“Fangfei’s rice fields are yellow in June, Jing City has received golden cinnamon!”

The Mountain And Sea, who was carrying the building, drank it again, threw the square building in his hand, and followed the “bang bang” With a sound, the archway also landed on Nanqiang Street, which happened to cross both sides of the street and stood beside the stone tablet.

“Dare to promise Han Chuang Hong Hu Zhi, the hero comes from the young official!”

Mountain And Sea, who carried the plaque, finally laughed heartily, threw the plaque out of his hand, and tore off the plaque on it. K.

The plaque has four large characters.

The champion and the first!

The falling plaque is precisely inlaid on the upper floor of the square, which is the so-called “Zhuangyuan Square”.

Like this Wen Zhuangyuan Square, Jing City has a total of 26 buildings, but in the past ten years, only this one has been established.

The four Mountain And Sea powerhouses notified Shen Qian of their names and congratulated Shen Qian.

These four people are not working in the Department of Education, but in Martial Province. The Arts Bureau, this time, came to Jing City from Ming City as a “special envoy for singing rituals”, and presented Shen Qian with a special Zhuang Yuan Fang Building.

This is an annual practice.

It is also a must-have for a provincial literary champion.

After congratulating the four of them, they declined Shen Qian’s invitation to let them eat, and quickly left.

After Mountain And Sea left, Shen Qian had time to feel some joy in her heart.

Shen Qian was a little surprised when he passed the liberal arts exam.

It is mainly subjects with subjective nature such as Chinese, liberal arts synthesis and art appreciation. No one is sure that they will get high marks.

Now it seems that I have played pretty well.

Shen Qian was about to open the silver box to take a look, when a “crash-bang” of reporters suddenly appeared on the rooftop, except for those private media, such as “Jing City Daily”. Several official media also came.

Obviously, just when Mountain And Sea congratulated me, the news had already spread throughout the city.

Shen Qian’s wristband vibrated with an unprecedented frantic frequency. Shen Qian knew that his chat software must have exploded, and it was estimated that the same would be true for calls and text messages.

Even though it was Shen Qian from the Seeded Contestant of the martial arts department, but he won the first prize in the text, it is estimated that everyone is confused.

β€œShen Qian, as a new liberal arts champion, how do you feel at the moment?”

β€œShen Qian, according to everyone’s understanding, you have not studied liberal arts before. Not outstanding, can you share with us your way to turn around?”

“Most residents in the city just watched the whole process through the live broadcast, and just ten minutes ago, there were many attacks on the Internet. Your people, what do you want to say to them at this moment?”

“Shen Qian, classmate…”

Before Shen Qian could react, the reporters had already proposed a Lots of questions.

Shen Qian looked at the smiling “affinity” faces in front of him, but inexplicably wanted to laugh, because many of them were still showing completely different faces just a few hours ago. Ask him questions.

Shen Qian closed his eyes, and those “voices” that had been quiet before resounded again.

Shen Qian heard the surprise, the praise, and the gossiping discussions of many people. There are still some people who are still holding on to the news of Shen Qian’s “failure of Wu Ke”, but the voice is temporarily pressed down.

Shen Qian opened his eyes and was about to say a few words to the Jing City Daily reporter who had the best attitude when the sky suddenly darkened.

Everyone is startled, and then lifts the head in amazement… What’s the matter?

Shen Qian also looked up, but frowned a little because he felt a hint of depression.

I saw another group of people walking out of the sea of clouds.

There were ten people, all walking on air.

This scene shocked everyone.

Ten Mountain And Sea!

When did Mountain And Sea powerhouses become so common, four just went away, now ten are coming.

And looking at the direction they are traveling, it is actually moved towards the happy community.

It’s just completely different from the festive atmosphere just now. These ten Mountain And Sea Martial Artists wearing black uniforms have stern faces, and there is a coldness all over their bodies.

Shen Qian’s eyes narrowed, because he had already recognized the ten people’s identities from the gold trim inlaid on their sleeves, and the leader was someone who had only dealt with them a few days ago.” acquaintance”.

“The Department of Justice and Punishment of the Ministry of Military Affairs was ordered to take people, and the idlers should retreat!”

Tang Shengzong, who was walking at the forefront, loudly shouted, the imposing manner of Mountain And Sea assaults the senses, and stood in shock. The people on the rooftop stepped back one after another.

The Ministry of Military Affairs and the Criminal Division?

As media practitioners, there may be many Jing City residents who are still at a loss as to what department this is, but these reporters have complexion changed one after another.

Although the Ministry of Martial Arts has a weak sense of existence today, it is still one of the nine divisions in China. In terms of rankings, the Division of Police and Armed Forces is below it.

The Ministry of Military Affairs actually sent people to Jing City to arrest the criminals?

Who has such a big face?

And, looking at the position where the Mountain And Sea Martial Artist’s eyes can see, that person is clearly on the roof of this house.

“Jing City Shen Qian, who killed his fellow clan for no reason, committed a heinous crime, and has been put on the black list recently. We have received a special order from the Minister of Chinese Martial Arts, Tian Ninggong, to arrest Shen Qian today and bring him back to the headquarters for trial. !”

Tang Shengzong showed off an official document and shouted again, which shook the whole city and shocked everyone.

These ten Mountain And Seas actually came to arrest Shen Qian?

At this moment, countless people in Jing City were in an uproar.

Even if you don’t know what the Martial Arts Department does, the three characters “Tianninggong” are enough to make everyone feel the heavy weight.

A prince, and a Peak powerhouse among princes!

Even though Jing City Marquis, which is worshipped as a god by countless residents, is only a prince, but this day, Duke Ning is a prince!

Many people are still immersed in the joy of Jing City finally getting a top-ranking scholar, and in the blink of an eye, they are made not knowing what to do by this reversal.

“Shen Qian is not only a rising star in my Jing City, but now he is the champion of Wen in the first province of Southwest China. Are you sure there is nothing wrong with your martial arts department?”

At this moment , a low voice sounded, and Chai Haotian in a windbreaker was walking from a high altitude in another direction.

Wen champion?

Tang Shengzong didn’t care too much about Chai Haotian’s identity, but his expression changed slightly when he heard the latter sentence. He looked down and noticed the newly built Zhuangyuan Square.

This change made Tang Shengzong somewhat completely unprepared, but after weighing it a little, Tang Shengzong shook his head with a cold face: “What about the champion, the champion can’t violate the law!”

Chai Haotian frowned, and then said peacefully: “There must be a misunderstanding in this. You all come from afar, why don’t you go to the City Lord’s Mansion to sit for a while, and I will let Shen Qian explain the situation.”

“Does City Lord Chai think I am Is the arrest warrant of the Ministry of Martial Arts a child’s play?”

Tang Shengzong said with a sneer: “Or, we traveled thousands of miles just to have a cup of tea in Jing City?”

Chai Haotian’s complexion became ugly, the other party’s attitude was obvious, they didn’t buy his account at all, and they didn’t care about Chai Haotian’s grudges at all.

Chai Haotian fell silent, but his eyes looked towards another direction from time to time.

He was full of puzzlement.

Why…the Heavenspan Pagoda is silent?

Did Jing City Marquis just give up this Disciple?

Chai Haotian thinks this is impossible, because even though Tianning Gong is the best of the series, Jing City Marquis is also famous.

In a contest between princes, how can a trifling name scare each other off?

Besides, the behavior of Tianninggong can already be regarded as a provocation to Jing City Marquis.

In fact, not only Chai Haotian is waiting, but also Tang Shengzong.

He had more doubts than Chai Haotian.

In fact, Tang Shengzong simply did not expect to take Shen Qian away.

From any angle, Jing City Marquis is impossible to sit back and watch.

Their trip, just like putting Shen Qian’s name on the black list, is a kind of propaganda.

Even if the Jing City Marquis tried hard to stop them, they got their point.

This is a game between princes.

There are also many things involved. Tang Shengzong only vaguely knew that Duke Tianning had a bigger plan, but he couldn’t guess how.

In any case, all this is not important to Tang Shengzong, he will only be unable to move a single step as long as Shen Qian is ruined in countless criticisms.

When Jing City Marquis had to give up him under the general trend, it was when Tang Shengzong really took action to avenge the humiliation that day.

Tang Shengzong looked at Shen Qian standing on the rooftop without saying a word, and his eyes were full of pleasure.

What about Wen Zhuangyuan?

Falling from Peak to the abyss, this contrast will probably drive this weak-crowned teenager crazy.

Shen Qian wasn’t crazy, just a little surprised.

How come the Martial Arts Department is just like having lost his mind, and insists on holding on to him.

The only thing that surprised Shen Qian was that the Minister of Martial Arts was also a prince, but considering the status of the nine Chinese ministries, it is not surprising that the minister is a prince.

“Shen Qian killed someone?”

“Could it be fake…”

“If you search for ‘The Ministry of Martial Arts’ The agency won’t say that, it’s equivalent to the former police Martial Artist, specializing in catching Martial Artist criminals!”

β€œHey, I thought we finally got a champion in Jing City, but this is reversed. It’s too fast!”

“Fuck, I just saw the news, the martial arts program was released, and Wang Shuo was admitted to the top martial arts scholar in Beidu!”

“So Shen Qian Did you really fail the exam? Otherwise, the news should have come out long ago.”

“It would be great if Wang Shuo was still in Jing City…”

The buzzing in my ears was unprecedented. Those are the “popular grievances” that are boiling in Jing City.

Shen Qian stood quietly. Has Wu Ke released the list?

He is waiting.

In the eyes of those reporters, Shen Qian’s figure became “desolate” and “lonely”.

As soon as they won the first prize, they became prisoners of the order. Such a hot news made them eager to rush up to interview Shen Qian’s current mood.

Amidst the click of a camera, Song Ye frowned stood in the corner.

These people don’t know, but he knows Shen Qian’s identity, but why…Jing City Marquis hasn’t taken action yet?


On the top floor of Heavenspan Pagoda, Gao Wenyuan is playing against Shi Dingyan.

Liu Changqing sat aside with his arms crossed, occasionally glancing at the sky south of the city, somewhat bored.

“hehe, teacher, are you sure you ignore Eighth Junior Sister, she’s about to cry.”

“I…Little Junior Brother he…”

“I…Little Junior Brother he…”


Ji Ruoshui, who was standing on the other side, wanted to argue, but he bit his lip. He glanced at the south side worriedly, and then turned back again, looking at Gao Wenyuan with some stubbornness on his pretty face.

Gao Wenyuan finally shook his head and sighed, and put down the chess piece in his hand.

“Ruoshui, do you believe in teacher?”


Ji Ruoshui nodded.

“Then watch, he’s fine.”

Gao Wenyuan smiled faintly, his eyes seemed to penetrate endless void, saw another place, and then shook his head.

“The old-fashioned nature of pester and chirp is the biggest obstacle to his success as a prince.”

Both Liu Changqing and Ji Ruoshui were a little at a loss, not knowing who Gao Wenyuan was talking about, Shi Dingyan But he seemed to think of something, and he followed Yile.


North Capital, Ministry of Education.

The Huaxia Ministry of Education, which controls the nation’s education affairs, is not as exaggerated as the Martial Arts Department, but it also has a 10-inch large courtyard.

In the due west and due east of the Ministry of Education, there is a great hall built in antique style.

The west is called Wenhua Hall, and the east is called Wuzhao Hall.

The front doors of these two great halls are only open once a year.

The Wenhua Hall is responsible for collecting the archives of the champions of liberal arts in various provinces over the years, which means that the name is in Wenhua and honors the ancestors.

The meaning of the existence of Wuzhao Hall is also the same, but it is the champion of martial arts.

In today’s world, the real value of Wu Zhuangyuan is obviously much higher than that of Wen Zhuangyuan, so the opening ceremony of Wenhua Hall only took one hour, while the opening ceremony of Wuzhao Hall, It has been going on for three hours, and there is no sign of the end.

At this moment, all the officials from the Ministry of Education gathered in the Wuzhao Hall, except for those who couldn’t leave, and they were following the minister Ma Gongzuo, who paid the most attention to “red tape” in history, to perform a roll call ceremony.

Although everyone was standing with sore backs and all kinds of slander in their hearts, no one showed it on the face, they were all meticulous and solemn.

This is not only because of Ma Gongzuo, but also because of the faintly discernible “clouds” over the great hall.

Those “clouds” are not real clouds, but the embodiment of the prince’s will!

Today, the roll-name ceremony of the Wuzhao Temple was attended by four or five princes, more than any time in previous years.

Under the watchful eyes of so many princes, no one dares to do anything.

“The next one!”

Ma Gongzuo, who was standing at the forefront, said after meticulously sacrificed Heaven and Earth and the deceased ancestor Martial Artist.

“Zhao Keyi, the No. 1 Scholar of Wu in 2297 in the first province in the southeast, was named Wu Zhao!”

The two Mountain And Sea powerhouses in the back shouted in unison, the files and photos in their hands flew at the same time, the files entered the alloy library inside the great hall, and the photos entered the hall of fame hall on the right , classified into the sequence of the first province in the southeast.

In the future, whenever someone comes to visit, they will know Zhao Keyi from here.


Ma Gongzuo drank again.

“Minister, it’s all over, it’s just… it seems to be missing a name.”

The Mountain And Sea powerhouse at the back wondered, “The thirty-six provinces, a total of Thirty-six people should be right, but only thirty-five names were sung just now.”

“The first province in the southwest is missing.” Another person thought back silently and then spoke.

The officials of the Ministry of Education in the great hall, including the heads of various departments, all raised their heads in amazement.

There is one person missing from the roll call ceremony, which is definitely a huge omission!

Just when everyone thought that Ma Gongzuo, who always paid attention to details, would flies into a rage, Ma Gongzuo…but his mind was lost.


It wasn’t until Mountain And Sea who was behind him couldn’t help shouting that Ma Gongzuo came back to his senses.

“So, has it come to him?”

Ma Gongzuo’s expression of emotion made everyone confused.

“Shenwu Zhaotai!”

Ma Gongzuo suddenly turned straight and shouted loudly.

As he shouted, Spiritual Qi surged, and in the middle of the great hall, the originally flat ground suddenly roared, and then a white jade platform rose up.

The high platform that appeared in the middle of Wuzhao Hall made many people puzzled.

Wu Zhaodian still has such a jade platform?

But what is this jade platform with intricate patterns for?

A careful person noticed that there is a space on the jade platform that can carry objects, but they don’t know what to put it on.

“In those days, King Jiangling established Wuzhao Hall, opened warehouses and corridors, and became the champion to inspire younger generations, but he also left a Wuzhaotai in this great hall, which means outstanding, unique and unmatched! “

Ma Gongzuo seems to be remembering and explaining.

“Whoever climbs Wuzhaotai is the real champion!”

There was silence in the great hall, and everyone was still mulling over the meaning of this sentence. The “clouds and mists” were first moved.

“oh?” A rough voice seemed to wake up suddenly, said with a smile: “Is this unprecedented national martial arts champion finally showing up?”

“Little Ma, I didn’t tell you, you are too mother-in-law to make Ben Hou wait so long!” Another voice said dissatisfied.

“Hahaha, everyone, it’s better to come early than to come by chance, but it seems that I came just right.” Another “cloud” suddenly appeared in the sky above the great hall.

“I’m also very curious, there are people who can really pass the test of the King of Gangneung. I didn’t do it at the beginning.” As a woman’s magnetic voice sounded, a new prince’s will came.

In the blink of an eye, there were more than ten clouds floating over the great hall.

The officials of the Ministry of Education in the great hall were dumbfounded, not only because of the number of princes watching the ceremony, but also because of the information revealed in their words.

The national champion!

In addition to the people from the inspection department who know some inside information, even if others are also in the Ministry of Education, they don’t know that there is such a statement.

Even the Vice-section Head is no exception.

And looking at the current situation, just this year, there really is a national champion in martial arts!

“Invite the champion of the new division of martial arts to be named Wu Zhaotai!”

After cleaning up his clothes, Ma Gongzuo shouted loudly with a golden plaque in his hand.

The golden plaque in Ma Gongzuo’s hand flew up, and it happened to be embedded on the Wu Zhaotai.


Wuzhaotai shines in an instant, and the natural phenomena carved on it seem to come alive, and then they go straight up into the sky and disappear into the southern sky in the blink of an eye.

The clouds above the sky suddenly dissipated, revealing a mighty star, but it is no longer the sky simulated by the weather system, but the real Star River.

In that group of stars, there is a star that was originally silent as if it suddenly woke up, shooting out extra bright rays of light, the bright starlight runs through time and space, moved towards the southern part of China. Shot straight away somewhere.


“Wuqu Xing!”

“Even Wuqu Xing, who has been silent for decades, was shocked. It seems that this champion It’s real!”

The people in the great hall were just shocked, but the princes in midair were discuss spiritedly, and their words were full of praise.

When the brilliance on Wu’s balcony gradually subsided, everyone finally saw the name on the golden plaque.

“National champion in martial arts, Shen Qian!”

In the lower right corner of the golden plaque, there are also some small characters with a detailed introduction.

“This name is so unfamiliar, it’s not even anyone guessed by Ben Hou, hahaha, Jing City, right? I’ll go and see it myself.”

“Hey, that’s not it. Gao Wenyuan’s site, I heard that he received a Disciple before, isn’t it Shen Qian?”

“I’ll know if I go and see it, just to congratulate me.”

“Yes, my Human Race has produced such a brilliant young talent, who has done something we have never done before, reasonable in every circumstance, let’s congratulate him!”

“This Wu Zhaotai It was the King of Jiangling who stayed behind, maybe we can find some traces of the King of Jiangling from him.”

After a brief discussion of the will of the princes, they all laughed and dissipated in the sky above the great hall. All went to the south.

After completing the ceremony, Ma Gongzuo stood with a smile, his eyes turned to look south, and there were whispers in his mouth.

“Young man, since this is the path you chose, press forward, old man wait, watch the moment you step through the heavens…”

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